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Android users at high risk from Chrome flaw
Three solutions for storing photos online
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Sorting through October’s patch-servicing changes
Microsoft reveals what’s next for Windows 10
Help for Win10 1607’s confusing Wi-Fi settings
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Two computing problems seemingly never go away
Three free Microsoft apps you’ll want to use
Pump up your computer-security awareness
Problems foil ‘Safe Mode with Networking’
Vista suffers the same update issue as Win7
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Coping with the new rules for updating Windows 7
How to fully test your malware defenses
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Taking out the trash: Mastering the Recycle Bin
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Updating Win10 an agonizing experience for some
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A hidden gem in the Win10 Photos app
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The slowest update in Windows history?
The unending confusion over Windows file naming
Moving system folders brings big problems
Two simple but very different note-taking apps
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A threat from our growing use of MS sign-ins
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Working with the Windows shell and extensions
Licensing tribulations when upgrading PCs
A fix for a Windows system-font problem
Windows 10-style updating comes to Win7/8.1
How to hack a ‘back door’ into Win10, 8, and 7
How to disable built-in apps in Windows 10
More reports of problems updating to Win10 1607
Microsoft adds complications to August patching
Installing Win10 1607 proves to be a mixed bag
Curing a case of ‘restless-PC syndrome’
A quick tutorial on Windows partition types
PortableApps tour: Software offered in bulk
Windows 10: Still getting to know you
Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives — slowly
UEFI-partition error makes PC unbootable
The free Win10 upgrade ends for almost everyone
Updating changes for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
Four software-based keyboard/mouse switchers
Easily access Windows 10’s Safe Mode
Keeping Windows 7 running for the long haul
Coping with Windows 7 and Windows 10 issues
Ink-jet printer comes with two years of ink
Preparing for the Win10 Anniversary Update
Private systems generate corporate error message
Tips for getting more from Dropbox cloud storage
July’s updating is looking relatively sunny
The ongoing problem with Win7 updating
Keep your data safe, wherever you are
A new Windows 10 Reset tool is on the way
The final countdown for Windows 10 upgrading
Keeping track of devices on the network
Live archiving of ‘obsolete’ Windows setups
Preserve a free Windows 10 upgrade for later use
June proves to be a bit rough for IT pros
UPDATE: Windows Secrets’ ultimate utilities list
Endless searches for new Win7 updates
Win10 upgrade still challenging Windows users
Using Windows’ powerful Recovery Environment
Deeply flawed system runs slow, won’t upgrade
An update on anti-malware application testing
As with summer days, June’s patching heats up
Windows 7 SP1 blocking nondestructive reinstall
Understanding MS product end-of-life dates
Video-editing apps: When using multiple cameras
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Pros/cons: Using Slack for business messaging
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Getting ready (or not) for Windows 10
Facebook’s ‘Malware Checkpoint’ prevents sign in
Tech-support scams take a disturbing turn
Questions about new Win7 cumulative update
A single update for all past Win7 SP1 patches
How to completely reset Windows Update
A massive Windows problem from Down Under
Managing virtual desktops, keyboards, and mice
The clock is ticking down on free Win10
Where is the best place to store passwords?
Making Windows a sight for sore eyes
Proper maintenance of hybrid SSHD drives
Better local/cloud management for big data sets
Win10 might be free, but it’s not always easy
Troublesome Windows fixes and revisiting WinZip
New AV-Comparatives report ranks anti-spam tools
Windows migration mangles gigabytes of information
Excellent free utilities for Windows 10
Why is Skype flagged as a malicious website?
April patching ends on a relatively quiet note
Build 14328 reveals the next evolution of Win10
Can a run-blocker protect backups from malware?
Rummaging though the Microsoft Garage
Rated download speed versus actual speed
Preview build highlights future Win10 changes
What you need to know about Windows 10 accounts
Problems with USB-attached external hard drives
A followup on online-storage services
Can older PCs happily run Windows 10?
April’s shower of updates for Windows and Office
Update: Tools to remove almost any malware
New hardware + Win10 upgrade = license trouble?
Security issues with Flash Player and Firefox
Is Microsoft Security Essentials effective?
Working with Win10’s schizophrenic config tools
MS Build 2016: What’s coming in Windows 10
Protecting your backup files from ransomware
Bogus error messages and Win10-blocking options
Questions about rolling back a Win10 upgrade
Plan ahead if you want to change your ISP
Two important changes at Windows Secrets
Tracking Microsoft updates — and other things
A few problem patches among March’s many updates
Forced Win10 upgrades? What you need to know
Win10 setup randomly runs the OS-install process
Payment processing for a small business
How to keep your Facebook privacy private
Ransomware alert: Don’t be unlucky with Locky
Tech-support scripts from Down Under
The perils of Bitcoin; the promise of blockchain
New HP hybrid laptop/tablet powers up with USB-C
Troubleshooting a computer that won’t start
Moving File History backups to a new PC
Using IE 11 to promote Win10 upgrading
New music of the spheres: using marbles
Prepping an Android phone for safe disposal
Sleep-mode solution reveals major thermal issue
Saving webpages, including Windows Secrets’
Pro security tips from the 2016 RSA conference
Special PW edition: Win10 gets an important fix
This guest TV-weather guy likes danger
Why three coding editors are better than one
Keeping your default settings as Win10 evolves
Free diagnostic tools solve weird boot problems
How to stop malware-prone employee downloads?
