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1857: Original version of Jingle Bells.
The twelve days
How to remove Yahoo! mail entries?
If you are going to drink this Christmas....
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Amazing workmanship
It's safe to drink the water again ...
Cow Born With Divine Symbol
South Korean Human LED
Paintball Pop Art with Marilyn Monroe
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The Perfect Lover
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Naked art
Everybody needs a kiss now and then...
kitty Begs For Food
Small Salvation
Convicts Attempt Worst Jail Break
Smart Dog Scratches His Own Back
Scam in the U.S.
Polar bear attack
mag tape storage
Policeman Vs. Kitty
Say it IS so:
Jaws? I'll give you jaws, mate!
The power and beauty of the sea
Helium Fusion?
Ninja Kitty Returns
A Fond Farewell
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Aimee Mullins at Gizmodo
Only in America #487
It was only a matter of time
Source of dial up sound
This was sooo gross
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Is it time for a beer?
stupidity taken to new heights
Lucky escape
My Aches And Pains
Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed
A bit messy but interesting to see!
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Drink Driving
The periodic table
The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again
Driver requires tonic after accident
Sinister appearance in "Your Moderating Team"
An Argus Opus?
Thursday's Terrific Trivia
Amazon customer images
What's with Google?
National Novel Writing Month!
Powerful Little Magnets?
Anyone Ever Use A Snowovel?
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Is It An Age Thing When Changes Make You Sigh?
It was 40 years ago today...
Just what you need for Lounging...
If a dollar falls in the budget
"Learning to fly isn't easy, you know..."
"The pizza I just bought has no topping on it..."
The result of a daliance between a Princess and a frog
Don't mess with LA firemen!
nothing special
Lexmark In Britain
The Man in Seat Sixty-One . . .
Nothing wrong with eavesdropping now and then...
Big deal
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One Country
Why you should avoid Social Networking
The Canadian Side of Mt. Rushmore
World's oldest working computer . . .
Final Exam
Kids Are Amazing
A scientist in the family
Cats And Dogs
Cowboy Code Of Ethics
One of my better moments
John Conway's Game Of Life.
Potty Training
It's that time of year again... II
It just had to happen
Can the Toronto Star be wrong?
It's that time of year again...
My bank are awful
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Time to move to another state
Abbott and Costello updated
Latest instalment
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The Golden Touch
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17th annual "I can beat that!" competition
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Lonely Eric
The Big Cheese?
Does 3 mean 3
Don't Forget
I need to lose weight.
Christmas Lunch
Looking for advice but,
T Shirt Logic
It's the way they say it.....
Toothpick city
How to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity
Look ma... no head!
Journalism -30- and -58
Anger Management
The Day Lehman Died
Off to College
Someone doesn't like motorbikes...
You've gotta laugh
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Jupiter caught a cicada today ...
Actual Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays
Wise Rules To Live By
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I Have Mail
Polishing alumin(i)um?
A Book About Learning Windows 7
doubt-joke or truth
Poodle Doodles
Sunset over Darlington UK
internet access throught north america
Another Tech Support Joke
A Sick Joke
Huckleberry Finn?
A litle trig help please
A Brief History of all of History
Hungarian translation?
Get it
Get it
Tell me, fellow Canajuns, is it really true
Some People......
monster wave
Christmas is coming
And, since it's Friday...
Life Skills
no prizes for this one
Judge bans MS Word sales
I want one of these
Is documentation like a dirty word or something?
Preserving mashed potatoes
guess the place
Weight Loss
A Powerpoint Presentation
How smart are you?
Any other Postcrossers?
Always get the facts before making a decision!
A long time ago...
Street View
OY! I've been rooked
More PNG Pictures
Sounds A Bit Cheesy To Me
Hamlet's Duplex
Laws of Computing
Road Works
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Anyone seen Deidre Hunt?
What do retired people do all day (in the US)?
Anyone fancy an upside down apartment?
This is the way to do it
How to open the Office 2007 plastic box?
Karate Lessons For Seniors
Hatfields and McCoys
Translation wanted
Swine Flu Alert #72
Oldest WW1 Survivor dies
They call her "Yellow-Yellow"
Wireless Power
Dell Optiplex configuration options
I think it's a sneaky Canadian plot
Old Smilies ... question
The Perils of Estimation
Isaac Asimov ...
A good deal??
Oldest UK television discovered
International Space Station sighting
shiny new laptop redux
Stupid Burglar
Walter Cronkite
Jezza's USB peripheral
More CAT Stuff
Hot and Non Green
Smoking Hazard????
New technology SD memory cards from Linksys
Very Frightening
A little golf humor
A Black Day
The Bride wants to move to New Zealand
Social Networking merger
Geoff, Don't move to Crawley
Who says that office life is dull?
Baby Bird
There's no place like Chrome
Important Date coming up...
More musical nostalgia
USA Independence Day
got me a shiny new laptop
Tennis and Spinal Tap
scary sight here out on the prairie...
New drug for the annoyingly cheerful
Even MORE nostalgia
Times Are Tough
Ossie Man tries to pay bill with Spider drawing
Eerily reminiscent of an EXCELlent easter egg
Tax dollars at work
Ninja Kitty
Where to get a Short Back and Sides
Health hazards posed by CFLs
Adjacent chuckles
Another "Typo"
Windows 7 Hits A New Low
IT vs. Management
Drinking And Driving?
