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Web browsers for Windows XP
Anyone downloaded new MS XP Updates released 6/13/16?
Unexpected change in batch file syntax?
cmd.exe will not run .exe files
Slow loading web page
Accidentally deleted outlook express identity, help!
New video card and stuttering in XP
Win32 folder on desktop at startup
Intermittent Internet Access with Intel Motherboard DG41RQ
home xp administrator not able to apply changes
Need free antivirus suggestions for XP please
Drive 0 password unknown
Has Microsoft Security Essentials ended updates for XP?
Can't run defrag because Chkdsk /f is scheduled
Strange XP computer death
XP Task Bar Search error - parameter incorrect
Mouse problem
Winxp too old for win10?
Is it possible to recover a software license from the back up copy of XP with out reinstalling XP?
Really Weird Windows XP Bootup Problem
Help with Xp Task scheduler
Move (clone?) HD w/ XP to new MB?
BSOD and several error messages....
Windows XP Activation - Dead or Alive
XP Upgrade Path to Win 7 X64
Dropbox support ending for XP computers soon...
Just powered up my over 12 year old laptop after 2 years being off.
Windows XP BSOD
Should get new computer?
Hi! Guys i want to install window sp3
What is ofbdin_.dll
Chrome on my old XP - Message says, No Longer Supported - What Now?
BSOD 0x0000007B (0xF789e524) need lots of help
Google's Chrome support ends for XP beginning April
XP Pro SP3 iso?
Can't seem to download programs onto computer
Frozen pointer and BSOD
Print spooler error
Carousing With A Cacheman Or Two
Can't connect to the internet
Can't install downloaded progams
Right-click context menu very slow to open
XP Home SP3 download
Dell Laptop Wireless Driver Problem
Mute All getting enabled unexpectedly
More "death knell" for WinXP
Windows XP SP3 wireless network issue using wireless hotspot on Android phone
No monitor in Control Panel
Can I ditch Windows Cardspace?
new request for old logon in XP pro
Faded/transparent task bar
Screen goes black if I try to change resolution
VM Question
Can DOS Batch file Tell Running Program to Exit
WinXP & Win 10 sharing problems
How to remove login requirement?
Win XP Pro Corrupted Control Panel Access
Windows 10 to XP
Any new security problems with XP?
Corrupt recycle bin in Windows XP?
That's it, it's ALL OVER, Goodbye XP- Good riddance MS. done deal
Last official update brings official popup woes
Shimmer or flag waving or ripple effect when scrolling or moving windows
switch USB; swusb.exe; runswusb; runsw.exe
Microsoft.netframework with Just in Time (JIT) debugging
win xp fix for OpenType font driver vulnerability?
Need Rock-Solid Backup Plan
Windows XP security
Service Packs 2 & 3 custom install?
Has anybody had experience with EMET on XP SP3?
One last question before death of XP
Dramatically speed up network access (browsing) and Windows Explorer access too.
Can't enter text into text box
BSD and USB ports not working?
Newbie with windows Xp Pro sp1 Installations
Explain this XP Pro blue-screen error?
Screwed up WinXP Pro 64-bit admininstrator password
WinXP Pro 64 Bit on Dell Vostro 200
C:\Program error message
Printer not installed message on wifi
window "search all files and folders" starts when I click on all folders and programs
XP retro support
Problems with recent NET.Framework security updates
Unable to get into safe mode
Something better than Outlook 2010 for calendar, contacts, notes?
Computer restarts every hour when it's supposed to be sleeping
My Keyboard/Mouse won't stay powered when XP is loading!
Winword not Available
Microsoft Security Essentials updates for XP cease in three months
Continuous hard-drive activity
Corrupted flash drive
Memory sticks not recognized
Mouse and keyboard not working after repair installation
Question about pagefile.sys
Shutdown question
Problem with defragmentation
XP Pro repair gone awry
Lost Inbox emails
System Image Setup
XP continuing updates
New Life for the old PC
Running old games
XP Home reinstall
Keep Visual C++?
folder on desktop
Keeping windows secrets issues
No icons and no taskbar on desktop
WinXP Continues to Update
How to get new Windows XP updates for free until 2019 with a Registry hack
Running XP Mode in Windows 7
Repairing/Reinstalling WinXP in virtual mode (in Win7)
Adjusting Resolution
Running XP in VirtualBox
CMD screen on startup
Prioritising access to main storage devices
Adding a program to MSCONFIG startup
Battery issue
Limited user config control
software restriction policy
changing name dual boot xp
Windows Live Photo Gallery wanted for XP
Big Windows XP Mode's VHD file; recommend utility to safely reduce it?
Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.8 for Windows XP - on
Need help installing XP SP2 on second drive
fixing a dll
Motherboard error 108
Enabled dual processors in my XP VM and now browsing is noticeable slower.
