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Disk / Drive references
Windows Update and Registry Settings
Automatic pc repair
how to remove .tmp folders ?
Are these legit?
Does anyone use those mini CD's?
making sense of my disc space
Install Windows on Laptop Without an OS
Powered USB Hub.
Want to get My system on one hard drive.
Advanced Sharing Settings
Tool for finding all corrupt files on a network drive
question about Rollback RX Professional
Backing up data files
Gmail turning text into html
How to Remove 3 Triple Booted Windows XP?
MS WU catalog site
Parallel port printer
Missing Driver Issue
Major release of NSA malware inserting tools announced
Weekly automatic reboot wanted
full drive
Comparing two versions of the same folder
No Logon Servers Available
Patch Watch column updates: Late breaking info for the March releases
Password Managers
Bandwidth hogging -- how to discover?
Xerox Workcentre will only print 1 page at a time
Cloning HDD taking too long.
How to Eliminate Compression on a Hard Drive?
EaseUS ToDo Backups
Exploring Windows 10 Privacy Settings and Options
Patch Tuesday cancelled
How to cause Windows Explorer to launch automatically at startup?
Dual duel
Group policy disables Windows Defender
File Backup Programs
forgive the SILLY question
Samsung Monitor
does Win10 have a built in Zip program?
factory reset problem
incremental image using Macrium Reflect
Cloning an HDD to a partition using Macrium Reflect
Free W10 upgrade still available
File History - Manual maintenance possible?
Thanks for the suggestions ..
LPT1 - "Access is denied" from CMD
WinZip Support is a joke!
Copy Windows Recovery Partition to new SSD?
Things I do not like about Windows 10 / Office 2016
Windows tweaking programs - are they to be trusted?
Writing to a Small SSD and not a large Hard Drive
PC suddenly goes into sleep or hibernation mode
Win 10 USB Volumes yellowed-out
Windows Explorer (File Manager) freezes
Remote desktop (iphone and windows 10)
Repairing unplugged USB drive
Browser dpi problem
Cannot create new account
EMET end-of-life announcement
How Microsoft plans to shrink down and speed up Windows 10 updates
Microsoft stops sales of Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 to PC makers
Malicious .doc attachment?
Black screen failure, spontaneous reboot
Windows users face update bloat, and tough choices
Tools/Methods/Discussions for Windows Updates issues.
Why Microsoft now does the all-in-one comprehensive patch
Patch mechanism
Remove disk partition
Save file as - seed name + auto-increment
Unencrypted wifi
Windows 10 randomly Freezing up after AU
Program worked for years - now failed
CPU hog
Comparing OSVersionInfoEx to System Information "version"
Need Help Restoring Dead Laptop
Spoofed emails sent by a spammer?
Windows Explorer - default setting to show Details - is it possible?
Managing iOS Devices Using Windows Question
Windows startup screen
Missing Drive Letter
Question about drive letters
Delay when changing to a particular folder
Computer starts on its own from full shutdown
Urgent Help with Legacy Win NT System
Smelling a RAT - Syncing and AppData/Roaming
Windows 10 Boot Drive
Disk Partition Numbers
Smart technology help
USB stops working - again.
Keyboard and Mouse NOT WORKING
Reliable Deep Uninstaller
Onedrive displays personal information
Windows 10 / Windows 95 Dual Boot?
Windows update killed browsers ability to download files
7 Reasons XP refuses to die
Odd mouse pad problem.
If you ever need to recover your product key for Windows itself...
cloning missed a drive
Windows Backdoor Key Leaked?
Secure Boot ... Not so Much
Maintaining a collection on a network drive
encryption (efs) fails on downloads folder
launch programs
How do you want to open this file?
Late as usual
windows update has stuffed my pc
Windows Position and Size (Windows 7)
USB stops working
File Explorer Crashes after Printer Update
System stopped internet (cont'd 1)
MS release *free* Summer reading.
Where do I change the Sound output from headphones to speakers?
System stopped internet
Windows 10 Mystery Icon Challenge!
WSUS Offline Installer
SED or Self-encrypting-drives.
How to contact the technical support gurus at Google
Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface Subscription Options
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July 2016
More W10 bribes - new ebooks from MS.
Win 10 Pc, Nokia 620 8.1, can I view tabs across devices?
Windows 10 pc , no microphone, windows phone 8.1?
Yet another way Microsoft tries to sneak Windows 10 onto computers
Phantom Folder on Desktop
Intruder ?
Script to Open Multiple (selected) files and position them on screen
Windows will close ...
