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Reliability Monitor stopped working.
Spybot AntiBeacon: W7 privacy vs. security in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware outbreak
W 7 disk on 2 computers?
What Is The Best Security Update Regime Now For Win 7 Users?
updating BIos in a Dell Laptop - Inspiron 5459
Qt 5 Quick.dll missing
Win7 update history disappeared
Samsung update?
firefox settings resets
windows 7 photo viewer nuisance
Asus laptop unable to detect 5ghz wifi while my phone can
Screwed up customizing new Win7; help, please
Taskbar problem
Win7 Backup Confusion
Why is Win7 causing CMOS/BIOS "CPU has been changed" error?
60 cycle hum
Reinstall Microsoft Access
Can't print multiple copies
April 2017 Patch Tuesday's patches are crawling with bugs
Today's WU warning
upgradng W7 to W10
Inline Flash Player and Java Update problems
Chkdsk Problem
Strange Solution to Internet and Email Problems.
Cursor Freezes
System volume information huge
Seek advice on home wifi password
New Secunia 3.0 results, scary?
Update Failures
Windows 7 desktop not "seeing" hard drive in router
VDS.exe hogging CPU
Microsoft begins blocking updates for older Windows versions on newer hardware
System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB947821) [October 2014]
Enabling Aero Glass
Adobe Flash Player NPAPI And Active X
HELP PLEASE!(Configuring updates no end)
to run TWO W7 OSs.
Curious file copying issue
Turn Windows Features On Or Off
Windows Live Photo Gallery Problem
Icons are HIDING at startup
Files misplaced
Silverlight won't stay hidden. Fixable?
Windows Update working really well
browsing history cookies very slow.
NvMcTray RunDLL Message at StartUp?
Random No response crashes
Win7 has slowed down to a crawl V 2.0
windows 7 64 bit will not recognize 4tb ssd
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." or rather, in my computer.
How to prevent services from consuming an excessive amount of CPU power ?
Suddenly today- Google pop up issue
FTP stopped working on Win 7 - 64 bit
Diskeeper and System Restore Pts Deletes
InstallShield error msgs
Windows Update Reset Tool for Win7
Virtual PC / XP Mode
GWX Control Panel and KB 3184143
Old KernelBase.dll problem, old solutions don't seem to fit
Jump List - rearrange order of items
Realtek audio muted on startup
Microsoft: Windows 7 in 2017 is so outdated that patches can't keep it secure
odd SD card mounting issue
Fonts for dialog boxes in Windows7
Fonts for dialog boxes in Windows7
Fonts for dialog boxes in Windows7
Is EMET 5.x needed for Win7 sp1 machines?
Wake up from sleep different
Partition Manager
Deleted Win7 system fonts_where to find
Desktop icons are still returning to the upper left corner
Windows Cursor Problem
Should I update Intel system drivers in W Update?
W7 rollup update 3205394
I Need driver for Lexmark Z 700 series printer for win 7
Do I have to format SSD for general data storage?
Windows Backup drive letter problem
Restore points
Explorer.exe unable to start
Local Area Network Adaptor
Windows 7 update - svchost running continuously
getting rid of something
Cut/paste or copy/paste fails in Win7 when destination is another partition or HDD
Microsoft spying
Now What? Can't Upgrade Win7 HP to Win7 Pro
Folder Tree
Microsoft fixes Windows 7 security-only patching method
Can't Backup To an Internal Drive
Default programs not sticking
Delete folder/files - access denied
Swapping hard drives between computers
Create file of folder file names
windows update paranoia
Remove the current network profile
Malwarebytes stumbles with false positive on KB 3197868, the Win7 November Monthly Rollup
Window 7 Blank Pages
Win 7 - best and easiest way to copy data and settings from one standard local account to another?
The Quest for Windows 7 (a full, legitimate copy)
Dirty bit/chkdsk...
Can't install Security Monthly Quality Rollup
Installing The Win 7 "Convenience Rollup Update" Pack
NAS is not displayed among the networked computers in the Network
New issue, win7 shut down to black screen after directing to bad drive letter?
Uninstalling Bonjour
How can I stop info from being sent to Microsoft?
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributabale
Slow Windows Update - AGAIN
Update files not downoaded after three days
Windows p-- is this a record ?
Windows 7 New Install Update Issues Solved
Suddenly I have a screen issue and need help;
UK Daylight saving ?
Reliability Monitor
New(old!)Win 7 update problem
Occasional missing lines when printing, or when making pdf
System image backup issue
Check disk and partitions
How to install an update from Win update catalog
No Sound with Media Files
is Microsofts KB3177467 safe to install?