Remote Procedure Call Question
Remote Registry question
TCP/IP has reached the security limit EVENT ID 4226
Audio Players won't recognize sound card
How to add temporary user on XP Pro laptop
Problems deleting corrupt Twain file c-3.ote
Missing Audio Mixer
Icon spacing
Windows XP download?
Windows XP Professional shuts down as soon as it boots up
security essentials update
How to unlock administrator account?
Dual Monitors stopped working - "Extend Windows Desktop to this Monitor" - does not do it
Recommend program for virtual machine?
Windows XP recovery issue
Two network connections icons in Control Panel
Unable to repair home network
Reboot to uninstall?
Hi, I am having trouble while trying to uninstall PC Optimizer Pro
"Unofficial" XP SP4
XP Scanner and Camera Wizard has changed its spots
antivirus software for old xp machine?
Missing Drivers for Ethernet & Network Controllers
Had issues installing the 7.67 update to Java
Desktop organisation.
Download & Convert You Tube stuff
Removing partition
Vague recollection of an old XP theme
Avoid the last MSE update to lose the popup expiration warning
Oracle ends JAVA support for XP
Prefetch folder: no layout.ini file being created
XP has turned into a monster since it elapsed
User account - set up
managing right click context menu
Drive problems
Print to Lpt1(prn) from DOS progam
Task Manager
manual updates after format xp home sp3
enable pae on old dell 8600
Connected to WiFi but no Internet access
Multiple Start Menu columns have disappeared
Stupid Netbook
Microsoft warns against using the Windows Update hack
How to block ALL internet traffic except one port and app
Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP
Can XP Be shielded from internet?
Hi, who finds it the same as me that installing Windows updates slows the PC startup to 1-2 minutes,
System Restore trouble
Robolinux C: Drive to VM
Need link to recent XP patch for takeover problem
After service ended: "Updates are ready for your computer"
Which desktop XP apps will work on Win7 laptop?
XP update for IE 10 is available now
XP theme trashed (by me)
Why continuing support for XP is bad math
Thankyou Microsoft for patching XP probably for the last time.
Disable VGX.DLL.
Get your XP back.
How long will Intel chips & assoc. mobos work with XP?
Screensaver in XP Pro not working
A black market for patches?
More Questions about WindowsXP Total Rebuild
Windows Update KB 2859537
Windows user, wanna try Linux? Checklist.
XP total-rebuild option
Continual BSODs
"Gene Splicing" with XP Patches
Turn Off MS Security Essentials End of Support Nag Notifications
Windows XP Desktop Background Pic..
The day after
XP is a long way from 'gone'
Updating XP For The Last Time
Windows vs Apple
Icons stuck to RHS
Microsoft's XP Data Transfer Tool -- Useful?
Chinese file
Will EMET 3.0/4.1 on Win XP deliver better than 2.1?
Putting up a force-field around XP?
How to change volume control default?
Access to Windows 7 desktop using XP's Remote Desktop Access
Erasing files
Another what-to-do article
Locate registry entry for Realtek Ethernet/lan driver?
How to limit XP to two websites
When would one image backup the last XP pro ?
How to remove SYS boot files from hard drive without formating.
How can i make my Win XP Genuine ?
'Change compatability...'
mscorwks.dll could not be loaded HELP!
Office 2007 updates on Windows XP
Win Live Mail Inbox Duplicates
Upgrade to Vista Saves all Folders from XP, is that CORRECT?
Change Existing Win Live Mail Account to IMAP
Questions on "PC Mover Express for Windows XP"
ged files
reinstalling windows XP
Windows XP in a sand box?
Frozen update
Further to onging use of Win XP
Transfer Win Live Mail to Thunderbird on Win8.1
something went terribly wrong
Couple questions regarding Win XP 3 to Win 7 Home Premium
Help with complete Slipstream
turning off internet on xp computer
100 percent CPU usage
Question about solid state HDs & XP SP3
What to do after April.
Need Dual-booted PC (XP/Ubuntu) online only for Ubuntu.
Free migration tool for XP users wanting to move to 7 or 8
Win 7 and Win 8 Upgrade Advisors fail
Major Crash
Chinese tech giants to offer Win XP support
Lost Access To D: Drive
Font-size issue after reinstall
XP freezing on no activity - running out of ideas
Win XP for a postage meter after April 2014
The end of Microsoft support for XP
Doubts with the end of support of Windows XP
I want to decide what is in my System Tray
Fix needed for .net2 on up-to-date XP pro
Run XP In a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu?
2.6 Million "Ghost" files ?
Windows XP major problems
Diamond sound card won't install
XP Stopped Getting IP Address from DHCP Pool
XP and Conduit SearchProtect - warning.