Where did all these Fonts come from?
Disk Cleanup - which files/folders?
Reviving deleted files.
Taking a computer to factory settings
Windows Update Service Continually Maxing out CPU
Touchpad Problem
Problem with KB3159398 (MS16-072) - User GPO
Odd results with msinfo32
What version of Windows is on the recovery USB drive
Power Desk won't show files, say "Filters On"
Search does not work
keyboard changes when entering into input boxes
What's Wrong with Windows Computers
Windows half-screen
Install Win 8.1 or Win10 fails
Need General Procedure Overview on Using Macrium Reflect
KB3123862 Desperation
How to easily share a lot of folders on XP
Laptop won't start up
RDP Server not available.
2 New Eyes but still need cheaters to read Management Console & Task Scheduler
How can I protect folders on my server?
Eero and internet wifi speed
Is there a way to disable the "Restoring network connections" message?
Windows Update won't update (Win7)
multiple online sync folders?
Task Scheduler & Multiple Accounts
Ghost Folders or Files
BSOD when waking from sleep
How computer memory works
Dual boot long-term effects
Problem with Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)
May Updates
MiraCast connections
Explanation Please
Windows Defender
Partitioning my thumb drive - can't assign drive letter
Batch file to move many listed files to one specific folder (A slight return)
Admin account stopping wind back to WIN 7.
One Drive Storage Allocation
NET Framework nightmare
Need help with puzzling BSOD
Win10 - what am I missing?
security alert message ?
@ timsinc
suspicious request
MS Security Essentials not updating itself
Links/Quick Launch Toolbar is Suddenly Missing
Anyone knowledgeable about the use of WGET?
Deleting files marked "In-use" ?
Need to initialize/format RAW drive
Recommend credit-card processor?
Windows updates for March affecting users' printers
How to create EFI and Recovery partitions on new drive?
Get Windows 10 patch KB 3035583 suddenly reappears on Win7/8.1 PCs
Why does no one ever mention Winkey + Pause/Break?
Cannot "un-minimize" windows
Cannot access the Microsoft Update Catalog
Replacing Win 10 with Win 7 on New Laptop
Microsoft Failure
Sync software
File Copy Speed Test - Drive-to-Drive, Computer-to-Computer and Home Network Transfer Speed
Don't Want Windows 10?
Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next action
What kind of security software can or can't run together?
Can't clone HDD, no VSS
Breaking news: Monitor murdered by shortcut
redirecting LPT1 to a different port?
More problems with Windows Update KB2952664
Homegroup Mystery
multiple (dual) display problem with icon properties - solved
Primary partition vs. logical drive
Drive letters and names and such
Last call for Windows 7: Microsoft's transitional list includes over 100 Skylake PCs
Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10
Screen goes black when plugged into power.
Experience with GWX
January 2016 Windows Updates
Sharing files on removable drives
Need advice on these updates
Copying contents of one hard drive to another
Cleanup, Dupes and Installers (Split).
Unable to delete PDF Files
System Volume information on datapartition. No restore, No index but 16 % of disk
Simple clock chimes - am I missing something ?
hook computer to turntable?
How to Set Up External USB Portable Hard Drive For Full Image Backup?
Can I remove Rescue Disk off C drive.
Process Monitor Problem
Install software
Want inexpensive solution for backing up computer
Transitioning from Win 7 desktop
How do I stop Windows from automatically sleeping/shutting down?
Window comparison
How to stop Windows spam?
Acronis not seeing HDDs' and other thoughts
Amyuni Document converter--what is it, do I need it?
Clicking Disable in "Task Manager/startup" nothing happens.
Copying large file to USB drive
Are Windows 10 Updates Evil?
NAS and Win10 backup solution
Active@ Killdisk Issue
Wrangling OneDrive
Can't get updates to download and install in Windows 7
Plug in second drive so it becomes boot disk?
Windows Live Mail Will Die Without This Update That Cripples It Anyway
Add Adware Protection to Windows Defender
Click to keep 25GB extra of free OneDrive storage
Downloading 183 updates .... nothing happening.
Win 7 to Win 10 License/product key question
Program recommendations to find out what's taking up my hard drive space?
Advice on activation problem - Windows 7
Stopping Outlook & Silverlight updates
Is there a way to stop Windows 10 from installing itself or corrupting Windows 7?
KB3088195 Question
Needing some update guidance
The Question That Does Not Go Away...
Forcing Windows 10
Adding the correct PCI card for more device connections
Advice for moving to SSD from SATA?
