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Windows 10 Build 9926
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Free upgrade to Win10 (even for Win7 users).
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Office 2013 and The network is busy. Try again later
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Offsite backups without high-speed Internet possible?
SMS Code in VB
how to fix failed Windows updates in Windows 8.1
how to fix failed Windows updates in Windows 8.1
Windows version and support matrix?
Switch dual boot xp / win7 without shutting down
Windows Invasion of Privacy or Illegal Hacking Disgused as Syncing?
File/folder issues between 2 OS on same computer
%appdata%g\ProductData\update.spt - What is it?
Onedrive Excel creating junk files - (OLDER_ ... AND .~locked...
How do i use Firefox greasemonkey script for Windows Secrets?
EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro
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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit can interfere with msIE & other browsers
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Effect of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on browsers
my poblem of 3 SSD's
List of magic commands to run?
Syrian Liberation Army POP-UP
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KB3011780 Out of cycle
iPhone backup to Windows using Syncios program - xmlbufcontent not located in libxml2.dll
Need help using Find and Replace
Annoying Adobe
Multiple percent signs in batch file
November Patch KB 2991963
WLM 2012 will not delete messages.
The Windows Defender keys and entries
Cannot print PDF files
Need help to select hardware for Windows 10
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Windows Safely Remove Hardware Noise
Dell Black Friday 2014 ad leaks
Solution for Sharing Internet Connection
I want dual (or 3?) monitors again on XP PC
screen display rotated 90°
find the location of a share name
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Windows Phone, in the market to say goodbye
Transfer Windows7 to a new computer
Win update KB2919355 recd again, already was installed
Batch file to delete Windows temp files
.DLL Missingl
Slow COPY on large files
problems as faced by me in my PC
Embedded Media player on website
File Name Collation Sequence
More suggestion of a clear (FREE) path to Win9
Master Patch Watch chart defunct?
Reinstalling OS
issues with hp laserjet 4050 drivers
First Glimpse of "Windows 9" and New Name
Can we use Office 97 on Win8? We're obsolete (but also broke)
Is it now safe to intall the Update KB2919355 (24.9.14)
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New desktop PC setup
Windows 9 ?
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DOS based program and more recent versions of Windows
How to Fix javaw.exe error
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Advice needed, Please
Convert Windows Installation from Legacy to UEFI:
bitly going to error page
Comment transférer des photos de l'iphone vers pc?
Windows Media Player Broken
Finding specific words in documents identified from Google search
Getting app window to open same size
AdwCleaner/ infected ?
Jremetrics - I am clueless!
Windows Explorer Right-Click Crash (The SpyBot Solution)
User account control cannot be accepted
How To Download Replacement Windows OS?
Windows 7 Professional loses Internet LAN Connection
Windows media center problem
Windows service pack 1
Unable to Connect Micro SD in My Laptop
Windows Explorer not responding
Manually set view of hidden files/file extensions
How to stop Snapdo 'cold calling'
Where has my SSD space gone?
RunDLL error message
Unresponsive Icons
So you think Windows takes too long to boot....
Hotfix for Internet Explorer KB2991509
A new way of updating Windows?
Microsoft Pulls 2982791 Recommends Users Uninstall
Aug 12 Windows Updates for W7/8 - Warning.
re: The Windows Maintenance Challenge
Darn Sluggish Computer
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Win 7 does not burn discs any more (CD & DVD)
How to Install Hardware Drivers on Windows Without the Bloat
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How to change flash drive from CDFS to NTFS?
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File associations and shortcut menu
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Upgrade XP to Windows 7: What version?
Windows Media Center W7
Help! (Please)
Gotta Love it
Questions on "EMET"
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How Do You Grab a Window Screen Shot?
Upgrading to MSXML6
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Windows 9
Setting up Three-Touchscreen System - Understanding How it Works
Windows 7 or 8?
July 2014 Office 2007 Updates
Good CPU temp and fan-speed monitoring software?