Using Safe Mode
What is most compatible move up from XP?
Unable to copy folders and files to thumb drive
Can't change network setting on XP Pro PCs
95% of ATMs worldwide still running XP
XP updates extended until July 2015
Microsoft pulls the plug on Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP
Printer works but no text printed....
Button in Windows Explorer
no sound on Advent pc
do i need to set jumpers
Add text file to a windows control panel folder
bits permission change
System slow - windows defrag leaving 88 files fragmented - Help!
System running very slowly
Wacky Web Week
XP connected to internet but not used--danger??
Keeping XP off the Internet
WinXP ClearType Appearance Setting Resets
Run a program when Windows powers monitor on and off?
How to disable USB 1.1 ports?
Safe use of post-mortem XP on a network
To disable network MB adapter or not ?
Zero day vulnerability.
while in a Word 2003 doc - pop up saving as .tmp files??
Strange Problem--action cannot be completed...
Removing old OS files
Microsoft still trying to fix SVCHOST bug in Windows XP
To restore from hidden partition ?
XP - Task Manager and other programs won't start
How to do a nondestructive reinstall of WinXP SP3
Windows update failed
How to XP Home SP2 update to SP3
CGA.BGI and EGAVGA.BGI question
DCOM issue?
Microsoft Security Essentials may stop XP virus signature updates in April
Win XP failure
Odd system files
system admin problem
Search Companion (puppy) shortcut
Peculiar Ordinal Message
Mysterious Windows Updates
New (replacement) H/W problem with already established drive C:
Changing my protection strategy a little.
XP Pro ser pac 2, DellD:IM
Mystery Folders
Haunted XP Notebook boots itself
Windows XP at risk as antivirus vendors jump ship
No partition, can't del Partition Wizard
OE6 in xp- going to win7 --help!
Display problem
Two different XP VMs: difficult to update
What happens to Virtual Machines running XP when support expires?
MS did it to me ...
backupstack.exe hogs CPU
Samsung Magician Software does not work with XP
Automatic Updates not installing
In XP: Outlook Express email message Web link failure
right click 'new'
Advice on clean reinstall of XP with recovery of existing user data and drivers
Dual-boot possibilities
icons in start>programs no longer open programs
An OS guaranteed to look the same forever?
PCI card kills the NIC
Windows XP Windows Defender
xp wont regognize me as an administrator
Keyboard problem
Windows won't load
Computer gets sluggish, then shuts down when I close Chrome
"Could not initialize the application's security component" ERROR
Back Up
stupid useless zoostorm freedom10-270 has problems:
confused about the desktop display of folders
Hard-disk imaging: In-use versus not-in-use hard disk?
XP Pro cannot Change the way Users Log On/Off
Launching Application appears at startup
Process that appears at multiples of 15 seconds for less than a second
No Right-click
Hardware drivers?
Microsoft will continue to patch XP
java 7-11 installed..trying to go to java 7-25
.net security update.
Which downloaded updates are installed.
Security on XP vs. newer Windows versions and actual threats stats
What would it cost to upgrade every PC currently running XP to Windows 7?
Windows Taskpane Clipboard
How to make a bazillion dollars from XP
XP latest download crashed my system.
Need to tell a friend how to find XP's search box, and how to open the command line
Wuauclt.exe and svchost.exe using up CPU
Long time to boot Win XP SP3 - waits on C:\Windows\System32\wlnotify.dll
Kill your Windows XP systems before they kill you
Latest IE version for Win XP
How to open Explorer.exe at "My Computer" from startup menu (Switches?)
Differences in CMD between XP and Windows
Installing XP, missing files
Windows XP SP3: Missing ASMS file
taskbar blacked out
Ram drive above 3.4GB limit on XP 32-bit
Long delay when opening programs
Can't kill Indexing
Recent documents empty
.NET Updates fail XP Home SP3
Strange drop-down selection box problem
Multiple "ghost" drives. How to remove?
XP updates caused harm to PC
Need Two Device Drivers for HP Pavilion 700
Yet another Temp folder
Win XP Pro New Install and Programs Won't Run
cd drive letter missing
Removing a user account on XP increase free space on disk drive?
Error message
XP no-sound laptop
Cannot partition new hard disk
XP Home reinstall issue
XP PRO won't activate a repaired installation
Computer won't boot to Win XP
USB Printing Support Not Loading Automatically
XP Start Programs shortcuts gone
Can't right click in Start Menu
XP Pro 'hosed' on Dell Vostro 1500 laptop
WinPrint -- How to set it up
After 2014, will the XP updates issued until that date, still be avail?
Turning off System Restore to remove old restore points...
Second SATA HD - no jumpers; how do I resolve please?
