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Implementing javascript link in code-behind (VS 2008, .NET 3.5, VB)
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Best way of doing strings in VB / C# / C++ / Net?
Extra step for boot-up (XP Home, SP3)
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Service to Log Off (VB Studio 2005)
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To Start a New Form (VB 2008 Express)
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.NET Framework 1.1 SP1 Won't Install (English)
Need a VB error explaination (VB 2008 Express)
VSTO as a consulting service (any/any)
Where is the Copy method? (VB2008 Express Ed.)
Obtaining Application type (Vista/Office 2007)
What makes Visual Studio for Office different? (20
Another question on NET (English)
What is .Net Framework (English/2.0)
ZIP Files (VB .NET 2005)
Reference a textbox from a shared function ( 2005)
Restore (SQL 2005)
copy files from solution explorer (c# .net)
Save custom color (.net 2.0)
File Stream ReadWrite Access (VB 2005 Express/Vista)
Set a Default in a data-bound DropDownList (VS2005/SQL2005, .NET 2.0)
export datagrid results to a file (VS2005/SQL2005)
ASP Calendar (VB.NET)
GUI design (
Convert XML to Excel/Table Grid (VS 2005, Framework 2.0)
Looking for ASP.NET hosting? (.NET) (656910) was removed
Visual Studio 2005 - requires Office 2003? (VSTO 2005)
.NET FRAMEWORK (XP 2.0 SP2 Pro Mediacenter)
Making a diamond in a console app (vb 2005 express)
Interesting - schtasks cammand in ASP.NET (ASP.Net)
Collation (SQL 2005)
Keys Again (VB.NET 2005)
Update database (VB.Net)
Get the Keys From a Generic Sorted List (C# 2005)
Net Training (2005)
.Net 1.1 (Vista)
Datagrid Select (c# 2005)
C# Reference Niggles (2005)
Excel Spreadsheet (2005 VB.Net DEV)
Creation of a common addin (Visual Studio 2005 Pro
IO.Getfiles Function (.NET 2.0)
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AJAX for ASP.Net Security Webcasts (current)
Data Grid (C# VS2005)
Drawing a chart/graph (VS2003)
Splash Screen Is Now Persistent (MS VB 2005 Express)
GroupBox Border (VS 2003)
Adding ad-hoc row to db-filled dataset ( 2.0)
md5 Hashes (VB.NET 2005)
Temporarily installing .NET 1.1 (.NET)
Redirect to blank window (vb)
Downloading VB Express (n/a)
VB 2005 Norms for Database Connections (VB 2005)
One more quirky nested grid problem ( 2.0)
How to access a .dll (VB .Net 2005 Express Edition)
multi-level datagrids? (
Windows Forms (VS 2003)
GetWindowSize() (VB.NET API 2003)
Multiple login sections on one site? (VB.Net 2)
VS upgrade (2003/ 2005)
Do I need? (.NET 1.1)
MonthCalendar (VS.Net 2003)
New Window, form content on button click? (
.NET 3.0 Installation Hangs (English)
C# writing to file (VS version 8)
??DataFormatString?? ( VWD2005Exp)
AccessDataSource vs SQLDataSource ( (VWD2005Exp))
Drop-down Listbox (VS.NET 2003)
error accessing (.net)
Using Visual Studio AND DreamWeaver Templates (VS)
Complimentary colours (VB.NET 1.1 or 2.0)
Adding a namespace to a XML File Visual Basic net (.Net 2005)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the MS (Visual Studio 2005 Express)
Building a form with a speadsheet grid (Visual Basics 2005 Express)
Updating Visual Studio Reference Version
Retreiving Data ( 2005) - error during wizard conversion (express 2005
Db-driven css styles? ( 2.0)
combobox (VB.NET 2005)
Dynamic changes to Master Pages (VB.NET)
Disabling Automatic Validation on CompareValidator (VB.NET)
datagrid won't update (ASP.NET)
2d Database queries, what works best? ( : Using label controls in a repeater? (
.NET/Classic ASP stats (Win2KPro, ASP Classic, SQL2000)
convert vb code to ASP scripts (ASP)
Capturing an Error Message (2.0)
When is a month a day? (
ASP Functions for QuickPick Numbers (ASP)
Get a button list to sort with remaining list (.net)
Sorting a table (.net)
Date calculations as part of sql in .net (.net)
math.round narrowing conversion (.aspx pages)
function remove datetime semicolon (ASP)
Not Like....Not In ('...') (VB.NET, Access 2K3)
Open executable for editing (VStudio 2005)
