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File Expiration
Spanning Disks with Direct CD?
Spybot vs. AdAware
AIDA32- Diag. Tool
Ms Office for 'Students and Teachers'
Streaming Media Saved to Disk
Command-line TOUCH utility?
Berlin/Germany ISP
Additional Google 'languages'
What is this program?
Acrobat 5
Yahoo's Super Webcam
News Desk--Free 4500 Sites in one Place
New Spybot version
Lotus Notes Inbox Reader
Automatic CD Content GUI
IrfanView 3.80
best free antivirus?
Mailwasher Pro
Internet Phones?
Spywareblaster Release 2.5.0
StyleXP vs. WindowBlinds?
Compare Files and Folders
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WMA to MP3 or WAV ??
Secure Excel Model
Zone Alarm New
Backup software: Dantz Retrospect Professional
Scout Portal Toolkit
Freeware sites
Ad-Aware build160
SOHO Network Monitor?
Caveat: BackUp MyPC
Viewing a file with UNICODE text strings
Ooooold spreadsheet package
BackUp MyPC vs. Dantz Retrospect
Proxy changing utility
Bulk File Renaming
Alternate browser (WinXP SP1)
'Filming' photographs
Work Task Scheduler
Audio Cassette to CD (Win 98 or Win XP)
Backup MyPC - backup Size limit?
SPAM (Not the meat...)
Fresh Download
Midi program
Found Adware 6.0
Popups & Mozilla
CookieCop 2
AdAware 6
Display age of files
Office Navigator
PopUp Killer
NAV subsciption registration warning
'Run as Service' utility for XP (Home)
Apple Explains How Spammers Can Verify Your E-mail
instant message monitor
File Shredders
New one for me!
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Flash Card program of the Palm
Drive Image 5.0
DLL Help Database
Internet, Intranet, Extranet
Computer screen to video?
Super Audio CDs
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copying CD+G
Beware of
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Norton Firewall and web popups - Help
Internet FIltering at the system level
Getting the total size of a disk/directory in MB
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Save & Index Web Pages
Protection of software
Looking For NTFS Utilities
Multiple Saves
Paradox 7
Keyboard/Screen Capture
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Quicken problem
Recording Keyboard Entries
Norton Anti Virus
File native content viewer
Disk Partitioner?
CD Imaging Software
IP or Domain Name Lookup
Looking for 2.x Version of ZoneAlarm
Best webcam software for Windows XP Pro?
'joining' digicam mpgs
P2P software?
a bunch of old stuff
A real OS
Wordpad Spell Checker
Solving 'bleed' when OCR scanning newspaper
WinAmp Question
Special Project (Photos)
Picture Viewer
Arcade/table tops
Uppercase/Lowercase changing apps
Multisession burning with different sofware
.ogg File Extension
sw prototyping tool
Grisoft, Avg & EMC
Best OCR Win XP Pro
TurboTax 2002
Any Nero buffs in the House?
MP3 ripper
System Suite 4.0
Hosting Suggestion
Screen Capture (Again!)
Microsoft Camcorder
Free MP3 to WAV Converter?
Newsreader Aggregators Windows and Mac
Typing software
Shortcut Toolbar Delay
Automate EndItAll
Stuffit Expander
Little Green Folders
UltraApps Issue Manager
Win 3
Photo presentation software (followup)
Direct CD vs. Easy CD Creator
Conn'n-drop spotter wanted
ISP Filter re Kids Surfing the Web?
RegCleaner 4.3
CD-R/RW as
Kiddies' Writing Software
Mailwasher 2.0
Audio Player For Shockwave Files?
Burning Bootable CDs
Mailwasher To The Rescue
Norton/Passport/Hotmail Conflict
Winamp 3.0 Free with Good Components
Determine files/directories added since <date>
Comparison software
Track Employee
RealOne Question
WPS suffix
Auto with Batch Files
Presentation software - Found and lost (Argh!)
