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Disk Management doesn't load
desktop shortcuts
Telnet server configuration
Task bar and start button freeze on Windows 7
windows profile
Dual boot or vmd of win7x86 on winx64 64 system to run legacy scanner?
Backing/restoring up a multi-boot system
[Username] folder questions
Uninstall from control panel does not work
Sorting out random BSOD
Performance issue- Slow resume from Standby
win 7 OS smaller than SSD capacity
Hot Swapping via Rosewill tray_AHCI issue
How do I get a toolbar to reappear on the desktop on Windows 7?
locate a share name's assignment
Mapping a drive letter doesn't work
Adobe Flash Player and Win7
How to change compressed files color?I
Need Help PLEASE --- how to uninstall ie10 and kb2670838
Login name change
SFC Command
Can't write to SDHC cards ("write protected" error)
stop W7 bugging me about "downloading & installing Win Defender"
Admin account disabled: how to restore it?
Win 7 Reserved Partition space problem re Windows Backup
Backing up / Restoring a multi-boot system
Windows explorer problem
How to make Windows Explorer copy files to an "admin only" directory?
BSOD on startup
New W7 pro PC, how to use my old scanner in XP mode?
Net Send replacement needed
Net Send replacement needed
How to delete/reset a keyboard shortcut
Where are background color settings?
Windows 7 search box/vanishing results??
Windows 7 partition and VMware
Powering down quesions.
System restore for system reserved partition?
Weird partition data
Extending a hard drive to a new drive
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BSOD at boot time, Code=F4/03, no minidump: failing CPU?
The problem is not the problem...
Windows Update files Location
Remove Boot Options
Windows Easy Transfer
Upgrade CPU or Motherboard?
Set Default Email Program
Missing 1 GB of Memory
Missing 1 GB of Memory
Problems Restoring from Ext HD after Major System Repair
need help w/something like "red X's"
Switch user problem
Boot up time
HP DV6 Win 7 BIOS warning
Collapsing Explorer command line
Unable to Leave Homegroup W7
Unable to get Aero features
Fone/online Validation, refurbished Optiplex 755, OEM 7-64bit?
Better search program for file sizes
Questions after a clean reinstall of WIN7
Build 7601 - not genuine?
Black screen.
Wamp server
Task manager has disappeared in Win 7
Putting 'Snips' into MS Word document
Microsoft urges Windows 7 users to uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' patch
Can I remove the 'Recent' folder from Windows Explorer?
** An App/Software that Notifies you automatically when Processors have ope
Windows 7 themes
Error message when moving files: "File is locked by another process"
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit: Right Click Menus Missing
Win 7 VM failed; how to recover?
Upgrade to Windows 7
Installing 32-bit software on a Windows7-64 PC
booting from Windows Defender bootable offline tool
Does anyone here know where a Windows 7 installation disc can be purchased?
Windows 7 - IE8 Crash - Exception code: 0xc0000005
Indexing hogs disk resources on startup
BSOD EveryDay Minidump inside help plz
Switch Users instead of Locked after 3 minutes
Adding data to documents in W7
Saving and restoring shares
Printing a web page causes IE9 to crash
Bug in IE10?
Auslogics vs. CCleaner - which one is better at detecting problems?
Desktop Icon Save and Restore-compatible in Win 7/IE-10/64 bit?
How to get Microsoft Money back
Get XP-Mode working after restoring Windows 7 system drive image
Windows Display Background Issue
How to boot from a flash drive on HP ProBook
Can someone help with a minidump?
Missing processor cycles.
Gateway laptop keyboard quits accepting input
install Win7 in Mac
Volsnap 14 Error
USB devices in VMware player
Error 0x80004005 Installation Woes
Why does Internet Explorer Security Level change automatically?
Office rofessional trial over but cannot remove to instal HOME AND Student
Resolving Gdiplus.dll issues and disappearance
Better manager for services?
Windows Live Mail calendar and contacts missing
Really need help on Win 7 32 boot issue
Random Blue Screen
Windows 7 Crashed - Keeps on getting stuck in Repair System
Another problem with non-destructive reinstall of Win7
How do I remove items from the restore point list in Backup and Restore
Downloading Speed.
Slow upload speed
I don't like the way text documents look on my monitor with Win 7
windows 7 . wifi problem. microsoft virtual adaptor not working.
C: Drive Free Space Low but 2 reports differ.Why?
Downloads don't work
Whatís the easiest way to transfer XP OE email to Windows 7?
Update to SP1
Windows Media Player popping/skips in Win 7 after adding library location
Re-posted: Question about Win 7 folder icons
Unable to Rename or Delete File/Folder With Long Filename
Ie 10
Recovery Disc Fails to Restore an Image - Why? And How Do I Fix This?