How users are (and are not) blocking malware
Recalled Office fix and another ‘Get Win10’
Technology that baffles young and old
Using Windows 10 as an iPad replacement
‘Sleeping’ PC actually running full-blast
Comparing notes on Office on Windows 10
The best way to rebuild Windows 7 from scratch
When U.S.-based browsers think they’re in Canada
Is it safe to remove old .Net versions?
Encrypted backup kicks ransomware to the curb
A weighty round of Windows and Office updates
You, too, can donate your old PC responsibly
Keep work and play separate on the same PC
What maintenance do solid-state drives require?
Save the world from spammers in your spare time
Putting Windows 10’s Cortana to work for you
Ready or not, here comes Windows 10
An imperfectly good result: printer prints
Improve Internet Explorer 11’s security settings
Height and depth of technology in West Virginia
Whether to upgrade a perfectly good Win7 PC
Windows Secrets’ ultimate security-tools list
Process-of-elimination troubleshooting at work
Time to review .NET Framework installations
New reports remind us to check our security
A special note for Windows Secrets lifetime subscribers
Applied science for outdoor adventurers
When Windows Update won’t run to completion
Tips for setting up a new Windows 10 system
Revisiting MS TechNet’s updated Autoruns utility
When someone else formats your email messages
Updating issues and taking control of PC privacy
Problems networking Win10/Win7 PCs
PCs get smaller — and seemingly so do PC sales
Accurate predictions from ‘Back to the Future’
Why that new computer might not run Windows 7
System folder hogging 60 percent of drive!
A deadline for obsolete IEs and Windows 8
The hitchhiker’s guide to Windows Secrets 2.0
Tips for preserving privacy while browsing
Seven ways to breathe new life into an older PC
Welcome to Windows Secrets, Version 2.0
Coming changes to the Windows Secrets newsletter
Good advice: Test your backup system
How to adjust your just-made resolutions
Tools and tips for getting faster PC boots
Bring your Windows music to Android Marshmallow
UPDATE: An out-of-cycle Adobe Flash update
Start 2016 right with a clean Windows PC
Windows Secrets takes its holiday break
Scammers exploit tech news to fool you
A 12 days of Christmas plus five Wacky favorites
Problems upgrading Win10 to Version 1511
The Yuletide Windows-/Office-patching edition
Options for controlling updates in Windows 10
Which email app presently confuses you?
You can blame strange impulses on the holidays
Is Win10 more vulnerable to malware than Win8/7?
A short list of high-speed, high-def tech gifts
Windows Secrets’ ultimate utilities list — 2015
Making Windows and Marshmallow work together
The virtues of other people’s experience
Good taste not required to attract tourists
Managing multiple Windows system images
Taking a free VPN service for a drive
Closing out 2015 with a bulky batch of patches
VirtualBox: Answers to frequent reader questions
Hardware components and how they’re set
Cuisine you should probably avoid in any season
A Win10 upgrade with persistent errors
Text support: Good books for mastering Win10
Coping with Windows 10 upgrades and updates
Future computing: The Internet of Things
Happy holiday to all who celebrate Thanksgiving
Problem watching sports on a computer
Turkeys not in favor of being dinner
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-driver issues in Windows 10
Shopping online? Check your browser’s security
Why your next cell phone should be unlocked
UPDATE: MS pulls Version 1511 ISO
How best to recover data when you lose it?
The bird who might beat you at chess
How to reset the new Edge browser to defaults
Taking some control over long context menus
Whether to install Win10: Time to make a choice
Windows 10 gets its first big update
Still waiting for Windows 10 Fall Update
Still no formal word on the Win10 Fall Upgrade
Are you keeping away from the OS bleeding edge?
Famous Northwest artist wary of reporter
MS Office files locked after Win8/10 upgrades
Making Office secure is November’s patching task
Windows 10 bumps up support-call traffic
Changes to Win10 and OneDrive draw complaints
Who maintains Windows — you or Microsoft?
