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Who would say it - Windows does defrag SSDs
Drivers update crashes Windows 8.1 on Toshiba laptop
Apps slow to load with new computer win 8.1
External USB-3.0 Drive partition conundrum
Win 8.1 Reconfiguring Inoperable Hardware devices
Hidden Partitions
Failed security updates
Installing 8.1 on Win7 PC (special crcumstances)
Win 8.1 does not see external drives (sometimes)
8.1 RT ''you cant install anything on it''?
Cannot open zip files
Narrator's navigation not accessible
epson wifi printer problem
New Update [KB3000850]
get Windows 8.1 genuine download
Hp Envy Recline refuses to start screensaver and power settings do not work.
KB2995388 (and 2 others)
DPC Watchdog Violation
Windows 8.1 and conflicting software
Syncing Problems?
one drive
F8 key
8.1 update
The UAC feature and classic access
MSI problem
Disable numeric sorting in File Explorer
CRC Error - 'Copy\Move shortcut' in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Acer RAM
POP3 email for Win8.1
Hiding the Administrators accounts to the Sign-In screen
Monitoring variable(s)
New to Windows 8
sky drive now one drive
Task bar notification area icons
update failure
Unremovable Pop-UPs
Reset all user permissions to default in Windows 8.1?
Adjusting taskbar
Adobe flash
Can't download and run apps from Windows store
Password reset Win 8.1
pc broke after inserting usb
network monitor
How to setup/use SSL Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 Admin account
Windows script host access disabled
Trouble running YouTube on Win8
SNAP.DO hijacked my Google browser
Cannot deactivate Charms Bar!
How Much Security is Too Much?
Updating Win 8 to 8.1
brand new win 8.0 wont work at all
Audio Problems, (System Sounds OK, apps have no sound)
How to run a dos/batch file
Unable to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1
Local v MS accounts
Outlook RT
Need Some Key Basic Tests For A Win 8 Laptop
Win 8 Laptop Not Making Any Sound -- Device seems fine
help - how do i update directly to win8.1 on a fresh installed win8.0?
Robocopy and same directory
Adding a user to Microsoft Office
Forced Upgrade from Windows 8.0 to 8.1
VirtualBox install
Change the volume image flags values
boot from USB drive with windows 8 how safe
Set Default Folder when opening Files
Win 10 Trial
Changing the name and description of the volume images
Lost of downloading speed with IDM
Windows update KB2973351
Windows 8.1 October Rollup KB2995388 Affects VMware
windows download upgrade from store, location of download
windows 8 and dual boot with XP or 2000
Randomly Jumping Cursor
Format problem
Win 8.1 update disabled USB 3 for wireless mouse and USB 2 for wired keyboard
no auto update for Win Defender
windows 8 and installing autocad lt 95
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 lose Internet connection
uefi bios
Clean Windows 8/10 Install Problems
Problems Printing To Savin MP301spf
Question: W8 - NTFS file system - "system" files - Permissions
Dell Inspiron 3847 , win 8.1, bluetooth gone?
DISM Command Problem
Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.x
Windows 8.1 formats like a mobile app
unauthorized IP addresses
Installed update KB2984006 and I get error "Changelcon MFC Application has stopped working"
PC Settings
Windows 8 Defender
Windows Product Key
Search statement in Google Search
Desktop icon problem
Windows Old Folder
One Drive\SkyDrive
Laptop lost keyboard functionality from Windows update.
Registry startup programs not starting
Install Windows 8 with Windows 8.1 disc
Keyboard Problem
How to change Win8.1 colors as in Win7?
High CPU usage by System process
How to set up a new win8 laptop with NO ZER0 NONE passwords
Installing a virtual machine (VMWare Player) on Win8.1
gaining access to mapped drive
Ooops! Locked out of Administrator logon
Login incorrect after last update restart
Recover .chk files?
