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Can't get rid of PUPs
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Encrypting documents in cloud storage
legal summons by email
Progress on Phase 2 of the Truecrypt Audit?
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Detecting Trojans
PCMATIC w/SuperShield vs AV & AntiMalware
Malwarebytes database out of date
BadUSB for real. removal help
Symantec and...
Online Armor install causing Win7 startup errors
How worried should we be about Shellshock?
systheal removal help
MBAM is a big PITA. How can i stop it from starting scans
Can't update Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.
Does Emsisoft AM/IS strip out PUPs?
Lost password
RoboForm Desktop Half Price
Prompts for proxy server when viewing email on Web (Comcast)
Best free malware/spyware software
Windows 7 security: Symantec preloaded. What more do you recommend?
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Why you don't need long, complex passwords
Scam Alert - Australia
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We are losing the battle with computer games
Webssearches refuses to be removed
How to remove MUVIC
Microsoft Click-to-Run update: Is it legitimate?
What kind of Bug is This?
Malwarebytes Database Update
Virus scumware, annoyware, or bad hackers coding ?
The uninstalled search protect still kept hijacking my start page!
PayPal phishing e-mail
Shadow Defender problem
Malware Bytes Pro
OSSEC and windows.
Avast Internet Security Causing BSOD'S
Can anyone recommend a portable router--or whatever the correct device may be?
Internet Explorer begins blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls
Recommended anti-virus software?
My Amazon account has been hacked!
Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free
Russia gang hacks 1.2 billion usernames and passwords
AV-Comparatives Real World Protection Test March-June 2014
Here's a Topic for Potentially HOT Debate: "Most Anti-Virus Programs are not Secure." True?
Microsoft Security Essentials potentially unprotected after Quick Scan
MalwareBytes takes top honors in malware removal test
Do you know where your USB devices have been?
Announcing EMET 5.0
ADW cleaner
Encrypt External & Flash Drives
shutdown flash
F/U to Clint's SpyHunter Suggestion
There's no where to hide.
Microsoft researchers: Use simple passwords for most of your accounts
Trovi PUPs keep repopulating on all systems via browser sync (Firefox and Chrome)
SpyHunter 4: Good or bad?
Hacked address book - scam
File encryption and removal of files
EMET 4.1 and Rapport question
Zombies in our midst
Do "Restore Previous Versions" options repair Cryptolocker infections?
SystHeal Optimizer HELP!
Getting rid of SlamDunk AdWare
Secunia PSI
AV for a Windows Surface tablet?
Some things never change!
security for longish hotel stay
Is email from "Microsoft" okay?
Be careful to make sure that online bargain is for real
question about Malwarebytes free
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE)
AVAST forum offline due to attack
Latest scam
Recommend best free antivirus for Windows 7 PC?
fixing the new mbam which is having problems
What is UNINCAR by CITGEN? malware?
Heartbleed Bug Exploited Over EAP
Recommendations for secure file deletion?
The death of TrueCrypt: a symptom of a greater problem
Yes, Virginia, TrueCrypt is still safe to use.
Open Source Crypto TrueCrypt Disappears With Suspicious Cloud Of Mystery
AVOID TrueCrypt 7.2
My Security Bulletins Dashboard (myBulletins)
Status of the "Operation Clandestine Fox" baddy
adware.dealply and IMURTECH
Malwarebytes 2
SystHeal trial is a scam
Trouble with Windows 7 Backup & Restore
PC Pitstop
How to lose $300!
Scam private letter from this site
The business of AntiVirus is 'Dead' >> per Symantec
PC Security.
Help getting rid of ""
Confused about latest patch
A simple solution to malware, viruses, trojans
An update is available for the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1
Microsoft decided to patch XP with the IE (VGX.DLL) issue too.
XP has a new security patch for Advisory 2963983
Flash exploit targeting Internet Explorer versions 8 through 11
PC Keeper by
HTG: Is changing Passwords regularly good advice?
Am receiving duplicate email Newsletters
Online Armor Firewall Test Failure
Scam possible or not?
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Snapdo.a virus
Microsoft Call
Outlook Express Security Alert (Certificate)
Major security problem
Need firewall recommendation to work with AVG
You need to update your version of media player
Malwarebytes has new versions
Is it possible to block Conduit?
Real World versus Lab Testing
Why change your password(s) regularly?
Persistent Cookie Best Practices
Can't locate new update for MSE on Microsoft website
Roboform Pro messed up in Firefox 28.0 offering F-Secure free - any good?
