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Which are the best SSD drives?
Installing an SSD in a laptop
Touchpad won't turn off
Won't boot from CD/DVD
Dell Optiplex GX620 ultra-small form factor does nothing
Intel Management Engine Interface
video hangs up with some programs
GRC's Spinrite - anyone still got it, using it?
PC restarts when printing (Solved)
Very slow SSD 4K read speed
Unused SATA cables on M/B
HHD Too many failures in reviews
Great Deal on WD 1TB Portable Drive
Advice on New Keyboard
The Belated X99 Build
Programs are slow to respond
toshiba c55b5299 backup function and usb do not work.
Need Video Card: pci express X 16, 250 watt power supply
Problem with blank CDs
USB 3.0 issues
How to Turn Off Backup HDD?
Hard drive/CPU sound
Motherboard will not retain CMOS information
Is this mouse toast?
Heat issues
Pros vs. cons of refilled HP ink cartridges
Looking After Your SSD: Sound Advice?
Problem with laptop
HP Pavallion DV7 BIOS whitelist
Updated motherboard in older Gateway failed
Did I Mess Up My Mobo Clock Somehow?
HP Power Cord Recall
Blown Motherboard
Physical damage on sector
Nvidia High Definition Audio Driver
USB to PS/2 Adapter- can this adapter be used for other devices? Thank you
Lessons Learned: System build
Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop appears to be locked
No sound on PC
Big SanDisk Sale at Amazon
Improve WiFi signal
New System Build; did I waste money on a SSD for swapfile
Monitor - best settings automatically set by Win XP?
HP Pavilion laptop taking forever before connecting to Wi-Fi
Hard drive recovery question
Duty Cycle? Will heavy use of an external USB HD kill it ?
HP Photosmart 6525 printer
Can not open external hard drive
SATA Drives in External Enclosures
DVD drive
Epson XP-400-- added to cloud--should I really update the firmware
Epson XP-400: how to find its IP address?
Dual- and triple-channel RAM
Motherboard LED settings
MS Config Settings for i7
Annoying pop-up re iiyama monitor
How much processing power do I need?
Sudden slow boot
Thrips (Thunderflies) inside LCD screen
USB Flash Drive HELL!
Printed pages have blurred and skipped lines
Spontaneous restart after sleep
Brother printer goes offline
Missing MBR-helper error message
External Monitor Acting Weird
Recommend HP mouse?
using a NAS drive on poor internet connection
USB vs. Built-In Wi-Fi Adapters
SSDs & Indexing
Troubleshoot a video problem
USB 3.0 problem
Laptop battery dies, then won't boot Win 7
Dell Studio 1558 Overheating. I'm stumped!
Problems using mice in Windows
Unallocated free space
USB HDD sometimes very slow, sometimes not
Suggestions on Where to Find Replacement Parts
Need to convert new drive to GPT but....
Strange hard-drive behavior
Can My Dead Laptop Be Resuscitated?
Boot problems asscioated with scanner
Need to change pinout of control cable header on motherboard
Mouse and keyboard trouble
HP Photosmart 5515 printing problem
How do you secure your external hard drives?
Larger AH battery in laptop?
Nvidia GeForce 6600 not recognised by Nvidia driver update
Printing via Bluetooth??
Startup problem
External HD not recognized
Question about second monitor
Primary hard drive disk 0 not found (resurrecting an old laptop)
Logitech keyboard and trackball not recognized in 64-bit Windows 7
To Clone or Image HDD
Asus Transformer Book eMMC or SSD
Erratic wireless mouse behavior - mouse jitter - sluggish mouse response
Standby stress (on PC)
Epson Scanner Problem
Samsung SCX-4100
Must start laptop twice to get Win 8 running
WinTV adapters
Today only - Asus Windows 8 touch-screen laptop $199
Reformatting partition FAT32 to NTFS
5.25" Floppy Drive - What do I need? What do they work on?
Play USA DVD in UK
Epson printer refuses third-party ink
Error code 39 for my CD/DVD Drive
USB drive hiccup
Will 32-bit software run in 32-bit virtual Windows?
External drives: Portable vs. not portable
No color from Laser
Asus Monitor caused videos to freeze
Problem with Acer Aspire touchpad
USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0
Hard drive diags for RAID 1 drives
Is there a difference between a USB transfer cable and a USB extension cable?
SSDs incompatible with AMD 990FX chipset RAID?
Mouse Problems
Multiple partitions - Are they necessary?
