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Windows 7 is finally affordable so I'm going to bite the bullet.
Pinning Windows Secrets To Taskbar
Inaccessible Files on external hard drive.
Recent places !
Can I chdir to a shortcut from a Command shell?
Question re: preparing laptop to give to charity.
Undetermined Windows/Media Playing Issues: How to hunt for corrupt system files?
Trouble setting up Home Group
Device is not same device?
Error 2032 when trying to watch ESPN3
Stopping Windows 10 Upgrade
Blocking Win 10 Update
Blocking Windows 10 upgrade by editing the registry
Backing up to a 4 TB external drive Win 7
Start up
W7 Repair Disk CMD PROMPT ?
Very slow boot time on an SSD
Using Windows 7 built in system image backup
KB2901983 (.NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows 7 x64-based Systems)
fixes for "windows repair disc has stopped working" ?
Delete impossible immediately
Best Way To Back Up Main HDD To a Second HDD?
Flash Player keeps disappearing
Today's the day; has anyone updated?
Patch Tuesday created problem with Windows Explorer, USB thumb drive
Re-installing Win 7 on a new drive
Windows 7 update never stops looking for updates and svchost.exe using .......
11/10/15 Patch Tuesday
No more Windows Update notifications
A problem has been detected...
Replacing hard drive
Windows Explorer folder properties
Three or more paths to the log-on prompt
Slow computer fix....
Do I need a Hard drive disk copy, disk image, disk clone, disk backup or recovery disc?
Do I need a Hard drive disk copy, disk image, disk clone, disk backup or recovery disc?
Had to change from POP3 > IMAP W7 & Outlook 2003=PROBLEMS?
A near miss
Internet configuration problem
Starting Windows endless loop
admin privileges
Win7 Install DVD That Includes All Updates?
Stuck in Safe-mode. Operating system will restart under normal or restore on previous good operation
Deskktop and taskbar disappear
Keyboard combination to activate a window
Windows 7 checking for updates stalling
Windows 7 Pro installation failure
Explorer stays always on top
Restore System Image in Win 7
DWM Font smoothing, Offloading to graphics card
Win XP mode in Win 7
Windows update continues to offer the same updates
Windows Update History Gone
Are Windows' drivers accessible for backup?
Uninstall Java - reinstall if necessary
How to change an application's task bar icon?
does anyone have longtime experience with DASHLANE password protection? is it better than Roboform?
Question on two updates, just not sure
Strange Windows Problem Reports
Registry Edits for WU/W10 avoidance
Cannot burn iso images
Scam or Not
Massive SVCHOST CPU Usage - Win 7 SP1
what folders are common...
What folder for data common to all users ?
WU & W10 glitch...
Windows Explorer - Searching by Kind - File type
Utility software to record what is running on your computer.
Anyone else get serviced against their will last evening?
Upgrade W7 without installing W10
Forced upgrade to Windows 10
"show more restore points" - can this be the default setting?
Very old PendingDeletes entries
Hidden Updates re-appear
Are Win Updates safe to install?
OneDrive Just Reinstalled Itself (Win7/64))
BSOD: Error code 0x24 (which scopes as NTFS.SYS related)
sound problem
win 7 SP1 and win 10 upgrade
Western Digital External Hard Drive Partitions
Error Message re. Wrong Version of Windows for File on Floppy Disk
SATA drives not showing in BIOS
Missing dll and Windows 7 reinstall
Windows 7 can't delete file
Printer Installs as 'Unknown Device'
Upgrade to Win 7
Windows Explorer - searching by file type
Printer Access
Windows 7 pop-up tells me that my computer isn't running genuine Windows
Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world....
Web pages do not display properly in any browser unless 'run as administrator'
.NET4 updates vs Microsoft Security Essentials
Windows Update problem
win 7 dns problems
Folder permissions - old mailbox listed
W 7 computer will not boot
Silverlight in Win7 Ultimate 32bit missing from I.E.11
Version change
App to batch resize, not compress, multiple images?
