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Vista gears up for its first service pack
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Give XP the performance tools of Vista
More and better uses for Process Explorer
How to undelete pictures on your camera
Time for your New Year’s resolution, baby!
VoIP alternatives trim long-distance bills
Microsoft charges customers for free services
IE 6 fix is just in time for the New Year
Set your preferences for the year to come
How to get RoboForm Pro and ZoneAlarm Pro suite for free
Two Christmas gift ideas
How to convert normal programs to portable software
The best free audio and video file conversion program
Free Vista features for XP users
Office 2007 SP1 surprises Vista SP1 beta users
Will Vista SP1 improve your performance?
Is your ISP in cahoots with spammers?
Never leave home without it!
Windows Home Server is not ADS-friendly
MagicJack promises dirt-cheap phone calls
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Free audio file tag editor
Free .ISO file burners from Microsoft
Thousands of free fonts
How to download MP3 audio from YouTube videos
Free utility makes you look more attractive in photos
The best collection of free software
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How to generate a new identity
Free suite of portable data recovery tools
Add sticky notes to Web pages or anything else
How to create self-destructing e-mail
Free tutorials from Microsoft
Check Web link safety
The best way to surf anonymously
Free utility converts video files for iPod use
Freeware replacements for Excel and Visio
How to check your surfing anonymity
Test suspicious files for malware
Free program removes ugly wires from your digital photos
Web site identifies mystery files
Free utility lets you easily edit MP3 files
The uninstaller you have been waiting for
Portable games for your USB flash drive
Secunia Inspector now available as a free stand-alone program
The best free program launcher for flash drives
Free remote control utility offers ease of use
Repair or upgrade your laptop yourself
Great site for removing spyware infection
Free utility hides folders
Free utility copies un-copyable files
Free open source programs that can replace commercial software
Recover deleted files from digital cameras and MP3 players
How to select the best file-compression program
Make Firefox look like Internet Explorer
Recovering data from a corrupted hard drive
Portable software lists
How to permanently wipe a hard drive
How does your firewall rate?
Free utility removes ads from internet explorer and more
Outstanding site for free digital photo software
Free utilities that make your PC run faster
See how your anti-virus program stacks up
Nifty free tray clock solves calendar problem
Excellent free program minimizer
How to save YouTube and other streamed video files
Free utility preserves desktop icon layout
A simple and cheap way to get a multi-monitor setup
More free support sites
Vista driver site
How to find a file on the Web
Converting movie clips to send via email
Better manage Windows startup
Add paste and go feature to Firefox
Free utility backs up frequently changed files
How to improve your Wi-Fi security
Free security tools
The fastest BitTorrent client yet
More Vista features for XP users
More free software from Microsoft
End of year reflections
Service Pack 1 for Office 2007 now due Dec. 11
Use Process Explorer to dig into your system
The secret life of 3D Pinball
But, my mom said I could!
Microsoft to cut WGA ‘kill switch’ out of Vista
Hide sensitive files with Alternate Data Streams
MS’s update icons confuse Windows patchers
Own any PC in 60 seconds or less
How Disney really feels about Christmas
Save energy without sacrificing after-hours tasks
WGA: better, but still not good enough
Free Internet radio and TV tuner
How to remove JPG metadata
How to get your five minutes of fame
The best free media audio and video conversion program
Wire your whole home for the Internet for little cost
Lots of free Web site designs
An easy way to get into Ajax programming
Access the Web without a Web connection
Improve your vocabulary and help the hungry
How to type foreign characters and accents
Print your own digital posters
How to measure your typing speed
How to stop your cell phone or iPod from sliding around
Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
New Linux releases impress
Apple unleashes Leopard
Microsoft Office 2007 security guide
Storm worm gets even sneakier
A better mobile phone manager
Free CRM software for Windows
De-frenzy your fonts
All about MSCONFIG
Free software for Macs
Extreme Google
Style sheets explained
Search files without using a desktop search utility
How to back up your data online cheaply
New version of Comodo Firewall released
Office 2007 “Save as PDF” feature added
Microsoft security at home
Free tool for managing shared computers
Replacement software for your digital media adaptor
Windows Home Server is here
Modify Web sites the easy way
The ultimate defragger review
Downloadable boot disks
How to recover lost Windows passwords
Turn your web browser into your desktop
URI patch for IE 7 needs action now
Use disposable e-mail addresses to minimize spam
Part eight: Regedit can fix Symantec problem
Saving the world with dial-up
Handle Registry editing with caution
Simple tips save power and the environment
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Get Woody’s new e-book bonus
Apple’s new Leopard OS shows Windows envy
Another batch of indispensable Windows utilities
Part seven: decluttering a PC frees up 6GB
Your life vest clashes with your oxygen mask!
One quick trick prevents AutoRun attacks
Microsoft server installs unwanted Desktop Search
Lock down USB ports on your computers
Part six: schedule tasks without constant logons
Playing with your food? Paint with it instead!
