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Acronis True Image - Restore problem (Win XP)
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Java Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 7
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Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas, 4th Edition, 1899
Restoration -how to read the results
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Free OCR - that actually works!
ANOTHER Acronis True Image 9.0 update
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Acronis True Image 9.0 update
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Paint.Net 2.6.1
Major 'iespell' update today
ClipMagic now freeware
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Nero 6 (Windows XP)
Win XP Nero 7 (SP2)
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TrueImage and USB Drives (564460) was removed
TrueImage and USB Drives
Autoruns update
VLC media player
Ghost vs. True Image
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Key Combination
Belarc Advisor 7.1h
Flash Player Update - Security Vulnerability
Beware NeoSound-FX
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BootSafe 2.0.2
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Visual Studio Express Free Until Nov. 7th
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Free OCR software (long)
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Adobe Reader 7.0.7
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Clear Cache Feature for Internet Explorer
Burn jpg to DVD
Need A Program To Open .sig files
Burning Recorded TV Shows to DVD
Planzo Calendar (IE )
Colour in motion WMP visualization.
ASAP Utilities Add-in For Excel (New Ver. 3.10c)
JAlbum 6.2 released
Two Acronis Products
Command line version of WhatIsMyIP
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Nir Soft freeware utilities for Windows
PDFCreator gets a new version
Print friendly function for Blogger
chkdsk substitute (XP - all)
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TaskArrange v1.1.1
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Freeware software package with gradient tool
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copernic desktop search question
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Acronis True Image 9 build 2337 update
Acrobat creates wrong characters
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Converting .wmv to .avi
Display icons lurking in EXEs and DLLs
Free Website Creator
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jv16 Power tools
Track donations?
New Pegasus Mail for Windows, version 4.31
Optimising Windows maintenance update 2.0.1
USB autorun
Disposable e-mail address services
NAV 3 license pack (543540) was removed
MS autoroute 2002
Portable Applications
ZIP archive repair
Virtual Drives
Need help with 'Audacity' - Cassette to CD
Create AutoRun with a Menu Screen to pick
PDF problem
WinBackup 1.86
IE Privacy Keeper update
Auto on/off
FireFox plugins
Registry Trash Keys Finder (version 3.7.0)
Screen capture (WisdomSoft ScreenHunter 4)
VM Information & Control Centre
True Launch Bar
Make my own ring tone?
Acronis True Image 9.0 version 2323 update
PerfectDisk Update
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backup for Windows 2003
Lavalys Home edition terminated
7-Zip update, plus IZarc & TUGZip
Lazarus Guestbook
CHM files without IE
FoxIt PDF Reader updated
Ghost 10 (538997) was removed
Acronis True Image (537645) was moved to the Spyware - AntiVirus - Safe Computing board
Default Browser/Mail for Windows XP
AM-Deadlink new version
Copy of Crystal Reports
Sysinternals Freeware Updates
GHost 10: Identification of recovery points
Acronis TrueImage File Recovery
File-Saver on D.Knox' site
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HTMLDOC 1.8.24
XP Syspad
Paint.NET v2.5
Update - SIW V1.55 Build 597
Broadband Speed Test
Thumbnail program generator
Burning Boot CD's
Free imaging software
PTLens (image fixup)
Another CCleaner update
Trend Micro PC-Cillin Slowdown
Opera security update
Cannot open .psd file in freeware program
Excel Macro Genius wanted! (536826) was moved to the Excel board
Batch File to clear Start | Run
The Old way vs. The New Way (97 and >)
Video Editing Software?
Typing Tutor
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP - update
Dead Pixel Tester
possible to recover deleted files???
TrueCrypt 4.0
REgistry cleaner: CCleaner
small free apps
Software package to put black border around piccy
Good website for free gif's
Online version of Adobe Photoshop
HelpNDoc 1.6
FastStone - free graphic viewer
Super Finder
Net Picker - Free Internet Tool
ListXP - File Viewer for Windows
Free Graphics Software... revisited
Windows Photo Editor (532408) was moved to the General MS Office Suite board
QuickTime security update
Grisbi - Personal Finance Manager
.NET Framework 2.0
Disk Director AND True Image
Anyone use PowerArchiver (not free)?
RegSeeker / Problems
HTML Teacher / Editor / Viewer
Background Changer
Custom DVD Menus
True Image and CCleaner updated
Acronis Beta (529446) was removed
Dell Online Training Demo (2 courses free)
Convert WMV Files?
Estimating lessons
Sync iPod -> iTunes on 2 PC's
Password Protect My Favorites
vlc and television...
Batch convert media file fomats.
Convert .wmv to .mpeg
Floppy Office
PerfectDisk Application Error
Bootable CD or DVD
Screensaver editing software?