Free e-books from Microsoft
Copy files based on content command line utility
How many hard faults are too many?
product key
Frequent reports of 'Problem Files' with TeraCopy.
Support for Windows Xp
Search & Replace a text file with batch script
Windows "Sleep" versus "Hibernate"?
MS Updates for Office 2007 but I use 2003
Finding duplicate and near duplicate Photos
Strange Start-Up Problem
Unidentified drive
Anyone else having problems with KB2957689?
2 IDE harddrives and 2 optic drives with one IDE header?
What does IP-7534 pop-up message mean?
Disk analysis recommendation
Can we trust password generators and online security tools
deleting a file in a folder that is auto created with dates so only last item is deleted
Weird folders keep appearing
What does using/running Chrome in an unsupported Windows OS mean exactly?
Incorrect display of web pages in Win7 but not XP
Reimage: Caveat emptor
Windows & Email Problems - intermittent username and password failure
BIOS Issue
Adding program icons to the notification area
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DNS reliability and performance
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How to lose OneDrive data and subscription with Microsoft's help
Can I restore default Windows keyboard shortcuts without a system restore?
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Link to most current Patch Watch Chart
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Storage Spaces vs disaster
HTG: Using the Event Viewer to troubleshoot problems
Connecting to MS OneDrive with Raspberry Pi
Sorting part of a file and retaining the other text using batch script
forum doubt
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White screen on startup of Windows 7 laptop
getting folder name to the files inside that folder
Copy Video from CD to another CD
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learning to swim before falling in the pool.
Is there an easy way to reduce Windows flyout size, or reorder the entries?
Open VPN ?
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Windows 8.1
Running simultaneous virus checkers
Gladinet Cloud
can't delete website backup in Win7
How can I read Linux files on windows 7 /8
How to download Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 installation files - Legally
Portable Hard Drive Disposal
DOS required to Format C
Strange Error Message
Installing programs from the Web
Is it legal to use old OEM Vista key on another PC?
Recommendations to replace existing computer
Letters go all over the place while typing
How to Auto Log Off Yahoo Email?
Problem with system image
question about "locking down" a desktop system
View or Document CMOS or BIOS Settings On a Running Computer
IM problems
Very slow startup
Replacement for Windows 2014 redirects
Browser decisions
Microsoft Software Asset Management Review email - Legit?
HTG's Sysinternals workshop/How To.
Bypassing downloader versions of programs
Email Anomaly
Java scripts
Cursor hesitates after click
Virtualize an entire network for testing?
Question about Acronis.
GUTA515.tmp file important?
multi sound output
Filter Search in Windows Explorer
Restore computer to factory condition
Want to Browse Faster? Stop Clearing Your Browser Cache
wireless adapter
Question about Macrium
XTree Gold - remember?
Restoring a system image: how I wasted two whole days!
File Systems?
Suggest Computing 101 topics?
The network is busy, please try again
Windows XP Drivers
How to Default
Exe downloading issue
why is Windows Search (Win 7) suddenly very slow?
What happens between turn on and log in?
Backing up an octogenarian's system, help me to help her?
Saved by the Image!
MDT install issue getting snagged on a driver...
Can I use 64 bit Windows
Where are all the internal linkages and references documented?
Macrium Reflect
File permissions/ownership
Don't click red X!
Saving Pictures - Windows XP & IE8
Drop Box
Windows 7 does not recognize my files?
Remove Automatic Update Warnings?
Locking Macro Codes in Word 2010 Templates
Can I track the amount of data I download from my ISP?
A question on Readyboost and another on 720p video
Can Font names be changed in Windows 8
Data stability on hard drives versus other backup media
MICROSOFT OFFICE window won't stay where you put it
What is the best way to setup 512GB SSD & 4TB SATA System?
missing hardware and ports: how to get them back?
Search & Replace the contents of text file with batch script
Lost recycle bin
Using WinXP Pro on 1 PC and Win 7 or 8.1 on another, networked?