Logging into Account
No Keyboard input....
Automatically Switch User After inactivity
Which forced win10 patches should I avoid?
Windows Security Essentials gets stuck while on full scan
Sub-folders in Windows Explorer Favorites?
Searching date range and file word with Windows Explorer - Windows 7
How to make bootable USB flash drive?
Updates adding megabytes
Font changes for desktop display
Dropdown list not using multiple letters, scroll speed also too fast.
adding date to bottom right taskbar
Sys Restore Pts Vanishing - No Pagefile.sys File
about deleting a partition
Windows 7 Acer 5733 Laptop Insufficent space on drive during recovery
HP laptop SSD replacement problem
Trying to boot up win 7 after power outage.... need advice;
wuaueng.dll taking 50% CPU time
How to Recover my deleted Excel File
Microsoft Win 7 ISO download language
Windows 7 Disc Cleanup problem 2015
Pinning Windows Secrets Site To Taskbar
pc loses focus
No internet access but wifi is connected
Acer Aspire 5253(win 7 home premium) can't install
Win Update disappears from Notification Area
How to stop Window Update from downloading Win 10
Unwanted sounds
Locating a network card and updating the driver
Win 7 Enterprise 64 bit no longer recognizes CF card in USB card reader
Windows 7 is Spying on You
Has anyone used PSEXEC to run CMDKEY?
Repair BITS in W7 SP1
How to create shortcut to Sync with Internet time?
Win Update - Shutdown Button with Caution Shield
non-refreshing icon for desktop shortcuts to folders
KB3071756 Kills Programs - KB3060716 Too!
KB3083324 and others
Slow starting--how to diagnose
Roll back to 7 after 10 upgrade
DCOM Server Process stopped unexpectedly
No response
Suspicious of KB2882822
Windows not displaying tool bars and pop up boxes correctly.
Any alternative to 'Folder View'?
Problems with reading files on an external disk
Failure to configure
Avast "File Reputation Warning" for "am_delta_patch_1.205. ...
hp printer 6520 doesn't print, just spits out a blank sheet
Check Disk
Add/Remove program problem
No Dump Files
Get rid of win 10 update and get win 7 instead
win 7 recent problem
Systems Information saving corrupt msinfo32.nfo files.
W7: Remove W10 update tray icon & Sort updates by #?
Windows 7 - Windows Update History is Gone
PCIe USB3 card conflict with Internet connection
can't boot with acer recovery disc
USB 3.0 ports running at USB 2.0 speed
Windows 7 Explorer looped restart
Two users
Win 7 system does not recognize hard drive, no mbr. How do i restore drive to useable status?
windows 7 ISO file
Windows Update Repeats Updates and Can't FInd New Ones
WMP 12 Skins Not Displaying
How to close a program frozen in place?
Windows 7 Backup and Restore did not complete successfully on its first time setup.
Event Viewer ID 0
win 7 pack 1
Losing Keyboard when awaking W7 (HPx64) from Sleep
Computer stops, Process explorer keeps running
$Windows.~BT question
Need OEM Win 7 iso?
Safe to delete older System Restore points?
Lost Windows Update Icon in System Tray
35 language updates!
Best Multiple Desktops for Win7
Win 7 Recovery disk - Replace with Bootable Recovery USB
windows 7 not keeping backup schedule once computer restarted after shutdown
How do I get a screen res of 960x540 PLEASE?
Windows Update to Win 10
Windows 7 cannot rotate cell phone images properly. Is there a patch?
Win update icon and notification missing when there are updates waiting
Reinstalling an application uses a service without uninstalling first
Group policy on Win 7 pro - can anyone help me?
Moving Download Folder creates two Desktop Folders!
Strange .mp3 problem
Hp laserjet 1100A printer problem under Win7
Date and Time not kept
Why does this happen?
Browsers with Desktop 2.0 virtual desktop utility
Any experience of Logon Scripts - but NOT in a domain?
