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33-66% More Speed From A Diamond V770 TNT2 Video Card
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US Law Makes Spamming *Easier*
Buried Treasures
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Non-Microsoft “Smart Tag” Software Hijacks Your Links
New ZoneAlarm Maybe Not Stellar?
A “Security Nugget”
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Customized System “Roles”
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No PC? No Problem! (Part 4)
No PC? No Problem! (Part 3)
No PC? No Problem! (Part 2)
No PC? No Problem! (Part 1)
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Is Microsoft XP’s “Product Activation” A Privacy Risk?
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Add Direct Editing Of HTML Email To Outlook
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Let Your PC Read The Maps
More Foistware? (msbb.exe)
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Wow! Seven (Mostly Free!) Great Programs Plus Three Books
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Microsoft Admits WinME Memory Problems
S I R C A M Follow-Up
Dodging The PhoenixNet “Phone-Home” Bullet
Speaking Of Zip Files
Safe— Or Sorry— On CD-R
Malicious Dialer Utilities
Powerful File Information Utility
Free Self-Install Module For Help File Archives
New, Free HyperTerminal
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How To Update Your Previously-Downloaded Copy of the Standard Archives
The Full LangaList Archives in Standard HTML and Text Format!
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Unattended Win98 Backups
Domain Name Search Trick
Reader Question Re: Outlook Folders
…And A Stupidly Faked One
A Real Security Issue…
More Info Re: NewNet and WebHancer “Foistware”
Pros/Cons Re: Email Antivirus Protection
Make Your Own PDF Files For Free
Free Graphics File Tool
Safely/Surely Rooting Out A Malicious Program
Free Security Tools, And More
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False Hard Drive Death
Ouch! Large Outlook Folders Can Become Unreadable
Test Your Email Defenses
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Why Is It Called “Spam,” Anyway?
Has Spam Won?
An Even Better Mini-PIM?
Reader-Recommended CPU Cooling Info
New Plus! Site and Web Host Ready For Testing!
Free CAB-file Tool
Dodging The “Smart Tag” Bullet
New Month: Fresh Chances!
Windows 2000 Security Hole
Bad Sectors = Hard Drive Death Rattle?
More PhoenixNet News— Almost All Bad!
Ad-Aware: New Version and Site
BS? You decide:
A Free Way To Capture/Store/Organize Web Info
A PIM-Like Info Organizer
Fred’s PC Cooling Mods
More Goodies From An Old Favorite
Email “Header” Forgery
New Security Test Site
BIOS Update Update
Smart Tags = Dumb Idea?
Now This Is A *Real* Security Issue
Bugged By Web bugs?
R.I.P. CueCat
Huge List For Ad-Blockers
Awesome Free File-Conversion Site
More Uses For “Search Bar”
Netscape 6.1 Preview
Freeware Reader Rave
Word, NetMeeting Security Holes (and Patches)
PhoenixNet BIOS’s Performance Hit
I Hate Sites Like This One
The Web-Bug Boondoggle
Last Week To Enter June’s FREE Book Drawing
Updated Image Preview Repairer, And Full Credit
Free DOS Memory Tester, And A Good Use For Old PCs
A Different (and FREE) “>>>>>>” Stripper
Free Tool To Let You Avoid Downloading Unwanted Emails
New Firewall Contender?
Instant Software Rentals; Instant Networks
The Classic On/Off Question Returns
Search Bar 1.1
More On Windows XP’s “Raw Sockets”
Readers Reply Re: Alternative and Backup Power
Configuring Windows Explorer
Drive Image Automation Tricks
Win2K Security Bug
More On Cookie Deletion
Tons Of RAM = Memory Hell?
Easy Alternative Power For Laptops and Small PCs
Generators, Rolling Blackouts, etc.
Flashes, Flickers and Fluctuations
And You Thought The Dust Bunnies From Hell Were Bad?
Restoring Munged “Preview” Options
AOL Revisited, #2
AOL Revisited, #1
Anti-SpyWare Site
Nice Search Engine
Useful Freeware
Readers Reply: How Much Reg Cleaning Is Enough?
Finding Needles in The LangaList Haystack
Bad Site Improves; Good Site Gets Attacked
The Dust Bunnies From Hell!
Get Rid of The “>>>>>” In Forwarded Emails
Free “Undelete” Tools
Freedom of Association
New Code-Load Graphic
Cool (and Free!) Tray Applet
Speaking Of DOS: A Long File Name Trick
DOS Tip; and The WinMag Articles Move Again 8-(
Wow! Lots More Free Image Viewers!
Corrupted and Insecure Word Documents
Good And Bad Online Security Check-Ups
More Free Font Tools
Free “Burn In” and Testing Tool
Plus! Edition Correction re:Easy Ways to Change the IE Title Bar Text
Automatic Email From Your Web Pages
Meet Derlan, of Brazil…
George Holzman Got His Gift Certificate. Want One?
“PassThisOn” Start Page Hijacking Alert
Free CD Rippers
Synchronizing Multiple Mail Clients
Oh No! *Hardware-Based* Phone Home Apps!
Firewalls For Dial-Up?
How Much Protection Is Enough?
