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Widely varying boot times
intermittent loss of usb mouse and printer conectivity
I copied my laptop HD to SSD & now I am not running legal windows?
Multiple BSOD's on Windows 7 Pro x64
NIS causing BSODs
Windows 7 Homegroups
Damaged fonts prevent updates to Segoe, IE10 and IE11 - 64 bit Home
Did system restorem now no access to installed files or programs
Media Center video woes
Security Update KB2883150
Problems using sound recorder on windows 7 upgrade:
Desktop Gadgets
taskbar doesn't hide anymore...
Windows Updates section missing from View Installed Updates, Windows 7 Professional
Consumer Cellular website won't load
My external HD drive letter keeps changing
Problem with WMP in Windows 7 (bad path)
old updates not installed
Replace Windows Vista with Windows 7
Toshiba 3TB GPT Partitioned & Fat32
How do I recover crashed .exe file?
Managing pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys on Win 7 laptop with SSD drive
Screen resolution keeps changing
win 7 doesn't provide log on screen?
windows 7 Professional Key for Activation
Administrator can't start or uninstall app
Computer making sounds for unknown reason
Windows 7: delay when keying duplicate characters
Startup error.
Win 7 Failure to Launch after Time
W7 Closing down while in use
Problem: "There was a problem starting" message on boot
Update from IE10 to IE11 fails
System Health Report U/S (report generation tool times out)
Boot error message, need explanation
0x80070001 error during Windows 7 system image.
Google = Blue Controls All Else = Silver ones Huh?
Regarding IE 10 and IE 11
WIFI connects but no Internet using 40mhz?
Access Data
Recovery options
Remove access to applications in workgroup environment
Problem installing a updated program
Computer constantly drops Wi-Fi connection
cannot start windows firewall in windows 7
Windows 7 Speed of Search Results
What Bios will allow Win 7 (not just Win8)?
Network adapter settings not saved after changing
Windows 7 Patches
Lost Icons
Cannot access Windows Defender
Replacing HD on Windows 7
Fresh Install on Second Hard Drive
On/Off Internet
Vanishing Jump List
Windows Explorer opening screen choice.
OK to install Microsoft Works Suite 2003 on my new computer?
BIG problem with Windows7 PRO
Default email problem in Windows 7
flash player stops unless I keep moving the mouse
Win Update gone mad
Missing search feature.
Antivirus and boot times.
appearance of new update, KB 2868725
High cpu usage
Update failure, I think
New Windows 7 computer not displaying graphics on websites
USB 3.0 question
What about the following patches: 2847311, 2855844, 2862330, 2862335,
Where is this update from
elxe.exe runs on startup - what is it?
Good security program
How to get rid of "Compressed (zipped) Folders" popup?
win 7 faxing
Windows 7 XP Mode
Adobe Reader alternative PDF viewer_2things
File association
Group By Date Issue
Network/Internet connectivity and System Create/Restore from System image
How do I get to Windows Explorer?
Disk Cleanup.
Windows 7 not responding (x64 and x32)
Alert: KB2884256
Windows 7 Updates
October's Black (Patch) Tuesday's kernel updates finally installed
Unusual CDROM Problem
Unknown New Update Message Box
PDF printout garbled
Is it Windows 7 or is it WIndows Vista?
Explorer.exe problems on Win 7 Home laptop
Picture file fouled up
Kb2864058 ms13-083
Is there a all/favor of win7 to install ?
Media Player Home Cinema displaying Date/Time on Panasonic Videos
Files Properties table listing_utility
Issues with BSOD - :(
Trouble viewing Devices and Printers
Moving/upgrading HDD
Win7ult_64 memory amount after reboot
Windows 7 search doesn’t find text strings
Windows 7 Professional AutoPlay & External Hard Drives
WINDOWS 8.0/8.1 Won't Boot/'Drive Locked' ? - Before doing anything drastic like format and re-inst
W7 only partially recognizes external HDD; Win. Explorer will, Win. Backup won't
Install XP on a virtual machine
Not a 'system builder'—can I install from OEM disk?
NET Framework update, may be an issue?
Problems starting Windows-7 using SSD Hard Disk
SFC Scannow caused a problem
windows explorer crashes; mp3 files create jpgs of themselves
Adding an SSD to a DIY desktop - SO MANY Questions !!! Help ? !!
Corrupt Windows files
Query re. Windows Logon image
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
Multiple connections of remote desktop
XP to Win 7 question 2
Keyboard messed up - function keys don't work...
