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Aomei partition assistant pro free at BitsDuJour 2017/06/20
How do I update Quicken for Windows?
RDC Default Saved Connections Folder
Audacity Issue
TeamViewer Advice
Turning off Google Calendar
Looking for replacement for "JungleDisk"
How to remove Outside In
Risks of using a VPN
Quicken 2017 Asks for Intuit Password
Text from a landline
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Screen Size With TeamViewer [2]
Intel: Why the Secrecy?
Winaero Tweaker
A WARNING about "Daossoft" Software Developer - No meaningful Support
What installed Node.js, Git and Vim?
DVD-RW erasing problem.
Foxit PDF Writer overwrites existing files without warning
Looking for Cubby replacement...GoodSync?
HPSupportSolutionsFrameworkService.exe stalls computer
Mailwasher Pro 7.8.0
Virtualbox USB problem
Vbox shared folder and network
Virtualbox Display drivers
2016 experiences with SkyHub cloud solutions
Music and Podcasts App for Windows
get iobit uninstaller free 2016/09/22
Revo Uninstaller Free now has full 64-bit support
What's your favorite IM app?
Best PDF Reader for Win10
Monitoring internet activity
Missing "Type Libraries" references
Windows 10 and Skype
Secunia PSI says I need to update node.js. What's that?
News about HD Tune Pro?
Dropbox free space
How to copy 3 TB drive to 5 TB drive in Windows 8?
TeamViewer vs MSRA
How to detach external drive when unable to unmount image.
Roboform in Opera vs Firefox.
DRM, EPUB, and Google Play Books
KeePass and Form Auto Filling
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Bitdefender 2016 PITA Install!
Can't change how Windows 10 WinZip self-extractor uses invalid directory
Clipboard program
Inexpensive file sharing service...recommendations?
Macrium Reflect Free - Change in program capabilities
Alternative Note Management software
The Password Manager Conundrum
Adobe Flash Player won't install
Update to GWX Control Panel to block Windows 10
LibreOffice risk or problem
Replacement for Thunderbird required
One Calendar to Rule Them All ?
CCleaner Version 5.16
recommended PDF editor
Recommend platform?
Flash Player update
Online Bing translator
Can anyone recommend a desktop calendar?
CCleaner v5.15 Pro starts, then shuts down
jv16 power tools, is it any good?
Hubris Has Taken Over My Electronics
CCleaner Version 5.15
Xplorer2 Pro: better than PowerDesk Pro from 2015 Ultimate utility list
Betternet's provenance?
Updated Sysinternals tools
Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition
VMware shake-up!
Problem recording from BBC iPlayer
Samsung Data Migration - cloning
Dan Eckert was looking for Partition Magic
Canoscan Lide 25
RoboForm Everywhere good deal? also Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition Free
Best way to access Google Calendar from PC?
Update: Paint.NET 4.0.9
First Sysinternals Updates for 2016
Amazon Cloud Drive
Updates to NirSoft utilities
Acresso Software Manager
How to make Chromecast work with a tablet?
Alternative to OneNote and Evernote
PLEX Media Server - Wrong Metadata
New version 1.7 of GWX Control Panel almost ready
Faxing with a calling card
Macrium email legitimate?
Advanced System Care
Driver Booster 3.1
Terabyte's Bare Metal Boot [and Caligula]
Speccy 1.29 restores compatibility with Windows 10
Teamviewer 11 released
Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash
Foxit Reader no longer installs Foxit Cloud PUP
CCleaner Version 5.12
New version of Belarc Advisor available
Interesting: Microsoft, Volvo & Hololens
HDD activity-indicator utility
Update to Adobe's latest DC Reader?
Adobe AIR
Taskbar Notification Tray - "NORAD-like" operations
Need a File Management tool
Offsite (cloud) vs. NAS storage
Malwarebytes anti-exploit and EMET
deleting/overwriting files in Acrobat Reader
Any way to remove blank pages from PDF?
Installing Adobe's PDF Reader free version
IrFanView 64 Bit
WinZip vs. 7-Zip running on Win10 64-bit version?
Six Sysinternals Updates
CCleaner v5.11 now available.
Adobe Flash 19 downloads, won't install
Choosing an employee monitoring software
TeamViewer no long showing 1920x1080 option
Access denied in CCleaner?
New CCleaner 24/9/15 Ver 5.10
How to create bootable USB flash drive?