OCR Software
.enc files
Open With
Drive Rescue
Windows Media / CD Audio To .Wav?
Simple On/Off for DSL
Moving to Norton AV 2002
Convert cda to MP3pro
Wanted: a special kind of picture presenter
Nortin Antivirus 2003
Diagnostics for IDE drives
Venn diagram charting
Cursor Arts
Folder Security Tool...
Home Essentials 98
Network Boot Disk
Pop-up Ad Blockers
PDF Files
Ad-Subtract Update
Print Directory Structure
Ad-aware Refupdate
ISO MP3 Downloads
Text to Audio - any ideas?
Big thank you re Adaware stops Kazaa working
Mailwasher Question
Ad Aware stops Kazaa working
Virtual PC Program
MYOB or Quickbooks Pro?
Recommendations for large-file ZIP program?
Free & Good WebDrive
McAfee AV 7.0
CDex Audio Software
Norton's AV 2003
Qic Restore
MOUS Resources?
Gif optimizer?
Howie's Quick Screen Capture
Pop-Up Blocker
Screen Print/Capture
Diskeeper Lite
Antivirus - Avast Home Edition
Acronis True Image
OpenGL Knowledge?? (165711) was moved to the Hardware board
zip program that can customize microsoft software.
Download Metering for internet connections
Software that names all files in Windows XP
Mutliping pastings at one time
PAYE Master - be aware
Softward for tracing IP?
Mailwasher Redux
*.PPD Graphics Files
10-y-o let loose on Internet
MP3 text Changing.
Resource Meter for WIndows XP??
BEU - An Access Developer's Tool
Research-Desk Web - Alternative Browser
McAfee Antivirus Survey
ZoneAlarm 3.1
Remove 'Read Only' attributes on CD files
Active Monitor
Shorten URL's
Pop-up ads
SpamMotel - best solution yet
ChoiceMail - A New Anti-Spam Utility
PowerQuest Drive Image 2002
Virus Checkers
Virus Checkers
password protect MS Word
Barcode Inventory Management System?
Lease WAN Modelling & Testing S/W?
'NAV 2003 public beta available!!'
Volcano Camera S/W
PDF Password
Web cam software
ICO Maker
WAITTIL utility?
AutoRun CDs?
Who's Logged in on LAN
Virus Checkers
Microsoft Office 2000
Pest Patrol
Wallpaper WinXP
disapearing e-mail prog.
Easy Sigs
Photo album maker??
Documentation Management Systems...
JASU: Just Another Spam Utility
RealPlayer Streaming saved to PC
FTP Software
free fonts available (win98 4.10.1998)
FInePrint and 2x4
EmotiPad 5.34
Geometric shape s/w?
Outlook 98
Winpopup Replacements
I want to make some video files
Daily time limits on sofware use
Outlook synchonization
Three free utilities
Web Page Software
Windows Movie Maker
MailWasher and XP firewall
Thumbnail Generator!
Excellent Remote Access Software
Star Office 6
ActiveX MS2002
Finding Duplicates... sort of
MAC 7.6.1 HP drivers
Web Access to Databases
Software to monitor the Registry 'Run' key
Teoma search engine
Transferring data files Win3.11<->Win98SE(FAT32)
Aussie ISP Recommendations
Point to Point Text calls
Handwriting Font
Two burning progs.
Network Favourites
Secret Folders
need OSA9.EXE
Desktop/critical file security
convert .wav to CD format
'Little Green Folders' on XP?
Email test service?
Free POP
Catch who is phoning home
Document Software
Free Website
Freeware Program Needed.....
Wanted: Mind Mapping software
Want: Drag and Drop Program for CD-RWs
Dropping Photos on the Web
A good file speaker?
Goodbye to Free Support for Inoculate-It
EVE - Vector Rendering
RADMIN Remote Control Software
Customizing Sound Events In XP
SW that can read e-mail archives
Symantec's Monthly Upgrades to NAV and NIS /$$ inc
IE 6.0: Getting Rid of It
Norton Registry Editor can't find keys
Recording analogue music
Visible mouse clicks
Star Offfice 5.1 - Thoughts?