Win7 Laptop won't find Backup destination drive
Cannot remove Win7 SP1
Keyboard hangs processes
Please help
External usb hard drive shows as device, not as a drive
Win 7 Home 64-bit
Hard Disk Sentinel
Dark Screen Mystery
Duplicate folder
Spontaneous hibernate/sleep win 7 Part the second
Windows 7 registry recovery program
Windows 7 unwanted driver - achernar.sys
Adobe password spoof?
Win 7 Stops Recognizing Password
Moving Libraries to a new drive
error 0x8000ffff in System Restore
Slow Motion Dual-Boot Menu W8 / W7
"Get Updates for other Microsoft products" gone"
Old Dos
Windows Updates cause BSOD
Move programs (not data) from win 7 machine to new win 7 machine
Windows 7 Non Destructive Reinstall Problem
Something new (to me) with Windows Update failures
Error code 80070643 - NOT .net issue
XP to Win 7 question
Mapped drive keeps dropping issue
Irritating NO Responding on brand new Asus X101CH-WHI078S
deleting patch installation files
Service Pack 1 installation
Desktop icons not responding
Mapped Network Drive keeps multiplying - Windows 7 Pro [64bit]
How to prevent windows from shutting down without saving a document
Macrium Reflect free says disk in use
Problem with Win7 permissions
i cant copy and paste
3 TB drive limited to 2TB -- solved it myself.
Windows Explorer in Windows 7---did I create this problem?
Slow Boot--what about these startup items>
A problem in the Documents library
How do I restore Win 7 system image to D: drive
8.3 format?
Volume control freezes shutdown
backup help needed
DirectoryNow! Win65 utility, on Win7sp1
Problem with a 3TB drive
Installing Update #11 of 137 -- for 7 hours so far.
brother DCP110c
A folder named 68554f6ad955cc6428?
Getting a vlaidation code from GenuineCheck
Boot tab sysconfig
New PC randomly restarts with 'Memory Management' message on BSOD
Laptop Dual Monitor Docking Station Issue
Drive incorrectly identified in BIOS-missing files
Win7, explorer.exe, multiple instances
Spontaneous hibernate/sleep win 7
Administrator vs standard user when browsing with MSIE and Firefox
Flash drive problem
Internet Explorer 10 and Facebook
Desktop problems
Conhost.exe where did it go???
Naming a file extension
CMD 'batch file' no longer performs in Win7 Ultimate (32bit)
Backing up emails etc.
How to use themes created in XP, in Windows 7?
restoring backup
Windows activation issue
Eliminate Fingerprint Logon?
Boot times
New computer - software question
Attempts to Install Applications Trigger Insufficient Error Messages
Can't get past SP-! to reinstall Win 7
Read-Only Attribute Changes Erratically
Maximum Motherboard support for cumulative hard drive capacities
How Can Windows Media Player Make a Music Track Disappear?
MSE showing error code 0x80070564 and system is unresponsive???
Issues foillowing reinstall of Win 7 (Directx, Hardware acceleration)
Get files back
Searching a Windows 7 folder for documents that contain the copyright symbol
Pin to Internet Explorer
copying windows disk
Move Win 7 boot disk to newer hardware
Laptop won't boot: "No bootable device"
Icon question
Update listed as Optional and as Recommended
Dynamic volumes?
NirSoft's FileTypesMan
Win7 Puzzling Tiles vs Tabs
Warning and Error event for Kernel
Windows Update Problem
Windows 7 Ultimate "Not Genuine" After Windows Update 10 Sep 2013
Windows Mail?
Fast window appearance upon Win7 boot
Office 2007 security updates
DCOM issue?
start driver issue
Microsoft Update Search
Windows update etc
Update problem.
Beware Sep2013 patch 2868116
FTP URL problem
recovering data from corrupted drive
~ msvfw32.dll is missing from your computer ~
Stray DRiveletter
Printer Driver in XP Mode?
Corrupt Inbox Games Files
trouble printing in Win 7
Win 7 IE won't allow dowload of mozilla firefox.
Windows ignores wireless mouse
Lost Folder from Notification Area
Logging off problem
Windows script host can not find file (removed virus / trojan)
Windows 7 service pack 1 crashes! I need help fast!
