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Crosswinds cause white-knuckle landings at Portugal airport
Why Windows must die. For the third time
Good, and bad, judgement
Stop saying stupid stuff, Cortana...
Change your domain registrar and it's a spam slam
Bogus Product Reviews
Banks scramble to fix old systems as IT 'cowboys' ride into sunset
Turn a room into a 3D printer.
Any suggested tips? - (non-computer related)
When it comes to the Yahoo! hack, it turned out to be the Russians.
Why bother?
I know it's free but...
Windows Secrets Newsletter promotional mailing
Oh I'm sooooo Dated!
Scammer tries to scam IT tech
Everything changes - but some things don't
Happy holidays!
Solved the Rubik's cube in a little over .6 seconds.
11 9
OK, so what do I tell the client?
The Escape.
Just call me Elvis.
The Massive Windows 10 Update Failure
Loungers Hear me out
Good ol' Cortana
Share what you are listening to, now.
The Impossible Engine's heading to space.
Intel's Kaby Lake and AMD's Zen processors will only support Windows 10
Quick, spam attack on MS Technet as it happens!
Confirmed; earth type planet found at Proximus Centauri
Check out the world's 1st web page, from 25 years ago, on Internaut Day
How the father of the world wide web plans to reclaim it from facebook and google
How far does $100 go where you live?
OT: The big Win10 upgrade day's today.
SSA Now Requires You to Have a Text Capable Cell Phone
Hard to believe it's been over 25 years.
If you were genetically designed to withstand a car crash,.....
If the rumors out in Russia are true, then gold will soon be worth....
Impossibly easy bacon cheeseburger pie.
They're bringing Samurai Jack back.
Poor man's Shepherd's pie.
File this one under stained underwear.
Microsoft Steps Back from the Cliff on Windows 10 Upgrades
All it cost me was 1100 Coca-Cola points.
Woman wins $10,000 judgment against Microsoft for forced Windows 10 upgrade
1000 processors on a chip.
One minute of silence.
Windows Secrets Newsletter is Back!
Little Circle Do What?
Is there a Spring Cleaning for the mind?
Microsoft hit $1 Trillion in revenue.
FYI Microsoft!
File this one under cool, but, why?
Worldstart message Boards
Possibly no Axanar.
The next Rembrandt.
My bet is Bloomberg will like this fork.
FBI one Apple zero
Would you pay over $10 grand for....
Sad news to the tech industry; Andy Grove passed way today.
Watch out and beware of.....
New discovery about PRIMES
A day square day.
Apple's vs FBI
Roses are #FF0000 and violets are #0000FF
What's going on?
Alt Workstation.
That was quick!
Cray disk drives
Boss & NewbieClerk, days of our lives...
Windows 7, Samuel revisted
Mean to robot day.
Happy new year
Take a tour on me!
Baby's first bacon
The "X-Files" 6-episode miniseries starts January 24th
Red Star OS
Can you solve this?
Merry Christmas!
To All Of You Who Celebrate This Event...
A Freebie List.
Mrs Brown's revolving Christmas Tree.
What Happened to Word Perfect?
Can you name this Vintage Tech?
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Skipped 9 & why 10?
Harsh . . .
Tech Support The Easy Way
Not Upward Mobility, It's Upgrade Mobility
Stellarator: Will it blow up or go over unity?
Winter is Coming ,Don't End Up Like This Guy!
A review of the Sphero BB8 that only Chris Pirillo can pull off.
Adobe Flash player gets a new name.
The problem with middle-school education.
Aliens know us way too well.
How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?
Giant Pumpkin attacks Arizona town.
OK folks; you've been warned.
Upgrade Offer
Le Petit Chef.
Bypassing the hippocampus.
Lion's roar.
john mcafee for president
Would you pay $28,500 for a watch?
For Retired Geek: The secret history of “Y’all"
3.2 Giga-pixel camera.
Star Trek Renegades
Modulo Camera.
The Seed project.
The True Purpose of Microsoft Solitaire, Minesweeper, and FreeCell
Rugby World Cup - streaming to US
Just in case you missed the Google announcement
Physical prongs on input/out circuits?
