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Making the Most Of Low-Cost PCs
An Easier, Slicker IPconfig
Resources Still Leaking Away
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Speaking Of Passwords…
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Restore desktop without rebooting
Shocking cell phone
FDISK – the director’s cut
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Wireless DSL/cable router with powerline feed
Ethernet NIC packet vulnerability
Free Outlook spam filter
Turbo charge Windows Media Player
Photoshop replacement for Nix
Defrag your users
Security analyzer and email snooper
Ad-aware 6 spyware scanner
Outlook productivity tool
Access your email from anywhere
Scrutinize your Web site
Mysterious startup programs explained
Slipstreaming Office XP
Stop spam at your mail server
Scumware revealed
Editorial (choosing a backup program)
Open-Source Encryption Tool
Speed Up Your System Boot Time
Free “Unstoppable” Copier
Security Problems In Opera
Delete Even Stubborn Partitions
“Tourbus” Picks LangaList
Local Hard-Drive Search Alternatives
More Explorer Shortcut Tricks
Free NetPerSec Tool
Best Low-Cost Systems Ever?
You thought privacy was bad – now the Web can read your mind
XP passwords rendered useless
New PestPatrol Version; Private Discount Offer
Direct Cable Connect In XP/Win98
Ultimate Password-Recovery Site?
Audio Mixer Software Kills Sounds!
XP SP1a and Alternate Ways To Get Java
Got (Free) CAD?
RGale Harter Got A $30 Gift Certificate. Want One?
Another Cumulative Patch for IE
“Thought Organizers”
Setting Hard Drive Features
Using WinIPcfg To Solve Connection Woes
White-Box PCs: A Year Later
An entire suite of Windows software for free
Fix corrupted IE and Outlook Express files
A really easy to learn programming language
Make your PC quieter
Understand recordable DVD formats
Fake email addresses for your personal use
Tiny scanner for road warriors
Remove Windows XP CD autorun
Self healing software
Mobile phones damage rats brains
New CD-RW standard
Stealth technology breakthrough
Run your ATA drive from USB
Cheap wireless broadband router
Open source CVS vulnerability
Critical flaw in MS locator service
Browser hijacking menace spreads
Spammers grab hotmail and MSN addresses
Add tabs to Internet Explorer
Free digital photo album organizer
How to remove desktop clutter
Free utility kills instant messaging viruses
The best spam filter yet? **Hot Product Alert**
Free cookie cruncher
Excellent free scumware remover
Ad-aware 6 released
Trojan hunter updated
Collect your Yahoo Webmail from POP3
Free XP systems utilities
Easy way to set up a Linux Firewall
Messenger spam vulnerability test
50 ways to leave your buffers
Alternative downloads
Top online application vulnerabilities
Free Windows 2000 cram sheets
Editorial (stop deleting your spam)
Long Filenames On CDRs
“Trusted” Net Dangers
“Deadlink” Software Reborn
More On Copying CDs, DVDs…
Reveal Asterisk-Hidden Passwords
Defrag “Tricks”
“Wounded Moon” Literally True
“Ignore” Is Bliss
“Great Web Tool”
Closure (Ha!) On the Linux / XP Bug Comparison
Is All Phone-Home Software Bad?
More Folder Options
7 Reader-Selected Free/Shareware Favorites
Much Cheaper Than A “Data Recovery Center”
HTML Oddities
AOL Email Security Compromised
New, Free “Application Accelerator” Available
Stop Programs From Getting Self-Startup Privileges
More On Cleaning Out Old “Service Pack” Folders
Last Day To Enter January’s FREE Drawing
Last Week To EnterJanuary’s FREE Drawing
Linux Has Bugs: Get Over It
Free Alternative for MS Word
Powerful Automation Tool
Tame &Personalize Windows Update (And More)
Popup Blocker Blocker
Interesting Site For Old Programs
AOL (Or Any ISP) Needs No Firewall?
