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See the complete list of bugs fixed by the new version.10.0
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Firefox 8 released on Tuesday, November 8th
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China finds 'high-risk' Chrome flaws.
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FireFox 6.0.2 Released
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Pale Moon 6.0?
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Firefox To Drop Version Numbers Entirely.
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Cookie manager for Firefox 5?
Fake Firefox fix hides password-filching trojan
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Web of Trust
FF 5 looses Google Toolbar. What is Mozilla doing
Google:Two Million PCs Infected by Search Hijacking Malware
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Firefox 6 beta released
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A Very Silly Question Re. FF5
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Firefox 5 Won't Minimize
Links open where?
FF protection.
Mozilla abandons enterprise customers
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Found, New Browser.
Problem with Videos
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BBC Live Stream Videos not working on Firefox 4
Should I Upgrade
Chrome died in Win 7
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Firefox 4 on old computer: now or later?
Facebook display changed to text in Firefox
Google Doc's & Gears
Opera file DL gives ERROR ??
One add on to AVOID!
Google detects unusual network traffic
Firefox 4 and Google
Sandboxie tries to open shell32.dll instead of Firefox
Favorites from Firefox
Firefox 4 freezing
Read Mail Toolbar Button For Firefox 4
Proxy settings
Unwanted Tab
printing with firefox 4.0
Opening Firefox
Bing free site search engine
Firefox 4.01 now out
yahoo mail account pop-up
Firefox 4 won't start after install
Chrome slow on Google searches!
BBC embedded videos do not work with Firefox 4
Firefox 4 and Roboform 6.10.2 fix
Firefox 4 display problem: icons dim
"Error initializing Opera:
Fun with Firefox 4 Sync
New Chrome problem?
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keyboard shortcuts in Chrome
How to tell when a browser finishes loading a page?
How to Speedup WSL loading.
Roboform everywhere/ FF4/Sandboxie
Can't open FF (any version) from download
Chrome and Shockwave
Incomplete screen refresh
Firefox 4 release announced
Chrome browser messages about missing dlls
Alert The URL is not valid and cannot be located
Last Pass Failure
MY Opera bookmark problem solved
Firefox 4 RC Released
Smooth Wheel
Are Chrome 9 passwords secure?
Imported wrong FF bookmarks to Chrome
Thunderbird-- sharing profile between user accoun
Mozilla releases Firefox 3.6.14
Chrome & Flash
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A few questions about Chromium
Firefox, Chrome Script problems
Firefox/Ebay = Http/1.1 Bad Request
Want to stop those ads linked to text in Firefox
Firefox 4 Beta
Opera is more than percentage
Chrome and RoboForm
Chrome 9 available
Opera 11
chrome wont load ftp page on win 7, IE8 is fine
Certificate domain-name mismatch: what to do?
Firefox, IE8, Chrome - Not responding
Firefox Won't Save Open Tabs After Crash
Problems New installs of both FF and TBird
Can't open browser window with WS links
Password Program
FireFox / Adobe Flash Player / Chrome
Bookmarking problem in Opera 10.63
FF auto-refresh is STILL irritating
Firefox stops for 30 seconds, and then restarts
Firefox plugin - Motive plugin
Thunderbird email client
text search results highlighting
Firefox (and IE) problem loading pages
What firefox plugins do you like / use and why?
Preview in Google/Firefox
Firefox is running but no windows are displayed
How to use Dictionary Add-on in Firefox
Update Opera 11.0 released
Whats wrong ?
How to use Flash IM in Firefox?
Hotmail misbehaves in FF in W7 Standard account
Retrograde Firefox?
Separate forum needed IMHO
Bad Request ( Invalid Header Name ) ???
Fast-encryption feature arrives in Chrome
Thunderbird will not install
FF auto refresh is irritating
Opera bookmarks can't be imported into Firefox
Can't connect to eBay using Firefox
Firefox kills web access
Thunderbird E-Mail client Firefox problem
Unable to print from Chrome
Netscape and FireFox
PDF files and downloads will not open in FF
Chrome 7.0517.44 - high CPU usage
Problems with Firefox 3.6.12
401 Unauthorized
No Cookies Options FF3.6.12
Can't Connect to Windows Secrets
Firefox Timing Out
Firefox Home icon
Firefox Add-ons ForceTLS and HTTPS Everywhere
Flash has stopped working
Firefox UpDate Trouble
Firefox 3.6.12 Update
New Tab Home Page
Opening desktop links in Chrome?
