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DVD-RW problems after November WinXP updates
Win XP Pro - programs open on 2nd monitor when it is not there
Autologon doesn't happen quickly enough
Buying genuine Windows XP Pro
cannot delete stubborn *.tmp file
Another XP question ?
New 95 through XP computers?
Guidance required for reinstall of XP & Acer Software on Acer Travelmate
Stubborn empty directory will not go away
W XP Security Update
Wrong amount of disk space reported
Print spooler ?
Processes query: 'mbamservice.exe' (Malwarebytes Anti-malware)
I had a drive crash and need to get the data off of it.
Hibernate/Sandby options
resetting lost 'content adviser' password or turning off content advisor
XP SP3 Bluetooth Not Working, Not in Device Manager
Shortcut Creation
XP doesn't shut down anymore
Minor bug strikes Screensaver
My Green Screen of Frustration
System setup
Sound not working on PC
Changing Computer name
Network Disconnects
Only an Admin user now
Webcam question
QuickLaunch Icons Change on Restart
Windows close slowly
HP Mini 110 with windows XP home
Recycler, System Volume Info + $NtUninstall folders (XP-SP3)
Where's my Java Control Panel app?
Long delay on right-hand mouse click: XP SP3
Java Install
Remote access
Want AVG TICK back
F5 not working
Programs hang when releasing control
Winsock is corrupted or something like that
NVidia SystemTray (NotificationArea) Icon Missing
EOL Microsoft Windows Blaster Worm Removal Tool Uninstall
PDF files occasionally printed as gibberish.
XP Pro laptop BSD problem
Cannot change my default mail to yahoo mail
Suspicious Windows XP x86 Installer Behaviour
are all updates since April OK to install?
Paged kernel, but no pagefile?
XP TurnOff and Restart
HELP: Boots to blank screen
Double Boot with XP on SATA & Win7 on SSD
Windows XP/PRO SP3 CD needed.
Shockwave Flash Object file preventing print function
Can't get two pictures side by side on screen
Current driver list somewhere?
Autologon problem
Large pause before some jobs start
Baffling problem cloning XP to new SATA disk...
Setup50.exe necessary?
creative zen not woking with xp
screen brightness
Can I create an install disk with SP3 and all updates that I have on my PC?
Data Execution Prevention suddenly appears on old XP machine
Can I use XP forever, if I'm careful?
Remote Desktop
Seeing all characters represented in a Font
Can't Delete Old Windows Folder
Windows XP Installer problem
Canon/Microsoft driver incompatibilty driving me nuts!
.NET updates won't install
Installing xp
Microsoft XML Core Service?
Help Windows Search won't display a preview of older microsoft files
CD Drive not recognized
Laptop Remains On Battery Power After Shutting Down
What is this .exe file?
BackUp XP Desktop has SLOW boot up.
after many attempts IE 8 won't install
Fresh install hosed the hard drive
MSE, something wrong with it?
Continuous attempts to access floppy drive
DLL won't open
no internet connectivity after windows automatic update aug 15 2012
DNS Changer, right?
fix Windows XP cookies problem?
Boot to DOS
Installing OS with no CD/DVD/Floppy devices
XP machine does continuous chkdsk and then locks up
Cannot get into windows
Passwod problems
Microphone input grayed out
Don't know where 2 put this, Windown IE
Internet gateway connection
Control Panel doesn't give size of Adobe
Vanishing master boot record
Windows Firewall will not start
Tool Bar Pproblem
Update Problem
Windows XPsp3 FAX Cannot find Address Book
XP and outlook express
Secunia 3.0 doesn't work on XP
Windows update not working
Keyboard not working at XP login Screen
when clicking on X for shutting down programmes ,programmes freezes
Adobe Flash Reader 10.x vs 11.x: "Requires" 2.33GHz On 2.19Ghz Laptop
I need to add a 3TB drive to my computer.
configsys - Text File of Startup Items With Full Path
Missing Left Column in START Programs
PC losing network connection
Locating “Temporary Internet Files” folder's location and delete with bat
VSS errors
Adobe Flash updater problem
Recycle bin Problem
arrow icon overlays suddenly appear -- why?
Drag and Drop on XP SP3 desktop broken
Mouse click misbehaving with latest patch?
Clock Ticking?
XP SP3 suddenly beyond glacial - except the task manager
Windows Search Not functioning
Screen goes off and on around every 10/15 seconds!
How to install Windows XP on new (Win7) computer — or can I?
Security Certificat ?