Snipping Tool (Version 10)
Quick way to update Win 7 for all of 2016
Windows Media Player
Windows Update files on HD but not installed
Last week new updates
HP Wireless Network printer No longer Works from only Dell Desktop
Problem Reinstalling Win 7 Pro-URGENT help needed
Microsoft Update Catalog
Login problem
computer stopped seeing my camera (USB issue?)
Windows 7 product code
No update notification
Installing .Net 4
More about the October change in Windows Update policy
Windows Won't Boot After Power Blip
Alphabetize (taskbar's) pinned items
Lenovo Support
Removing backup identifier
Computer stuck on old Windows update
error.log...unknown issue icon to desktop?
what is TUKA support system tray
Slow W7 updates, new fix?
Installing Solid State Drive
Remove software related to the Windows 10 free upgrade offer
Sound scrambles after a while
Once again problems with Windows Updates --- WSUS query
Problem with MSU files.
Win Update not offered
Malicious Software Removal Tool
"This computer is not running genuine Windows" - but it is!
System Image
Problems with MS security updates on older Win 7 Pro system - Sloooooow
Do I need these extra partitions?
Extremely Fast Action and Response in Windows 7
How to fix Windows Update slow downloads
Need suggestions for improving laptop speed
WSUS offline error
Start-up options for different accounts?
KB 3177723 and KB 3179573
Laptop Hanging on Bootup
Windows update check/download sometimes takes hours - why?
Microsoft to end decades-old pick-a-patch practice in Windows 7
Microsoft changes Win7/8.1 updates, pushes even harder for Windows 10
cannot delete Users folder
f/u to using PCmover on new laptop
Windows Update Issues (Failure)
Windows Update Issues
Is this site reliable ?
Cannot Backup Win 7 to an external disk.
Updates leave registry leak
Windows Updates deletes some passwords
Are there good alternatives to CHKDSK?
PCMover/LAPLINK Microsoft Office issue
Windows Update makes CPU run continually at 25%
Microphone volume too low - Fixed!
windows 7 folder icon lock
Testing Backup files on usb drive.
Software License Keys
Can't seem to d/l updates
Does Windows 7 CHKDSK work correctly on GPT-formatted drives? If not, what will?
How does Themida get on my PC
Sleep log
Slideshow and other gadgets for Windows 7?
Mouse pointer sticks, jumps, stutters
UEFI Partition?
scan & send
No internet connection when connected to router
How to properly format SSD drive?
Windows 7 SSD on RAID Controller
Optional Update KB3172605
Help - 2nd. Network created on Boot
admin account gets downgraded to limited user account
Another Slow Updates Fix for Windows 7
New July 2016 rollup update
Windows 10 Reinstall.
W7/IE11 won't allow CCleaner D/L after July WU
Win 7 System Image Failure Ox80780119
Update problem Windows 7 Pro.
Need some help with M$ updates (NOT windows updates)
How to use WSUS offline updater - for a non-techie
I forgot my windows 7 login password, how to reset?
Hibernate has turned into hibernate + immediate resume
Shortcut & Hotkey problems w desktop icons
Windows Installer service not accessed
You probably don't want this "update" . . .
Suggestions for repairing a damaged OS?
Adguard 6.0
Powering down external HDDs
Wsus offline
Vista to W7 from 1 computer to a different computer
volsnap Event ID 14
MS sued for win10 push and lost $10,000, a good start
Windows 7 Pro Guest account
New W7 computer - question about installed software
Mysterious WU
Upgrade to W10
I use a piece of software called Folder Marker.
Windows 7 backup error code 0x80070070
This Update Fix Worked For Me
Update running but nothing?
WU experience
Service Pack 1, SP1, for my Windows 7 Ultimate system will not install
Ask Woody
Update Notification Time
Is MS going to extend the deadline?
Backup and cloud backup utilities which work when logged off?
Error 5 Access denied problems
Going from 32-bit to 64-bit W7
SFC says four system files can't be repaired
Yahooo for GWX Control Panel!
JAVA Problem
37 failed WU on my Asus UL30A
Search folder,sub folder and file type
Sneaky updates !
W7 SP1 - cant install Chrome
Home Group
Stop Windows from scanning my drives
Testing 10 on second drive
KB 2881030 for 32 bit
Access Denied in User Folder
Windows Update Problem On HP ProBook 4540s
How to disable a Wifi connection ?