XP Folder Views
Driver Problems In Win2K
Major Linux Vendor Bankrupt
Monitor your user’s backup needs ** additional item **
Boilerplate text utility
Running legacy programs under Windows XP ** additional item **
PC cleaning technique ** additional item **
Windows XP clean install guide ** additional item **
Networking PCs with USB ** additional item **
Build your own PC ** additional item **
Change Windows XP drive letters ** additional item **
Universal AC/DC power supply ** additional item **
Tech support nightmare
New W3C scripting interface standard
Spammers abuse everything
Popups become kick-throughs
Extreme programming goes mainstream
A cable modem that does the lot
Ad-aware spyware remover updates
MySQL vulnerability
Microsoft IE security mess-up
Windows 2000 null sessions exploit
Two MP3 & Windows Media Audio file exploits
Flash player vulnerability
Free backup for MS Outlook files ** additional item **
Excellent password generator ** additional item **
Free PDF file creator ** additional item **
Access Outlook from Lotus notes ** additional item **
Free backup program ** additional item **
For the truly security conscious
Shred sensitive data
Take complete control of your monitor
Free anti-virus software
Become a master of Internet searching ** additional item **
Free email security test ** additional item **
Inspiring Web sites ** additional item **
Optimize your swap file ** additional item **
Font of wisdom ** additional item **
Web programming tutorials
Instant messaging security threat
ZoneAlarm support
Windows XP boot problems
From the Editor (thanks guys, wholeheartedly)
Win vs OEM vs Vendor Drivers
Is An Active Chat Agent A Security Threat?
Reader Loves This Spam Tool
A “Wow” Tool
Cleaning Out Old “Service Pack” Folders
Want $10,000 To Clear Your Holiday Bills?
Digital Cameras Can Transfer *Any* File
Expensive “LMAnnounce” Problems
Here’s How To Save $30
Free (For Now) Professional Tech Info
Easy, Foolproof Small Networks
How to delete an undeletable file in XP
Thanks For Your Help!
Duplicate Issues?
Address Problem?
Format Incorrect?
Newsletter Database Update Completed
Library Shoots Self In Foot
“Virtual Machine” Woes
New Year, New Chances
Visual Basic And The Scripting Host
Linux Hacks On The Rise
Ad-Aware Takes A Dive?
Restore Outlook 2000’s Missing Holidays
Power-Line Networking Comes Of Age
New BrowserTune Imminent!
Important Information About Your Plus! Subscription:
The ideal gift for Unix and Linux users
Geek bumper stickers
Blue screen of death t-shirt
Cheap and weird
Computer help for the hopeless
Cheaper and better Web log analyzer
Free Outlook add-In
Time to retire notepad
Resource meter
Free acceleration
Passwords revealed
Automatic password resets
White paper collection
Tuning Windows
Resolving MS DLL version conflicts
Optimize your broadband connection
How does your virus scanner stack up?
Not the latest
Five star support
They’ll suggest a fix
Best freeware utility
From the Editor (a gift suggestion for your family)
Publishing Schedule— Please Read!
Sloooooooow Compression In Win2K And XP
New Entrant In Free Antivirus Arena
Last Chance This Year To Enter FREE Drawing
More (Free!) “Bayesian” Spam Filters Coming
Preserving A Win9x/3x Setup
Farewell, Win9x/3x
Backup Outlook Express files easily
Free disk cleaner
Locate required DLLs
Fishing for chips
AutoComplete errors fixed
Say no to HTML mail
Windows shutdown problems
Audit the security of your Web server
Open HTML email safely
Solving Windows install and reinstall problems
Changing browser proxy settings easily
Free anonymous surfing service
Share Outlook folders between users
Computer security test sites
Webmail from your POP email client
Free Upgrade Offer and Discount forPestPatrol
Comparing Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, IE…
Site Actually Seeks Spam
Freeware System Monitor
Free “Bayesian” Spam Filter For Outlook
Refining XP Searching
A “Wow!” Tool From Google
More Free Tools For “Dodging Hack Attempts”
Holiday Gifts (Not!) From Microsoft
End Of An Era
Don’t Make Me Beg! 8-)
Firewall For Older PCs
9 Freeware Utilities
Another Self-Contained Linux
Prefetch Pros and Cons
Derlan Says “Thanks”
“h. maginnis” Got A $30 Gift Certificate. Want One?