Switch User Icon/arrow
Windows startup runs on and on
Create a Tile on Start Screen
Catalyst Control Centre: Host has stopped working
Bluetooth, bluetooth, wherefore art thou?
8.1 Wont change lock screen image.
MSN Home Page Changed or Changing.
Windows updates crashed my system
Wscript.exe - Application error
WINDOWS 8x64Pro - ACCESS DENIED installing HP PRINTER Software - Help Needed Please !!
Windows update KB2975719
DVD+RW on Win8.1 - won't read on XP
Help after resetting HP laptop to factory setting from 8.1 to oem 8 plus newly upgrafed to pro versi
What version of 8.1 do I have?
Discovering the Retail or VL version of Windows 8.1 Update
Net Framework 1.1
8.1, one key , two machines?
Tiling Selected Application Windows
Maximize/Restore and App That Is Launched Minimized
After Windows 8.1 Update Re-Start Sticks At UEFI
Prepare Surface Pro for sale
8.1 Shut down?
"Verify Identity" Failing
Forum for creating DVDs on home PC
OneDrive Windows 8: How to get rid of.
Tracking Upload data
Win8, 8.1 create a system repair disc & image backup
File history - how to start again
Windows 8.1 won't recognise SD cards.
Need driver for Dell Studio 540 for Windows 8.1 Realtek GBE NIC
Laptop crashed
Creating an single ISO for Windows PE 5.1 32/64 bit
Inserting the serial number in an ISO
8.1 , two user accounts , same apps?
Custom keyboard?
Window 8.1 install freezes at 82 percent when i restart
Upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit, Win8 Pro
System won't boot
Defrag under 8.1 Pro?
'File History'
Seattle ?
Windows 8.1 no service
Utility to ensure memory utilitised efficiently
Not enough quota is available to process this command
Start page changed
I already have KB2919355, what's up?
Uninstall these Windows Updates NOW!
External HD Disappeared
coming back from screensaver gives blank screen
Uploading_Internet unexplained increase.
The Directory name is invalid!
The Windows Store is a Cesspool of Scams — Why Doesn’t Microsoft Care?
Dual monitors, two accounts, and jriver issue?
Launching windows IE from start screen on 8.1?
Unable to Reset Win8.1 on Asus Laptop
Running virtualised - is it an option?
Is Win 8.1 Update 2 here?
How to split tracks on a single mp3 file containing a number of tracks
VIA® VT2021 codec for 5 speakers with green wire and blue wire
Windows 8.1 dual monitors.
Windows 8.1 bleeding screen issue
WIN 8.1 Desktop Icons will not move
Family Group And Sharing
USB devices not recognized
Acer Win 8.1 not able to access internet
IE 10 and Chrome cause Win 8 to freeze
Win 8.1 PC settings nonfunctional
cursor keeps moving
How to Manage VOB files
Boot hangs on Windows LOGO Screen
How to erase old windows file after re-install
onedrive sync
Erase or format old C drive
Which apps and services can I disable in Windows 8?
Blocking websites
Can't erase a dvd/cd in windows 8
Windows 8.1 stopped allowing me to install
All security updates for IE Flash Player for Windows 8.1 fail to install
Problem With Folder/Disk Sharing
"Unable to Create OneDrive on this PC"
Win8 is not as bad as folk think it is.
Need help re-setting accounts Win 8.1
How to install Windows 8 32-bit using only a product key?
Need to rename file in SysWow64, trustedInstaller is owner so won't let me
Add SATA ports
IE 11.X 64 bit and SiverLight
Win 8.1 mounting a bluetooth GPS with no passcode
IE 11.x 64 bit and single initial web page
Employer's Citrix access
Using 32 bit element with IE 64 bit
Fred Langa's Emergency repair disks for Windows: Part 2
Internet Explorer 11.x 64 bit and Shockwave problem
Internet Explorer app and place of the addresses and tools bars
Internet Explorer 11.x and Flash Player problem
WindowsImageBackupFolder on ExtHD
Internet explorer 11 cannot connect to any website
Scanner stopped working after replacing motherboard
How to stop "could not connect to all network drives" at startup?