CD won't write
Windows Update Error - 80073712 (For Over A Year!)
switch from win8 to win7
Windows Explorer display or alternative - see all folders
Windows Update problem
Catalyst full screen
Are Closed Ports a security risk?
Disable some hotkeys in Win 7 Home Premium?
need help with: file not found Start
Solitaire Problem
Does the Win7 Registry include sensitive information (e.g., passwords)?
Reserving Drive Letters for SDHC cards
Cannot Play Music CD Using Windows Media Player - Major Concern
right-click blues
Windows 7 random lock up
Need help for freezing mouse
Catalyst Control Center
Non Destructive Reinstall Problem
Windows 7 Advanced Firewall found to be on after reboot - sometimes
Folder View question, Win 7
Windows 7 won't install - says driver missing
Why does this happen with System Restore?
Windows Easy Transfer
Same type drives, different icons
Unable to format external hard drive
Lost Windows Installer
Should I convert my ext. HD from Fat32 to NTFS
Couple of more questions re. MSCONFIG and Environment Variables
Fixing DxO Optics Pro Hangs In Process Mode
Cursor and NumLock
HD Life
Ie 10 broken
KB2775511 Hotfix Rollup has 90 hotfixes
Get rid of this block
Windows boots only os 2nd, 3rd, 4th try
How to remove the protected pdf files
Fax tone during phone calls ? (Avanquest Phone Tools)
Corrupted svchost.exe with winrscmde malware/virus
I hosed winsxs
Error Message - Explorer.EXE does not have a program associated with it
Adding a file to the task bar in Win 7
Program not printing
Delete OEM Partition
Win7 Speech to Text - seems to work, but only inserts a few words
Win 7 Backup
No Sound
Windows security Box
error 0x81000037
Setting up a homegroup
ALL install attempts fail
Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 now globally available
Creating Virtual folder objects
Register OEM version of Win7
Unknown folder
Windows 7, Dell Optiplex 320, and Wake-on-LAN
W.E. stopped working error: APPCRASH
Notification Area Icons.
Windows 7 starts by itself when connected to ethernet cable
External hard drives and card reader not found
How do you set up a program to autostart?
intel(r) active manaement technology- sol(Com3)
BSODs, BC code varies, code 1e, a, and others
IE 10 For Windows 7 Favorites
Adding libraries to Start Menu Right Side
Security Essentials says EVRYTING is corrupted
Recover to out-of-box state for Toshiba C650 Laptop
Lost access to my VMWare Player virtual machine
Internet Explorer has stopped working! (After Windows Update)
Create a task based on battery level
Win 7 Ultimate-without SP1 and no backup disk
Wireless Modem / Router Settings
Win 7 OEM Disk for HP Computer
Disable Windows Defender
Power options...
Running Out of Letters
Annoying Problem: Possibble Conflict between IE9 and Win Explorer
default printer changes
Win 7 installation
plug & play service windows 7
MS Internet Explorer 10 breaks some site logins
Boot problem (only boots in safe mode)
How do I change the color of selected or highlighted items in the display?
MSIE 10 pre-release upgrade-pushed to release seemed to nuke system store
cannot unlock task bar or make changes in Start menu properties
Real Player unsafe??
Searching entire Win7 drive using indexing
Official IE10 release on Win 7 BSOD's
Does Win 7 Power Options control external hard drives?
How do I change user accounts? Can't create new user
PC Won't Go To Sleep If I Haven't Rebooted in a While
How to add to right click "Send to"
Win Media Player can't delete or find playlist
Want older version of PhotoGallery
a long story of disappearing drive, in short: help needed!
BSOD on 6 Win7 Pro Lenovo PC's
XP Virtual errors: Could not enable integration features
Strange behavior win 7 pro
Can I hide a network drive icon without disconnecting?
No disk in drive D:
Windows 7 dual boot to Windows 8, using Win. 8 upgrade
Missing RWLock.gtl
Recovery: experts needed
Windows 7 Not Genuine Copy
Win 7 back-up failure on shadow copy
Searching file content
Can anyone help me uninstall SysRestore?
Windows7 Libraries Chaos
Is deleting a user account effective way to clean a PC for sale?
Problem with network sharing, Win 7 and XP
ASUS SoundMAX 5.1 Surround Problem
Why do I have dozens of UUID files in my root directory & can I delete them
Is it possible to temporarily disconnect a network printer?
Oddness - system becomes slow
Odd occurrence with missing files
How to install old scanner on Win7 machine?
What is this partition for?
Windows 7: A task regularly removes icons on desktop
No splash screen
After sleep icons on desktop moved
Can This Be Done?