How to fix changes to my operating system
Upgrading Windows versions
Rebuild BCD Fails
Problem with PDF icon
Desktop problem on restart
Windows update not working in XP Mode on Win 7 Pro, 64bit
C++ won't install
Acrobat Reader Image
Help to install XP mode in win7pro
EasyBCD and a re-install of one of the O/S's
Window Size
Copy & Paste
Windows 7 "Auto Crash"
Non-destructive install fails with error OXC0000005
Strange Internet Connectivity Problem in Win7(64) & Win XP Dual-boot
startup items all open windows
Empty folders on backup flash drives
Windows 7 Updates
HP netbook slow to boot
Windows Scripting Host (WSH)
Windows 7 default monitor size display
Old game only runs in 32-bit Windows--what to do?
Simplified MS OFFICE 2013 Printer Dialogs
Item deleted in a folder still shows
Printers disappear in Win 7 Home Premium
Question about virtual memory
Flash Drive
Posting problem on WSL; Switching to XP Printer Dialogs
Printing from iphone 5 to epson wf-3520
Unresolvable error
It's too slow
windows update history has disappeared
Installation conundrum
Windows Explorer Navigation Pane
Windows Update and Ms. Bradley's Patch Watch
Windows Homegroup problems with file sharing
Setting Default Folder
Windows update problems
Failed Windows Updates
Lock out, No solution
Windows 7 image / usb boot key
Corrupted Task Scheduler
Windows adds items to Favorites
corrupted files
Missing performance monitors in Windows 7
Blurry text
Reinstall windows 7 pro does not delete current programs
AMD driver stops responding
Delete or Update/Edit Contact in Live Mail
Keyboard loses power during Boot Sequence
Is it a Windows problem or an Apple problem?
Some help needed
Western Digital MyBook external format problem
Windows 7 indexing no longer complete
Windows XP Mode in Windows 7
Windows 7 Shared Folders
HP ProBook 4540s
Application Installer
Appearance problem
Memory leak
How To Get Programs To Run At Startup
USB audio input device won't start
Restricting Folder Permissions
Slow system
(Key) PROBLEMS when booting (occasional & spasmodic)
Evoluent 4 mouse causes pages to flutter as they open or close
Save Desktop
Little opaque labels that don't go away
Reinstalling Windows 7 from HDD
Win 7 64 bit won't sleep no matter what I say...
Windows 7 Lenove M92 Desktops Freezing -Trigger & Cause needed
Make a DOS program work in Windows 7
System image restore question
Windows/Temp folder is huge(80gb)
IGFXTRAY.EXE - Windows cannot find
Hibernation Menu
Uninstall Deepburner
VLC as default for CD's
How to change/find Windows log-in
junk left in registry by Hercules webcam uninstall
Dual boot win 7 XP
Connecting to a projector
program sounds gone
Will in-place reinstall return permissions to default?
You Tube playback sticks part way thru video
Clean build Win 7 on laptop with factory install?
W 7 64 bit
Migration to SSD
Remove update which does NOT appear in Installed Updates?
Windows 7 Crash Question: Right answer gets Twitter Verified Acct Promo/Shoutout
reinstall windows 7 starter
Windows 7 unable to change system fonts
Sharp drop in network speed on multi-hop SOHO - Win 7 64 bit
Weird ethernet port behavior Vaio I5 laptop
Computer Management issue
Keep or Remove Akamai NetSession Interface?
renaming folder at top drive level
hyperlinks not working in IE
Mysterious web slowdown
.NET 4 Update install failures
What's slowing me down now?
What can change a service's startup type???
security update KB 2808679, security update for Windows 7
How to make myself administrator in 'used' PC
Windows Installer Package problem
KB2835361 install problems
Dialog box follows mouse cursor around screen
Can no longer display HTML in any browser
W7 Upgrade from Custom XP
Elevating Windows Explorer... or maybe not
Strange occurrence with Windows Update
Intermittant hourglass when no programs running Win 7
My c>users>name, folder is locked, why or how I don't know, help.
Power Options change after Windows Update
GPConfigUI issue, after restore
Same problem
media player no longer updates album information
Windows Explorer - change in behaviour
shortcut icon behaviour
Adding or/and using a printer in Windows XP mode
Can't un-install Service Pack 1 (KB976932)
Cable Modem Access
auto boot.
IE9 recognization error
problems loading /printing pdf pages
Win 7 Pro 64 bit enters recovery mode on restart but works after shut down
Batch file can't access USB drive
Windows Live essentials screwed up my laptop
The Instruction At....Referenced Memory At...