System 32
Num Lock not working
Windows 8.1 permissions
How to Activate Touchscreen for Surface-3 to Dell S2340T
change color of windows password login screen
Adding (Not Changing) An Extension in Win8.1
Enabling "Windows activation" option in the "Change Action Center settings" window
Enabling "Startup Apps" option in the "Change Action Center settings" window
Enabling "Windows Backup" option in the "Change Action Center settings" window
Failed Windows Update installation: KB2971850
Printer Share Fail: WIN7 laptop cannot print to WIN8.1 Desktop Printer
Cannot STOP My PC from Going to Sleep
Ran Update & Now Have Some KB's 'Pending Restart'
Administrative rights seem more restrictive as Win 8 progresses
Reliability history message says OneDrive stopped working
"Access denied" on temp file
Windows 8.1 - Libraries are there but not in WMP
Windows 8.1 computer shuts down when left idle and fails restart attempt.
Microsoft Works to Get Windows 8/RT Users Updated to 8.1
Recently Updated from Win 8 to 8.1 - Windows Update no longer works - error code 80072F8F
Trouble Installing KB2955164
MIA apps store in Win 8.1
Maintenance While Computer is In Sleep Mode
Windows GodMode
Windows 8.1 Update 2 to arrive soon, could be a huge 3GB download
File History no longer working
User Account Control Problem
how to solve this problem, getting this message in win - compile error in hidden module:modlmportxml
Action Center incorrect
How can you get FOLDERS to open in the size, shape & detail as they were on closing them
Windows 8.1 and Family settings
USB 3.0 64GB Drives
How can I block 'Mail' in Win 8.0
How do I rebuild my Recycle Bin?
microsoft visual c++ runtime library runtime error r6025
Win 8.1 hidden admin account became useless
Windows 8.1 Optional Update KB2955164 Broke My Machine - Until I Uninstalled It. YMMV.
Problems with browsers settings Chrome – Firefox – IE 11
Windows 8.1 download problem
Windows 8.1 Can't Run Group Policy Editor
Viewing images from a Flash Drive and portable hard drive
Keyboard and mouse lag
Windows 8/8.1/8.1.1 Spooler problem
ACK! 3rd Party theme fubar
No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015
What backup solutions are 'non-Metro' users of Win 8.1 using?
Do I need both Windows Recovery Environment partitions after 8.1 Upgrade?
File Manager Listing
Monitor does not turn on after waking from sleep since KB 2919355 Update
Number of queer things happen this week
All user install agent service error message
Password for Local account
Copy folder from SSD to HDD fails
Windows 8.1 Enterprise?
installing rain meter...
"Save" closes programs
Renaming several items in a folder
Do I really need to update from Win 8 to 8.1?
Have I messed everything up? Can it be fixed?
Prevent Accidentally Switching to a Microsoft Account from Local Account
Will I lose my Local Account if I open a Microsoft Account?
Windows 8.1 updates not downloading
Network printer "offline" (but it isn't)
Windows 8.1 update lost files?
How to remove contextual display in File Explorer
Win 8.1.1 host file
China Bans Windows 8 from Public Computers
Will I Get Windows 8 or 8.1 Update If I Restore My System?
Can I copy Windows 8.1 setup from one user to another on the same computer??
Windows 8.1 Update error 8007002
Troubleshooting Windows 8.1 Update installation failures
Metro Apps Closing immediately after opening
Networking with 8.1
Change Windows 8.1 Store instalation Drive
Non-Destructive Reinstall of Win8.1
Upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 without going to the Store
Win8.1 update May 13, 2014
please someone help me!
