Windows Secrets
Windows Secrets Lounge
NTFS bug lets anyone hang or crash Windows 7, 8.1
Friend can't get into her computer
Patch your Media Players Now!
Updated MSRT has a WannaCry detector
Firefox Trojan
SMBv1 removal
New SMB Worm Uses Seven NSA Hacking Tools. WannaCry Used Just Two
Am I protected?
Link to Outlook Forum
Disabling SMBv1 to Prevent WannaCry?
HP rolls out patch to stop keylogging bug in some laptops
WannaCrypto Protection for XP Vista and Win 8 users
Chrome browser has been rendered useless by something evil
Windows Defender/Security Essentials bug
Intel chip vulnerability lets hackers easily hijack fleets of PCs
AVG Updates Program & adds their Zen
Intel firmware bug
Malwarebytes Free On Demand Scan Stopping After Pre-Scan
Windows Defender says "Preliminary scan results show..." but then finds nothing
PC World Article on NSA Spyware Test
Running Multiple Security Software
When the 'S' in HTTPS also stands for shady
AV tests and outcomes from those that know
One of the most dangerous forms of ransomware has just evolved to be harder to spot
Bitlocker setup omits asking for unlock mechanism
Malwarebytes Premium v3.0.6.1469
Hundreds of Cisco switches vulnerable to flaw found in WikiLeaks files
My Basic security setting ok ?
Any suggestions?
After CIA leak, Intel Security releases detection tool for EFI rootkits
Where did this page come from
Windows Defender false positive & solution
Your WD networked drive is vulnerable to remote attacks
AVG Free Vs MS Security Essentials
Supply chain attack.
Another variation of MS tech phone call
Port scans rejected
Unsubscribe to emails
RoboForm version 8.2.9 and newer - for free.
"BIGBADBITCH-HP" Weird program on my computer....
SQL Slammer worm returns after a decade
"Good evening dear Micrsoft user!"
Malwarebytes Premium v3.x
question about hijackthis
Don't Fall for This Sophisticated Gmail Phishing Scam
SCAM: ZFSendToTarget=CLSID\{888DCA60-...
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC security update installs Chrome spyware
Quickly check that your Home IOT devices are secure
Browser autofill used to steal personal details in new phishing attack
Tech Spying?
Hacker Watch
Seeking opinions on Tweakbit "FixMyPC" and "File Recovery" software and their website..
Clicked on a link on my facebook feed sidebar
Ransomware Free program
Can't download Housecall to scan computer
These 26 brand new Android smartphones come with malware pre-installed
New 'nasty' ransomware encourages victims to attack other computers
PC Pitstop + AV Comparatives product test
What can your browser tell about you?
"System Mechanic" anybody any experiences?
New Microsoft Security Essentials, KB 3205972, fixes right-click scan bug
check for malware prior to system image
CCleaner fast update
Is having my email address spoofed a problem?
Where is a neutral Anti-Virus testing site
I'm finished with BitDefender
Web of Trust sells your browsing history
BIOS Infection
How good is Windows Defender? Can I forego Sophos?
New code injection method exposes all versions of Windows to cyberattack
Firewall Logs Blocked Access attempts, want to find what program wants out...
Suspicious email link
Interesting real time cyberattack animated map.
Cisco MBR Protection Tool
Free tool protects PCs from master boot record attacks
Malwarebytes snaps up PC scrubber AdwCleaner
Why Isn't MalwareBytes included...?
SCAM - Slightly New Variant of the Tech Support Scam
Blocking multiple attempts to login
A book called "The Scarecrow"... interestingly enough
Fake MSE warning
Professional Reviews
Security Fatigue (NIST survey)
What happened to MSE in context menu (Win 7)
Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Norton Internet Security
Question About Three Security Programs
"Malicious Host" warning when opening WS Forums
"Dear Chase Customer"
I regularly receive junk emails from my own Gmail account
Malwarebytes Free vs Premium vs Anti-Exploit vs Premium+Anti-Exploit Bundle
How to Deal with this Ransomware?