SweetPacks Customized Web Search Suggestions
Susan Bradley's article about securing XPs
Lifetime Malware Bytes Pro available for $19 ($6 off)
Frontier curious
Emsisoft and GenieTimeline opinions?
Another useful tool to ad to the kit (pun fully intended)
Chameleon Ransomware on Google Chrome
Your Software May Be Out of Date
Does MSE detect and remove BlackPOS?
Another Roboform question
New Win 7 64 bit programs
McAfee removal
Is this legit?
Virus or malware symptom: temp\cache\(lots of garbage)
Net protector antivirus install problem?
PrivateFirewall question
Spam emails - unsubscribe or not?
Fake Google doc message
Netflix Phishing Scam leads to Fake Microsoft Tech Support
I'm from the Government and I'm here to HELP!
Password managers can let you down
The scam that wasnt. Not every phish_looking email is really phishing.
Microsoft EMET Broken
Another Tool for your Security Tool box
RoboForm question
Fake Microsoft "saves" day
How do I get rid of Pando Media Booster?
MS Windows "survey" scam?
Malware removal
Reporting Spam
Malware Bytes Pro moving to an annual subscription rather than lifetime fee
New Zeus Attack Vector.
If you have Office 365, read this security warning
Suggestions to improve current update method
Password Manager
Microsoft account—Recent Activity alarm (?)
Question on deletion of Trojan.Zbot
PUP malware
Norton or McAfee Internet Security
Outdated Browser Detected
AVG frustration after Mobiegenie infection.
How do I eliminate Java update reminders?
password conundrums
Failure of Langa-recommended firewall test
Subject: Search Conduit
Bad Ad-on Bad Ad-on!
Puzzled by browser redirects
Cousin used his laptop on his visit and want advice
norton Internet security
Microsoft antimalware support for Windows XP
Cold spam emails
Java Updates try to sneak in malware.
Emsisoft question
Scanner in Kaspersky Rescue CD 10.0 crashes when encountering tbosdt
Windows Defender Offline for Win 8.1 Beta
How to uninstall MS Security Essentials? Cannot upgrade or uninstall.
Web 3000 network
Asus simplifies router configuration to protect external hard drives
Lost WiFi connection after mysearchdial removal attempt
Gmail hacked?
Juniper Web Filtering blocks sites
What is iSync Conduit and do I need it?
Malwarebytes Free Edition Update and Scan Automation
1Password multi-platform
Windows Defender Automatic Update, Scheduled Scans
Problem loading web pages. Is this spyware or something else.
When is spyware just some gray area of social media tracking us and when is it a real threat.
Last Pass Chrome users, you may need to grant some extra permissions soon
offline scanner that works with intel rapid storage technology
Dumb passwords yet again
Uninstall Norton Anti Theft
Emsisoft Antimalware promotion - 3 licences for the price of 1
Improperly Issued Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing
Microsoft Accounts getting new security improvements
McAfee blocking Macrium download
Researchers discover database with 2M stolen login credentials
Want to know if your email address was compromised in one of the big data breaches?
Should you worry about securing your computer's microphone?
Windows Defender sufficient protection?
New XP zero day vulnerability.
This new worm targets Linux PCs and embedded devices
HELP! How to access an infected PC
unwanted file keeps reappearing. how can i kill it forever. how can we block unwanted files?
In view of serious malicious programs
AVG Detecting THIS...
Kaspersky AV Software
Suggestions for Password Manager
Ransomware is on the rise, especially in Europe
Update > EMET 4.1 released
MS FIXIT 51001 vs. KB 2879017 for IE
Is this malware?
badBIOS Malware?
My tablet stolen; any immediate suggestions?
What's Win32/Small.CA virus?
Install fix to stop in-the-wild Windows and Office exploit, Microsoft warns
Opinions of Last Pass?
Microsoft KBs' and as Susan Bradley would say: "what to do"
A different way to attack.
Sysinternals Sigcheck update integrates with VirusTotal
ONline Armor question
Latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report
Vulnerabilities in some Netgear router
EMET vs Malwarebytes
Is the Lounge at risk?
MSE status?
Info for Microsoft Security Essential users.
corrupted Microsoft security essentials download?
mse vs avast
Security Sofware Success Story
PC security
Zero day IE bug increasingly exploited
Sweetpacks experience and question
Millions Exposed by New Identity Theft Scheme
facebook virus attack? facebook or infection they have? third party attack ???