MS wireless keyboard: Can't find USB key
Can't boot Laptop from USB stick
Asus Eee PC X101ch - great disappointment
Want a better Graphics card for Windows 7
Trying to reboot
The Hardware of a new Build
Regarding a new Build
logitech k120 keyboard
Optimum temperature for NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
Install larger SSD
240 GB Crucial M500 series, $110 at TigerDirect
Some advice on transferring from hard drive to solid state drive?
printer just stops
Upgrading a computer
Seagate External Drive Issue
Looking for Cordless Phone that can ring when I get cell phone calls
Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Laptop Brands
DRM comes to coffee makers
USB Thumb Drives - a rant
The high cost of wasted printer ink
Laptop will not boot with second drive
win 7 & ssd
Konica Minolta magicolor 4690MF EasySet
Two Issues
DVD Burner Tray Locked Not Open By Nero 5.5
Can't get display up without Ctrl+Alt+Del
CD/DVD drive vanishes after sleep
"No audio device installed" ...yes there is and always has been.
How NOT to evaluate hard disk reliability
1TB hard drive not seen by my computer
Problem with Gigabyte ODIN GT800W PSU with USB2 on new Asus Motherboard
SSD Compatibility
Hard drive retrieval
Backing up to an external Drive
Win.7 on a Vista capable computer
Anyone run into computer restarting on its own after shutdown?
Good Overview of SSDs
CMOS Battery replacement
SSDs for Desktop
Unable to connect Bluetooth keyboard Acer Android
Need USB and Ethernet simultaneously on external drive
ATX Power Supplies don't fit small PC Cases
Touchpad sensistivity
Need USB 3 expansion card recommendations
WD backup software
Power supply ?
Migrate to SSD, My Experience
Choosing computer components - memory
Who makes the best disk drives?
Which Sata to use
Aligning SSD
Computer Starts to boot and turns off.
WI-FI disconnects when power cable is connected
Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901
Help me design my new computer
Monitor and sleep mode problem.
What's the easiest safe way to use an old PC? Ubuntu?
mini camcorder vid quality
Repair or replace 5 year old Dell Studio laptop
Dell 1100 Beeps no display
Wireless MS Desktop 1000 Mouse Makes Screen Jump
BIOS Prompt for Select CD-ROM Boot Type
Laptop boots only if CMOS battery is removed, then replaced
Adding a third monitor
New Dell XPS27 touch screen failure
LPT port card or USB to LPT cord converter
Unable to Ping a laptop
Seagate SSD is not being allocated
CPU fan cyles fast/slow - annoying noise
Printer Draft Mode
Need Hardware Functional Test Software
Monitor color flux
External Hard Drives
Advice on new computer
Tablets in Business
Problem with Seagate 3TB Backup Plus
Hard Drives Spin Down
Black & White Stripes on Monitor
I need opinions on 'all-in-one' desktop PC's?
New hard drive doesn't fit
Restoring SSD Performance
Cannot use PS/2 Keyboard
No Bass speaker on laptop
Seeking Advice on Headphones for Windows SP1 PC/Laptop
Delayed / halted startup
connect older zip drive
OCZ files for bankruptcy
Baby monitor
External HD: What's eating the space?
How can I transmit my PC headphone output via WiFi to a speaker?
Need bootable partitioning program?
Laptop capable of booting itself after power failure
How to connect a Dell Inspiron 17R 1520 PC to a Sylvania Bluetooth speaker model SP260PL?
Computer dropped now no desktop after starting up
Purple streak down the middle of my monitor
Desktop External Hard Drive for images
Intermittent powerdown
Problem with new Dell Monitor
Unplugging the computer when moving
Setting up Canon IP4300 Printer
Diagnosing a noisy - fan?
WD5000AAKX hard drive formatting problem.......
How long do disk drives last
Wiped to death
Can an old surge protector affect the circuit it's plugged into?
TV remote control software?
New PC - SSD only vs SSD + HDD?
Command-line quote marks
HP SimpleSave 1T external HD won't launch
SATA HDD Not Recognized
Printer Connected but not showing
printer can't be shared anymore
Hp Laser Printer Not Printing on Side Of Page
Recommend a lightweight Windows 8 Laptop with both SSD and DVD
Canon ip4700 quit
Lenovo Edge11: Wireless simply stopped working
Are power outages killing your SSDs?
New (replacement) H/W problem with already established drive C:
Mixing GPT and MBR drives in one PC
Should I buy a monitor or a TV?
Buying a new desktop PC
Need to connect Brother MFC-8840D to Win7 but no drivers available
How bad are hard drive bad sectors?
Strange Crash
How do I check out if the motherboards audio is going out?
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse - Missing Buttons
Toshiba 3TB Drive Only Shows as 746GB
AMD processor equal to Intel
Two video cards work until reboot, no onboad video
Getting a drive letter designation for a SATA-to-USB drive connection
Getting a drive letter designation for a SATA-to-USB drive connection
is it cheaper these days to build ur own pc in the uk
external drive enclosure system
Misbehaving Navigation Keys
VAIO & Win8 - why is video so poor (rated 2.0)
How to connect LTO drive to server
Free Hard Disk Sentinel software - extended by 1 day.