A journey to the past
Forums for Reason
Guess what I'm watching this evening?
Yet another way to protect your computer from viruses.
Coders beware.
Optimum upgrade shows 29.29 Mbps
Sometimes, You're Just Lost For Words
Understanding the Technology
Public WiFi
I just want the printer.
Moms review web sites...great idea...
Glue guns ablazing
Remembering the '50s
Just don't forget to wear protective eye-ware.
Pretty cool battery life extender.
MP4Gain/paypal enquiry
Please Help
Awesome video of the day.
The real reason the Internet was created.
Listen to Wiki.
AdRem Software will be giving away 2 LEGO S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers for Interop Las Vegas
The Hoff is back.
Gives me an Idea!
Glass let RG colorblind folk see color.
Even faster the Carbon3D's technology.
Carbon3D's 3D printer technology
In preparation of Saint Patrick's Day.
What RAID is best?
Saturday will be the most perfect day of PI
DOS Path Character
In case you missed today's Dilbert.......
Computer Humour Alert
Thanks to RadioShack, I purchased me a Logitech Harmony 650 remote control.
This ought to make you feel better about your computer skills!
Saddened; RadioShack is now filing bankruptcy.
CS as credit for a foreign language skill. lol
Riding Time
FCC raises Broadband speed numbers
Some folk may think this is a waste of paint, but...
What a bunch of idiots.
Just couldn't resist!
computer repair ( very funny )
Tesla Battle. (video)
Birthday cakes from Google!
StarWars revisited...
Got a Roku 3 for Christmas.
William Shatner was way ahead of his time.
Joe Cocker -- one of the BEST
Dinosaurs rule - or not
One of the coolest music videos I've seen in a while.
Maybe this one will make it to the Newsletter misc. section soon.
Don't - No Hot Water
Just got a call from Microsoft Tech support....
Can't blame it on the math co-processor this time.
Head in the Cloud
Apple limits number of posts announcing Windows 10
Well it's official; it's going to be Windows 10
iPhone 6 "Bendgate"?
the scottish referendum. september friday, 19th, 2014
The Samurai steps down.
first born/college
Satya Nadella's email to Microsoft employees
Since you were born?
Mac production line uses Windows?
WS Lounge is the winner!
Number of members
Byte Magazine predicted the Smartwatch in 1981
Simply Amazing!
I am sorry to have to uninstall Mozilla Firefox.
Can you make it work less well?
Are you having trouble syncing your data?
Hoodie Hack
Alan Turing receives pardon from Queen Elizabeth II posthumously
A Christmas Carol
MAC Now Supports Windows
Today's date
Oh My Gosh....
Happy Thanksgiving All
Things That Reportedly Taste Like Chicken
Likelihood Of A Computer Problem Being Solved By......
Sounds Right To Me...
Joint Variation
What happens on the internet in 60 seconds
Pyongyang Traffic Girls (Eat your heart out, A-rod)
What are those obscure adapters?
Have you checked your coffeemaker's firewall?
Backups in the cloud - sort of
Philosophy of Ambiguity
Windows vs. Ford
Left Brain, Right Brain
How times of changed
Male Logic?
Hell on Wheels Season 2--Disappointed!
Does This Make You Feel Insignificant????
Glad I joined Windows Secrets
Hard Drive
Prayer for fallen firefighters
What's your best guess?
Does anybody miss Microsofts's Clippy?
John E. Holden....Gone But Not Forgotten
Windows 8 ?
RIP BigAlDoc, a long time Woody Lounger
Senate approves Internet sales tax proposal
Microsoft prepares U-turn on Windows 8
The ironic tale of Android: Microsoft’s most profitable OS
10 Tech Frustrations Today's Kids Will Never Have
Administration Account...
My Dog Loves Riding In The Back Seat
Attention All 'Turn The Heat Off Ticket Buyers'
Happy Easter
Hurry, These Wont Last Long
High Speed
Here's a Deal You Couldn't Afford
Brady Bunte New Member
The Italian and The Irishman...