“Attachment Options” For Outlook
Recycle Old CDs
Dodging Hack Attempts
Spyware Disguised As A Spyware-Remover?
Cataloging CD/Floppy Files
Small Networking Issues Still Bubbling
Free Tool Assists Directory Synch/Copy
“What The Heck Is…”
Long Emails Truncated?
Insider’s View OnCredit Card Fraud
Saving Mousework
More Free “Cookie Eaters” and Temp File Cleaners
“New Ways To Do Familiar Tasks..”
Update to DirectX & DirectPlay
Lindows Feedback
Want $10,000 To Spend For The Holidays?
Acronyms unpacked
Missing Windows XP Clipboard viewer
Gizmo gets flamed
Set up a Powerline network
Free cell phone accessories
Bargain hardware firewall
Permission based worms
Back door in some Alcatel switches
Buffer overrun in data access components
Internet Explorer cross domain exploits
New cumulative patch for Internet Explorer
Lock down your icons
Hide your browsing
Norton SystemWorks bargain
The best disk imaging software yet
Free SQL scripts
PC tuning tips
Declining tech support quality
Internet Explorer errors
From the Editor (Gizmo’s revelation on adware)
Gift Subscriptions
Free Data And Image Recovery Tools
More on Solving Small-Net “Domain” Problems
Great Feedback On Laptop Battery Problems
Cache Adjustments
“Page Faults?”
Related “Hard Line” From Microsoft
Windows Update Hassles
More: Cookie Management
Lindows Version 3.0 = Major Changes
Freebie of the week
Free Floppy Tool
Multiple-Monitor Setups
Solving Notebook Battery Problems
Catfish Catalogs
Desktop Icon Position-Holder
Last Week To Enter November’s FREE Drawing
The Obscure “Browse Master” Setting
Zipfiles Slow Down Searching
Another Reader-Recommended Anti-Spyware Tool
“Greeting” Card EULA Abusers
More Security Patches
Do-It-Yourself Autorun CDs On XP And Other Win Versions
Seasonal Changes Mess Up File Copying
A Free Test Document For Word Security
Free Tools For Tracking What’s On Your CDs
“Social Engineering” For Virus-Senders
Old Networking Method Still Useful
Correction, Discount and Donation
More Scumware-By-EULA
Anti-Spam ToolsThat Work
Bad Web design
Insult more effectively
Office XP clipboard blues
Remote control for your PC
Content vs. style
Batch processing with PhotoShop
Dual standard Wi-Fi access
WinZip 8.1 service release 1
Apache perl vulnerability
Outlook Express 6 SP1
Nine new IE vulnerabilities
Free search and replace utility
Cheap way to create PDF files
Defrag your registry
Upgrade your BIOS
The future for worms
Decode RAM chip numbers
Express assistance
From the editor (The browser as envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee)
“Over Quota” Errors
Free Ways To Monitor Network Traffic Visually
1.62MB On A Standard Floppy?
Outlook Tags Your Office Docs
Two Reader-Crafted Freeware Updates
What About Langa.Com’s Own Credit Card Security?
Don’t Ask Why…
When MS Messenger Just Won’t Quit
Use Qfecheck/Qfechkup To Verify Installed Patches
Real-Life Spam Solutions
Free Tool Recovers Windows Product Key
Mangled Partitions, Fast Transfers
Very Up-To-Date Networking Help
Housekeeping Notes
“Best” Anti-Virus/Trojan Software?
“Jinx” Got A $30 Gift Certificate. Want One?
Admin Password Expiration
Another Tip Re: Moving Old Floppies To CD
…And a Free Outlook Tool From Fiji
A Free Backup Tool From India…
Printer TurnOff
Free Reg Cleaner Grows Up
Totally Different Kind Of Random Tagline Generator
More On Identifying Mystery “Services”
Change “My Document” Default?
Online Security With Bank Cards/Credit Cards
“Error Saving Web Page…”
Outgrowing Your Email Software?