Custom computer builder?
Win XP dead after blackout
I have a SSD and a Hard disk... but it won't read my hard disk.
Seagate to produce 5TB hard drive next year, 20TB by 2020
Display abnormalities
PC thinks my DVD Disks are always Audio
USB Boot Media Inconsistency
Dedicated email device for Mom (90)
PUZZLE - Dell XPS 600 Video Meltdown? Desktop extends beyond monitor edges...
Unusual Monitor Issue
Microsoft surface pro - power adapter voltage
new processor for hard drive
Add drive /run software from that drive?
Packard Bell Laser drivers
No Power...And Yet It Blinks
Hybrid Laptop/Tablets
Choosing Windows Tablet Question
Is this battery toast?
Pc will not power on
Dell Inspiron 1545 battery problem
Replace Your DVD with a New Hard Drive
SSD recommendation sought
Need steps to install Epson Workforce from Epson site vs CD please
Curious article about how much RAM one needs for what
How can I recover my lost BIOS boot options?
Laptop sans DVD Player
Printer triggers problems with Symantec Endpoint Protection
Windows 7 64bit hard disk health
Installing m500 ssd in an acer one d255e.
What brands of laptops are most upgrade-able to new OS version
Giving external HD a permanent Drive Letter
Looking for different intel Chipset families
PC SSD Caching ..A better use?
Connecting Monitor To New-Style Super-Slim Laptops
Dell Optiplex 990 MT cooling
SSD Choices: SanDisk vs. Samsung
Any SATA data cable connection shorts power for startup
Keyboard device being removed upon shutdown.
Video card mishap, help!
On Things That Shorten the Life of an SSD
Updating Windows 7 drivers
$35 Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player,
HowTo Check HDD and RAM
How to create USB floppy drive that works!
Buggy Rebit software
4 Core 1333 Full HD Motherboard
Acer 7738G - Where do I plug in the Bluetooth module?
Ready Boost
New Dell Inspiron desktop computer workmanship
3G \4G Wireless Router Question
Just installed a new video card but now....
Desktop Computer Hardware Components: Should we be worried?
Instructions on installing/configuring hard drive
Do surge protectors slow down Internet speeds?
Memory Slot confusion Toshiba Satellite A105-S171
Laptop screen goes white (grey) when moved
Hot-swap eSATA in Windows XP
microsoft mouse (trackball)
Question about USB external video cards
Two mice and a keyboard go at once: USB hub to blame?
Judging RAM Speed
LONG wait between BIOS screen and Windows boot.
Configuration Advice
Latest Nvidia driver causing severe graphics driver problems
Infrequent use of printer causes problems
USB ports not working - Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller issue
Dell Touch pad's erratic cursor behaviour
Free space on a SSD
Can't access harddrive
Question about CPU core temp
Keyboard weirdness
Windows 8 Freezes When Sleeping
MacBook batteries for fire risk
MS 2000 Mouse-Win 8 - "The device is working properly" - NOT!
Some advice on new PC please
Coming Soon to a Lenovo near you?
Win7 Backup vs Mirror on Critical PC
Any Suggestions re. Webcam for HP Windows 7 PC
WinXP Home reinstall
Starts up then powers down
random reboots when printing to new brother 2280dw printer - WHY ???
Optical devices not correctly identified
device drivers causing BSODs, please help
Computer beeps then shuts down
Microsoft 1027 Keyboard and Mouse Combination
Keyboard replacement
Hardware fault diagnosis
Laptop Card Install?
MB will not boot inside case??
MS Natural Wireless laser Mouse 7000 foot pads?
Is my laptop power adapter defective
APC...Buy New Or Replace Batteries ????
Recharging my battery backup
Recommendations for new laptop?
Monitor takes 3minutes to start up
What has a screen for 8.5" x 11" AND is portable?
Unrecognisable USB drive - help?!
hard drive failing passes then fails tests
View RAID Drives
Replacing hard drive
Need help disabling touch pad
Server + 3 very slow workstations. How to figure what needs attention?
Defrag hybrid drive?
SSD and SCSI cables
Basic wireless printer question: Need advice
How to maximize laptop battery life
Clock Speed Less Than Advertised?
Deal of the Day!
How to know whether an SSD is faulty?
Microprocessor Architecture
Tired DVD drive
HD cloning to SSD
Recommend a tablet
4TB disk problem
New graphics card needed?
System clock not accurate
Repair faulty Verbatim USB Drive
Function keys differ on laptops/notebooks
Saving Ink
Will more memory help speed up this PC?
