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SSDs Vulnerable to Deliberate, Low-Level Data Corruption Attacks
Formatting CDs?
Does Guest OS in a VM on a SSD "see" the SSD as a SSD?
Mixing GPT and MBR disks Win10
Laptop AC adapter
Hard Drive Failure Rates
Safer backup via timed USB connection
Intel Active Management Exploit
Unable to locate what Intel device 0xA111 is. Anyone?
Advice on new PC
"Sleep of Death" on Surface Book: What the Problem Is and How Microsoft Should Resolve It
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SSDs and NVMe SSDs: is TRIM functional on your SSD?
How SSDs work and what you can do to make yours last longer
UEFI versus "legacy boot"
SSD manufacturer advice
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Charge a new battery before use?
Transferring hard drive from identical desktop
Notebook Internal Battery Warning
DDR5 memory is on its way, twice as fast as DDR4
Checking Video Driver Update for Surface Book
mouse issues
Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap
Trying to upgrade RAM 8 to 16 GB - won't boot with 16 GB
USB memory devices not recognised
How to Wipe System Volume Information From Drive?
Speaker connection converter?
Win 7 to SSD question
Keep an Eye on Disk Health: It Pays off!
Parkard Bell Easynote TS - touchpad not working
Software guy needs hardware help
DVD drive works in Win7 but not in Win10
Mouse pointer (arrow) hovers all over
Delays with Typing
Disable Superfetch if using an SSD as System Disk?
Replace 1 TB hard disk with a 1 TB SSD in Dell 1520R with a M2 32GB SSD
Need to replace an internal optical drive
Dell version of Intel DC S3500 SSD 300GB SSDSC2BB300G4T - speed?
What is the most efficient way to connect dual monitors?
surprise shutdowns
NvStreamUserAgent.exe after power outage.
NvStreamUserAgent.exe after power outage.
Copy entire drive data to new drive
Completely reinitialize SSD
Dell Laptop Floppy Drive Question
SSD Problem
USB3 flash drive versus USB3 HD for backup...with a hub?
going from 32-bits to 64-bits
Will a RAM upgrade solve my problem
Rj45 Ethernet surge suppression
Laptop SSD question
Battery Life in Wireless Keyboard
Can't remove/delete a "drive within a drive".
help in running two monitors.
Proper Cleaning of a USB Keyboard
Replacing a suspect disk drive
Hard Drive monitoring
Am I looking at a hardware wireless module failure, or a software one?
Gave Up on SSD
HP Pavilion Desktop DVD/CD Player Making Loud Noises with DVD inserted
Which is Best Way To Connect Router
Setting up a new computer w/SSD and sshd
Standalone Scanner or Scanner in my Printer?
What happened?
screen degradation
Unknown USB Device (Device descriptor request failed)
Monitor - if in sleep mode, redundant to it turn off?
Find HP Model Number?
If a laptop screen goes bad, can anything be done about it?
Is mp3 player into headphone jack bad
Recovering from S.M.A.R.T. drive failure
Intermittent Laptop Power Problem
Run Raspberry Pi Headless as Network Appliance
NVIDIA Driver Question for Surface Book
Performance monitor freeze
Lost Range for USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
HP says sorry (sort of) for crippling third-party ink cartridges
Home Cell Phone Signal Booster?
Adjusting two monitors for color match
First Charge of New Laptop Battery
Trying Problem -- Toshiba HD Disk is Suddenly Write-Protected
Using a US Computer in the UK
Computer keeps restarting
Hello everyone it's been a while... Having crashing problems with my computer
lost illumination logitech K800
Desktop powered down, now powers up and down but will not start
HP 932c printer toolbox and WIN 10
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - One Year Later
problem with Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive
HP Laptop - Loose Hinges HDX16 Notebook PC circa 2011
Microsoft extends again support for Windows 7, 8.1 Skylake-based devices
Suggested way to format a SSD drive
Portable Lap Desk for Surface Pro 3
How to test an ATX power supply
Performance of PCIe x1 VS. integrated graphics card
Performance of PCIe x1 VS. integrated graphics card
The Most Reliable Hard Drive Models, According to Backblaze
nVidia GTX 970 lawsuit settled
Printers -- Inkjet versus Laser
HP printer issue
Switched off PC starts without anyone touching it
Don't wait - ALWAYS backup your backups - a cautionary tale
DVD drive doesn't see DL DVD's
HP6510 black ink prints as grey
Micro SD Card USB Adapters
Windwos 10 does not use name of two passport drives when ejecting
The Touch Screen Has Quit Working
Laptop won't charge unless turned off or in sleep mode.