Black screen when closing IE9 or installing a program
Reminder original Win 7 RTM end of support April 9, 2013
pc syncing
Adobe Flashplayer lockup
Hidden Menus Accessed by Alt Key
Win7 No reformat nondestructive install - SP1 will not uninstall???
Windows 7: how to determine if the page file is fragmented
Surface Test Of USB Connected External Hard Drive
Don't want to speed up browsing by disabling add-ons I put them there!
Windows Movie Maker dropping recorded subtitles
Slow moving of files on same drive with W7
x86 AND x64?
Seek Advice for Complicated Upgrade to Win7 Home Premium
New Win 7 user has some questions
Removing library view
Drive Is Now Raw
Downloads Folder Issue
Irritating Ms Visual C++ Runtime Error
Intermittant brief buzz when streaming video
PC to TV question
BOOTMAGR is missing - Canít boot up
Inconsistent folder permissions
Using external monitor in conjunction with laptop: must resolutions match?
Hidden system folders
Slot drive problem when trying to restore a system image
Windows 7 - Indexing Problem
Moving Data Off C Drives
Window Focus
Network access
Window 7 not geniune,help please
Location of Windows Updates Uninstall files?
Win 7 backup
Listing refresh not working?!
Updating VLC Media Player Caused Comp Problems
problems with kb2786081
User account housekeeping
Desktop wallpaper from an Microsoft word document
Extending a logical drive by using un allocated space.
A Different Nondestructive Reinstall problem
Newbie (to Windows 7) question.
Can't shut down, sleep or restart
HomeGroup Password
List of Windows Updates to avoid
windows 7 professional not sharing with windows home premium
Cannot highlight text in any program
My Desktop is gone
Connecting Computer to HD Television
Windows Explorer
Will Win8 fix this the easy way?
Computer shuts down
Extra Folders Created On C Drive After Non Destructive Reinstall
Play count in WMP playlist.
Can I override the default browser for a single shortcut?
January 2013 .Net updates - problems installing on Vaio laptop with Win 7
Win7 32bitAPI ExitThread/ExitProcess crash -2147483645/7FFFFFFDh w/INT3
Require password on wake-up
Internal or External Hard Drive for Backup
Where does MS put the update entries from Windows Update?
Windows 7 Update History Listing by Number
Plustek 3600 Scanner
Trying to copy a file from one external disk to another you need permission
SpinRite won't run on win7-64
Desktop Shortcut Creation Problem
Maddening BSoD problem
COM Surrogate has stopped working
Turn Off Mouse
Acess denied
How to clean drives
Home Group Provider Service.
I need a program to remember text strings
Access Denied Setting Internet Time
Windows 7 System Image Restore
Errors in WMI Control Module
Trimming Fonts
what is formatter.log file?
Problem resizing partition C
Win7's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Reinstall
Seeing Task Host Window message and slowed shutdown
Windows shutdown problem
Opening a disk
Ordinal 491 missing from DLL library. Urlmon.dll
Logon two-step
Autohide isn't working on the primary monitor; using two.
Custom installation: item selection?
Stuck trying to Use System Restore
Can't access backup
Windows Explorer "Play" Option
Multimedia keyboard scan codes on WIN7
AOL or Windows NOT allowing me to open some .pdf files. why? HELP !!!
W7 Pro support USB3?
Weird Trackpad Problem
Weird picture / permissions / ??? problem
USB issue Windows7Ult64bit_HPxw4400
W7 Pro 64 shutdown/sleep issues
Can you bypass the normal startup routines?
Image Capture is Too Narrow?
XP mode integration issue
Don't know how to back up new computer
Win 7 home Premium Why can't I update Defender
I want extra cursors
Using Sandboxie to "sandbox" gadgets - is it possible?
I'm wanting to buy a 10" tablet running window7
Win7 system imaging ridiculously slow
Administrative Events error
Laptop won't reconnect automatically to hidden SSID
Mass-changes to a variable
Trouble reading Window icons
Win7 MS Office 2007 Cut/Paste Fails
EaseUs Partition Manager-Window Size Problem
Win7 Desktop stuck in stretch mode
Need free exe or icon editor program.
Dual Boot XP and 7
Vista upgrading to Win 7 - can I make a slipstream disc after the upgrade?
Windows restarts overnight on its own every 10-15 days
New SATA3 Drive
New SSD not assigned a drive letter
VirtualBox and Virtual XP mode--very simple questions
Inititialization Of RSS Feed Support Failed.
Trusted Certificates - how do you know?
User Accounts-UpdatusUser & UpdatusUser.Roy-PC
create logical printers?
Embedded Product key?
Cant get Devices and Printer to load
Run in background
Color quality differs between W7 & XP virtual mode.
Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant
Scanning Generalized
Windows 7 keyboard drivers?
Can't access Windows Update
System Image Backup fails
Folders and Files in Win 7
Unable to send link or page
Phoenix BIOS boot sequence problem
Schannel Error??
print driver to cvs
Win7 how to display military time and seconds in a DIR command?
Windows 7 slow login (after normal boot)
Windows Update losing update history
Still no restore-points, nor back-ups (and hours of waiting)
Help - Windows Explorer error
Windows 7 wireless and other problems
Restore didn't get most recent files
group sending of emails in live mail
XP to Windows 7 transition
Slow file loading in Explorer
Locked out of XP virtual login in W7 pro
Activated Win7 No Longer Activated
Internet activity
Win7 Language Bar - Not Opening
Search for date specific files.
Battery icon.
System Administrator
How To Recover Files?
System image cannot be saved on this location
Windows &, any way to reinstall nondestructively
Multi-boot Win7 with Win8RP on VHD mounted on external USB drive
Regurgitated Print Files cannot be installed on my SSD
Can't RPC into Win7 Pro when wireless, but can when wired?
Potentially Dead Laptop Drive? Revivable? Data?
Enable History in the Task Scheduler
Drive Symbols in MyComputer
Screen blanker depends on cursor position - can it be fixed?
Mouse "stuttering"
Files lost and found!
Administrator account cannot access all files/folders
Windows 7 Loses Mapped Drive After Sleep
Dual booting an image of a Win7 partition - problems encountered
Unable to connect to internet after Windows 7 update Dec. 2012
Win7 ICACLS redirected output and NOTEPAD don't play well together
Too Much Security in MS Office 2010
Cleaning OS from old C: drive that now only serves data
Need a Utility to remember a text string ...
Event Dates are all the 12th
Install Windows 7Pro from USB to new SSD
Could not reconnect all network drives message
Issues with fixed window sizes
This dialog in Kanji (I presume) appeared on my desktop. What is it?
Rebuild desktop icons?
Puzzling laptop screen resolution problem
Advice on recovering deleted data?
How do I add a program to the right-click New menu in Windows 7?
MSE Fails tests?
Using DVD drive causes infinte series of reboots
"Problem ejecting USB mass storage device" (or so says Win7)
Assign Share to local Library
KB2592687 Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 update for Windows 7 SP1
To Susan Bradley-- update question
migratingWin 7 32 bit to 64 bit
Explorer can't move files to external hard drive
Maximize Windows
Windows 8 to Windows 7
Program stuck in taskbar
hp c309a printer causing general protection fault
Win7 update patches to avoid installing?
Default Folder??? Installing Eudora on Window 7 32Bit
my wireless connection stops responding after 30 mins of browsing.
After REPAIR INSTALL - Unable to do a Backup or keeping a Restore Point
Windows Backup Failing
Problem stumping me and manufacturer
New Folder
Win7 scrambled ENTIRE external drive somehow
Bluetooth Mouse Connection
Desktop wallpaper program keeps reinstalling at every startup.
installing 7 on ausu windows 8 laptop with uefi locked to 8
System Volume Information is "really" missing - cannot do System Restore
missing driver for USB 3.0 card
Restore image to new SSD?
Win7 drops dialup Internet connection after Fast User Switch
Making desktop web shortcuts display the website's icon
System Restore
Balloon notification keeps appearing
KB2565063 Security Update for Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redist
Disc burning
Upgrading Be Careful
Uninstall a program not listed in Windows 7 program list
IE9 not working any more
How to format a HD with Win 7 installed on it?
Adding programs to Startup
Need help understanding processing speed tests
Win 7 Briefcase
Command line execution of windows programs
Windows Themes
Possible problem with updates
Backups exist, but not available through 'previous version' tab
Sticky Notes Windows 7 - Keep them open on desktop
Windows 7 hung while installing updates
Windows 7 XP Mode and database server
Balloon keeps popping up
PowerPoint music stops in playback after 15-20 seconds
Delete folder
Windows Media Player - Library Update
Win 7 in loop while installing some of latest updates
File Manager opening at startup
"Additional login information may be required..."
Total size of folders
No restorepoints No back-ups (and hours of waiting)
Make a new user.. then clone it to make 2 copies
Windows Live Photo Gallery creates unwanted Photo Library
Windows Fax and Scan/Windows 7
Windows 7 install
Documents & Settings folder in Win 7
Win 7 & Frontpage 2002
Win 7 Networking
Auto-start from Sleep Mode
Win7 Updates; Which Ones Do I Want?
How to to protect a stick with a password
Anyone know the implications of "FOR DISTRIBUTION IN US ONLY" - in the UK?