Microsoft Help Desk Radio Station
Why is my windows backup so large?
Nag Icon Revisited
Secure boot
Windows turns 30.
Stuff you just happen upon!
Can Teamviewer control a Windows PC with a 17 inch screen from an iPad ?
Reinstalling Windows 8.1 over Ubuntu
Sound Problem
hibernation without hiberfil.sys
Do I install these updates?
Batch File: search list of names, copy any file containing one of those names?
Ripping and burning DVD movies
Accessing (Almost) Dead HDD
Tired of Waiting?
Little or no CPU activity about same time every day
Soluto no longer supported for personal use
Safe Windows 7 Updates?
New version of GWX Control Panel
Backup Software News
Copy & Paste
Windows Security Model
Microsoft Drastically Cutting OneDrive Accounts
The Case of the Unexplained: Windows Troubleshooting
Google Search has stopped working in IE 11
Will Windows 10 be the only Windows operating system?
Permanently Block Windows 10 Upgrade
items whose names are too long for the recycle bin
USB devices don't work when plugged in after boot: "*device* doesn't have a driver"
Windows 8 License expired
Status of KB3088195
a silly question or 2
Dell Vostro 3300 Laptop
Susan Bradley's petition to MS over W10 updates.
Replacement laptop battery?
Folder and/or file names too long - options and procedures to shorten
What to do about Windows 10
What the !!!! KB2976978
Software or Script to make unlimited drive letters
Saving pdf
Storing options in Registry
Password question
Looking for a way to remove all the excess things from the SendTo menu
Windows 8.1 sharing
Amd ocz ssd
Wish to create an administrator account with restrictions
Totally free PDF editor?
Legacy 8.0 won't start up on Win 8.1
Networked multifunction and viruses
Need Help With These Few Windows Updates
waiting for win10 upgrade
DISM says "the source files could not be found"
File Security
Unknown icon on desktop (Win10)
Event ID 10010
Windows backup running out of space
How do I set Gmail icon in taskbar?
Scheduled Tasks and Administrators Group
Setting very long passwords in Windows 8
Need Rebit Backup Replacement
Recent upgrade to Win 10 from 8.1, Office 2013 disappeared
viewing installation attempts (logs, process explore) - (low-level?) 'driver' install
WIN 10 Reset (keep my files option) wiped more then WIN 8.1 Refresh.
Mounting .ISO Images
Is Windows completely broken now?
How to find reputable tech or tech service?
Tools, Internet Options, Advanced
Providing WiFi legally
USB problems
IE11 via Microsoft Outlook
How to view who's connected to my Wi-Fi
How to Maximize Window from Batch file that Opened the Window
Corrupted windows system files
Who's the genius
Damaged hard drive - Partition repair tool?
Win95 legacy.
Modern vs legacy browsers
Ring-2 - System Management Mode. Can this hide malware ?
List of Windows Substitute Fonts?
Cool Edit Pro no longer records.
USB Flash thumb drive queston
Recommend emoji font?
Windows Not Remembering Recently Used Files
Turn off PC when monitor turns off
How to get Win 10 upgrade out of my Windows Update?
Security & honest installers
Loss of mouse/input from keyboard/'top' window every 30 seconds
setting up standard acc along with my admin acc problems
More "Out of Band" updates
Disk Management format warning "will convert to Dynamic"
Free Windows virtual machines
CD audio disk windows cannot access the specified device...
Items not displaying correctly due to screen resolution
Turning my computer off
Trusted area
To password or not to password - that is the question!
Windows Hacking Book - Cheap!
Monitor blank
New Super-Secure Version of Microsoft Windows?
One step forward, one step back and two steps forward...
Some questions about bbearen's Set7Free tutorial (move special Windows folders)
Trying to understand a scannow log
Custom icons for Recycle Bin, need help badly
IE 11 Surprise - Need Help
File Manager needed
Errors found by SFC
Any issues converting an Administrator account to a Standard account?
Permission Problem Moving File to New PC
What would be my best option for free OCR software?
Have internet connection but some apps say they cannot connect to update server
After login, Win7 screen remains blue
What does this screen shot mean in Disk Space.
Windows Macro Development
How to remove windows 10 icons after asking to register
Free Microsoft Publications
Windows Explorer - How to get "full screen" display upon opening?
Need some advice on choosing a laptop
I hit delete in Disk Management and lost use of USB stick.
How about a .com key?
Finding Duplicate Files and Keyword Searching Large Number of Files
"Extended attributes are inconsistent" error message
Optional Silverlight Windows Update
Google ads
Cannot access hard disc...