Sound card issues
"Dumb" USB question
SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference?
Computer with a GPT partitioned HDD to work with an External MBR partitioned HDD
Can't get my Laserjet HP2300 working under Windows10
Changed BIOS Battery, Can't Boot/Access Setup; However USB Keyboard OK
Intel goes 'extreme' with first i7 10-core processor
Temps in new build
How to uninstall an HP Officejet Pro 8610
How do I remove drivers for printers no longer installed?
HP Printer paper sizes reduced
DBAN vs. ???
What to do about my optical drive?
Replacing HDD in a Gateway MT6705 laptop
Hardware Updates Will Be Required More Often From Now On
Proper maintenance of hybrid SSHD drives
Dell Latitude 3560 - Fn keys
100% New Build - 2nd SSD not recognized
Connecting ps2 keyboard to usb plug
New ASUS build will not post
Surface RT2 Tablet
New PC advice (HDD vs. SSD)
Win 10 AstellKern Music Player not recognized via USB
Fan runs all the time on Asus laptop
Controlling Two Logitech C-920 Web Cams
Where to look for best advice on laptop/tablet/notebook computer purchase?
Can't make my SATA controllers work with my drives
How fo fix sticking keys (keyboard)
advice on selecting DDR4 to match mobo requirements
Novice building a home server
Novice building a home server
old laptop won't turn on - help please
Firmware update for system drive?
How to clone to an SSD
Wireless keyboard and mouse problems
Intel just dropped a 22-core CPU on us
Blu Ray Problems
Don't make assumptions
Can't start BIOS menu or start menu when booting.
USB and Flash problem
Battery crud
Touch Pad Frequently stops working
Suggestion for adding USB 3.0 card
No More Mr. Freeze!
How to upgrade computer's memory?
Duplicate drives in file explorer.
Monitor goes off every 8 seconds
Suddenly no Sound (W10)
Drive ID in File Explorer
LS-120 anyone?
Dell 7010 MT brackets?
Laptop Freezes when being charged
2 USB ports work and 2 do not on HP Elitebook
Another computer won't start. (Complicated)
Video card or motherboard failure?
Microsoft Arc Mouse - Surface Edition
10 Tera-byte SSD for your laptop.
Hardware Diagnostic Flow Charts
How to make laptop battery power last longer?
Linksys N750 EA3500-NP security settings
2 optical drives - Y or N?
Will more RAM speed up my ACER Aspire 3680
After installing printer on Win7 we keep getting prompted to install device driver
HP 3970 scanner autotest
Slow USB drive
MSI memory OC
Inconsistent USB 3 Activity
Using an iPad as a Second Monitor with a Laptop PC
Don't FRY my gear!
Mini PC questions
Intel Agent & BIOS.
Surface Pro Pen with OneNote Issues
Using SD Card as Semi-Permanent Storage
Cables for USB 3.1 generation 2
PC restart not working
Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update Failed (Win10)
Multimedia buttons not working on Dell Studio XPS 16
What is the typical temperature I should see?
Notebook keyboard issues
SD Card Format
New laptop versus new hard drive: thoughts?
World's first 13TB SSD
Bond metal to metal or anything else (literally) without welding or soldering.
Save the Printer Configuration on Windows 7 Pro?
How much usable space on WD My Book 4TB external hard drive?
no harddrive found in bios windowsxp
Computer on a stick...the future?
Bluetooth mouse problems
Best quiet mouse?