Windows as a Service
Microsoft delays Windows 8.1 Update requirement
System Image Error
Windows Action Center warnings
8.1.1 & Taskbar
Upgrade from W7 to 8.1 = No more apps
windows 8.1 updates
8.1 Update......Whoopee!
How to get rid of unwanted additions to page
Setting up Mail in Windows 8.1
Strange Address Box in Internet Explorer
How to reset external HDD drive letters?
WINDOWS 8.1 won't install/load on PC where WIN 8 runs Fine
Storage Space vs Disaster
Pop-Up Windows
Password elimination
Help! When typing in data -cursor jumps out of entry field and goes somewhere else.
Win8.1 and FLASH
Setting up a new Windows 8 laptop
Windows 8.2 Back to the Future
windows 8.1 setup
How to get .pdf files to 'preview' in Windows 8.1 Explorer ?
Windows Defender Error
Like and Would Like
Can't Expand EFI System Partition
charms problem
Another Go at 8.1 - the Update this time...
Event ID 41 Kernel-Power
Metro News App Crazy Page Advance with Mouse/Cursor Movement
Microsoft issues IE patches today.
How Much RAM Can my System Support?
Resolved - Windows 8 Task Scheduler suddenly not working
Windows 8.1 Update 1 still not offered in automatic Windows Update
How to Identify 8.1 Update
Restoring Windows App Store tile.
Touchpad on Dell, Win 8.1.1, browser photo links, side panel
A View Through Windows 8.1.1
Indexing in Win 8 extremely slow
What are the advantages of Windows 8?
Windows 8.1 - Recovery boot disc will not boot
Windows recimg limitations vs. alternatives
Can one 'sync' files between computers using Libraries?
Some Windows 8 questions
Windows 8.1 upgrade?
We've been talking about it...
People on Surface RT 8.1
windows update for 8.1
upgrade from 8.0 directly to 8.1 Update?
"X" Close Button Win 8.1 Update Metro Apps
Windows 8.1.1 auto reboot problem
Windows 8 to 8.1 update issues
Windows 8.1 Update Error Code: 0x8007002
Schedule Windows Defender Scan in 8.1.1
Strange Windows 8.1 Update Experience
How to scan PDF copy in Windows 8.1?
Run Task Scheduler in User-Level Account
Windows 8.1.1 Update
Software to remove/block up ads
Langa - Recovery Disk with Custom Recovery Image
FIOS router and new Win8.1 PC
My Windows 8.1/ 8.1.1 Dilemma
Task scheduler not running my batch file
Windows 8.1
Picasa Work with Windows 8.1?
High contrast - options are meager
Access to my NAS (Credentials mixup)
Windows 8, 8.1, or stay with 7--Totally in the dark
Have you tried 8.1.1? If so, how do you like it?
Microsoft abandons Windows 8.1
Forced upgrade from 8.1
Some May Appreciate This
Recovery Media Creator failure
Internet Explorer not working after Windows 8.1 Update 1
Please Explain "This PC"
Another Mouser Tip
Problems in making a Recovery Drive
I need to play DVD´s on Windows Media Player 12, running on Windows 8
Windows Credential Manager - in Control Panel
No KB 2919355 (or KB 29390876) Offered In Windows Update
Windows 8.1 & Netflix (Metro) App
Observation & info since 8.1 Update (8.1.1)
WinXP to Win8.1 using Windows Easy Transfer
Print all pdf files contained within a folder Windows 8
KB2919355 issues being tracked
How'd your 8.1 (KB2919355-Tues March 8) upgrade go?
Can't run .aspx webpage from IE10?
8.1 Update 1 Power Guide
Adding File Folder Columns for All General Item Folders
Windows Update - Cypress At2 USB Storage Adapter
safe mode
UAC For Startup Program Samsung Magician
Windows Update Product Key
Win 8.01 Screen saver
PDF Downloads Stall at end, then Fail
Windows 8.1 update available
Microsoft confirms return of Start Menu as Windows 8.1 update
Win 8 sharing Progams via desktop
How to delete "Choose an Operating System" from Win 8.1 startup?