New questions about ransomware...
OpenDNS, Heimdal, and Trusteer Rapport
My internet bandwidth has suddenly doubled. How do I find the culprit?
WordPress plugin update leads to thousands of sites exposing users to adware
AVG is going to sell your personal data from October
Email encryption; Virtru?
how to find IP and Mac address
Anti-Theft Tracking And Physical Security Questions
Security Software Question
https vs http results in different file download
Untrusting a Certificate
Nvidia’s GTX 1080 can crack passwords as easily as it can game
Fraudulent support call
Hoax or What?
Cannot remove 'Yahoo Powered' program
MSE alternative update idea
Protecting your backups from Ransomware
Recovery from Cerber
[Fixed] Fix now available: LastPass has vulnerabilities...
Possible RansomWare help
Zeus Popup-- help
Security software that uses 'code hooking' opens the door to hackers
Vicious new ransomware takes your money and still deletes your files
New Yahoo hack?
Symantec - the popular computer protector - may actually help hackers, feds warn
Microsoft Office365 support - an uncalled for remote access request
Spybot Anti-Beacon, Any Good
Foxit user? Get it patched!
Symantec/Norton dangerously insecure.
Bart ransomware
Left over MSE files in Program Data?
Worm throughout network and infects any newly inserted usb device.
Flash player update available
Antiransomeware comparison/opinions
Windows Defender Offline - Broken
KeePass wants to improve security, but money wins in the short term
TeamViewer Hacked ?
Zero day exploit for sale.
Trojans keep appearing in Window Defender AND weird behaviour
Malware getting thru modem or router?
Makers of uncrackable ransomware hand over the key
Tech support scammers take tips from ransomware to make you pay up
KeePass encryption good enough for storage on cloud?
7-zip vulnerabilities, update to v16 ASAP.
Infected with LOCKY - or not? tagged as malicious website
A New-to-Me Cold-Call Computer Security Scam
Hackers are trading millions of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo logins
The case for and against encryption.
Problems with using ipTRACKER to Decode Spam Header
Ever heard of "QuuickusHop"?
Windows Defender Offline - Virus Signature Updates
April security sensationalism and FUD
Does this protect backups from malware ?
f/u to RansomWare Threads - bootable macrium problem
Widespread security issues with Firefox based browsers
Zemana AntiMalware Free
Dodgy Registry Keys keep re-appearing.
Attack of the week: DROWN
One way to kill supercookies.
Ransomware Protection
Ransom protection
BitDefender error messages.
Admin Password for BDAntiransomware
Help identifying file MSE identifies as problematic
MS Security Essentials not updating itself
Bitdefender Releases Combination Crypto-Ransomware Vaccine
FBI wants U.S. businesses to help as cyber extortion gains urgency
BDAnticryptowall or BDAntiransomware?
Tracking Cookie: ATDMT
How to stop most & how to rid Microsoft egg-laying on your Windows 7 & 8.
The story behind MalwareBytes
Anyone else having problems with Avast's 'Disable Shields' control?
Best site(s) to d/l software
Toolbar detections vs heuristics failures.
Malwarebytes antimalware updated
I need a back-up device that works, easily
ISP bonus
TeslaCrypt ransomware now impossible to crack, researchers say
Ransomware on wife’s laptop
AVG Free nags to upgrade to ISS
Tor Browser instead of VPN
Secure File Synching to OneDrive
People who download malware regularly
anti-virus ZoneAlarm
How to disable downloading on employee's computer?
SuperAntiSpyware and tracking cookie
AVG Scan detected macros and locked files
Microsoft updates EMET with Windows 10 support
Malwarebytes notified last November by Google re: vulnerabilities
Google Drive/OneDrive password protect?
Bleeping Computer needs our help now!
Malwarebytes Introduces Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW) Beta.