Should I run Installed Programs as Administrator or as Open
SkyDrive will be OneDrive soon
Disable Skype integration in and SkyDrive
iTunes update (v. installation problems (services, MSVCR80.dll issues)
USB devices suddenly slow down
Backup with SSD and HDD
2 Unknown Patches--Any Ideas???
What is CVE-2013-1393?
Virtual Desktops
Corrupted copy of Windows 7
Moving Windows to another partition
TMP files: When can they be safely deleted?
GUID V/S NTFS format
Should I upgrade from XP to Windows 7?
Question about MVPS Host file
Offline: Signature Collision error
When should my C: drive be enlarged?
Dell Studio 15 wont start, keeps running same start screen over & over??
Forgotten Admin. Password
Twin HD.
I've got one for you!
Location settings place me 30 miles away from home-Windows 8.1
Moving data from XP computer to Win 7 HomePro computer
User account picture
Help! Computer won't bring up login box.
What is Python 2.7.6 software?
Shift+c (Uppercase c) Hijacked?
Susan Bradley patch watch
How to check for Hackers on your Microsoft Account
Transfer Dragon Premium from XP to Win 8.1
Need simple remote access
Windows 8.1
A question regarding cloud storage
Windows Update Error 80246008
File Synchronization software
planning for new computer - advice sought
How do i start services up?
Help removing AVG SafeGuard Toolbar
Recovery suggestions for self-inflicted hard drive problem, please
Computer won't start
Is it safe to use Java for non-Internet applications?
Hard Drive Basic MBR and GPT
visual studio Express
what can be done about catastrophic loss of Microsoft software?
Need to find an app for batch numbering photos
Changing boot order.
Malicious registry code: can't remove it
USB 3 port disabled by Windows Update
Windows XP Professional SP3 with latest Updates
Update files
Query re External USB 3.0 drive
Malwarebytes Pro offer
I found a solution for MTP-USB driver does not install
One for the experts: failed ToDo Backup restoration!
How to separate OS and data
Revo Uninstaller question
Render Print jobs
Looking for the follow-up information to Susan Bradley's Patch Watch columns
DVD Drive Doesn't Eject When Button Pressed
Phantom CD drive
Update failure
recent windows update broke my bluetooth keyboard, but which one?
Windows IExplorer
Windows is bad and Linux is OS nirvana? Think again, with the help of some Linux lovers
Delete partition from Flash Drive
Is Windows update able to update me to Windows 8.1?
Batch file to create folder
Copying to multiple USB flashdrives at one time
Batch file
Booting from an external HD
Microsoft Account
Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2813347)
Help remove invalid paths and help files from registry
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro
Stop system shutdown
Location of Windows setup files
Network folder reterive all permission of folder
Problem with USB Flash Drive
Is there one good reason to upgrade to 8.1?
Message to backup certificate - but I don't encrypt!!!
Batch file to put Hard Drives in Online / Offline Mode Disk Management
October Black Tuesday updates
Moving user profiles in Windows
New (replacement) H/W problem with already established drive C:
Searching The Lounge Forums - HELP
what is wrong with ms search/find?? is there a guide to making it work right ??
Cannot install MySQL database
10 Windows Tweaking Myths Debunked
DVD drive not recognizing media
Mouse Pointer Snap-to-Default Problem Solved
Windows Explorer - setting display (View) defaults?
Toshiba: 99 percent of our business sales are Windows 7
Mouse and keyboard center not working
Why do I have two SkyDrive accounts?
Removing Win 8 and installing Win 7: Oops!
How to measure boot time
What is a Pen Drive, and how to remove it.
W8 Calendar Week Beginning Day
Windows That Move Off-Screen... Why? And How to Prevent?
Partition advice needed
Selectively sync/not sync individual files using cloud drive?
unrequested phone support
Way to move system image from legacy BIOS system to UEFI system?
What & Why does this show?