Audio books
Project Gutenberg
Faxing Software??
Wanted: File Management System
PC to Mob Phone Sync
Recommend a PIM?
Pop up adverts
PDF to Word...
Office 2k Developers Kit
recover files from formatted floppy?
Pop-up tool tips - kind of
Free FTP hosting?
WinWorks by Spinnaker
Registry editing software
reverse directory for free?
Free Garage Software:
LavaSoft's Disappearing Act
File Transfers bet. Home & Work
E-mail tracking program needed
MailWasher (AntiSpam Utility)
Civilization III and W2k
GRC Update
NAV-unable to load scanning engine
Forum Spellchecker
Moving a Program
Drive Rescue
DVD Burning
Flash Gordon
Paltalk Alternatives?
Norton System Doctor or equivalent
PC Monitoring
Browse Fonts?
McAfee vs Norton's
Zone Alarm
Spam mail utility!
Interested in virus statistics
EMail security
Aussie and Kiwi - old school mates
What plays sound on the net
software suggestions
Easy CD Creator 5 installation
software monitor textstream from modem
PerfectOffice 6
Freeware Virus Scanner
CD-RW - packet writing
NetDetect auto launcher
Batch File for Long Names Wanted
Old versions of software
Gill Sans MT
Message Board Filter
Looking for a font
logitech QuickCam
Use your mouse to type?
Virtual CD 4
Dreamweaver Discussion Board?
WinTidy 2
XP Compatible Freeware
AGFA Arcus II Slide/Transparency Template Wanted
WANT: Stand Alone MAPI address book App
Newsgroups made manageable?
Zip Code Lookup
WiseNut Search
CD label maker & CD jewel case cover software
Anti-Spam Software
Levit & James software
CD Writer/Burner Utility
memturbo&net turbo
for Finding stuff in general
X-OS Favourites
Converting wmv format
Installation Monitor
Extract WAV from MPG
Crop MPG
MSCONFIG utility for Win2K Pro found here
The best Reg cleaner-manager
Sircam virus
Selective News Grabber
Sound under flash animations
Flowcharting software?
Drive Image Ver 5 supports XP
Nimda.A Virus Update (All Versions)
Fusion Normal Font?
New version
Backup to network software wanted
Lynux by Red Hat
Suggestions for Image Management Software
Chat stuff
Beta DirectDraw Expired
Paintshop Pro V7 - Memory problems
Music Composition
Make Print Scrn key work again
Encryption Software
Fax Driver (2000 Sr 1)
Print multiples pages
CA's InocculateIT PE
Manage USR Message modem
CD Goodies - Win 95/98
Web Sites
CD Burner Software
Acrobat Reader 4 - Help Files
Internet E-mail?
Major site overhaul
History Kill
Latin Translator?
Jigsaw effect
Password Generator
Language Translation Software
Zap popups with POW!
Encode Audio Files?
DIVX 4.0 Beta
surf22.exe from AskSam - grab site revisited
Make your own PDFs
Ainmate Cartoons
WinDVD and NT
Audio / CD software
Web based SMS
A white pointer called Neale
Access Converter, Java Edition
Preserve your Favicons
On-Line Security
Icon Maker
Free & Great
Hot weather protection
Online Security Tools
Security Suite
Ad-Aware 4.5
Special Security Kit
Crack's Smilies
Tweak UI Version 1.1
GifWorks - free online tool
DoS Article/AdAware
Software Skills Testing
Dos Command editor in Windows
HTML & JavaScript Visual Editor
Rec: Shareware Sites
Easy Flash creations
Grab Entire Site
Auto FTP
Usful online dictionary
Password Safe
Safe electronic signatures
Download Blocker
ME Tool Bar
CD Catalog