Test your Browser loading speed.
Watch My Amaryllis Grow
Change in our lives
For Those Of Us That Remember
How's Your Math Skills
Life Expectancy Calculator
Burns Night and the Wild Scottish Haggis
Happy, Impressed New Win8 End Users
This says it all for an old timer like me
An open discussion of Windows 8's usability -- Huh?
Why does crapware still exist
Can We Trust CNET Again After a Scandal This Shady?
Internet radio
Website or Article Date
Winter In Big Indian
Don't Forget To Water The Tree...
Merry Christmas All & Happy Holidays
I Feel Better Now..
Concern over secret meeting in Dubai
Worlds Oldest Computer Brought Back To Life
You Want Fast??? Here's fast:
Apple's revolutionary iPods
Topical Anagram
Google's left hand doesn't know what the. . .
Did you know that Skydrive....
Yesterday's Tech
Is there an answer
GO USA: Women's Soccer (Football) USA 2, Japan 1, Another Gold Medal
A short neurological test
Play "Guess the OS"?
Your Government Working For YOU...
Thai Air Asia to move to Bangkok Don Mueang Airport from October 1st.
Tech Support Please!
Dutch weather tracker
The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
Today is Flag Day In The U.S. Here are some historical facts
The joke is on me!!!
Airlines to charge extra for window or aisle seat
Ratio between members and guests accessing the Lounge
Anatomy of an online scam
Something peculiar happens here.....
Just bought a new computer
TV Remote Control Inventor Eugene Polley, 1915-2012
Trivia Question...
The Restart Page
The True Story of Cinco De Mayo
You Have Mail...
Jerry Springer
Groupees Be Mine 2 Bundle
Broadband Speed
HE All
Upper or Lower Case
Internet Explorer 100 B.C.
The Mystery Deepens
Lookin for a manual.
We've all been there...
Ahhh, The Good Old Days.....You Can have'm !!
My Dog Surfs the Web ...
What are the top 3 behavious that get you irritated?
Cell phone market is getting worse !!
Are you sticking with an older computer?
Rebates - Real life
Changes to availability of Microsoft student/staff products
unsure of e mail
Graphical representation of about 80% of all Forum questions...
Why ??
Delete cookies....oh no!!!
Happy New Year to all Loungers, members and non-members alike
MENSA quiz
"OK" What did you get for XMAS ??
For UK Members.
For All You Geeks Out There...
Clean up your Hard Drive for Christmas!
Clean up ypur Hard Drive for Christmas!
Tools You Get For Christmas And Their Uses....
These Will Never Be Useful..
Here's a Stocking Stuffer
Is This W7 Compatible ???
Whats with all the acorns falling this year?
Draw A Stickman
At an Office Supply store today...
New user welcome thread
Need A Job ???
Tip for fre health care
Spam as humor
How To Geek
Lazy dog
Cost of computers.
Net neutrality rules kick in November 20
9/11 Anniversary Spurs Hacker Mischief
Batten Down The Hatches---Irene Is Here..
Sites to track hurricane Irene
Space Saving Computer
Interesting info for all.
For All You Handymen---Make your Wife Proud...
Check This Out
Did you use your Grandpa Box today?
If This Doesn't Make You Drop IE Then You Must Be One Of The Low Scorers..
Pass This On-Don't Break The Chain....
For All You Nostalgia Fans
Space Shuttle Discovery 360 degree view of cockpit
Do you see yourself in this article?
What geek dads REALLY want for Father's Day: Six tips
Slugs in my House
Help Cooling My Mod PC..
Not fun at all, but needs to be seen! No words necessary!
Daily Rotation
Re: Strolling up the world's scariest path
Makeuseof;one site you should check out!
The movie "M"
Need a translation
Re-Instate my avatar form the preious Lounge
Happy Birthday Ted
My signature
Queensland Floods
Above-average number of arms...
For those who wish a closer relationship with Go
To all Have a happy, and thank ya-all
MS Windows and My Goat don't agree any more!