SQL Server outdated
Installing my W7 SP1 system on a new computer with W10 preinstalled
Keyboard problem
Microsoft relents (a little)
No One Believes Me, But ... (Task Manager)
Windows Update Sneaky Issue (Windows 7 SP1)
Event Event Viewer 0xc000007b Error
Windows 7 Roll-Up Experiences
New WX update showed up in WU
first monthly rollup patch
New KB: Convenience rollup update for Windows 7 SP1.
AOL is playing dirty pool.
Attaching USB device to WinXP in Windows Virtual PC on Win7
WIN7 no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall; Fred Langa July 14, 2011
Win 7 4TB HDD
Cannot Defrag my computer
Curious loss of programs and settings
password problem
How Do You Use The Windows Sync Center?
WE crashing more in the last 6 mo that in 20+ yr of using Win.
System Restore question
Event ID 7026
Warning icon in shut down button
New Windows 7 Computer
Recommended KB 3133977 patch can cause Asus PCs to freeze
Unknown Update KB3150513
Slow Win 7 Ultimate x64
Win7 stops responding when idle
question about ClearMyTracks
taskbar trouble disappearing things [Merged]
to 64 bit from 32?
What do I do with these updates?
Bye bye Windows updates...
Windows Backup consistent "0x81000037" failure
win 7 updates kill Flight simulator and Age of kings start icon Games
Help find Windows 64 bit raid driver for AMD SB950 that works
Gmail slowed to useless
Malicious Website?
KB3121255 Returns
Shutdown slowdown
how can I permanently get rid of Dropbox?
Wifi profiles on domain
Windows 7 Backup Error 8078002A
Need help solving what I would call weird
Quicktime in Windows 7 - security issues?
No April updates
Another Win 7 update problem
Determining Windows 7 Product Key
Removing components from Office 10 on Win 7
Unlist OneNote from Office 2010 in W7
can't open unknown file type error
Question about Never10
Help... USB not working for mouse/keyboard
.NET Framework error
Can't get all computers on the same network
My windows icon problem
Add/remove programs - what Lenovo programs to keep?
Win 7 Pro 64 genuine but needs activation please help urgent!
Another W10 blocker available
Windows "Defender" vs "Security Essentials"
Win 10 update or fresh install?
System Defrag @ 5%
Do I need Office 2007 updates?
How to set up Sync Center to sync two computers?
W7 machine FREEZES
Multiple windows opened?
File Association question
Is there any way to lock down the Registry?
Losing Permissions
ntuser.dat files....thick on the ground!
Win7 Office Update nonexistent as of 3-16-16
Users seethe as Windows 10 arrives while their backs are turned
I Am the Admin; Why can't I delete/move a file?
Two updates(March)on HOLD?
Another Windows Update thread
Fending off Windows 10 - the story continues
Unwanted automatic update to Windows 10 happening now
TeamViewer: Cannot Assign Device to My Account
Upgrade W10
I need a Win7 Bluetooth adapter recommendation.
Windows update failure
Windows update Win 7 Pro 64-bit
WiFi not working on 2 computers
windows update doesn't download files
Power Save Mode- Turning monitor off
Re-Directing C:Users files in WIN7
Windows 7 Batch File
Audio: speaker set-up gone haywire
Change "windows default" Text Encoding
Win7 to Win10 Upgrade Image Question
What does this mean?
Change save to location
Cannot open audio CD
KB 3035583 is back !
System Protection Disk Space Usage set to 100%!
diskmgmt.msc problems
File sharing for music
Malwarebytes nagware?
OK to install the SP2 equivalent... over SP1?
Rstrui.exe not working
.NET Framework question
External USB drive letters change after drive swap
Radio station stopped working (Google)
win 10 update prob
BCDEdit to force 'safe mode' ... no mouse, no keyboard
Update hangs while installing update
Task-scheduling a BATch file to run as Administrator
My USB 2 backup is an issue on my PC but not others?
Windows Defender together with Avast
Icon Graphics missing on Desktop
Windows Backup & Restore Missing
migrating Vista to W7 SP1
how to stop automatic updating of Windows 7
Chkdsk hangs
Search for shell:sendto or sendto
Missing Fresco Logic USB 3 Drivers in Windows 7 Pro
Acronis Drivers
Optional KB3135445
Win7 display windows freezing
100% CPU but NO APPLICATION open
Fending off Windows 10 . . .
Win7 can't finish installing updates
Internet explorer 11
Win 7 not downloading updates
Win 7 Computer Freeze
Clean install with new HD and different W7 version
Pushing WinUpdates over slow WAN lines via SUS
Windows 7 Cold Boot Problem
What's on my hard drive?