How do I use Backup?
are you sure you want to move read only file
Crashed-HD XP-multiboot problem solved
Finally figured out why Windows would not see some WindowsImageBackups
Windows Global capabilities
Skydrive: How do i assign the whole folder to another user?
FYI Zero day IE exploit
SATA to SSD procedure?
Microsoft fixes bad patch detection.
How do I stop needing to force shutdown?
Does this MB support USB 3 ?
Why using a registry cleaner won’t speed up your PC or fix crashes
transfer pdf fillable forms from Mac to PC
Technet Subscription Extension
Update KB982670 offered on one computer and not another?
Msxml sp3
Can't log in to Skype
MP3s for Windows vs. MP3s for Mac
How Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu are slowly turning your PC into a smartphone
copy and paste
Syncing desktop with laptop
Scrolling the Ribbon
Error code:0x80070035 Windows cannot access \\MyPCName
Purpose of Microsoft Visual C++ files?
Unable to access partition "D" in Win7
Protect Files on USB drive from deletion?
Can viruses hide out in System Restore points?
First Metro - Now Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive after losing trademark skirmish
10 Useful Windows Commands You Should Know
Command prompt woes
Toolbar (not Taskbar) Icons Keep Moving
Lasky's July 25, 2013 article---'Take control of taskbar-icon proliferation.'
Toolbars in IE 9
"Downgrading" from Windows 8 to Windows 7
Removing the dual boot option
Utility to find out what and where to install programs
Windows update confusion
Is Win7 64-bit possible in VPN within Win7 32-bit OS?
Windows update etc
Unable to Open Word Documents from Shortcuts on a Relocated Desktop
Microsoft readies massive Windows update (all versions: XP to 8)
Using SysInternals videos
Macromedia flash player 8
ISO Files
Display settings
Microsoft shutting down TechNet subscription service
Spyware and Malware Software
Adobe Flash Player
Is 65535 a "special" setting for Cleanmgr.exe?
Disable MS Security Essentials
Resize windows in XP
New version of Everything Search released
Cyber Freedom; No worries, be happy browsing.
Fast file copying with lots of options: Microsoft's RichCopy
Backup & Restore personal application settings
Windows Activation
Bad Drivers.
Wiping a hard drive
Windows Update
How can I quickly find a photo from my background slideshow?
MSC 3.0 and homegroup
.NET 4 Updates: Microsoft Update Re-Installs Successful Updates
file type assistant
Blurry wallpaper pictures on desktop
Acronis, imaging, and partition questions
Removing automatic downloads
Not sure this belongs here, but...
Windows in Win 7 won't stay scrolled
UEFI problem with SSD
ALT + [KEY] Shortcut Problems
HP Pavilion num lock
please advise again How to RE install "client services for netware"
Make a handy "Power Tool".
Concern about remote activity
Keyboard displays wrong characters
Software to improve PC performance
USB stick will not safely remove
confused with windows easy transfer [wet].
Nitro ? No thanks.
Bing Bar: when I uninstall it, Windows Update automatically reinstalls it
Don't want Windows Photo Viewer
Zip files causing problems
Dual Boot Security
How to select a file to play in MCe from a list
To Update Drivers, a Shakespearean Question?
An agenda of its own
Microsoft tool to mount ISO files
Control my computer using modem from received call and DTMF
unviewable videos
What changed my pagefile settings?
PC's default location
PSTs Vs "cloud"????
Question on copying files
Question on an update
Bing returns 5x as many sites with malware as Google
No Drives found
Microsoft pulls security update 2823324
monitor files which will going to write on disc?
Right-click crashes Windows Explorer
Make and take calls from pc to iPhone
Dolby Driver Mismatch - LONG time problem
Unable to upgrade to Windows 7
Almost all lost
Making a bootable thumb drive.
Microsoft getting a taste of its own medicine
XP Service Pack 3
Why you don't want to depend on the cloud
Google Image search return ... did not match any image results
Transforms and .mst files
Updates not found in Patch Watch
Current updates to Win7 causing WinLiveMail background to go to black