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Insider Preview build 10.0.15063.2 released to FAST & SLOW rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.15055.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.15051.0 released to FAST & SLOW rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.15047.0 released to FAST & SLOW rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.15043.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.15031.1001 released to FAST ring
How to tranfer contacts from Nokia Lumia 1020 to Google Pixel XL?
Insider Preview build 10.0.15025.1001 released to Fast ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.15014.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.15007.1000 released to FAST ring
MicroSD card error - Windows Phone can't proceed!
smartphone-could-be-hacked-without-your-knowledge FYI
unsecured xfinitywifi, secured XFINITY, secured WARDADDY and good practice
Insider Preview build 10.0.14977.1000 released to FAST ring
Is the Security on Windows Phones the Best
Any word on new Windows PHONES
Insider Preview build 10.0.14965.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14959.1000 released to FAST ring
Android Emulator in Windows Phones
Insider Preview build 10.0.14955.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14951.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14946.1000 released to FAST ring
620 broken screen, new 640.
Insider Preview build 10.0.14936.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14915.1000 released to FAST ring
Now on 1607 10.0.14393.82
I just noticed my phone going through an upgrade ...
My Nokia Lumia 1520 is now on 10.0.14393.5
Insider Preview build 10.0.14393.0 released to FAST & SLOW rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.14390.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14388.0 released to FAST & Slow rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.14385.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14383.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14379.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14376.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14372.0 released to FAST & SLOW rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.14371.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14367.0 released to FAST & Slow rings
Insider Preview build 10.0.14364.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14361.0 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14356.1000 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14342.1004 released to FAST ring on 5/25
Insider Preview build 10.0.14342.1003 released to FAST ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14342.1001 available
Insider Preview 14295.1005
Insider preview build 14238 released to fast ring
Insider Preview build 10.0.14327.1000 available
Insider Preview build 10.0.14322.1000 available
Release Preview 10.0.10586.218
Insider Preview build 14295 available
Windows 10 mobile Insider Preview available
Windows phones using Android apps
Upgrade to Windows 10 [Mobile]
New Lumia Windows 10 Phone $139
Switched Teams
New Phone in 2016
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Go back to windows 8.1
Actual Data Transmission Security
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DOS for phones
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Blocked Numbers and Voice Mail
Microsoft Buys Email App Acompli
Using computer photos for Hotmail and Lumina 520 contacts list
Windows or Android for first smartphone
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MS Buys Nokia
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Lumia 1520 Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft keeps being a lovely company for those that support their products
Windows Phone 8.1 Official (AT&T) Update.
Word Document not Showing Pictures
Cortana Time to Leave Reminder
Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview
Photo Problems with my Nokia Lumia Icon
Lumia Icon
Good Bye Zune Forever
NORAD'S Santa 2013 test flight
A Bloody Ballmer and Stalled Discussions on the Long Road to a Nokia Deal
Microsoft buys Nokia
Google blocks YouTube again.
WP8 cannot manage fixed memory?
For Windows Phone 8 users, TeamViewer is now available (free)
Getting WPA2 keys into a Windows 8 phone.
Thank You Nokia
4 new updates for Windows Phone 8
Outlook Syncing interemittent
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Need App help
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Windows Phone 8 POP E-mail client won't receive certain attachments
Weird calling
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Windows 8 Tablets
HTC unveil its latest Windows phones 8X and 8S
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If you are planning on a new tablet, what OS?
Bluetooth Headset to Bluetooth Portable Home Phone
Switching to Landscape from Portrait view
How to set up vpn pptp on Windows Mobile?
Skype Now Available for Windows Phone (BETA)
Windows 7 Phone Email
Windows mobile as aweb cam on skype and yahoo messenger
error 80040154 when trying to sync an axim x30 to outlook thru mobile cente
Syncing Win Mobile to Exchange
WMP - stop auto-update at start-up
Paul Thurrott
How about a Windows Phone 7 section?
Activesync with MS Wireless Keyboard n' mouse
Windows Phone 7
holidays off by one day
Smartphone Apps - What's your Favourite?
Coping text messages to PC
sync windows CE 5.0 with windows 7 desktop
PC Anywhere Mobile Application
Update Opera on PPC?