Lost Windows Installer on XP
Photo gallery for XP
KB 2707511 update for XP interferes with ntvdm.exe
Computer will not shut down
Removal of compaq_user
ntoshkrnl.exe corrupt
Hard drives listed as removable
Need to improve partition/drive security
How to restore a vanished desktop
Can't figure out existing XP partitions for a non destructive reinstall
Cloned C drive isn't accessible but boots
XP, SSD and swap files.
Boot from remote CD drive in P2P Workgroup?
is XP's defrag good enough or should I use something else?
Error message : There is no disc in the drive
cant delete partition
I'm adding a SSD once I align it I can partition it like normal?
Updates and patches
I'm OLD and forgot how I did it
XP sp3 Thinks all drives are full
How Many System Restore Points?
Search Just XP?
Windows wants to keep updating same files
Explore CD drive by double clicking
Microsofts latest auto update fails
Windows Installer Folder
XP Start Flyout Menus Hanging
XP SP3 on Toshiba Laptop everything slow
XP Windows client program with Drag & Drop Subject line
XP reboot
Will recovery discs work on larger drive?
Windows XPsp3 Questions From A New User Part-1
Hotmail will not load
CD-ROM not accessible
Press start doesn't show icons & programs they are gone-empty
KB2686509 and KeyTweak
Found New Hardware on Every Computer Boot
remote Windows XP PC, "request" its WSUS updates to install
ipconfig /flushdns command?
HP Compaq XP Pro USB ports malfunctioning
How to set auto logon in XP Home
Can't get sfc to work
upgraded second drive not recognized
"Write Protected" System Image Problem
Unable to backup C drive using windows backup
Zone Alarm 'upgrade' nag screen on bootup
Volume control icon
Removing old OS files
about NON-Destructive method of re-installing XP
Windows XP machine has lost network connection
Windows Installed to E:....why?
Repair problem: reinstall taking a very long time
pagefile increase?
How to leave a Homegroup and fix shared folders problem?
Desktop Icon settings
Links and email adresses no longer clickable
Repair corrupt registry key
Overweight context menus - how to slim?
Laptop With Second Monitor Attached-How To Display Windows On Monitor 2
How can I install a program in XP for the Admin account only?
Wireless Won't Connect After Clean Install
Can updating my system have taken up this much space?
drivers vanish then come back?
Driver updates
safe to get rid of these files?
How to find drivers for unknown devices
slow download speeds since moving to xp from vista home premium
.NET update failure
Services don't stay turned off
is ccleaner's uninstall better than windows'?
Clipboard --desktop shortcut clear clipboard, win xp pro
Volume control
Samsung phone only recognized if connected prior to boot
Screensaver Failure
Ready to install updates, finally: please advise
XP hangs at boot when USB HD turned on
WinXP SP3 & IE8
Install XP on winbook xl running win98se?
XP 64 Pro Download
Code for total audio length/duration column in win explorer?
Help please (Psuedo Printer Issue)
Windows XP SP3 Scheduler
Windows XP Wireless Problem
setup windows process on xp
intellimouse 2.0 issues
XP activation: MSE keeps saying "Needs checking"
Computer Will Not Boot Up
CPU time statistics
Forgotten Windows Pasword
Lost my \
Can't open Java Control Panel, Can't uninstall
Can't find hard drive for new XP install
XP goes immediately into Power Saver mode on bootup
Graphics card and widescreen resolutionb mismatch.
distorted windowsxp startup screen
XP Activation
is microsoft stealing my private data ?
How to re-install xp without CD drive
Removeable drives don't show in Explorer
Pinning Folders to the Taskbar/Quick Launch in XP
Noisy Hard Drive
Allowing Local Users to Make Firewall Exceptions
netsh winsock reset OK?
Same windows updates keep prompting
Apple Software
XP Partition Resizing problem
Screensaver doesn't go on
I want to get some pics out of a .PPS file?
Bad Fonts
Files/folders not showing up in CD/DVD/BR reader/writer
Windows Security Center alert -is it real or fake
Windows XP Up-Dates
How to restore files to XP from a Vista backup?
Windows Update issue, and question
cant install ie8
System Restore Fails
WMP 11 sound problem
offered via windows austomatic update a program that i already have (IE8)
Big problem after resizing partition
Missing HDD after using DBAN
Problem with Office 2003 when moving WIN XP C: from old HD to newer one
Choice of discs or keys to repair XP
Chkdsk log when it runs under Windows
No reformat, nondestructive total rebuild
No More OSD Volume Control
Lost my network printer - and can't reconnect !