Cannot install .net framework 4.6 or 4.6.1
Uninstalling old versions of .NET Framework
"System Reserved" partition won't defragment
Phantom Computer on Windows 7 Network
Computer doesn't see printer
Event 8, SMSvcHost
migrating TO W7 SP1
Reinstall Windows 7 in an ASUS U46E Laptop
Win7 Updates Fail to install
VLC will read .wav metadata, WMP/WMC will not? Why not? Can I make it so?
Ethernet Profiles
Interesting happening
view downloads box a nightmare
Internet Explorer has stopped working
A connexion problem with skype
Autorun won't display Drive icon on one of identical w7 pc's.
Win 7 Pro 64 32 bit driver problems
Non-functioning Recycle Bin
PC locks when formatting USB flash drive
Acronis 2013 & C Drive space loss.
Windows explorer - Recycle bin date columns won't sort
Random, graceful, unwanted shutdown of Windows7
What happens after the "free for one year" offer to upgrade to Win 10?
Possible Patch Problem from last Patch Tuesday
Account lockout
Windows 7 Professional 32 BIT?
Safely forcing reinstallation of possibly-corrupted USB drivers
Safeguarding Windows 10 upgrade option
sfc log
Disk failure
Issues re. Slow Loading Windows 7.1 Laptop
Hijacked PC
Random loss of HDD space
How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs Microsoft's guide
Windows Live email lost when upgrading IE9 to IE11 on Win7 SP1 x64 Home premium
Windows 7 recovery
User Account issue
inconsistent disk space reported
Connected to WiFi but no Internet Access
Missing Program
Shortcut woes
Slow Laptop Issue
What makes my PC slow as molasses 6 am daily?
Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Has Serious Problems
Computer boots but no video/no beep[s]
Comodo cis, leftover junk in registry, cannot delete
Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center - naming question
GWX Control Panel version released today
Some software says winxp, not win7
Windows Image Acquisition stops working
removal of websearch and bitlord
Flood of Windows updates after GWX activated
Windows office updates throwing off msiInstaller warnings with every update
Received Genuine Microsoft Advantage for my Win7 VM.
A problem with installing a program
Turn off encryption ?
My Win7 Home Premium (32bits) is running so slow
Windows Update.
Sticky request
What a cheek !
Fix for transferring old HP 882C printer driver
partition-email-backup question
Win. 7, FireFox and Adobe Flash ?
Win7 Install from flash drive?
NOW-unable to add a custom icon to a desktop shortcut.
Windows 7 MASSIVE Slowdown (no longer intermittant)
Installed a new modem/router today & issues with echo ping response...
PXE-E53: No boot filename received
Icons in notification area
Update 3102429 ?
mouse freezes intermittently in Windows 7 64bit
My icons at boot up disappeared after upgrade to Win 10 and back to Win 7
Windows Live Mail warning
Driven to distraction . . . by drives!
Backup Warning !
Boosting audio volume?
erratic mouse behavior
An Annoying New Feature in Internet Explorer 11?
Windows Update Review December
Pop-up of open apps on task bar no longer displays on top
Today's new Windows Updates - KB3112343 on Win 7 Pro machine
Updates today on W 7 and now there is a message showing.......
Selecting a particular instance of Windows Explorer from the Task Bar
Replaced 2 TB drive with 4T B drive and it shows only 137.4 GB in BIOS.
Boot problem after changing HDD to SSD
Revo Uninstaller Pro
Slow boot after Recover system
Wi-FI Takes forever to Start After Start-up
Computer from mom and pop shop with Win7 OEM and dead motherboard
Registry Edit to Allow Shortcuts in Start Menu (Win 7 Pro 64-bit)
How do I identify process that are slowing down the operation of my Operating System?
Hi di I identify process that are slowing down the operation of my Operating System?
Another "blocking Win10" question
Windows Update not working in Win 7 Pro
Windows 7 is finally affordable so I'm going to bite the bullet.
Pinning Windows Secrets To Taskbar
Inaccessible Files on external hard drive.
Recent places !
Can I chdir to a shortcut from a Command shell?
Question re: preparing laptop to give to charity.
Undetermined Windows/Media Playing Issues: How to hunt for corrupt system files?
Trouble setting up Home Group
Device is not same device?
Error 2032 when trying to watch ESPN3
Stopping Windows 10 Upgrade
Blocking Win 10 Update
Blocking Windows 10 upgrade by editing the registry
Backing up to a 4 TB external drive Win 7
Start up
W7 Repair Disk CMD PROMPT ?