Expression (Created) column outputs nothing??? (VB.NET)
Union select query (visual studio 2003)
What is VB.NET (VB.NET)
Dialog Box (.Net 2003)
Visual Studio error (2003)
Textbox and Powerpoint (Microsoft Office 2003)
Exceptions (Visual Studio.NET 2003)
unbound form ( 2003)
ASP.NET 1.1 not running (Visual Studio.NET 2003)
Recent connection errors on server2k (sp4) (546549) was moved to the Windows 2000 board
Where did my DataTable go? (VB.NET 2.0)
To get Zip/Unzip API to work (VB .Net 2005 Express Edition)
Forms help (VB.NET 2003)
xor ( 2003)
combining two data views (VB.NET 2003)
NET Runtime Optimization Service (English 1.1 SP1)
I can't download VB2005 Express's bonus offerings (Windows XP/SP2)
Retrieving Value from DataColumn (
Superscript/Subscript (.NET 2003)
ObjectDisposedException (C#)
New user ASPNET (Net 1.1)
How to run a VB command statement in a string (VB .Net 2003)
4 days of hell (
.NET ate my system? (Win2KPro, VS 2003 (ASP.NET), IIS 5.0, SQL 2000)
New to ASP.NET (1.1)
accessing linked tables in MS Access via .NET (, Access 2K3)
Windows MCI and Threading in .NET (.NET V1.1, winmm.dll MCI)
tabindex for radio button (VB.NET 2003)
How to print VB.Net source code (VS.Net 2003)
Progress bar text colour (VB .NET 2003)
I cannot install Visual Basic .NET 2003 (Windows XP SP1)
ListView Sort Indicators (VB .NET 2003)
.NET Changes Autologon (V1.1/WinXP SP2)
Filling DataTables to create Relationship (Access 2K3, using .aspx)
SQL/XML (vbnet)
Should I install V Web Developer Express (1.1/2.0)
Simple Databinding from db (ASP.NET etc...)
trying to get something to happen... (ASP.NET etc...)
cannot run debugger - Intenet Zone error (ASP.NET, VS.NET 2000)
J# and Java (J# and Java)
Datagrid wont display (Win2KPro, VS 2003 (ASP.NET), IIS 5.0, SQL 2000)
configuring Framework 1.1 with IIS (Win2KPro, IIS 5.0)
Map SQL table to XML schema (SQL Server 2000)
Developing in ASP.NET (Win2K Pro, Dreamweaver)
Toggle bold (VB.NET)
Using Downloaded Projects (Visual Studio.Net)
Best way to display columns of info (
IIS software (IIS ASP.NET)
When is the next version of VB coming out? (Visual
update (net framework 1.1)
Code Concerter: C++.NET to C# or C++ to VB .NET (C++)
C++ (C++)
C# (C#)
Gain performance by not initializing variables (VS.NET2003)
Library of Net code (all?)
xmlvalidatingreader (
Terminate process (VB.Net)
Whole-number part of date (.net)
Enumerating SQL Servers (VB .NET 2003)
Simultaneous data from DBF and MDB (VB.NET)
Using a class (VB)
moving item from list box to another list box (VB)
Visual Basic.NET connecting to Exchange Server (English/1.0)
ASCII character as delimiter in txt file (.NET framework 1.1)
ASP.NET - getting started (Win2K, IIS 5.0, FP2K)
Installing Web Server (VB.NET)
Database Connections (
Unit Testing (VB.Net 2003)
works here, not at home ( 2003)
Activating Firefox via VB .NET (VB .NET)
Selective processing ( &
Oracle data types (.NET 2003/Framework 1.1)
Parsing emails (C#.NET)
Form Focus (VB.NET)
Connect to paradox dbase (ASP/VB.NET 1.1)
OfficeWiki (2003)
Joe Hummel Webcastes (VB.Net)
Testing for VB.NET Install (VB.NET 2003)
Zip Support (VB.Net 2003)
Web download dialog (VB .Net, asp .Net)
Outlook Add-in : Anecdote (VB.NET 2003 & MS Outlook)
VB.Net Registration (VB.Net)
grappling with common programming problem (.NET framework 1.1)
Finding smallest/Largest number from file (VB.NET)
data binding (ASP .NET 2003)
HELP ASAP!! Infinite Loop? (VB.NET)
book recommendation? (Visual Studio .NET 2003)
install (english)
remove multiple items from listbox (VB.NEt)
HELP!! Leap Year checking(VB.NET)
Format String Confusion (VB.NET 2003)
Arbitrary Folders for setup (VB.Net 2003)
AcceptButton not working? (VB.Net 2003)
How hard/easy is NET (VB 6 or Net)
Checking for initialised variables (VB .NET 2003)
Dialog Text Missing .Net apps (VB.NET)
Codified Coding Standards (VB.NET/C#.NET (1.0/1.1/2.0))
Office and .NET (VB .NET and C#)
Changed coding standards for VB.NET (Office97 et a
Upgrading Win for .NET (Win98/Off97SR2)
Smart client template solution ??? (C#)