Microsoft senior program manager admits MSE will always be "at the bottom" of comparatives
Latest word on KB2767849 (digital signature security)?
Microsoft Security Essentials
Need to suspect tampering even with hardware?
Registry Keys identified by malware program
Latest Microsoft Office 2013 Update identified as "Threat" by Symantec
Can a virus create or delete System Restore points?
Expired security certificate
Windows Defender Offline has been Updated
Unwanted search program
Windows small business antivirus and anti-malware suggestions?
What Are These ??
Malwarebytes Pro scan
Price gong toolbar! browser hijack
Alice in Warningland. or browser warning fatigue. PDF
Passwords in Chrome Browser Unprotected
Unable to re-install MS security essentials - need help
finding passwords is easy in some browsers
Wi-Fi routers: More security risks than ever
AD-Aware Antivirus by Lavasoft opening new tab in Chrome
New scam?
Need temporary security suite, preferably free
avg internet security 2012 is offered for free, but shall I bother
MS Security Essentials update hangs
Can't remove Yellowmoxie
SVChost.Stealth.keylogger infection
Microsoft security? Food for thought
PSI found end-of-life Chrome; installed Chrome is latest version
Roboform problem
Roboform Desktop 1/2 price!
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and Windows Firewall
Are sandboxes two-way?
Malware, can't remove
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.0
AV which is better
How do I disable Wifi Protected Setup?
Microsoft Security Essentials - end of XP
Error 0X80070052
Infected files?
Malwarebytes & NIS
Here's a way to write down your passwords - safely!
Kaspersky Rescue Disc will not boot my laptop
Recommend password manager?
Kaspersky found 7 problems, need help changing settings
Why PDF files can harm your computer
How can I get rid of Chitka malware?
Beware of fake SourceForge site.
ZoneAlarm free installation
"Client services for netware"
Port 443 open
PriceGong: PriceGong Removal Tool from PriceGong Says Not Installed
Are my computers "phoning home" to Amazon each morning?
What the hell is ""
Windows Defender Off
Windows Defender Offline not working
Security Done Wrong: Leaky FTP Server
Unable to remove/upgrade MSE
Anti keylogger
Wife was not paying attention and clicked this in an email.
Read about new point-of-sale malware called BlackPOS
Avast reset
MSSE and Malwarebytes Pro question
MSE to Avast Free
Ripoff attempt
[FREE] alternative to XP warning.
suggestions / advice on AV/AM applications pls.
Malwarebytes Pro at Half Price
MSN-Bot - is it dangerous??
DDNS services
Questionable error messages
Avast 8 Updated
Help getting rid of (WIN XP)?
Updating Adobe Active X
Just got This scam
Thumbdrive got virus/trojan on it: want to make sure I'm ok
Corporate Email Security - Should I be Concerned?
mother of all virus/trojans
Tech solution scam
my recent adventures in scumware removal - follow on to threads asking for
Avast 8 released
Security concern? Foxit PDF Reader (inside Evernote) allows JS scripts?
Annoying unwanted toolbar/web page
Iminent virus
Ran Spybot and got these errors. What are they? IE9x32 redirecting
clues to this virus and how to get rid of it
Unknown window appears during startup
Reveton Ransomware - Computer Camera
Check your router's security
How to stop files phoning home?
Encryption busting - today's newsletter article raised questions
How to remove QueryRabbit malware?
Encryption & Fingerprints
Delta Search Engine
scanning apps
Ranking and reviews of free antivirus/antimalware software
Good guide to malware
Mention of Symantec in NY Times hacking story
iYogi ID Protection Plan
Flash Player Pro
Secunia Glitch
PayPal Scam
Fraudulent Phonecall from "Microsoft"
Outmaneuvered at Their Own Game, Antivirus Makers Struggle to Adapt
AVG Update Settings
Disable IE9 popup message
Removing Malware
Microsoft defends Security Essentials after "failing" AV-Test certification
Want to be rid of Java, again
Unsecured network use
Need a Full D/L of Microsoft Security Essentials;
ShieldUp ping failure
Foxit PDF plug-in 0 day vulnerability
What is Bitdefender QuickScan?
Yet another Java exploit
Microsoft Security Essentials-Scheduled scans
Windows 7 Firewall
Cleaning Ramsomware
Anti-Malware Resource Hogs?
New Zero-Day vulnerability in IE 6,7 & 8
Opinions about new version of Malwarebytes?