Controlling Vars from batch files
Win7 does not recognize dvd/cd burner/rom
boot repair does not work
Assigning a letter to a flash drive
All New Folders Zipped
Removing a program
Aero and Browser Themes
Merry Christmas
Problems with Win 7 PC
How to partition an existing disk in Win7 Pro 64-bit?
Need UBCD511.iso
Java Exploit Virus
explorer preview slow
Update now missing?
Password protect folders
Task scheduler/corrupt?
Remember A and B drives
Question before I upgrade my hardware
Problem with Windows 7
I want to install XP backup into new win7 pc as dual boot?
Saving Documents
Windows Explorer issues
Express Settings
Network Discovery
Can't edit shortcut target path
NEC USB 3.0 Host Controller Utility Program 2.x (and others)
Unresponsive power management settings
Folder View
Lost Win 7 admin password
Comodo Firewall 6.2 corrupting Win 7 x64
Folder Navigation
Recycle Bin - how do I find it and other probems??
Windows Explorer details view, column headings missing
A very very slow netbook
Question about system sound levels
Can't find Gadgets
MSE updates
Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?
Admin Privilege to save hosts file
Losing SSD drivers
Display resolution mysteriously drops from 1920 x 1200 to 640 x 480
Is it Windows or my PC?
Google Earth
one old program doesn't recognise RAM
Backup looks for nonexistant folder
Slow Hard Drive performance after upgrading from 2TB to 3TB
Printer Drop down lists--how to make current?
Lost ability to make new folders
Auto-connecting to mapped drives
No 'print' option in notepad win7 hm prem
Device not working properly.
Problem loading Win 7 on a SATA 3 drive in AHCI mode
Requesting help with a windows 7 issue, if you please?
Very, Very Confused clone/image
Win7 suddenly got very slow.
Windows 7 Black Screen of Death
Acronis True image monitor
Windows 7 SP1 cuts out after varying periods
Reinstall of Windows 7
Black Screen of Death
Irritating unallocated Space
How to reinstall Win XP
D. Thrasher
Curious problem with system time
Blue screen almost every day
Homegroup Passwords
Strange behavior from a browser link
Multiple Applications Start Spontaneously When Computer Unattended
Monitor Driver
Startup Folder
External drive contents show the C: drive contents
Could not connect to a network
Google Search Problem
"Could not find this item" in Windows Explorer
need to update audio drivers. Went to Dell need more than audio updated.
Intermittant freezes while running (not a start-up issue)
W7 backup query
Can't find "command line"
Can't alter service start settings.
Update on "Windows 7 Block Pan-and-Scan Virtual Desktop"
Upgrade Win7 Home Premiun to Ultimate - questions
Disk view
Help removing anything Apple from win7 ?
Mass Edit of shortcuts
Need help modifying "Indexing Options"
Computer connected to router but not internet
Deleting an item entry in Programs and Features
Win 7 Printer Dev Driver Issue
Is there any way to save XP OE6 mail to win7
Hidden Files in Music Folders
KB2656351 Dot Net on a Rampage!
Can't create new folders
DWORD 32-bit or 64-bit?
Want to access protected files via CMD prompt due to startup failure
Which Intel RST driver to use?
Win7 Home to professional
POPUP Menu in Top Left Corner??
How to shorten folder Column widths?
Removing Windows Update downloads
BSOD while gaming, need some help please
Safe Mode
MSE playing silly wotnots
Startup Folder Item Won't Start With Windows
Windows Movie Maker Problems
w7 home/pro--when to defrag
Create New Directory - Gone!
Syncing Computers on a Wireless Network
Mouse Hover
Microsoft updates again?
Cannot Backup Win7/64 due to missing file 0x80070002
Window Firewall Stops LAN / Homegroup working
Win7 upgrade problem
Missing Microsoft Windows section from Uninstall an update tool
Paranormal Service Pack
Managing file types in Windows 7
Win7 installation problems
Missing Icons
removing bootup password
old laptop hangs for no apparent reason
Recycle bin keeps emptying itself despite settings
Do I need these MS updates?
Very strange Windows Firewall Behavior
Win 7 - print spooler will not start automatically
SavingWondows Explorer settings (W7, Home Premium, SP1)
Network Discovery and File Sharing are turned off in Windows 7
Another BSOD
Security update for .NET Framework 3.5.1
Simple Question - Thumb Drives, etc.
W7 limitation regarding desktop shortcuts?
windows explorer very slow green ribbon
>.NET Framework 4 Updates, Crazy Results!
Windows 7 File Backup does not restore folder contents
Internet traffic generated by Windows 7
Help! System Recovery fail?