Increased RAM but speed didn't change much
reinstalling XP on Dell computer partition ?
Google Advanced Search
RealTek Sound Driver + WinXP SP3
'To Uninstall or not to Uninstall' that is the question
Background shows in preview not on desktop
Problem with computer time.
Reinstalling original XP - how to get SP1a?
MS Update KB2656351 not installing
Windows Defender offline
Browser's cookie functionality turned off
XP reboots without apparent cause
Task bar doubled
Having Trouble Installing 1/10/12 Updates on Windows XP Laptop
Standard Programs Running Without a Path
lsass.exe Object name not found
Stop: oxoooooo7e, pci.sys
Error 1406 for Visio 2010 install on WinXP Pro sp3
Win XPsp3 Explorer is slow
Strange bootup problem
windows xp slipstream cd
Problem with Repair Installation of Windows
Malware Bytes not working in XP.
Users bail on Windows XP big-time
In Word Clicking on a hyperlink to an HTML page always opens IE
Laptop freezes when awakened from sleep.Hi, I'm running Windows XP, SP3 on
iTunes Library issues
Windows Update Trouble
Hard drive full; Windows XP Installer folder is 48.7GB!?!
I want to edit my Host file.
Service Pack 3 installed?
Can't access shared folder in Diagnostic or Normal Startup
Need support
Microsoft Office File Validation
Unable to connect to server
XP Pro Shutdown & unwanted immediate Restart
To Nail the Culprit of Blue Screen of Death.
Memory Question About Dell Optiplex GX 270
Annoying Bells On Streaming
Reinstalling XP versus creating a new account for optimization
Windows XP will not transfer zip file to thumb drive
dell xp shuts down after a few minutes
mtdsdk.dll file missing
XP Phantom CD drive
NC10 Notebook gets BSOD on startup
Recycle Bin Will Not Empty
Have to shut down TWICE
Solution to XP Screensaver Refusal to Run
I have a laptop with windows xp.
Wnlog - corrupt file
Signing on to an encrypted router with Windows xP Home
How to use Windows XP box for backup?
Windows explorer intermittently fails to start after boot.
Windows reporting healthy drive as faulty
Same updates keep coming back
Linking Excel Macro to Intellipoint
Links in email Newsletters do not work regardless of browser
Print Spooler service stopped, won't stay started
Print won't work in MS Office 2003 envelope tool
Western Digital USB Drive
Do I need to install .NET on XPsp3
Updates After Restore To Factory Condition?
Kernel32.dll+McAfee Install
Cloud Storage+Transfer
Safe to delete Win update uninstall files?
Folders Empty In XP
WXP/SP3 boots only in Safe Mode
First Post here, but..,
Hardware Profile
Start>Search - An Endless Loop
Windows Search indexer problem
High CPU caused by Windows Firewall
Windows 7 and DOS programs
Trying to Fix MSVCRT.dll file errors (XP Pro sp3)
Windows XP SP3 really slow
IOLO Event View
Android phone crashes Win XP PC
Cannot Delete AxCrypt Files
Can't open device manager
Found New Hardware wizard can't select driver folder
XP Link Problems
Online Safety: Why You Should Give Up Windows XP For Good
New HDD ID after format ?
XP clean out to give away
Installation CD, Win XP, Win XP Pro (SP 2)
VirtualBox and Portability?
Win XP PRO, SP2 Am looking for CD bootable disk(s) (my Dell does not have
Running 16 bit compiler in XP
Unkown User Account
Error Message, Win XP, SP3
Bypass the welcome screen?
Search won't work in Windows Explorer (Win XP)
file not found message
Windows XP SP3 Network Setup Wizard...
How to adjust Context Menu?
Clicking C drive opens Windows Search instead
Windows Search 4-Search Enhancement Pack
stop: 0x0000008E
Internet Disconnecting
Using a recovery disk
Trying to install AVG free ver to new XP install?
0X80000003 failed?
fast/slow cycling of online game - is Flash the culprit, not XP?
Will XP Pro SP3 support a 3TB internal hard drive?
No Boot, need help the get to boot restore--- hopefully!!
Change Swedish to English?
Windows Search not starting
Odd eSATA behavior
Mouse Cursor goes to center of app window
Remove dual boot option at startup on XP computer
all shortcut titles on desktop are now always highlighted
XP pro from static IP to DHCP
Unable to install Microsoft updates KB2508429,KB2510531,KB2412687,KB2509553
XP kernel loaded into RAM?