Heads Up: Microsoft’s Knowledgebase Changes *Today*
…And All Kinds Of Networking
Wireless Networking…
Contest: Win a free subscription
Just for fun
Google lays an egg
Defaced Websites
Microchip your employees
How to move a Windows XP installation to different hardware
The world’s best for $99
Server migration tips
It’s a portable CD/DVD player. It a CD rewriter. Its a …
HP/Compaq laptop with 1.6GHz CPU for $719
Trojan version of ad-aware
Windows 2000 default permissions problem
IIS Cumulative patch
Unchecked buffer in PPTP could cause DoS attack
Kerberos vulnerability
Backup your Windows drivers
New version of PestPatrol
Rebuff the attack of the killer printers
Get control of your digital photos
Remember those appointments
Free hardware, software and network auditing tool
Free trojan horse whitepaper
Catch the bus here
Free Windows XP tips for IT professionals
New security site – free trial
ZoneAlarm tutorial
From the editor (Supporter’s Edition of the newsletter)
Oldies But Goodies
Another Way To Elude Spamming Robots
Free Tagline/Signature Generator
Two New Security Glitches
Easy Way To Back Up Your Drivers
Browser Helper Objects
“iWON” Means You Lose?
An IM/Outlook Problem?
More On Email Hangs & Repeats
Wireless Poachers, Wireless Guests
Free Rollback Tool
Free Tool Simplifies Moving Floppies To CD
Legit Way To Counterattack Spammers
Lost Your Ding?
Last Day To Enter October’s FREE Drawing
Netscape Problem, And Fix
Email Deja Vu
Windows Look-Alike On Linux
New Software: PestPatrol V.4
Brand-New PestPatrol Version, And 20% Private Discount Offer
State Of The Art Computing, Circa 1958
Tech Analysis Of  Built-In Video Performance
From The Department Of Irony…
“Server Rights?”
A Save-Your-Derriere Tool
Last Week To Enter October’s FREE Drawing
More MS-Word Tips From A Pro
Messenger Spam Followup; Minor Rant
Free Scripting Info, Version Check, and More
Find Those Space-Hogging Files And Folders
More On Using Firewalls For Selective Blocking
Best Free Offline Dictionary?
Free Tool Finds Subtle Win98 Glitches As They Happen
More ways To Speed Up Apps In Win2K and XP
New Boot Floppies for XP SP1
Convert Setup Floppies To CD?
Online Histories Of Computing
Sygate Firewall Caveats
Check Your Browser’s “Cipher Strength”
New Intrusive Ad Type
More On Word/Excel’s “Hidden Fields”
Don’t Try This At Home
Mouse Tip And Dictionary Question
Free Partition/Drive Imaging Software
No Simple Answer?
Macy-Jean Turns Five
Excellent Suggestion!
Defining “Buffers”
Non-SP1 Patch For XP’s Help-System Flaw
A Free, Two-Click Solution To “Phone-Home Fields”
$10,000 For Your Trouble?
How cheap can you get?
Don’t worry, be happy
Work on the dark side
Wire free, hands free
Blue screen of death for your TV?
The ultimate computer chair
Bluetooth risk for portable devices
New form of spam
The best PC backup solution yet?
Cheapest memory I can remember
Flaw in Windows ZIP decompression
Widespread ZIP unpacking vulnerability
Serious Outlook Express vulnerability
Trojan horse in distributed version of Sendmail source
Another Windows XP help and support centre flaw
New MS Word and Excel vulnerability
New cumulative SQL server patch
Locate Windows key
Visual Perl
Mozilla 1.2 beta released
Speed up KaZaa
Linux for your XBox
New MailWasher
Better solution to universal instant messaging
The top 20 computer security risks
Disk speed vs disk noise
Avoid Google’s spying eyes
Inter-networking explained
The virtual made real
Free database driven Web service
Serve yourself a server
From the editor (recovering overwritten files)
“Stealth Executables”
More Ways To Obfuscate Your Address
Definitive Guide To Adware
Yet Another (Grrr!) “Unchecked Buffer” Problem
Slow CD Drives?
CPU Cooling And Performance Meters
Win98 Coverage Going Away?
Auction Automater Tool
Putting the “Nose” in Diagnosis
Norton Personal Firewall 2003
Word Bug?
IncrediMail Problems (Part Two)