Getting Rid Of The Get Win 10 Icon In The System Tray
Windows Update Icon gone
Need to change Windows 7 version for Windows 10 upgrade
I decided to stay with Windows 7 on this machine
boot prob after uninstalling kb3035583
WIN7 auto re-size
How do I fix this error?
Windows 7 Pro Upgrade Rejection (reinstallation)
Win7 blocks DTS pass-through?
Odd (?) Search Finds
Product Key Not Accepted On Windows 7
Win 7 non-destructive re-install is not what it used to be
Old wireless password keeps returning
Win7 hanging since I replaced HD -- HD or laptop problem?
I like Windows 7
Unsuccessful Win7 reinstallation from CD (fails to overwrite files)
Driver will not load
HP Business Inkjet Model 2800, C8174A and Windows 7
Want to install & run XP on a SATA type platform
Win 7 Media Center will download guide data but not update the guide
My Windows 7 Ultimate is running too slow ?
More optical drive woes
should I update to win10?
Reserve Win 10 Option In Windows Update
Today's the day; has anyone updated?
Lockdown WiFi choices
Reset Wireless Adapter
Creating additional Libraries
I have a problem with laptop BIOS System?
WIn 7 Restore Disk creator
Button to log into local wi-fi network
If You Are Running Windows 7
Disk Cleanup option to "Clean up system files" is missing
Does Win7 support UEFI?
"Win 7 OEM would like it on two hdd so I can boot from both"
WU failures
Long time opening WiFi connection at startup
On the device and printers screen I have a yellow warning sign next to the computer device.
No grab or minimize points in Win7 Pro screen?
Windows 7 Backup not backing up just selected drive
How to get rid of login options ?
Skype on Windows7
JPEG 2000 Viewer for Win 7?
New Windows 7 load
KB3057839 disappeared from Windows Update
KB2952664 July Update
WIN 7 to WIN 10 questions
Wifi connected but no internet access
suspicious registry entries
Extend C: / Drive Onto A Second Disc
HP OfficeJet Pro L7500 Series Won't Print
Will WIN 10 really wipe out WIN 7?
Uninstall Roxio
What caused pixilated fonts in W7 pro?
accessing core x86.msi
stopping pre-windows boot app
Registry follies
ANY control of Antimalware possible?
Win7 no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall
Similar but not the same WD My Passport problems and Windows 7 as other threads. HELP Please!
Kb2952664 - keeps asking to be installed
Removable drives not recognized
not genuine?
Something running in background
After reinstalling Windows 7, update icon to windows 10 won't show...
windows 7 not starting next scheduled backup once computer restarted after shutdown
Administrator Account Problem
Library = show Files before folders
Automatically deleting outdated files and files with identical file names
Installed icon in Start menu is gone after upgrading
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 install & OneDrive
Rid desktop icon of "shield" overlay.
Windows Repair Disc has stopped working
Headphones Problem
0000009f Crash Redux
Unable to connect to Internet after power outages and other problems
Snippet Software
Zip files in a folder
"dan at" is a spam magnet, what to do
Error 0x80300024 when installing Windows 7
Secuirty and Other Update Repeatedly Fail to Install
Group Policy Preferences
Connected to Router, but not to Internet (even though it is)
Upgrade to W10
In Windows 7 Photo Gallery, how to add a label or caption that shows up on the photo.
BootMgr, where are you....
windows screen will not turn off
Windows 7 will not print locally
Need more RAM in my Windows 7, 64-bit PC
Windows partition manager
Getting rid of W10 nag thing
Right click problem
svchost using CPU
windows 7 boot disk
How Do I Reset Some Stuff In System Information?
Print dialog box slow to open
Word 2010 Copy & Paste Stopped Working
New to Windows: Backup question
How to Remove "Phantom" Printers
Is there a list of updates for Windows 7 SP1 required for upgrading to Windows 10?
kernel-power crash
Security Update KB2585542 Has Failed Dozens of Times. Why?