Help Desk Call Statistics
How memories form, fade, and persist over time
Some more contentious research
Attention Beer Drinkers in New England
Even MORE nostalgia
Total waste of time. . but Fun
This Ain't Cricket!
England triumph at cricket
Happy Father's Day
How To Be A Killer
A Survey of Email Programs
Heavy Thoughts
Happy Midsummer!
Useful advices for photographers
Quack, Quack
Some more nostalgia
$249,500 Bond For Alleged Cat Serial Killer
Why add salt to coffee?
I'm back
Domain registration/hosting
"Photoshop" gallery
Your musical treat for today
I Can Bear-ly Imagine
Science Fiction
USA Flag Day Today
What an awesome washing machine
A question of toilet paper placement
The Bird
Those clever squirrels
Ok - Everybody else go awwwww
Ok - Every go awwwww
Why you can't forget about dinnertime...
When is a curve ball...
Those clever Dutch
Legion of Honor
D-Day 65 years on
Daily Tidal surge of humanity
While you are in the mood for games
5 1/4 and 3 1/2 disks
God Bless and thank you
All My Faves expanding to cover UK
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Different ways of seeing things
Unsolicited email warning for UK loungers
A little diversion
A Blue Horse
The after effects of 'Reality TV'
The Importance Of Education
1964 Modem
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Albino Dolphin
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Exercising the dog
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Britains Gt Talent - Fred Bowers
Animal Rescue
The optimally-adhesive nature of spiders' webs
Britain In Kentucky
Picture rails
When Jezza isn't out running
Determining The Sex Of A Fly
Those clever OZstralians
Spider Cat
Happy Birthday Big Al
This Week's Ahhhh Link
Bravery (perhaps)
Preakness Stakes
May I recommend
So where is Lex, really?
Google Hiccup
Ranch Dressing
Heard a different drummer!
TV Western 60's - 70's
Here in the USA today is Mothers Day....
Ah! Picture of the week
Revisiting the 70s
Choose the yum and risk the yuk?
Dom DeLuise Dies At 75
A Cat's Close Call
Mexican Chicken
What font type is this
Kentucky's Big Day
Friday Humour
New adaptation of Sweet Georgia Brown
As long as its comfy
Funny Female Driver Compilation.
Wrong Ball Play
A to Z
Oz And Rolex
Any (Ice) Hockey fans out there?
Puff Pastry
Tech Support
Could any Skype expert assist me...
Where is the Most Remote Location on Earth?
The Voca People
Operating System Interface Design
Wales has got talent....
Where are my marbles?
7-year-old donates birthday presents to needy children
More Music
Brief History of CPUs
Swiss help required
Nag, nag, nag!
Where's my letter?
Lift Your Spirits
Another Paul Potts??
Cat Burglar
Your happiest memory - what would it be?
The ten worst Microsoft product names
Old printers
How to order a pizza in 2010
How to remove fish hook! Ouch!
But does it run Windows?
Technologically challenged authors
Online Geological maps
Wall Street Bailouts
Unrecognized coin
Dirty jobs in IT
See what happened on the year you were born
Watch out, Mummys!
Celebrating 5 years...and still in Beta
Google Street View, NOT!
My life with cables
another aspect of Swiss culture being chipped away by globalisation
Name of this Clipart
Here is your Duh! moment for the day
Most ever on - line
Name of the Movie (Movie Search)
Educational Road Trip
It's April Fool's day - Poisson d' avril
"Whisper" They are back!!!
Business Communication forum?
Flower Power
Recipe for Hot Cross Buns
Can you identify this BBC sitcom?
Dangerous Dog Warning
Spring has Sprung ...
Snowplow train
Data rot
Baa, Baa
Canada's Highway of Heroes
Christian the Lion
Pub Watch
And you think you have a hard life?
English things
Seeing pink elephants...
Hock vs shank
A New Google Offering?
This new forum software . . .
Member Number
Those "other" Google Maps
Craig vs. "Chris"
It's like watching art evolve.
Dream Job
Do you look like your dog?
Never leave your child unattended with a vicious dog
people's names and the job they do
Spectacularly-confused Lottery Win notification!
No Coment!
Oh deer
Frogs eggs
Wireless Keyboards
It's official - National Pi Day
Pole Dancing!!
Announcement: The United Kingdom has moved.
Have you kissed your monitor today?
Cleaning Inside Your Monitor
Please don't tell the Dutch authorities
Seal or Sea Lion?
The Nothing Box
Quite a mouthful!
Hows the weather up north?
I've just had the most WONderful thought ...
Boardroom Bingo
Interesting (to me) discussion of Facebook
Robotic Automation
Trigger Finger
I needed a chuckle and this provided it for me today!
This week's palindromic acronym
A Long Term Problem
Recommended Email Provider with good & free POP
Where to live in the USA after retirement
Paul Harvey
Playing with magnets
Its my (WOPR) BIRTHDAY....Yippeee!
2009 Inauguration Photo - SUPER HI-DEF
One last
Use a flatbed scanner as a camera
Next time you hire a kilt...
For all you dog lovers out there
Who says it is out of date?
Friday's Cute Link
A belt with a conscience.
Tea Drinkers
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Freezing potatoes