Mawarebytes Blocking IP Messages
Annoying Wings of Destiny Screen Appears
New, from OpenDns
Keeping the family Safe
AVG AntiVirus 2013 - 3 PC for free with rebate Newegg
Links may look real, but they might be false!
Hacked or malware or what?
Watch Out for
Fake PayPal site
Microsoft Antivirus 2013?
Understanding Domain Names
Dozens of phishing e-mails
Microsoft Security Essentials loses AV-TEST certification
Stiring the Pot Once Again!
External drive vulnerability
SRWare Iron hijacked
Windows+Android Password Manager
PC cleaner pro
iLivid virus removal
Rescue CDs will not run!
iTunes fraud
Microsoft Security Essentials scanning incredibly slow
What do you guys check off in CCleaner
Phone call from WINDOWS saying they had discovered I had a computer problem
Can I use system restore to get rid of Malware?
Can't Remove Avira Internet Security 2012
Interceptor Location Cox
How to get rid of Windows 7 Antivirus Pro 2013
HKCU/PUM infection
Strange virus-like behaviour, no virus found?
New virus detection: How long does it take?
Spam emails in Chrome
McAfee Blocking Amazon mp3 Downloader???
Need help with rubyw.exe
In YOUR opinion, what's the best anti-spyware/malware program?
I'm definitely not calling from India. Can I take control of your PC?
ExploitShield New zero day protection
The future of online user authentication is ... graphics cards?
IE performs better than FF, Chrome and others in recent security report?
Secunia anWindows 8
avast Internet Security
Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience v3.0
MSE KB2754296 update problem
Kaspersky conflicts
Windows Update Error Code 8E5E03FA (MS Security Bulletin MS12-063)
Virus disabled or removed: services and Windows update
Program in Secunia.
Digital Signature
Security and Firefox
Pc cannot update windows or antivrus...all downloads is corrupted
Security Essentials - False notice about scanning
IE Security issue
Fake email pretending to be from Windows Secrets, but really from hostgator
What do you think I should do?
Undesirable Toolbars And Other Sneaky Software
Brand-new PCs found preloaded with malware
Microsoft disrupts malware in the supply chain
Rogue Microsoft Services Agreement Email Notifications Lead to Latest Java
Avira Updates
Possible to check website for spyware/malware/etc. by going there?
AVG warning for SelfRestraint beta
I put 4 tires & wheels up 4sale on craigs & ebay local free listings and;
Oracle issues major Java security fix.
Need help with Spybot error in Windows log
Cannot access either MS or Amazon HTTPS sites
RegProt v WinPatrol
Disable Java plugins to avoid new zero-day attack
Any opinions on Webroot SecureAnywhere?
Please Help Me Figure Out My Security Software
New malware: Shamoon!
MS Essentials -- Reminder Service
Earthlink now pedeling Scareware!
Ransom malware warning issued by FBI
MSE - Conflicting Scan Information Report
How Mat Honan "lost" his digital life
Virus or Malware? and how to get it outta my PC.
Malware warning: Your AT&T bill is ready to be viewed
Odd "Beep" noise
Email Hack and/or Security Breach?
MSE only manual updates
MSE and Windows XP Pro, Version 2002, SP 3
Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3
Eugene Kaspersky - Wired magazine article
Find And Mount software
Microsoft Security Essentials Stopping
Dial-up virus protection needs
Problem with Linux restore on Macrium Reflect
Svchost Process Analyzer
Paste Website Message
Microsoft Urges Users to Shut Down Windows Gadgets or Risk Attack
MSE vs Avast?
Possible Virus?
Avast 7 Version 7.0.1456 released.
Secunia PSI v.3.0
AVAST antivirus version 7.0.1451 released
Secunia releases PSI v3.0
Online Armor DNS issues?
Free AV for servers?
Avast5 Automatic update turned off...
Microsoft Automatic Revoked Certificates Updater
Recent Adobe Flash security patch may not have updated properly
The 25 worst passwords.....
Oracle to patch 14 security vulnerabilities in Java next Tuesday, 12 June
Adobe updates Flash player to 11.3.300.257, eHarmony Breached; Virgin Mobile Gets iPhone; Facebook Opens App S
Remove/Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Suite
Microsoft to fix dangerous IE, Windows security holes
Kaspersky avp.exe 100% CPU hogger
LinkedIn security breach
Microsoft releases emergency patch to address spoofing vulnerability
Virtual Private network
MSE working?