Win 8.1 Storage Spaces
Is the Win 8.1 Upgrade Worthwhile?
How to add my editor to right-click menu
Windows 8.1 issues with apps and refresh
Confusion about Admin vs non-Admin Accounts
Printing "1" on laptop
Command-line Reboot Command
File History on C: drive?
How to Undo a Bad File Association
Asian characters in program labels
Top 5 Key Security Improvements Found in Windows 8.1
Bypass or auto login win 8
Shrinking Tile Groupings(?)
Gateway Laptop Problem with Win 8.1 Pro
PPTP help
Did I waste money on Nvidia GeForce GT 740M
Windows Login Screen will not show other user accounts (Windows 8.1 Pro)
Uninstalling a phantom program
about System Image
SkyDrive/OneDrive and Classic Shell Conflict
How Good is Comodo Antivirus?
About password crackers for Win 8.1
Windows 8.1 update 1 download
Importing XP games to Windows 8.1
System Hardware Update 2/11/2014, Surface Pro 2
Where is backup in Win 8.1 Pro
slow opening apps on windows 8.1
File history inaccessible
Large memory pages not authorized
Why have most Windows 8 users not upgraded to 8.1?
Win 8.1 NumLock on default
Problem Caused By Microsoft Updates?
Cannot Access Win App Store
Google +
Short survey for potential new Windows Store service
problem in uninstalling
Win 8.1 keyboard command to bring up the Search function
Bought a Refurbished HP Win 8 PC
Please Explain Pin to Taskbar
Yes, the instructions DO exist!
defender problem
Too many printers
Update to 8.1, why?
Shutdown delay over 2 minutes after upgrading to Windows 8.1
Windows Services
Shut Down doesn't work
Problem recording audio
I need advice on backing up with Win 8.1 64-bit
Prevent Pop Up ads
How to install Windows 8.1 having forgotten local password.
Getting back Windows 7 Games
Can’t switch from a Local account to a Microsoft account in Windows 8.1
Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Update 1 to manufacturing
Public IP address
I Sometimes Wonder
Clipboard stuck on Paste command
Do you /did you know...?
Update history frozen
Win8.1 sees SSD as USB device
Windows 8 expand to full screen -- how to turn off?
Will Not Boot from Thumb Drive
Windows 8 upgrade
Audio Driver Problem
Programme compatability in W8.1
SkyDrive and OneDrive not wanted
Copying and replacing folders
Dragging Scroll Bar Closes Browser Tabs
cant get rid of administrated account
Changing keyboard layouts in Win 8.0
8.1 stopped syncing settings
Fresh install Win 8.1 on SSD, use full 3TB HDD?
Start without a Microsoft Account
Making apps usable for all users.
Disk Imaging - Acronis vs EaseUS ToDo Backup?
Windows 8.1 Store Account Login
Lenovo Support states "Known issues with Win 8.1" for Desktop H520, others.
How do I add a file extension to the list in default programs? (Win 8.1)
problem with netplwiz
RunDLL error
Missing a program and file extension in 'Control Panel/Default programs'
Documents - Default Opening in Word
Change Default bitrate for Windows Explorer Drag & Drop Audio File Conversion
Bluetooth problems with win 8.1
OpenVPN registry error at Win 8.1 startup
Win 8 Imaging utility
Volume Shadow Copy error: Incorrect Function
WMC problem, records many files when one would suffice
Uninstall Windows 8.1
using chrome on 8.1
Win 8.1 Windows logon - Lost local logon
download dell updates ?
Video of new Windows 8.1 Update 1 highlights
System File Check in W8.1
Windows 8.1 Update?
Problem accessing shared resources on network
Dual Monitors (one touch, one not) in Windows 8.1 possible?
How should a brand new pc be set up? (Backups, data dumps, recover disk, whatever)
Password Reset Disk
Recycle Bin in Win 8.1
Top 5 tweaks to make Windows 8.1 feel more familiar