Syncing an "Other calendar"
WDMC, Manage Partnership "If there is a conlict"
Exchange Connectivity
Will you stick with Windows Mobile?
iPAQ Connectivity?
Reformat web pages for mobile devices
Email Disappears after 24 hours
A New Theme Generator
Program won't load ...
SmartPhone AntiVirus Recommendation?
Hacking the Windows Mobile Registry
Barcode device
Active Sync Problem
Tip: Selecting a default phone number
Upgrade to Mobile 6.1
Mobile 6 and Outlook '07
Color Schemes WM6
Call Icon
Useful utilties
Convert a PDA to a GPS mapper
System memory issue
Copying files from a server to a Pocket PC
Displaying Details, not icons
Pocket pc on wireless network
Seeking Help to Learn this Platform
Windows Mobile 6.0
Training Word Autocomplete
Screen Capture
Calendar is not syncing
ActiveSync 3.5
Open Source
Win Mobile 5
The death of the PPC?
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ADOCE sql query help
ActiveSync 3.8.0 and Vista
IE options on CE
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Reminders not working
Install ActiveSync from download?
File extension and timestamp display
Invisible files on iPaq?
ActiveSync 4.2
Problem importing a database
Blooth Tooth/ActiveSync
Multiple PPCs
locating GPS s/w
windows mobile 5.0
Dell Axim 51
Remote application deployment
Pocket PC Forms
NavMan iCN510 - Maps don't load
Pocket PC or Palm OS Pilot?
Email Security at PC Lock
Synchronization problem
Unsynchronised items
iPAQ 3650 Help Needed
Wrong time being shown
iPAQ and Passwords
Pocket IE
iPAQ locks up during startup
Virus software
Word Completion
Upgrade CE 3.0.11171
ActiveSync 3.7
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Best way to use iPAQ for maps
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Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8
Move programs from Dell PC to Dell Axim
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error opening file
Restore deleted shortcuts
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Company phone from Outlook
Convert/Read Palm Files
Pocket PC/iPAQ Resources? (Pocket PC 2003 Pro)
Pocket converter - where to get?
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Does not find partnership after reboot
Task folder synchronisation
Databases for the PPC
ActiveSync Alternative
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Activesynch doing weird things
PocketPC 2002
Contacs info lost
Reminders Not at Correct Time
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Microsoft Launches Win Mobile Support
Infrared Send / Receive Status Monitor...
Unable to delete files
Unable to turn off IPAQ 5450
Good software!
Good PocketPC 2002 Sound Recorder?
Activesync and POP3
View PPoint Files on PocketPC2002?
Realplayer files on PocketPC2002 o/s?
PocketPC 2002: MSContacts Name Display Sequence Ch
O/S Versions Q?
Axim Questions???
Measurement converters?
MS Money
Best PDA?
Software recomendations, please!
Dell Axim Dell 1180 Wireless CompactFlash Internet
Media Player Probs
Synchronization of IPAQ to Exchange 5.5 server
Removing Pocket PC
ActiveSynch 3.7 Install Bug?
sync changed files
Two computers-One PocketPC
iPAQ turns on at midnight
ActiveSync - Install Problem - Nothing happens
User security on PocketPC
Newbie Questions . . .
Pocket PC and Exchange Server
contact software for hp 728
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PowerPoint from a Pocket PC
Help - New Jornada 568 & Contacts sync
Connection Error???
OL2k file size...
Jornada 568
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My IPAQ suffers from Altitude Sickness
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Outlook & Attachments
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CE on a terminal?
? trying to connect to a domain
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Jornada button remap
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Synchronising Notes
Phone # formatting
Anniversary vs Birthday
Contacts (iPAQ)
Wrong appointment times
Access CE?
Internet Explorer and bookmarks
Programming Books
PDF Reader
best PocketPC
synchronizing subfolders in Pocket Outlook
Power Point for CE?
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iPAQ and Xircom Modem
Making the Move
Can I sync more than 1 contact folder?
ActiveSync erorr
Wierd dates with Outlook task
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AOL be gone!
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ActiveSync problem
storage space incorrectly marked used