Need new firewall
Norton Security Issue
AVG forces Zen program with 2016 AV Free
Avg av '15
PUP startpage24.xpi
Anybody know why I can't download msert.exe?
Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority
Patch Tuesday - Adobe Releases Patches for 17 vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader
Got Trend Micro AV? You're At Risk - Get Patched Now!
The very first JavaScript ransomware
How to get rid of ransomware
Now AVG is security threat?
Free from Sophos
EduCBA courses scam, via MakeUseOf and others
Researchers Solve Juniper Backdoor Mystery; Signs Point to NSA
newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Delivery Failure
Oracle, LifeLock Settle FTC Deception Charges
"no ads" virus
Java is out of date?
Adblock Plus (OR something else)
MS Outlook scam
Microsoft to revoke 20 root certificates
LifeLock ID protection service to pay record $100 million for failing customers
MalwareBytes acquires Junkware Removal Tool
Microsoft Releases December 2015 Security Bulletin
Scan your Windows computer for untrusted root certificates
FSS ePub Reader can silently install adware
Lenovo patch their vulnerable System Update tool.
Malwarebytes exposes adware that disables antivirus
Do I have antivirus software?
Dell's turn: Sells computers with backdoor
Looks like a scam
Why is there no real anti-spyware tool out there?
Which antivirus to use? Is Defender up to the task for Win10?
Crypto ransomware industry employs new tricks
Feds Shut Down Phony Apple, Microsoft, Google Tech Support Scammers
Update for Microsoft XML Core Services
Fingerprints Instead of Passwords --Safe, or Not?
Just saw on Slashdot that some webmail services are getting hit with DDOS attacks.
"IRS Has Filed Suit against You" Phone Scam
Email bombardment from
Way to bypass EMET.
Canon printer class-action settlement
Walk the dogs twice a day [WinPrivacy & WinAntiRansom]
Western Digital self-encrypting hard drives riddled with security flaws
UK Treasury Scam
Malicious adware's latest trick is replacing your whole browser
Killer USB stick destroys your computer in seconds
ID Experts
Questions about Total Defense Internet Security Suite
Port scans over past two days
"Microsoft Support" calling
Logmein acquires Lastpass
A more real SHA-1 hack; ten days computime
Scammers taking advantage of GWX?
When an update isn't an update
Google Will Target Ads Using Email Addresses
Malware via VOIP?
Penetration Testing
BitDefender Tech Support the Slowest I've Ever Seen
Adblock Plus is reportedly selling out and allowing Ads
Malwarebytes blocks outbound call to Want to stop the attempt to connect.
Damage from Open Office file
Decertifying the worst voting machine in the US
AVG says it can sell your browsing data in updated privacy policy
Cloud storage issue?
How to Re-Enable Copy & Paste on Annoying Sites That Block It in FF
Scammers Keep Calling Claiming to be From Windows Support
YouTube ads brought me malware
did mbam destroy my pc ?
Need new protector
sirefef and Trojan
sirefef and Trojan scam
AVG AV 15 installed and MSE still running
It Seems Symantec has Developed a Distrust for The Lounge!
What price would you put on privacy?
Security Risk? Roll-Out of Windows Telemetry to Previous Versions of Windows
Win10 Telemetry passed on to Win7 and Win8
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v malwarebytes anti-malware
Windows Secrets Promotes Another Scam
Malware or False Alarm
Kapersky is using 696.2 GB of my memory.
Fraudulent transactions
Unsettling. Disturbing. Am I being hacked?
Virus Infection - URGENT
Can't move desktop icons in Win10
Nasty Cisco attack
mrstub.exe on ext hd--Safe?
AdwCleaner 5.0 ships with new Windows repair tools
Comodo Antivirus Notices about Problems
Malware or bug or what?
Adware in Applian Software?
Kaspersky Lab accusations
Need to remove Reimage Repair
Need help to stop ads on Safari
Annoying software—DNS Unlocker, My Turbo PC, My Web Search
Do I have a rootkit?