Freeware search engine
Opera for Windows 9.0 2.0
FREE video joiner
Alcohol vs. Virtual
Adobe Reader 7.0.5 update
Sharing/working collaboratively on a file
CCleaner new version
Video to JPG
Looking fo graffiti/markup software
Adobe Reader 7.05
need driver for PHILIPS DVDRW416N
RagTime - Desktop Publishing
Office XP/2003 Help Style Utility wanted!
Fun with Mechanisms
Symantec hikes prices
3rd party MP3 software
Very good (and Free) HELP MAKER
Check list boxes
Winamp and Metadata
AvniTech WhizNote 3.5.2
Stop Winamp 5.1 trying to phone-home
PDF to Word converter
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Locked Files Wizard
Karen's Replicator
Evrsoft First Page
Helvetica Font no longer working
Trying to use a Private Character I've made!
Do you guys really don't have Crystal Report forum
Windows XP SP3 ???
Calendar with the lot!
memory maintainer
Free PDF Compressor
Remora USB File Guard
'One-Time' Partitioning? 2.0 Release Candidate 1
EditPad Lite
Another SysInfo utility
Toddler keys
Pepping Up Windows
Dialing into someone elses PC and fixing fault
Music Editing Software wanted
Recover CHK Files
quicken vs Money for multi $
PDF Info
Miraplacid Form
Free pdf writer software
Acronis True Image 9.0 Niggles
Virtual Desktop
NAV Firewall- Renew
copy Explorer items to clipboard (Win XP Pro SP2)
Country Codes v2.6.0
Acronis True Image
Opera browser now FREE!
FoxIt PDF Reader updated
Linking to GPS data
CHM Encoder - Convert CHM to HTML
Adobe Writer Bookmarks
Nero or EasyCD?
rapid Terragen update to v0.9.43
Need Auto Print, Auto move Utility
PLaying DVDs on computer
HelpNDoc v1.5
video conferencing
ActiveSync 3.8
MSFN's Unattended XP CD
Comcast & McAfee
AIM &AI RoboForm Updates
satellite Imagery
how to convert divx to dvd...
Burn MP3's in Folders?
Terragen 0.9.41 released
WinZip 10.0 beta
TrueImage Backups (XP-Pro SP-2)
SRC (Search and Replace) program
MSN toolbar addins
Schematic Software
SyncToy for XP
Ccleaner update
Diagram Designer
Opera free
Digging through folders
True Image - Corrupt images
Instructional DVD
Yahoo! Music Unlimitied
Misc (2000/XP)
Freeware Solitaire
Freeware / Shareware Search Engine
File Recovery programs
Google Desktop Search 2
pdf splitter
Acronus True Image problem
Folder size add-in
Program for Putting Photos on CD
Portable Firefox
Dead Aim
Stormdance - RedShift Installation System
Windows OneCare beta
Update - Lavasoft VX2 Cleaner
Update - RegScanner 1.20
Adobe Acrobat & Reader security update
Everest update
Acronis True Image 8.0 Update 937
Zone Alarm Free update
Photoshop plugins
Speedsoft Adobe software
Winbolic Link
Slide Scanning Problem
Graphics programs
Paint Shop Pro Promotion
X-CAD = Alibre Design Xpress
ccleaner update
copying information (Windows xp sp2)
File hosting
Program to convert FAT32 to NTFS?
Temptation Blocker
Database Executable
Desktop Search-Specific Features
Copernic Desktop Search
ClickYes updated
Norton Anti-Spam
Stat Distributions
Inkscape 0.42
Konfabulator 2.1
MSN virtualearth launched
PrimoPDF v2.0
Google Maps Goes Hybrid!
Scansoft PDF Converter Pro
Interesting freeware sites
'Send to' Toys
X-Setup Pro update
Freeware links
True Image 8.0 updated - again
X-CAD: FREE Mechanical Design Software
Firefox GoogleBar
SBS 2003 Backup Strategies
Co-existence: True Image and Retrospect
System Information for Windows update
Looking for Image Enhancing Software
Update - Iconoid 3.8.0
EventLog Explorer
Get a free product for beta testing
Norton Ghost 9.0 update
Making a txt file...
98 SE Service Pack
Microsoft Search Toolbar w/ Windows Desktop Search
Marquee Screen Saver
PerfectDisk 7.0 update
Document Security Software
free Win32 system utilities
7-Zip update
Google Earth
iTunes 4.9
Skype vs Jajah
UltraVNC released
True Image 8.0 updated - again
Convert WMAs to MP3s, and burn MP3s to CD-Rs
Microsoft Search Engine
Photo software
Superfast Reboot or shutdown (491507) was removed
Tracking training
Nvidia driver update
Superfast Reboot or shutdown