Easy Ways to Change the IE Title Bar Text
Gain Speed, Stability By Reducing Font Overload, Part Two
Gain Speed, Stability By Reducing Font Overload, Part One
Free Bandwidth/Throughput Checkup
“Disappearing Ink” For Emails
Finally! A Good Use For Old CDs
How To Restore SULFNBK.EXE; And Hoax Follow-Up
FREE, Bloat-Avoiding Excel-To-HTML Tool
Easy Links To The Online Win95 Resource Kit
More On Free Hard-Drive Cloning Tools
Drowning In CDs? (Plus: Freeware)
Another Free Renamer
HyperTerminal Security Problem
Last Day To Enter May’s FREE Drawing
QCheck Your Network For Free
Karen K’s Site Woes, Other Newsletter Sites
NeoTrace For Free
The “SULFNBK” June 1st Virus Hoax
Clone A Hard Drive— For Free
Reprogrammed BIOSes— Cheap!
Easy Links To The Online Win98 Resource Kit
More “Must Have” Tools
Free: Remove “System Restore” From WinME
Last Week To Enter May’s FREE Book Drawing
Karen Kenworthy’s Software Archives Now Live
Another Overzealous Mail Filter
No LangaList Monday (National Holiday)
Download Forcer Dead?
How’d I Miss This One?
MS Word Security Problem
More on DIY AutoRun CDs
More Burn-In Tools
Script To Clear Typed URLs
Another Way To Speed Downloads
New Threat #2
New Threat #1
More File-Hiding Software
How Much Reg Cleaning Is Enough?
RepairingInternet Explorer
How Do You “Burn-In” A New System?
WinME Performance Tips
“Bios Savior”
Easy Renamers
You An Alexa User? Read This!
The “Download Mage” Shuffle
It’s No Joke!
Easy WinMag Article-Finder
A Computer Spec Checklist
Easy, Do-It-Yourself Auto-Run CDs
“Script Sentry” Updated
Collaborate To Improve Security Online
*Triple* Your Connection Speed?
How Can You Tell If Something’s Spyware-free?
Spyware-Free Download Manager
The PEBKAC Blues
The “Dead Drive” Security Loophole
Fred Cries “Anacol”
Two Free MS-Compatible Office Suites
More Peltier Cooling Resources
BIOS Recovery?
Special Request to Past Code-Loaders
More Spell-Check Resources (Even Multilingual!)
Want To Be A Ten-Thousand-Aire?
Rename Many Files (e.g. MP3s) All At Once
Backing Up Outlook, & Express
Free Image-Viewer
Hard Drive Thrashing
Real-Life Peltier CPU Cooling Experiences
Free “MacroAngel”
Meihem in ce Klasrum
Reader Sites Are Back!
New: 181.6 Gigs In A Single Hard Drive!
DSL, Cable, RASPPPoE & WinPoET
Free: Hide Folder Contents From Prying Eyes
More Free Spell-Checkers
More CPU-Slowdown Sleuthing
Could You Use An Extra $10,000?
Free Tools To Help End DLL Hell
Three More “Content Advisor Password” Workarounds
Serious IIS Vulnerability
More On IE6’s “Blank Page” Problem
A New Month; A New Chance
MS Office ShortCut Bar Problem
A “Must Have” Free Tool For Advanced Users
Link Wins… And Woes
Spell Check Almost *Anything!*
Email Horror Stories— And Solutions
SideStep Spyware For Free
Fred Cries “Uncle*”
Working Around The Content Advisor Password
What  A Find!
New “Reader Site Roulette”
Quick Helper
Three Excellent Freeware Utilities
WinMag’s Content Returns!
CPU Slow Down?
Heads Up! Langa.Com Site Move In Progress
Message In A Bottle
White Lists/Black Lists
What Info Is Your Browser Broadcasting?
Need A New ISP?
Secret Speedup Tip
Where Are The Code-Loaders?
Free XXcopy
Last Week To Enter April’s FREE Book Drawing
Powerful, Free Editing Tool
IE6 Beta Woes Continue
DSL vs Cable
Last Chance: Grab The Final Byte “Monitor” Column
Internet Explorer Patch Patch
Another FREE Disk-Space Tool
New Archives, Standard Format,New Files Only
New Archives, Standard Format,Full Download
Those Pesky “FFF…” Files
Time-Saving “MetaBrowsing”
Quick IE Tip
Son Of “Clippy”
Sizzling HotSpots
The “AnswerWorks”
New, Faster “Langa.Com” In The Works
Final Byte Column Live Today
Free “Cushion TreeMaps” Of Your Hard DriveContents
New Archives, Standard Format
New Archives, Windows Help Version
More on Page Redirection
R.I.P. Clippy
More Clever Google Tricks
New (Still Free!) “Script Sentry” Released
One-Click CureAll For Windows Problems
WinTune: Lost, And Found
BrowserTune 5.0 Released
Ultimate Cooling
Basement Noises
Built-In AntiVirus?
New Search Engine Front End
Meet Pape Tanor, Part of the LangaList Family
Page Redirection
Trojans Rampant
Out-Of-This-World PCs
Easter Eggs
Schedule Change: No Monday Issue
Speed YourInternet Connection
More Envelope-Printing Tricks
Free ToolsFor Your Office Suite
LavaSoft/Ad-Aware Returns At Odd Moment
Want $10,000 Extra This Month?
UNIX Mini-Grin
New Archives / New Format
An Expert-Level Disk Imaging/Compression Tip
Compression Question
IE6 Beta Warning
Adding Images To Envelopes in Word
Two Bonus “Search Bar” Tips