Reinstall of Windows XP
Migrate XP to XP
Can I delete older versions in Add/Remove Programs?
new install of xp and updates?
XP rebooting constantly
Laptop Not Starting
NVidia driver problem
Updating to a newer version of windows.
Windows XP
An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the security settings in ??
CPU Utilization at 100% - 76% by "Interrupts"
Is there a Windows XP SP3 download?
Need to zero out HD from a CD === no floppy
Home Edition doesn't recognize USB or CD drives
Windows XP Media Center on HP Pavilion 1600
Unused Desktop Icons
Connecting wireless laptop to hostcomputers printer
RUN command line (For Windows Backup, fyi)
XP drive imaging information needed
Installing extra memory.
Generic camera image downloader for XP
Vista Side Bar for XP
XP SP3 slows to crawl with no CPU load or disk activity
clean install of xp
Opening PPS attachment in Outlook Express
XP bootup freezing at Windows logo
Application not closing
Missing Internet Connectioin
Delete partition ?
Update IE7 to IE8?
Advice on reverting to XP?
lost rename in context menu & it's grayed out in drop down menu
After XPSP3 Repair 8/12/11 and 100+ updates keyboard/mouse freeze no power
IE cannot display web page message / Onstar
pc crash
search just keeps on going, keeps on going ...
Extremely slow boot up
Some URLs Report as Not Found
MSCam in startup
Windows XP Update is now broken!
taskbar clutter and duplicates?
Windows XP and 8G of memory
Program not unloading process when shutting down
trying to upgreade from winxp home sp2 to sp3
Trouble installing 931125 Windows XP root-certificates update
System Restore does not work - please help.
Windows XP PCs breed rootkit infections
After sitting unattended, XP slows
Process remains after exiting program
Print spooler service isn't running
Unable to access boot menu, need help.
uninstall/install problem
Bad screen possibly
YouTube Sound Problem
How do I upgrade from XP to Windows 7?
Computer will not "restart" after processor upgrade.
After xp reformat, ALL pages load very SLOWLY
Advanced file permissions - Deny Delete not working
Failure to get to boot disk
XP Service Packs 2 and 3
Side by side run time errors in windows xpsp3
Shut down hang up
Lose internet connection few minutes after boot
EULA and Windows XP retail version question
Windows Explorer runtime error
Xp hangs after inactivity
XP Home needs repair - No disk (Dell)
XP freezing
Program does not uninstall
WIN XP Restore Points will not restore
website doesn't look right in FF4, FF5, IE8 or Maxthon 3
Flash player stopped working
Windows XP Travel Drives drivers
Winows XP not changing to .exe extension on a friend's program I downloaded
XP Task Manager corrupted
Windows XP Pro Boots - No Icons, No Taskbars
XP apps lose Internet connection
ntldr is missing
XP SP3: "Best" way to install NET Framework Version 4
"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. (Cont'd.)....
Where has your disk space gone?
Reboot without left-clicking a username, after a power outage
Windows XP Folder Problem
Hangup on desktop - right click.
Xps 410
How can I see what's loading during boot?
XP Repair Install Problem
Recent Windows XP Update
data error cyclic redundeancy check
Backup updates and patches
Cannot access Windows update after recovering system.
XP Install verification
MS Update not being offered
msss_media32 cd does not boot
System Notification
Shut down
"http://" prefix not triggering browser
zip files
How to fix win xp virtual printer drivers will not install?
XP Splash--then blank screen
Can I just dump everything in c:\windows\installer?
XP hard disk partition full
Win XP install fails on verify of Win 98 CD
Help for corrupt system files?
XP and iPod Touch
Intermittent cursor freeze...wait 15-30 frees up
Lost Task Manager Tabbed Interface
.dmp File
Changing the default application for shell Open
Repair install for XP Home SP3
Media Streaming
Software to improve performance
What tools are available for recovering corrupted NTFS partitions?
Drive has 2 drive letters for the same partition
Can't Boot to Recovery Console after hal.dll error
A Blank Partition Question
Dimmed Icons and Folders???
how to stop chkdsk from running?
Right Click Not Working Correctly
DVD burners seen as CD-ROMs
no audio device
Window Size In XP SP3 System
Looking for a silver bullet to downsizing an XT partition
Is "XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option" the answer?
"Microsoft Bus Driver" error message when installing a RealTek sound card
Need Replacement for Win Explorer
Reinstall OS
MS Updates - Do Some Really Not Apply to Me?
USB stick file/folder names show only 20 characters + ... in XYplorer
PC no longer booting up