Can't get 6-TB drive to display full size in Win7 Pro x64
USB puzzler
Scanner power supply bad?
Eve of Destruction!
Change 'built in' Keyboard shortcuts, use 'Unused' keys
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard charging
Resolution reverts to native and sometimes won't display previously-available higher choices
Install a second Hard Drive?
Hard disk issue
Replace APC Battery or Buy New One?
How do I get rid of this drive
Imminent disk-drive failure message
Computer won't turn off
Dell Laptop Replacement Batteries
My computer died and won't restart
SSD fails randomly for no reason
Should I Install Monitor Drivers or Use Windows Pre-installed Drivers on New System?
Options For a MoBo with Bent CPU Pins?
DVD/CDROM Drive problem
Install WD software and utilities with WD My Book external hard drives?
Add-on video card help
Do I need a new Video Card?
HP Compaq 6200 Pro SFF and SSD options
PC turns itself off almost every morning
Video card issue?
Difference in USB ports on front or back of computer?
Hardware or Software issue with Win 10/intel and Widi/Miracast
Putting System Images & Something Else on the SAME USB External Hard Drive
The $5 computer.
Personal Cloud Storage - NAS
For just desktop usage is a SSD hybrid worth the money.
Need advice about partitioning SSD for new W10 laptop
Intel's crazy fast Optane memory, storage products to hit enthusiast PCs first
screen randonly goes black
How Many Re-allocated sectors is too many?
buying a TPM chip?
Will Win7 work on Dell Latitude D610
3TB Seagate drive in Rosewill enclosure reports only 746 GB
Used computer just shuts down
Is it feasible to replace an HD controller board?
Why is monitor auto adjusting?
Adding 6gig of RAM to get 12gig
Computer control of external switches
Which SSD?
Kensington mouse and Logitech keyboard don't play well together. Help
Hard Disk Partitioning
Deleting data from external drive
Optical mouse trouble
Kangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 portable PC
Wondering how to replace a hard drive
Laptop AC Adapter Compatibility Question
Help w/New Video Card Purchase
Printer startup cleaning cycle
Western Digital Acquires SanDisk
External Hard Drive
Business Likes Surface Pro 4
battery replacement
Neat Mouse...Cheap!
How to permanently disable touchpad on LenovoSL410?
Connecting a USB 3.0 External HD to a Laptop with only USB & ESATA Ports
New Mobo Search- mindboggling
Refurbished Cisco Routers
Power down hard drive while watching DVD?
GPU card - Nvidia or ATI Radeon? And are ATI's GPU drivers unreliable?
SSD life (new question)
How to partition new SSD?
Wireless keyboard problem
New Hardware from MS
USB/printer connection trouble
SSD life
Could Lenovo Computers Contain Spyware?
A newly discovered router virus actually fights off malware
USB Thumb Drive Failure
Processor good for games?
USB flash drive is not work
BSOD & Missing Optical Drive - Motherboard or Driver problem
What kind of processor?
Thinking about saving laptop weight
Surface Pro 3 Pen Like/Hate
Looking for silent new laptop
Dell Inspiron 530
Pentium 4 HT or Core 2 Duo ?
USB Failure
Crucial MX100 512GB question; corrupt or borked?
HDD 2 SSD: Worth Compressing Drive Before Transfer/Cloning?
HP 3D DriveGuard software
SAS-9266-8i Boot Problem
Windows unable to start DVD drives
Logitech Mouse Dongle Power Drain
Fastest external hard disk / methods for backup, dir tree split (& sharepoint migration)
Is a computer with a separate Graphic card faster then using on board graphics ?
Need deeper knowledge of HP 8610 printer for integration
Surface Pro 3 resolution/scaling
BIOS Update
Flash or external drives
APC Beeps
do I need to format a secondary drive when converting main drive from 32 to 64 bit?
Graphics card for gaming
Perceived heating problem with laptop driving dual monitors
Streaming from Laptop to WDTVLIVE
minimalist Win 10
Will have to wait til next year: New SSD technology by Intel.