Why can I not download a file larger than 1.0 GB using my browser?
Win 7 Non Destructive Reinstall Problem
sfc /scannow results
Cannot update a program
Cannot Install Programs from Drive D:\
On startup network adapter slow to start
sfc /scannow repair log
How to return drive MBRs and FATs to their pre-Win7 states
Check mark doesn't see_what to do
Problem with SP1 after a re-install
Can I have win7 reggie see my ATT email client by default ?
Help and Support--How to Disable
Computer crash after 15 seconds
Floppy (diskette) drive continually accessed
windows media player 12
Can't download zip files from an ftp web site
Problem activating the Admin account
Windows 7 Pro "Dirty Install" instructions needed.
Copy/Paste is broken
Fingerprint Reader stops after a few cycles
TPM for Bitlocker, do I not have one?
New SSD ... How do I?
LibreOffice has taken over from Windows Picture Viewer
Symantec PGP encrypted Win7 64-bit not booting
Network connection problems
Can I set up a new raid (1) array on an old computer?
I have problem with toolbar, please help!
Transfer ownership of computer & win 7 SP1
Windows 7 starter iso download
Scanned documents default to locked
HP Support Assistant Issues
Inter-System Folder Security Problem
Windows 7 installed dual boot with WinXP Pro 64bit >> problem
Start Menu: Items previously sorted keep reappearing
Win7 / Ext HD / I/O Error - Drive Asleep
Repetitive Malicious Software Removal Tool download
File access denied problem for an external drive
How do I get XPMode to read from the physical A: drive of the host machine.
USB3 speed theory vs.practice
External back up drive not recognized
Win7 apparently dying by inches
Windows 7 Start-Up problems, ...clean-up?
Artifacts from Welcome/Shut down screen[s] are showing up on Desktop Wallpaper
CD's arent seen in WIN 7 Pro
Random numbers and letters instead of C:\Users\Owner account
Logitech M310 Mouse Double Click Re-visited
What Are The Most Common Complaints With Win 7?
Automatic file copying
Internet connection lost intermittently
.net updates needed?
W7 SP1 offered w/ date of 2/12/15
Cannot move (Taskbar) toolbar onto its own row
Just a weirdness (and maybe a warning)
MS OneDrive mystery
UAC issue
Program changed file extensions, now I can't run .msi files
Cannot delete folder in the C:\Temp
Painfully Slow Data Transfer Rate Using Windows Easy Transfer!
Users and Groups not available
Dell Vista/Win7 licencing upgrade issue. Looking for suggestions.
Why do I periodically lose this Start Menu item?
KB3063917 for MSE failed and now MSE is disabled
Windows updates installed without permission
"Administrator" not working
Replacing old issues in Win7 with upgrade to Win10?
This page canít be displayed Windows 7 64 bit
Myriad of connectivity issues
Error message says "path too long" but it isn't!
Troubles Upgrading to Win7 HP x 64
Typeface changed in W7 pro, how to get it back?
Thinkpad t540p won't recognize iphone 4S
How to open a corrupted Word 10 file
Google Chrome icon !
Adding information to photographs using Windows Live Photo Gallery
Running CHKDSK on a NAS
Win 7 Disk Cleanup, IE11, and KB3021952
W7 HP. SPK1. Want to see preview in large icon
The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open
Windows update scan high memory usage
Shrinking SSD?
How to troubleshoot slow PC performance?
Windows Update error: Code 80244019
How to go back to Windows Live 2009 from Windows Live 2011
windows updates
Windows7 Automated Installation Kit KB3AIK; your experience
System Restore
msconfig not "holding" changes
Machine not shutting down
Add User: Invalid characters in name
W7pro on C; can D-drive be made bootable also?
Unavailable location
Back up disc problem
update problems and other issues
Strange Problem While Installing Win7 HP x 64 Bit
Why do we need the microsoft sql server at its home computer?
How To Get Win7 To Recognize a New Hard Drive?