Wally the squirrel decorates a pumpkin
Update: More on testing and verifying backups
Surface Book and Pro 4: Two stellar portables
Get your USB devices out of low gear
Wrapping up a relatively mild month of updates
Odds and ends: Updates and reader questions
The mystery of dueling email-service passwords
Irish interpreters of baseball study the game
Install Win10 without product key or activation
Taking the Microsoft HoloLens for a test drive
Remedies for common printer pains
A review of Win10’s new security features
Changes coming to the Windows Secrets newsletter
Opportunistic scam via new tool: Win10 Upgrade
Fashion and other tips from Jeremy Lin, NBA star
Running ancient apps in Windows 7, 8, and 10
Suggestions for a more dependable Windows 10
Watch for lots of Office patch goblins in October
Best of breed: Win10’s hybrid backup system
How to learn video editing: starting with tools
Don’t lose your head over enticing offers
Windows Update error can block Win10 upgrade
Duplicating user profiles in Windows 7
A few good reasons to upgrade from Win7 to Win10
Windows Secrets celebrates Issue 500
Flashback: Patch Watch, circa 2004
Angles on the bootable USB flash drive
Unintended consequences of selfie-stick abuse
‘System cleanup’ option missing on some Win7 PCs
Warning: Vulnerabilities in TrueCrypt revealed
Attempting to answer whether MS is snooping
Office 2012: We never really got to know ya
Preparing for bad digital-life eventualities
If Henri, le chat noir, were your host
Solving very different Win10 upgrade problems
Wrapping up an eventful summer of patching
Win10 tweaks to improve computing work and play
Lost and found: Windows 10’s safe mode
Learn something new about an old app
As if Berlin were a whole little earth
SSD stuck in slow IDE-emulation mode
New devices that help you stay connected
Learn to use the Windows 10 Recovery Drive
Learning new-to-us facts by accident
The fine art of carrying on at Burning Man
Working through Win10’s many privacy settings
Only one season for Windows and Office patching
How to clean-install a Windows 10 upgrade
Two new features for Dropbox sharing
Too darned hot: Computers prefer to keep cool
Strolling down a beach — with strandbeests
More on lithium-ion-battery longevity
The highs and lows of Windows 10 patching
Sorting through the changes in Windows licensing
Running Windows 10 Insider Preview under Win10
Avoiding Windows 10 lurking among updates
Bird-feeder challenge for yet another squirrel
Working around Edge’s teething pains
Digital cables: Making the best connections
Wrapping up a confusing month of Win patching
Thirty-day Win10 experiment lasts only a week
Microsoft has a busy week of Windows/IE updating
Consensus concerning computers chronically on
Trashumancia in Madrid means lots of sheep
Warning: Win10 rollbacks limited to one month
Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, from A to X
Why is the Internet slow and costly in the U.S.?
Microsoft issues the wrong Flash Player update
Doing work while doing your civic duty
Great to have backup from good old computer days
Don’t play with puff adders; play with popcorn
What to do when Win8 system images won’t restore
No summer break from Windows/Office patching
How to make lithium-ion batteries last for years
Getting started with the new Windows
Quick and flawless upgrade or a different kind?
Hills are alive with the sound of airplanes
Surprising results from early Win10 benchmarks
A trip around the Windows 10 Start menu
Making Windows 10 a bit more private and secure
Windows 10: Good, but is it good enough?
July’s PC patching collides with Win10 release
Updating to Win10: Definitely a mixed experience
Will updating Windows get easier — or not?
Detecting DISM-tool corruption takes patience
Arts and sciences: How to see Pluto
Huge WinSxS folder stymies PC cleanup
Ubuntu 101: Using this popular Linux distro
AV testing: Is your antivirus app doing its job?
Final countdown for the release of Win10
No shortage of morals to software stories
The good, the bad, and the sheepishly busted
How to correct even deep-seated IE 11 problems
Adobe and MS scramble to fix new Flash threats
Are system/Registry cleaners worthwhile?
Hardware trouble: Process of elimination
Raccoons and other animals: Mutually wary
Protect your Win7/8 setup from the Win10 upgrade
Apps for finding potentially unwanted files
Tools for foiling malicious links and files
How Microsoft plans to release Win10 updates
Broken features need people to fix them
Celebrating holiday with old and new technology
Prepping a Win7 PC for the Win10 upgrade
Enhanced mice and keyboards for power users
Email: Drop the junk; keep your contacts
Lessons learned from infrastructure failures
Data limit affects cost of cloud-storage uploads
Sun-drunken solstice revelers parade in Seattle
MS sunsetting support for Java, ActiveX, etc.
An unexpected update for Adobe Flash Player
Best techniques for the safe disposal of drives
A new Windows Secrets FAQ and a Microsoft reorg
Must Comcast customer host public Wi-Fi hotspot?
Great, expensive fun: Falling-down robots
The case of the mysteriously shrinking drive
MS OneNote: Far more than a simple note-taker
What you should know about the Win10 launch
Protecting passwords on multiple devices
Versatile Finnish cover band also plays hockey
What to do when Windows Update fails
Ways to encrypt sensitive data in Windows
No summer break from MS Office updates
Free first aid for a wide range of Windows ills
MS announces release date for Windows 10
Lots of chatter about Win10 upgrade this week