Wacom Feel Driver for Surface Pro 3 ?
Replaced hybrid drive
Strange behavior
Number pad on keyboard doesn't work
USB thumb drive vs. micro SD card (via USB)
Microsoft wireless mouse driver update
PC to Mac to TV connection problem. Would appreciate help
Adding firewire port to Inspiron 3847, please educate me.
usb microscope
CPU fans speeds up then shuts PC OFF
How to measure the current drawn by a USB device - revisited!
Is it reasonable to "crank up" a Core 2 Duo PC?
Recommend new computer for Win10: What's out there?
Wi-Fi dongle?
TV not working on DVI output
How To Get Faster Backup
Mysterious Computer Shut-down?
Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows Tablet
Laptop troubleshooting
Image backup -- MB crash = disaster!
BAD_POOL_HEADER and general mayhem
New external hard drive - change drive letter?
New computer for Windows 10: Hybrid?
Touch screen monitor
Kodak Pulse digital picture frame question
HP Envy PC hard drive power cable add-in
Ethernet Cable Question
Seems like 5TB should be more than 500GB
Replacement for Asus Eee pc 1005HA
BIOS Passwords
Backup Software
The ultimate case mod!
Gaming Desktop
Single Channel RAM v Dual Channel
Asus X99 reporting surges
Samsung Notebook Battery Weirdness
Monitor for poor eyesight
Killing Second Alert in iPhone/Google Calendar
Graphics adapter in new laptop: OK to use for UHD flat screen TV?
7 of the Biggest PC Hardware Myths That Just Won’t Die
laptop screen problem
Backup Hard Dive Reliability
Hybrid HDD information?
Black Screen issue with my desktop
Worthwhile motherboard upgrade?
Bluetooth probs
No bios access for a Gigibyte, X99, G1, LGA 2911-3 mother board with i7-5960X
AMD 990FX Chipset Incompatible with 2 SSD's in a RAID 0?
Acer Aspire 7741G-6426 Model MS2309/MS2310; InviLink Nplify IEEE 802.11 b/g/n drivers needed
How to install Desktop Speakers?
SSD password
A more detailed request for help for a new laptop.
CD-DVD drive not seen by BIOS or Windows except...
HP Laptop will not boot with battery
Can't boot from other drive
Hard drive failure: can anything be saved?
Only two drive ports on motherboard
Review: Logitech G710+ Keyboard
HELP - Bizarre mouse behavior has me pulling my hair out!
HDD upgrade
Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-220rs
Recommend sound card with MIDI input or alternative?
Does BOINC shorten the life of my hardware?
Lockup Problem
Mouse problem
SSD reliability after sudden power loss
How To Upgrade USB 2 Panel Connectors To USB 3?
How to Generate a Battery Health Report on Windows 8 or Windows 10
3rd Party - Cartridge Issue - Lyson/ Cave Paint/ ink2image
Solid state drives can lose data (True?)
Hey Clint, here's a new Memory Upgrade for you.....
Acer Aspire 7741G, TurboBoost - BIOS w/o OFF
LaserJet pages coming out dirty
continual restarts
Need advice on how to ensure new blank hardrive is properly partioned
Issues , need help with crash
Lenovo LaVie Z or Carbon X1 3rd Gen Ultrabook?
Minimum Hardware Requirements for Streaming Video
Can I clone a hybrid hard drive to an SSD?
How Many Hours Is Too Many For a Disk Drive?
No electrical response to starting desktop compter
Forcing a Format in Command prompt
Is it worth considering buying a computer with a low frequency processor such as this one
A new graphics card vs a new HD (maybe SSD) to improve performance
Problems Adding Memory
Adding 2nd Server Rack
Memory spec CL-11 What does it mean?
Dead laptop?
How can I get the motherboard manual for this computer?