Nitro reader 3 continuous scroll
TeamViewer resolution changes for remote machine
TeamViewer -download question - Mac/Windows
Experience with SkyHub Cloud Storage?
Digital Imaging Scanning Problem Canon ScanGear
Pre-installed programs on Dell Inspiron laptop
Screen Capture Software (video)
IDrive, Windows 8.1, Toshiba laptop
Does Skype require a Microsoft account?
Easy Duplicate Finder "Free" Download in WinDeals newsletter is a semi-SCAM
IrfanvVew browsing arrows in reverse!
Irfanview 4.40 released
Paint.NET 4.0.6 released
Any software to partially change case of file/folder name?
Picasa and Google Earth
New ver CCleaner - Win10 & Edge
Are There Any GPO's That Can Do what Smart Shield Does?
New Version of Revo Uninstaller Available (Compatible with Windows 10)
7-Zip zipped files look like Notepad files
view the corrupted documents file with having errors to open the document
How can I stop Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from automatically updating?
File Hippo Communication issue.
BELARC Advisor shows incorrect product keys?
Editing Picasa 3 Keyboard Shortcuts?
Virtualbox 5.0 released today.
Comparing clone software: Macrium Select and True Image 2015
Setting up Google Apps for Business
Google Drive
Problem with mp3 files
Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 not dictating in Word 2007
Possible to record streamed video?
Clone App
Amazon's Kindle app for PCs
FileHippo App Manager
Can I clone a hard drive to a USB thumb drive?
Picasa and GoogleEarth not talking to each other
Win Deals - Easy Duplicate Finder
Question about Adobe Reader update.
Replacement for TrueCrypt?
Want Foxit 7 but not the Foxit toolbar in Microsoft Word
SlimCleaner - 'Windows update' entry in Advanced tab
Disposable email addresses
Any software that can recover data and pictures from accidentally formatted HDD?
How to view corrupted rar?
EaseUS Partition Master Professional free 5/11
Ultimate CD Boot 5.3.4; I need a clean URL to simply download [w/o torrent]
How to tell if a module is 32-bit or 64-bit
OpenOffice Security Alert
Weird probelm with Chaos Intellect 4 and one of my security programs.
Adobe Reader update/change
Lightscribe vs. printed labels on CDs and DVDs
Recommend a replacement for Secunia PSI
Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back -- which?
File Recovery
Bad penny buddy in PIDGIN
The Ultimate Troubleshooter Survives -- New Database
Looking for a program that retains drive content list after unplugged
What do you think of AOMEI partition?
YouTube Channel Display
WinPatrol Lifetime License (lastchance)
Freeware Network Troubleshooting Toolkit
How to make Skype work on my system?
ASUS AISuiteII v2.01.01
I need a good sticky-notes app
Adobe Flash Player failure
How to run Java briefly?
Clean up your Windows right-click menu with CCleaner
GetRight[&Pro] not always best for FF; it works w/7IE
Need Page Numbers To Print On .pdf Document
YouTube playlist in reverse chronological order [solution]
Recuva - how to read results
How to fix Google Talk problem?
Using Auslogics Defrag
Offline Data Storage
A comment for the Editors of this Magazine.
MicroWav (Again)
BoilSoft Screen Recorder Free today
Need help creating slide show
Need replacement suggestion for Spybot SD
Needing help with document presentation over the internet
JPEG File Bulk Re-naming App
Herdprotect, malicious
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error
EasyBCD version 2.2
Paragon-Software Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 - fails to migrate!
Thunderbird slowdown
Update ► Ccleaner 5.00.5050
Need tool for creating and merging PDF files
No audio in webinars
Calendar Software
High Skype CPU usage
Quicken 2012 Help function doesn't work; reinstallation doesn't fix
Genealogy program won't load
New Skype Is Finalized
Program/app to send text messages
Opinions about SpeedFix tool?
SFC /scannow & Secunia PSI
Why does nothing show up on my Google Analytics page?
Can Kaspersky Int Sec work with Malwarebytes premium, am getting mixed signals?
Any good but simple reminder software in 64 bits?
Autosaving system images and incremental files to Dropbox
Corel PrintHouse file conversion
Google Earth crashing on startup
Easy method to transfer photos from camera to PC needed
Alarm Clock - Win 7
Key Scrambler error
VirtualBox 4.3.14 Problems
Software for the blind
Guitar Rig 3
Problem with VLC Player update
MP4 to Video DVD
Question about paid membership programs for site
Strange problem with BVCKUP2
Trouble with Shockwave plugin
Locating Winamp playlists on my local disk in Win8.1
Where was article detailing LastPass security?