Firefox dirty dozen: Mozilla patches 'critical'
Netscape 4.04 Replacement recommendations
Adding a second bookmark toolbar in Firefox
I can play u tube in chrome ie7 but no in ff3.6
All browsers very slow to load. W 7 x64
Firefox repeatedly shuts down
Firefox update reverted to version 3.0
Finjan Secure Browsing
Xmarks is being shutdown
Firefox 3.6.10 and Foxit
Firefox 3.6.X mouse wheel does not work
Unable to update Firefox
Firefox 3.6.10 Unable to Load Active Server Page
FireFox Page Navigation
Transferring Bookmarks & Favorites
Chrome, Chromium and Iron
FF 3.6.9 Text Size Problem
Firefox and Flash update
Mozilla fixes Firefox holes
Chrome 6 goes public
FF on W7 HP 32 bit
Firefox and passwords
Firefox, Flash, and video hangs
Firefox and links
Chrome Update
Firefox crashes on starting
Browser defender and Trend Micro
Firefox 3.6.8 & eBay
All Firefox 3 series do not print long documents
Firefox: Google's Start Page
Remember Windows size in Chrome
Firefox opening minimized
Firefox: How to save .htm files so the urls work
Bookmark capabilities
silly question
SeaMonkey 2.0 and Roboform
Firefox Javascript and 100% CPU spiking
Firefox print preview problems
HP smart web printing
Unable to Access
Opera not working on some sites
Firefox 3.6.x and Flash, QuickTime, Silverlight
How to print the about:config page
New Browsers - SRWare Iron
Firefox 3.6.8 released
Videos stop and start
Firefox 3.6.7 Released
firewall problem and firefox
Firefox 3.6.6
Multiple Google Chrome browsers
Firefox 3.6.x rant
Firefox Addon "Mozilla Sniffer" steals passwords
e-mail printing in Firefox
Thunderbird: Auto-close mailboxes after dragging
Annoying Google translate bar in Firefox
Opera - extreme HD activity on shutdown
Firefox Won't Browse
Firefox briefly shows next tab
A first look at Firefox 4.0 beta
Page does not display properly on Chrome
Difference between JS engine and layout engine
Chrome error message - nspr4.dll missing
Install FF 3.6.6 in Linux
Metasearch Engine Ixquick
Google invasion
Opera 10.60 released
Unable to print with Firefox 3.6.6
Firefox 3.6.6 possible hijack question
Never ending internet searches
Firefox 3.6.3 Questions
Maxthon Browser
Cannot view videos on
can't access web using firefox
Video freezes in AOL and IE
Firefox download dialog box loses file name
Firefox 3.6x and Comcast webmail scrolling
FireFox 3.6x and Opanda EXIF viewer plugin
Restoring tool bars in Firefox
Opera 10.53 bookmarks = HOW TO = changed
"The Connection was Reset"
Turning off only some scripts in FireFox
Problem with videos in full screen on Youtube
Windows Update installs extension
Manage Firefox cookies in Windows 7
Should I use IE8 with Firefox Portable?
Strange font error while browsing the web
Page Loading Speed
Firefox 3.6.2 Speed Issues
Can't upgrade Firefox
How to eradicate Jixey??
Google invasion?
DNS Server change causes Certificate Error
Where are the toolbars in Chrome?
Coloured labels for Gmail
Siren in Firefox
Should the cache be emptied in Firefox?
How to fix Firefox Memory Leak
Firefox 3.6 Multiple browser windows
Opera - a recommended browser?
Chrome Bookmarks Display
Google Chrome
Firefox PDF viewer plugin - Foxit Reader
Mozilla spills plan for, yes, Firefox 4
The WebKit Lie and the Future of Web Standards
Short freezes in Firefox
Update Opera 10.53
Obsolete Java Extensions in Firefox
zoom all in firefox
Java will not Update / Disabled in Firefox
Javascript not apparently working in Firefox 3.6
Pages not rendering in Chrome and IE will not load
Pages do not load
Gmail not working in Firefox
How to edit login and passwords in FF options
siteX: potentially vulnerable to CVE-2009-3555
FF 3.6.3
How to move IE8 Favorites to Google Chrome
Flash not working on one site (Fx 3.5-3.6)
Java Console
Firefox NoScript Blocked by Yahoo Web Mail
Mozilla fixes Firefox issue
Opera 10.51
Flash Player 10 not functioning in Firefox 3.6
Google toolbar trouble
Keyboard zoom in Firefox
FF 3.6 Input problem
Cannot Install No-Script in Firefox
Firefox won't shut down
zip downloads in FF
Reading PDF files on website
Allowing only specified sites
Questions about bookmarks search in Firefox
IE8 vs. Firefox
Can't add new post or reply on eldergeek forums - Firefox
Firefox's address bar -recently visited pages
Links at Washington Post will not work in emails
Google Chrome versus FF
Running more tha one site in Firefox
Google Chrome, Windows Media Player, CGI File
Opera 10.50 beta
Multiple Firefox profiles [nice trick]
Username remembered: hacking Firefox
Firefox and Yahoo pages
FF vs. IE page rendering
No sound for online videos
Firefox 3.6 (New Tab Position)
Email links
A couple of malicious Firefox add-ons
Firefox tabs
Firefox 3.5.7 and Adblock Plus
Have Your Say About Firefox Personas and Themes
Chrome flagging googlemail as insecure content
Firefox 3.6 and google gears
Firefox blocks popups even tho they're enabled
Enlarge text on web pages
Firefox 3.6 blocks Logitech 1000 mouse cruise
Update Firefox 3.6
What's with FireFox?
Firefox rendering
Unable to remember password for Facebook site
firefox (?) problem
Java Error Colsole
Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate
Firefox affects sound
Firefox 3.0.17 and 3.5.7 released
Slow animations on sites containing Flash
Firefox 3.5.6 mysterious folders
FireFox Loading Slow
Firefox favorites
Forward (shortcut key)
I need help picking a browser!
Setting Zoom Size for All Web Pages in Firefox
Increase speed up loading of web pages
Firefox And jump lists in windows 7
What are .JSON files?
How to stop "Shopper Reports" from appearing
Opera 10.5 pre-alpha
Search in Firefox
Cannot organize MSN Explorer favorites