All PC Users have the best Anti-Virus Program?
An Inconvenient Truth!
Nearly caught in scam
Fake Win 10 upgrade email
Blue screen requesting to contact Microsoft Technician
Now you have to worry about your DRAM getting hammered!
Malwarebytes problem with Kaspersky Internet Suite
3 strategies security experts use to protect themselves online
My Edge is not a virgin anymore
Glad I don't own a Chrysler.
Is your system infected with Hacking Team malware?
New zero-day flaw affects all Windows versions: critical patch to be released
Is MalwareBytes still free?
Suspicious processes on task manager
First 0 day Java exploit in 2 years.
If you get this ‘phishy’ looking email from Adobe, don’t open it
AVG 2015 free version: Warning
Anyone still have the setup file for Secunia PSI
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) in general release
Spam relay send from Outlook 2013
MS Security Essentials bye bye for WinXP
Pretty bad exploit that affects all versions of Acrobat Reader.
Programmers are copying security flaws into your software
It can get even worse.
Malwarebytes Acquires Junkware Removal Tool
Stealing secret crypto-keys from PCs using leaked radio emissions
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) Released.
Et Tu Baseball?
10 Ways Everyone Should Approach Cybersecurity
The letter.
LastPass breached, users advised to change master password
MalwareTech SBK: A bootkit capable of surviving reformat
Is there a single place to check status of all updates?
Major cybersecurity company hacked
using parallels
mbam attacked successfully ?
NS (Norton Security) vs NIS (Norton Internet Security)-- should I upgrade
Glad I don't have a garage door opener. :)
Router vulnerabilities of the week
Is PCMatic a trustworthy virus protection site?
What is SAPE.Conduit.33 and how to get rid of it?
Junk-free Driver Downloads
Mystery Google "software removal tool' downloads
Password Mgr Needed for Windows, Android, Win Phone and shared users
MalwareBytes Premium - is it worth it?
Task scheduler errors
Problem with hijacked domain name
2x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium - 3 PCs / 1 Year - Download
TLS downgrade attack
Router USB vulnerability!
FBI Warns 'Ransomware' Scams on the Rise
How do we get rid of this malware?
off topic spam/phone calls
Hackers found an ingenious way to embarrass Microsoft
Insecure routers hacked yet again
Can I delete AppData folders that draw these PUPS?
Parental control in Windows 8 apps
Watch out for Venom
Create a USB rescue drive
Replacement for MSE with minimal overhead
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.1.6.1022
Malware - Cryptolocker
[moved] Malware - Cryptolocker
Rombertik: Malware just keeps getting nastier!
Have you tried herdProtect?
Security software and 'bitness', Kernel drivers, ring0 - What?
Malwarebytes Premium 64- bit, NOT?
Top 30 Targeted High Risk Vulnerabilities
FalseAlert Using Produkey 32 bit?
Strange URL
Misuse of IP address?
Online Armor RIP
Install the correct Microsoft Security Essential for my 64-bit computer
Online tracking: Do Not Track, a series.
PC Tools Threatfire; recommend as an on-demand
Switching AV
Malware, hardware, or something else?
Still think hotel internet access is secure?
We have detected your computer is compromised scam (again)
Just discovered spam pages tacked onto our site
Vipre Intenet Security 2015
TrueCrypt Security Audit Results
Secure email
Upset,confused and more upset!
Air Gap exploit
MalwareBytes Professional, Kaspersky blocking something
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) released
Stingrays; cell site simulators
Using Spybot S&D Free 2.4 manually
Flashdrive-hosted Windows for safer malware removal
For info: Latest Avast program update includes PUPs
New Cryptolocker Ransomware targets gamers
Folder Size Personal install kill by Trojan install
Pinned tabs security
uTorrent can steal your CPU cycles to mine bitcoins
7Zip Password Removal
Caution: "SpyHunter" and "Zip Opener".