Deal Too Good to Pass UP IMHO
Is 4-Core CPU likely to be Beneficial for General Work
HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-AIO Printer 32-bit & 644-bit
Do the cisco catalyst 3750 series switches support Inter-Switch Link (ISL) virtual LAN (VLAN) trunki
Tablet question
Monitor not detecting signal from VGA port
Use SDHC card for Win 8.1 File History
Replace a SCSI hard drive with an SSD hard drive & then install Win7 HP or Pro
HD cloned to SSD now how to make HD one continous drive
HP HDX 16 HD Crash II
Need wireless network extender help
Dell XPS fans
Advisable or not to shut down routers?
SSD endurance experiment
Best Buy insignia 8-inch tablet (touch screen) with Office 365 and Access
Deal on 5TB USB 3.0 HDD
BIOS fails to load
Port port problem
Dell Dimension E521 Motherboard doesn't recognize AMD Athlon X2 64 6000+ CPU
No Bios Access Screen - POST screen ok, Win7 Boots ok, works ok
HD detection problem
Update to a 2014-03-21, 12:29 thread re. aspect ratio (couldn't find a thread #)
usb 3.0 pci card add on
To boot or not to boot?
Microphone Suggestions
HP Stream 13 Notebook + Win 8.1, only 300MB left on 32GB SSD drive
Change a internal hd to external hd
Disk Labels fouling playback?
SSD Restore Issue
Dell Support Assist: Is it legitimate?
wireless keyboard hotkeys not working
Power options
Help Me Desgin My New System - Continued
advice on choosing a cable modem and wireless router
Boot not completing / HDD0 controller problem
Replacing mouse
Screensaver, Yes or No
Best All-in-One configurations - where are they?
HP Pavilion dv6 black screen
Asus X99-5 Fan Connections for H110 Cooler
What in the world is this on my screen?
Best HDD?
Laptop not good?
Don't buy a 3Tb Drive!
A question on UEFI and BIOS - New Build
Should large hard drive be partitioned?
Cheap printer/scanner/copier
Dual Monitors & Graphics Card
Mouse/Keyboard Not Working Reliably When Plugged Into USB Port
ASUS-MX279H 27 inch monitor
Installing Samsung SSD with an ASRock 890GX Extreme4?
Cursor Jumping
How to reduce partition number in ASUS desktop
Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
Curious about memory chip DDR2-667 relative to bus clock 1066 megahertz
New monitor: Buy or wait?
Where is my second Core in my CPU?
Fan problem: Not usual suspects. IT repairer gave up
2nd HD logical drive has 7.84 mb unallocated space
Fan Makes Noise at Startup, Then Runs Silently...
Date/time reverting back to 12:13 AM 12/9/2008
Strange sound when laptop starts
How to Connect Sat Box to Laptop to use as DVR
SEAGATE BARRACUDA 1TB HDD model ST1000DM003 suddenly died without warning
Drive Performance 10K vs 7.2K Drive
What Else To Check?
Can I upgrade my desktop with an SSD?
No bootable device after Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
thoughts on printers
After a successful SSD migration - what to do with files on the old drive?
Onboard Audio Doesn't Appear to be Working
I think I fried a 16GB USB stick [it was only $8 :) ]
HDMI Video card addition?
Replacing internal HDD
PC won't boot with second hard drive installed
Replaced power supply unit, now keyboard and mouse do not work
backup power
Refurbished: What does it really mean?
Rasberry Pi
Interesting Article on SSD Durability
Problem With Intel Graphics Driver in Toshiba Satellite Laptop
USB and Func KB-460 Keyboard
intel 5 series 3400 usb 3.0
USB data transfer rates?
WD external harddrive slows unless system rebooted
Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook
hard drive not showing up in Win 7
Cable Modem/Router with Telephony
Keyboard hangs
Buying proper Ethernet cable
The way ahead for USB
How to watch HDCP HDMI TV signal on computer?
thumb drives
touch screen no longer works
Business card scanning solution
Which are the best SSD drives?
Installing an SSD in a laptop
Touchpad won't turn off
Won't boot from CD/DVD
Dell Optiplex GX620 ultra-small form factor does nothing
Intel Management Engine Interface
video hangs up with some programs
GRC's Spinrite - anyone still got it, using it?