Japanese Mob Scare Prank
To all my cousins.
Cute surprise
For RetiredGeek
PC and Mac put the bum's rush on Linux
Try Not Laughing.
Do You Believe This?
Guy rescues baby hummingbird after it was attack
Funny Tweet from Jon Peltier
Weather Sites
All 8 of "Simon's Cat" cartoons
Bill Bailey's dueling sitars.
Dancing Merengue Dog
LHC Wins Lawsuit, Okay To Blow Us Up
911 call by 4 year old
Top 100 sites of 2010
An Amazing Ten Year Old
Where's Brian?
The First IT Pro
Classical typewriter symphony
A message from the Ever helpful Steve Jobs
Dog vs Car
A contest: Summer is here!
For Google Users
Test your level of distraction
Happy dog plays with happy baby
World's best drummer
Recycling old parts
Dog freed from fence surprises officer
Tag programme for documents
Is There an Apple Equivalent of Windows Secrets?
Computing is such a racket!
Do monkeys have 20 fingers?
Here in the USA it is Mothers Day
Did you know...
Metaphor/paradox for "The Digital Age"?
Alien saucer Crash
Dog eats his dinner
Cool HTML5 demo stuff
Multiple cell phones, same sim?
Baseball Player Dives Over Catcher for Run
Baby Kangaroo swimming at the Beach
Polar predator
"Windows Secrets", PC support staff, redundant
Buddy Greene at Carnegie Hall
What cats say in the privacy of the bedroom
Standing Cat Part Two
Basket ball player gets stuck dunking
Standing Cat
Bliss, wish you were here
HP Linguistic Module
Bandwidth test
Let os prey
Cat Enjoying Attention
The awesome power behind the Space Shuttle
Monitor Recommendations
Cute Baby Pygmy Hippo
What Kids Can Do When They Are Not Glued To A TV
Queenie the talking dog is in trouble!
When Cats Pray
Adorable baby moose
5-year-old makes calm call to 911 for dad.
The Shopping Shuffle
Mobile phone suggestions
Sonic boom meets sun dog.
Most Un-usual.. music
This sprightly beaver will welcome you to Canada
Valentines Day
I'll need at least four of these -
Teen Kidnaps Own Dog to Save Pet from Euthanasi
Marsupials in arms
Tech Support
A Dogs Purpose
Oh Well
Jezza - what's on your MP3 player?
From service dog to surf-ice dog
Dog Plays Dead
Times past
It's very kind of you, but...
Unfriending - the easy way
A measure of how far we've come
Europe here we come
A couple of free floating tips
Metropolitan Opera In HD
Today's Dilbert
Southern Politics
German government warns against using IE
Let Me Google That For You
Missing Member
Hey Jude
The Chain Mail Junkie
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Buddha With Thousand Hands
Office 2010: The Movie
MS and PC rental companies
It's all downhill from here ....
LIsten to the answer!
My first awwwww post
Cable connection quiz
Ordering Pizza
This is for Jezza and all other active Loungers
Mobile Phone Batteries
look what's coming your way
How to wrap a cat for Christmas!
LOGICOMIX:- An Epic Search for Truth
A Medical Visit
Asking my first lounge question
An Awww Moment
A little bit of computing history
Kids And "Angels"
Wind Waker Unplugged
RC SR-71 jet with real jet engines
Help needed with Profile edit
Is it time for Jupiter's own web page?
can I say that?
The Incredible 'Invisible Man'
What should we call it?
Baby Training
And a Very Happy 2010 to you also.........
Inner Peace For The Christmas Season:
Brilliant Video
Doctor, Doctor
What Christopher got for Christmas!
Government Nostalgia
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
Top 2000 songs
What's Jupiter(*) getting for Christmas?
A New Lounge Peak
The night before Christmas- Revised
Where Is Santa?
Back when "Got Talent?" really meant something
A Question About Batteries
The holidays are coming...
1857: Original version of Jingle Bells.
The twelve days
How to remove Yahoo! mail entries?
If you are going to drink this Christmas....