Wife's HP laptop battery problem
Pops and crackles on sound
Hard drive transfer speeds
Nvidia Graphics Card - Driver problem ?
CD burners and blank CDs go bad?
Powered USB HUB
If this one becomes viable, then goodby SSDs.
Are external drives w/out mains power any good?
Great Deal from Staples $100.00 off!
Mobile device to help my phone find Wi-Fi?
External drive has lost its identity
Let's talk turkey about motherboards
Acer 7738G sound issues
ExpressCard/34 install
usb 2.0 seagate freeagent 500gb disk freezes at black screen when rebooting
Crucial firmware warning
Getting S/PDIF to work
Hardware for a new Win 7
Plug a power strip into a UPS?
Wireless Black and White Laser Printer for IPAD
Please Help - Completely Lost
Minimize Bluetooth-WiFi interference?
High temperature...?
I am confused - solid state Vs rotating
Need recommendations for external backup hard drive
Asus laptop turned off abruptly with no warning
USB Failed, Keyboard and Mouse Would Not Work
HD rattles at shut down.
How difficult is it to watch TV over the internet?
Let's talk turkey about hard drives
Computer shut down suddenly
External drive stops working on USB hub
Why Moore's Law, not mobility, is killing the PC
Toshiba Satellite A200 power on failure
How SSD power faults scramble your data
Crazy power supply for Desktop PC
DVD +R whole pack seems defective
Clickfree C6 storage device problems
HP D110a printer doesn't always connect to hp Solution Center using Win8
Turning off tapping on touchpad
Hardware-Toshiba Satellite T235
Liquid cooling versus heat pipes
Aspire One Netbook Not Working
"Bright" DVD's damaging DVD machine
External HD - MAC and PC format
Printer shoots out blank pages (Win Vista; Lexmark Impact S301 wireless)
Blu-Ray Internal Player/Writer Purchase: Would Appreciate Advice
RAM Upgrade Question
Need to identify hard drive in error message
How do I enable Windows to see a hard drive again?
Laptop non-starting issue - power supply??
RAID Drive Selection
setting up network printer (ain't so easy)
Cable HDMI output to resizeable picture on PC monitor
Using a projector with a monitor at 2 different resolutions
Twain driver and 64 bit W
Synology Disk Stations
Cannibalizing a computer of doubtful heritage
printer clicks a lot then when it starts printing the paper jams
Desktop PCs: Intel Says the End is Near
Acer laptop 3690-2972-- USB ports ?
deleting data on external hard drive
About bootable USB Flash drives?
Nvidia Graphics 7600 gs not being detected by dell computer
cmos password removal
Motherboard drivers: so many, which ones to choose?
Installed SSD as 2nd drive - now I get a BIOS RAID screen
i7-3770K oc'd to 7 GHz!
Driver stopped responding
Where do you get your ink?
Thumb drive read only?
iPad, Surface or Ultrabook - an analysis by Scott Hanselman
Hot Spot Security
Using modem for phone calls
laptop will not boot
USB Port power requirements
CPU/Motherboard setup
Allocating Drive Letters for the Epson Workforce 845
SIM card reader question.
Verbatim USB3 Desktop Hard Drive
Audio suddenly quit working on XP computer.
New Build Storage Advice Please
USB ports cause system crash
Will not post after a shut down
PC is hard to start
Installing internal hard drive
Opinion on Cyberpower UPC
The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occu
Uh-Oh... Is i7 3770k (Ivy) compatible with XP mode on Windows 7 pro?
Complete List of Parts for Proposed Build
Build Update - BDXL Blue Ray Burner
Scanning old slides with an HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909a
Suffering from spontaneous reboots
Crazy mouse clicks
My Build Progress: SSD and HDD's
Which is a Better Choice?
Need motherboard information & wireless access cards
My WD hard drive crashed.
Leaked Intel roadmap shows the end of socketed CPUs
Which Laptop Brand?
Operation DDR3 - Trackdown Difficulties and Confusion?
GPU Choice - Kibbles or Bits?
Can I use an old firewire port on a new build?
Thunderbolt Technology/Connectivity
Getting AHCI on a shuttle small factor PC.
Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCIe 1.0 audio card.
CPU upgrade (by Gerrard3)
how do I reestablish my USB ports now tht I have only usb keyboard and mous
Do I need to purchase extra cables?
Secondary Hard Drive Removal Issues
Volume label name change for USB 3.0 stick won't hold
Another 3 hour tour road trip planned
Trouble with HD TV functioning as a monitor
No monitor signal.
Good Solid InkJet to Replace HP 1200?
Left Arrow Key Not Working
Immediate shutdown after powering on
Nexus 10