Can't install any updates, Windows or otherwise
how can Win7 Backup&Restore hide an external drive?
Chinese (Japanese?) Characters Obscuring Tabs
Large new file in C:\Windows
Volume Shadow Copy Service VBS script or utility wanted
USB Keyboard driver disables(?) itself
BSOD w/ minimal install
System Restore will not work
Reconnect USB drives
Desktop partially off screen at 1440x900
per-page image hashes could not be found on the system - dsound.dll
Win7 Nondestructive Reinstall Fails - Need Help Please
ADWCleaner finds a service I can't identify
Folder created, customized, copied, pasted, and loses customization
Windows Update Status "FAILURES" removal?
Multiple Windows updates
Cannot access D-Link router
Windows updates marathon
I have a boot issue
Windows Updates
black desktop problem
Windows Security Center
Losing 3GB of free space every day for a month
Finding printer driver already installed on my system
Newsletter pop-up ad
Windows 7 Backup
New External Drive for Backups
Event viewer 7006
windows 7 premium goes to loadup screen and briefly loads desktop ... then reboots to safe mode
About KB 3035583
massive folders on my drive
New External Hard Drive - Does it require formatting?
Re-installing touchpad driver
Re-installing touchpad driver
Shortcut to Command Prompt with elevated privileges ?
hard drive trashes BIOS
IP Address
Win7 patch killed PC
Windows 7 computer running very slow
New PC freezes during network activity after being on for a while
System Restore does not work
Copying Pictures file from laptop to portable hard drive
Switching off internal drives repeat question
Turning off Internal SATA drive
sound shut off on Windows 7
Why do I get this error message, and how can I fix it?
Win7 64bit locks up
KB2952664 Update Problems
Some questions on a couple of updates
installed win 7 dual boot with XP already installed, can't access Win 7
Need help with USB hub install
Windows taskbar has tripled in height
Multiple "Net" updates installation safe?
Removing IE 11 to IE 10 on Win 7 PC
Device wrongly identified, how to install correct driver
Screen blanks out every 20 minutes
Can't reinstall OneDrive on Win7 machine
Filter the SFC Log File?
User Account, Need to Transfer Settings
Vanishing print jobs (all sources)
WIN 7/Vista Disk Crash No OS disks
Windows Server 2008 has stopped working...
Re-install Windows 7
disk drive will sometimes not autostart
Seeing Strange Explorer issue
How to convert Xp 32 bit Printer driver to Win 7 64bit?
Any way to get more than 26 devices recognized?
WmiPrvSE.exe constantly spiking CPU usage
What is disabling my Services?
I need one more Windows keyboard shortcut. (Snap to forefront / snap to rear.)
Error USBdevice(vid-1f3a-PID-efe8)
Desktop icons missing
Not sure where the printing issue lies.
System Information
Windows Update can't search for updates!
KB3021952 & KB3032359 Repetitive 'Successful' Updates
Win 7 Pro Dell Laptop Will Not Stay Shut down
Image properties, Details and Tags, where is the list data stored?
Copying files WITHOUT compression?
comctl32.dll missing
Vista to Win7 upgrade, data and M$FT Office 2007 especially Outlook emails and address book
Can't Tracert, internet faster
Cannot access shares after PC Cleaner
Need advice on a new HD win 7 install ?
DOS batch file will not run
Don't know what happened to Windows Explorer?
Can't back up system: WMI Writer in failed state
Can I make the "send to" function a "move" rather than a "copy"?
loss of sound
Windows 7 Pro; can pagefile.sys be set to equal RAM or let Windows handle sizing?
System Restore failed
Problems logging on to Windows 7 on a Acer D288 Netbook
Google Update Triggers WinPatrol
ProgramData Microsoft Crypto - can some of these files be safely deleted?
Looking for a W7 Pro 32 bit Laptop w/virtual XP.
Proper command for DISM to clean it up?
Problem in windows experience index ( WEI)
Why isn't DEP on by default when hardware supports it?