At times D3D9 has trouble ends at shut down
Updates and apps did not install properly on slipstreamed installation
Power Options/Turn off monitor
Computer name problem
App Management Service
Fred Langa's Non Destructive XP Reinstall Method
How many .Net Frameworks do I need?
Server Busy Notification
Hard drive thrashing makes computer slow
windows xp is the best OS for windows family
Designate Program to View a File
Windows XP Professional - nv4_disp
Solid Colour Desktop Background
Distorted pictures everywhere
UK Government's outdated push to Windows XP and IE software is unacceptable
Why is system tray item not remaining hidden?
No taskbar in applications
compaq xp cannot be installed on aother machine
How to manage floppy drive programs on PC without floppy drive?
Reinstalling XP, IE dead right away
Cause of Repeating "Found New Hardware" Messages
Today my search is suddenly switched from Classic to XP doggy search. Help!
Not for the faint hearted.
Problem burning ISO image to CD
XP shuts down on startup
windows xp
Stop C000021A after installing patches
Control Panel problem
Local Profiles becoming slow - Root Cause
Thinking of uprading XP SP3 to Windows 7 Home Premium
text broken or missing (or faded)
Converting PDF to Word
Anyone know what "" is?
How To Stop Auto Logoff
How long would one keep using XP pro SP3 ?
Windows Media Player won't play after 5 sec.
IMAP occasionally not syncing
Is there a way to copy XP drive to a new hard drive
Backing up the entire XP Pro system state
I have a lot of music and try to keep them separated by genre.
Windows Xp Drive Imaging
Unable to get write access to C: and D: partitions in User Limited ID
Windows Update and Genuine Validation web sites hacked or broken?
XP Service Pack 3
Dual Boot is broken. If XP works, DOS does not and vice-versa
Random shutdown
can't open a IMG file
I screwed up; I removed D drive :(
"no emulation" on trying to instal OS
Why does Windows Update install KB2789643 every day?
Fred Langa's XP resource guide
Difference between 'Run as administrator' vs. being logged in as admin?
logging on
Is Google Chrome a fact of life ?
Windows XP to Windows 7
How can I lock down individual files in a read/write directory?
Arabic Adobe Flash License Agreement / FireFox / XP
Lost all file pointers while using Add or Remove Programs
Puzzled by sfc /scannow request to insert SP3 CD
No Sound on Audio Devices after XP Installed
XP dead, seemingly a corrupt file
Booting windows xp
Quilter's laptop needs update from ME to XP to run quilt progs
Modify single drive to dual boot and offload programs and data to logical d
XP-64 recovery console
cant find driver for hd external encloser
Reinstalling XP on another machine
Old Dell Ispiron 1150 Laptop - Reinstallation
Documents opens up when I click on Windows Explorer from My Desktop
Windows XP Pro SP3 "Error number: 0x800A0046"
SFC Looking for SP3 CD
Windows XP sp3: Mouse freezes when using Firefox or Explorer
XP box will not run scheduled tasks, not even manual runs
Installed XP w SP1a; can't get SP3 or newer version of IE
Can't reformat with XP: Computer not reading CD
What should I change in OE6/XP ?
Really weird Windows Explorer problem. Explorer opens but no lettering or
What to make of these "invalid programs"?
How can I delete a program that windows say is in use by other
Suddenly some Pogo games don't load
Apply SP3 or not?
Multiple issues on XP/CE computers
Lost Orig XP Admin Acct;need Registry Fix to bring it back
Start a Program - Nero DiscSpeed
Formatting question.
Quicklaunch Icon Problem After Restart
Re:Window Secrets 1/24/16 Java
Want to use Windows XP3 Laptop from offline use
Programs hang after wakeup from standby in XP
Cannot log on past Safe Mode
XP not recognizing added Sata drive
How do I get rid of this prompt?
win XP sp3?
Installed XP, problematic system.
Please help! I can't uninstall Java.
Blue Screen Error - Stop: 0x0000001A - Automatically Reboots
New install of XP over an existing XP install on an old HD ??
Reformatting and Reinstalling Windows XP Pro SP 3
Windows update at Microsoft update site hung forever...but...
Which DVD program to use with Movie Maker?
Can we restore from different login?
Please help me find Windows Movie Maker
Activation Question Please
Client Services for Netware
system restore running for 8 hours
Adobe PDF filter doesn't work for Windows Explorer "search"
Need help about my window xp disc
Many problems which I think are XP-related. There I go, thinking again....
If I delete these registry keys . . .
Windows XP Search question
Had the FBI virus, got AVG, Lost tons of files/programs
I need to add bitrate in Explorer so it shows in all folders.
Saving YouTube sound track
Merge XP partitions into C drive?
Need help. PC won't boot DOS.
Need new HD & Win XP
Windows Setup For Repair Of XP Pro Is Unable To Continue.
Windows installer damaged -no way of getting it working