2015 Best Antivirus awards
Public Beta for Malwarebytes 2.1
Avast security software users
Alien Host file
Patch Watch Master Chart up to date?
Malwarebytes....trusted software, run along with other antivirus
Guess whose operating systems had more vulnerabilities in 2014...
Superfish something to worry about?
RegServo: Is it malware?
Windows Defender vs Superfish
Symantec Endpoint Protection
This is the reason I will never buy a Lenovo.
NSA planted surveillance software on hard drives, report says
Recommend antivirus?
Browser checker
Data files renamed / encrypted?
Fake AdwCleaner is Being Distributed Through Adware Infections
Ransomware or Cryptoware and cloud backup vulnerabiliy?
Why you should never Google tech-support numbers
Any of you ever hear of Chameleon?
Symantec Norton Security
warn your other users. you know this!
Truecrypt or a safe modern alternative
Revo and IOBit uninstallers
Scary discovery about hacked Hotmail and related accounts
User accounts passwords
Windows Defender
Is Verizon resurrecting old Verisign 404 scam?
Adobe Flash emergency security update
Chinese Language Entry Under Services Tab in Task Manager
Vosteran; a rant.
Phone Scam
AVG Free 2015
Microsoft Security Essentials and third-party AV at same time?
Microsoft Security Essentials message
do you trust cnet? or their programs?
compatibilitycheck malware
Unsubscribed email
Masetupcleaner install
system reserved partition - home of some viri and/or malware?
virus Win32/Chroject.D!dll
Microsoft Security Essentials: How good is it?
Glance - new program installed without my permission
"PayPal" phishing email
Error message: Cannot Start Application
off line security scanner or use safe mode w/networking if possible
Browsers locked in secure mode - cant browse
Not Admin
Emet 5.1 & Office 2003
Strange Registry Entry
Password protect external harddrive
Antivirus problem
Anyone know what 'Clara Updater' is - goodie or baddie?
Win Patrol keeps citing this program -- what is it
Trovia Search malware overrides normal search engine
Microsoft tech support scam...
Enterprise Scale Anti-Malware
Powerful, highly stealthy Linux trojan may have infected victims for years
Removing PUP.Optional.MyFreeze.A
Poodle now attackes new version of TLS.
Blocking websites
Anyone know about 'BoBrowser'?
Malwarebytes [switching from trial to free]
Costco and Best Buy order emails
pop-up frequently
PC Tuneup Maestro - Possible Malware?
Please help me select a good portable antivirus program
Pornography theme? I need an anti virus.
Recommend identity-theft insurance?
There's still some spam bombarding my system
Need help eliminating a browser hijack.
At the mercy of a browser hijacker
At the mercy of a browser hijacker
BitDefender - problem showing images on web pages
Glad I never smoked so never vaped either.
Who's behind the Regin Malware attack on the EU?
Do I have a security concern?
Any of you folks heard of detekt?
WinPatrol using 100% of my cpu every 33 seconds...
Why History Needs Software Piracy
office security updates?
Best program for stopping system changes?
LastPass tip
RoboForm update
Uninstalling extensions from chrome browser (PUP)
Update for EMET 5.0 is available
Simple community website/text hijacked?
Standard user profile keeps disappearing
Experience with Avast, Emsisoft, MBAM: autofix part or quarantine whole zipfile?
gators in the castle moat! lower the drawbridge!
Do 'Fixers' fix anything?
TeamViewer Trojan?
Trojan & Web Attack attempts at startup
FlashLight Apps Corrupt?
Advice on email security
Microsoft EMET 5.0 - Armor against zero-day bypassed again
One Day Deal on WinPatrol
Why You Don’t Need to Install a Third-Party Firewall (And When You Do)
Do NOT download a driver update utility
Poodle Virus
Avast Anti Spyware was spying on you
GRC SecurAble scan
SPC Root