Best Free Substitute for MS Word
Trying to install CamStudio under Win8.1: get update error
New WinMX version available?
Replace Kiplingers Simply Money
Eject VirtualBox USB always pops up with a specific flash drive
Update > IrfanView 4.38 released
Photo Display Program that will use existing folders
Substitute for Secunia PSI?
Not able to copy from a webpage
PDF to CSV Converter
Click me through, please!
Conversion to PDF
Hassle-free editing of PDFs possible?
Flash unuseable
Looking for software to remove metadata from files
Macecraft jv16 powertools
Adobe XI Standard patch 11.0.07 won't install: Error 1603
Looking for editor program
Recommend removal program?
How to prevent password prompts in iTunes?
RoboForm Not Working With Chrome Browser
Notepad++ questions
HTTrack problems
Anyone remember the Envoy printer?
Opinions please: Auslogics BoostSpeed
Member Mouse Subscription Plugin for WordPress
New Version of EaseUS Partition Master - 10
PDF Security and DRM
Wanna Build A Rocket...??
Nitro PDF reader problem
Equisys Zetafax 2010
help needed with PageNest [web Stripper}
Randomly Tweet Old Blog Posts
Secunia 3.0 advice
Unsure how to use autoruns
Program runs on with USB2 connection but not with USB3 connection
Need advice please;
Free search software
Check Writing Software
installing Photoshop Elements 12
uTorrent blocked on Win8.1
CyberGhost 5
RoboForm won't access Windows Secrets
Where are Contacts/Addresses for K-9 Mail App?
Can you put antivirus protection on a thumb-drive?
Can't get MDT imaging to work
Recommend software to copy DVD or CD?
Using regular software on touch screen devices
Saving PDF yields file with zero bytes
Looking for a simple backup program
normalising music video's
Views of TeamViewer?
Trying to get rid of virus
Adobe Flash Again/Still
LogMeIn Free no longer available
Restoring VoIP from a Vista image to Win8: Is it possible?
TrueCrypt "visible password" checked as default?
Mixing CD tracks to make new CD
Importing Files to KeePass
Program still on computer after I uninstalled it
how to use Google Maps navigation software as a standalone app
using TestDisk
Uninstaller PRO
Weather App Requires Admin (elevated) Permission
Google Chrome Sneaking In On Back of Flash Player.
Keep getting Google Portugal
Adobe Flash Player 11 won't take
Can Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and/or Barracuda Copy run at the SAME Time on the SAME PC?
Adobe Digital Editions
Recommend Advanced System Care?
Advice sought for backup program
Ultimate Boot CD Questions
CCleaner Update Version 26/11/13
The Ultimate Troubleshooter
Could a game download cut off connection?
Revo uninstaller installation monitor feature
Installation CD not recognized
Yahoo Mail Print Preview
Password Safe
Internet/cellular Fax vulnerbility
Rotating a movie
Internet fax software
Kyle's Quest RPG registration
atube catcher
CNET Feed on iGoogle Page: how to update
Codec info
iGoogle and Startme
IOBit Defrag installer ate Firefox tabs
Help with Dropbox
How to open Office 2010 files using Office 2003 ?
PrivaZer PC cleaner
The word on VLC
creative zen software
system restore
Video Lan Update
FastStone Image Viewer question
3GPP audio/visual & Windows Media Player
macrium reflect xml file not working to run a pre defined backup
Information needed on locked thread
Automobiles: A new frontier in hacking and cybersecurity
Edit WAV file tags, track #s?
OCR Software
foistware "free PC backup"
Best phone system for 89-year-old mother-in-law?
RIP MS Money
Adobe Reader - Green signature detected bar
Cracking the [Download Helper] Code
File Hippo Update Checker
Installing Skype
APC Power Chute And Sleep Mode
Skype (upload only) video pixelated
Evernote registration
Is it Windows or iTunes?
Can I publish a book with a certain font?
Bank transactions download to Quicken
Disappearing text in Acrobat
Smart Boot Manager 3.7.1
Annoying error message with Acrobat 9.5.5 Pro Extended
Help me find my lost utility
Recommend a good VPN?
Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack and WinPE - need help
7-Zip folder encryption
Nitro pdf reader
Synchronize - Firefox and Nook HD
QBasic program problem
iGoogle replacements?
When good turns bad and when bad turns good
Info on Registrar Registry Manager Professional 7.52.752.30510
Download accelerator software
HDData: Hard drive monitoring software
PC Drivers / Services.
New Logm.In domain for LMI account sign-in
How can I prevent a local drive from being backed up by Windows 7 Backup?
SIW (System Information For Windows)-Home Edition
Gmail Notifier says 'offline' and doesn't work properly
Power Point Viewer Slide Show Problem
HTML Speedtest Internet Speedtest
USB Toolkit Windows System Control Center
How to use AOE Writer to save webpage and convert to pdf?
Remote Help for Computers
Play games
NeoSmart iReboot
Sharing a spreadsheet with phones or iPad
Screen capture software
Need a 'How to' to move my Quicken 2012 to new win7 PC?
Mp3Jam (feedback on article "Apps for building and organizing a music libr"
Looking for search add-ins from this article:
Tango Video Calls
How do you synch Google Calendar and Rainlander--maybe with Dropbox
Secunia PSI flags Acrobat Standard 9: security risk?
Erratic Copy and Paste using OpenOffice Writer
Maximise Foxit Reader when opening
No internet access from Sandboxie.
Google Earth displays as wireframe, not with contours or water
KeyScrambler problem
Start 8 & Modern Mix problem
I can't burn to a cd anymore
docLock or Wise Folder
Adobe Air message keeps popping up
Copy and backup software
Batch file code for TAB and ENTER
Trend Micro blocks Flashplayer install
Deploy software patches
Adobe Reader X - Menu Bar
Volume Slider for Desktop Side of Windows 8
Adobe Reader/Foxit Reader Problem
Running a cursor from a flash drive
Adw. Cleaner
Need a hard drive monitor
Mirror forum threads to HD
coincidence or cause and effect
TiddleWiki does not save after removing Java
Revo Uninstaller not backing up registry keys
New Team Viewer 8 released
PDF converter
Must read for Java users
Music players suddenly skipping
word counts in pdfs
FileHippo: update checker
7-Zip Problem
ISP changeover
Screen Size With Teamviewer
Wise Folder
Microsoft popups in SkyDrive
Syncing Voice Memos iPhone 4S
Adobe Acrobat Icon Display
SkyDrive file sharing
Quicken 2011 Debit/Credit Issues
Need help finding PDF Software for Interactive Forms
Adobe Acrobat X always opens at 115%
Retrospective search for a word
ampedology2 issue
VNC software for hardwired Ethernet computers
Accu weather Desktop Weather
"Invalid" Photos
Free OCR software?
Save Explorer and Chrome bookmarks?
Eliminate Quicken nag message?
Clipboard to file feature needed
Quicken backups don't include everything
Keyscrambler Program
Incomplete uninstall?
4shared out of business?
Quicken won't load account
New Partition Wizard Mini Tool
Screen recorder software
Screen Recorder
Update EasyBCD 2.2.0
Google Drive, etc. - Sync Granularity
Weather app advice? webmail cannot write e-mail body
Files in the Cloud
Looking for easy to use customizable voice control software
Adobe Reader doesn't open from an e-mail
K-Lite Codec Pack
Lightweight, free Photoshop alternative
Pdf ocr
Suddenly True Crypt doesn't like my Desktop
FileHippo Problem
Rebellion: toward an honest search site
Computer security experts warn about Java
CCleaner - runs for hours
New version CCleaner
Ccleaner - Thoughts on a msg?
Sky Drive
Secunia PSI acting up again
"Test-driving 'free scan' tune-up suites" article
Nero 11 advice sought
Sync programs
Why is Python on my machine?
New version CCleaner
Good, free Hash Tab program
Flash Player In Windows 8 RP
How to share my screen (free)?
Recent SkyDrive changes
Ccleaner New Version
Secunia PSI Version 3
Logitech webcam problems
Java update checker
School timetabling Software
Android phones - multiple e-mail accounts on one phone?
DoNotTrack Software Thanks Fred
Ccleaneer and Run
How do you 'Defrag' ?
No Flash support in Android 4.1 "Jellybean"
Multiple Java instances
CCleaner New Version
A new and better way to GUARANTEE files can be undeleted
Virtually unlimited International Calls for only 10 a month
"Post-it" like notes for Desktop