Need Some Information
Will I have to have a 3rd party booter?
Need help preparing laptop for upgrade
GWXUX has stopped working
Access files on old Windows system drive?
Windows Media Player plays some .wmp files but not others
Win7 repair install failed: Not enough free space
Diagnostic Tracking Service
Hibernate (and Sleep)
Drive letters keep changing
Check Disk Problem
Lost network adapter
Lost emails
Microsoft Research Paper Considers Serving Web-ads From Localhost
How can I have the MSN home page include the website address and the Menu bar ...
Microsoft DRM getting in the way of a new system playing music
Why forced to use Flash?
Latest BOFH episode on The Register
Creating the "Admin" account.
How can you disable Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from auto-installing?
Strange going ons with Office 365 64bit
The important question: Is Win10 going to address the thumbs.db issue?
iTunes Discord
How to use "coreinfo"
Getting Windows 10 upgrade reservation
Windows Explorer - view defaults - can I change them? How?
Driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal FIX
Is Windows Just Paid Malware?
Useless programs?
Convert a New External Drive from MBR to GPT
Directory listings
how to find again "files which were burned to disc"?
64 Bit Programs - when?
Testing back-up images
Need help moving files into folders with same name
How to change selected item highlight colour
Simple text macro progam - is there one?
Win 7 KB3045171 ?
Diagnostic Tracking Service
How to limit kids usage and NOT allow form submission
MS Security Essentials
Multiple Windows Defender updates offered: One fails to install
cursor uncontrollable with mouse in Outlook ONLY
Event Viewer - 404 Error
Kb3022345 ?
Windows Update Cleanup still causes KB's to be re-offered
jv16PowerTools & Autoruns replacing msconfig for tweaking
What does this URL mean?
Problem installing VirtualBox
Sorting Files
Apps in Task bar versus Start Menu
Switching OSes is almost never the answer to problems
Microsoft rolling out 34 unscheduled patches for Windows today 4/21/15
How to tell if all hardware will work properly with Win7 64-bit mode?
Should I move to a 64 bit Windows or not?
NAS Recommendations
Info on 2 Important updates, please
GWX? What is this software from MICROSOFT?
Moving boot record
Run bat file minimized
Infinite Boot Loop with Windows 7 Important Update KB3033929
Replacement for the old HDD monitor?
Strange Chinese program I cannot get rid of
Need cliptrackker but doesn't work in win7 ?
Trouble with two optional upates: KB 3048778 and KB 3035583
Windows 10--no choice about updates?
Moving multiple files into their respective folders
Photo Viewer
Batch File behavior in windows 8
Learned a New Trick Today!
Strange sound! From another dimension?
Windows updates
new startup program streamci
Stop autoplay videos in all browsers
Shutdown restart shortcuts
Old TV Computer ads
Newsletter for tablet computers
Should HD be reformatted before clean install of Windows?
Deleting files from removable drive
upgrade vista to win7 - proper package to buy? and...
mount iso files in W7
Avaquest's PowerDesk crippled unless it can call home?
User Accounts Application
MSbackup: app functions after data restore from root app folder? Need app backup solution.
Desktop shortcut that provides a selectable list of Win8.1 commands
Reformat a Drobo disk
Does anyone know any good clock software?
How to blank 2nd monitor during presentation
What is file "nmdsdcid"?
Micro SD card write protected?
Adobe Flash Player will not install
Windows 8.1 freezes or slows down unexpectedly.
Libre Office will not download
How to cope with (necessary) bloatware?
Task Manager questions
Kb3006137 - out-of-band update
Static IP Address
Mysterious error
Typeahead In CMD Doesn't Work As I Expect
request for a few silent batch scripts i require for w7,thanks
Text only mode for websites, not able to view facebook and youtube properly
Does processing speed really matter?
CHKDSK--It dosen't
Virtualstore folder
Optional Desktop Remote updates?
How can I remove a phantom CD drive?
Problem with fonts in Vista with latest Windows updates (installed 11th Feb)
Windows Explorer display - setting default for display?
Windows Update More Information...REALLY!
Beware KB3001652 Feb. 10 updates
Enable God Mode in Windows 10
What is Google Up To?
How to lock numeric keypad on in Windows 7 and 8?
Windows 7 and Windows XP show no signs of dying
Windows "E-mail this" option doesn't work with web-based email
what to do with these 4 Dec patches from woodys Defcon
4 TB drive on Athlon II X2?
Purpose of desktop.ini?