Microsoft is ‘revisiting’ warnings in OneCare
Free software finds your security flaws
Driver Detective finds outdated software
My must-have tools for Windows users
Part five: big power supplies need good fans
Global crash reveals modern Internet addiction
U3 flash drives rendered useless on some PCs
PC rebooting? The cause may be MS OneCare
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The best free remote access solution
The best free media player
How to add tabs to Windows Explorer
How to make your own cola soft drink
An easy way to enhance desktop icons
How to get rid of computer cable clutter
Science fiction laser virtual keyboard now a reality
How to harden your PC against attack
Ransomeware on the rise
BlackLight Anti-rootkit no longer available
Patches released for Java, iTunes and Adobe Acrobat
An alternative to the late, lamented AutoPatcher
Firefox extension monitors Web site changes
The best font manager
Free utility shows how you spend your time
Possible additions to the “46 Best-ever Freeware List”
Eset NOD32 Smart Security Suite: first impressions
Free utility splits and merges PDF files
Free utility cuts cost of printing
The best free CD / DVD burner
25GB of free online storage
How to bypass HIPS protection
Decompression bombs as a computer security risk
Great collection of custom 404 error pages
Web service identifies fonts
One location for all keyboard shortcuts
Huge list of free open-source apps
Never re-install Windows again
Internet Explorer 7: missing in action or not?
Good ways to protect your sensitive data
Part four: WU, Symantec suite can slow PCs
Go a little ape with human Donkey Kong
Get official and unofficial fixes for Excel
Free software on USB enables portable computing
Get Fred Langa’s wallpaper for your desktop
Hold off on patching MS SharePoint
Several unpatched vulnerabilities this week
Part three: reduce caches to speed performance
Is it time for Tomb Raider to die?
Microsoft releases Excel fix but skirts issue
Carry a flash drive instead of a laptop
Three more rootkit scanners to consider
Excel 2007 bug generates wrong numbers
Part two: finishing the first Housecall
How Halo 3 makes the world a better place
A flustered Microsoft posts Windows Update trick
Get free patching without Windows Update
Office 2003 service pack adds security
Protect your privacy with simple changes
Part one: heading to the first Housecall
Get the latest Windows updates securely
Stealth Windows update prevents XP repair
Now you can Digg this after you’ve Reddit
Fred Langa is back! Get his pics
The best way to scan for rootkits
Improve on Windows Explorer with Xplorer²
Vista developers invent wild user interface
Readers state concerns over Windows Update
Protect yourself from silent Windows updates
New faces bring you more Windows info
A new way to find out what’s eating up your disk space
How a subscriber got RoboForm for one cent
Waste of time department compilation
Print your own calendars
PC in a keyboard
New study: cell phones fry brain cells
An apology from Gizmo
Malicious Web sites threaten normal users
Microsoft shuts down AutoPatcher
How to improve your network security without paying a ton of money
Two gigabytes of free online backup
Missing out on social bookmarking?
Major update to Tech Support Alert Web site
Gizmo’s guide to protecting your PC
How to convert a U3 flash drive to a normal drive
How to track changes in Web pages
Disk drives hit 1000GB
New improved version of HxD Hex editor/disk editor
A new way to check out downloads for potential malware
A caution about the FileHippo update checker
Details of Vista Service Pack 1 released
Security update for Apple iTunes
Multiple flaws in Yahoo Messenger
Extension sorts Firefox bookmarks
Free world time clock impresses
A portable email checker
Firefox extension attaches sticky notes to Web pages
Tiny free PDF reader
The best free 3-D graphics and modeling programs
Free service lets know how you are using your time
13 reasons why Linux won’t make it to a desktop near you
Free online service offers alternative to PowerPoint
Only four patches this Patch Tuesday
Serious Visual Basic flaw remains unpatched
Nintendo promises Wii bit of excitement
How to run Microsoft Update using Firefox
Microsoft updates Windows without users’ consent
MS server error marks PCs as ‘nongenuine’
Sony renews rootkit debate with USB drives
Danish engineers find low-tech speed limit fix
How to fix problems Software Inspector finds
Unpatched software abounds on user systems
How to improve your security when using a public terminal (part 5 of 5)
New premium edition subscription management system
Get RoboForm Pro and ZoneAlarm Pro Suite for free
Free utility lets normal programs run on USB drives
Freebies galore
Free utility helps you learn things quickly
Lots of free utilities to help you communicate
A real computer for your car
Important news for Yahoo Mail users
BlackIce firewall discontinued
The real security of fingerprint protected USB drives
VMWare for the Mac: a competitor for Parallels
AOL drops Kaspersky from its anti virus shield
Just how safe is portable computing?
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.6
Best free font manager
Another USB drive encryption utility: option 2
Another USB drive encryption utility
The best free thesaurus utility
The best free hex editor / disk editor
Amazing collection of portable applications
How to disable USB devices under OS X or Windows
Get big downloads on CD or DVD
More USB flash drive speed tests
Create Web 2.0 style logos automatically
Share large files with anyone
Another free online digital editing site
The limitations of DropMyRights
Malware cocktails sure to hit unpatched PCs
Internet Explorer flaw exposes FTP credentials
How to get private, anonymous Web surfing
Here’s the real Start Menu entry
Is there a movie idea on your Start Menu?
Restrict application privileges for greater security
Media players more dangerous than Windows
Next issue Sept. 6 — take a break!
Vista patching is a wee bit different
Your application software sorely needs updating
How to stamp out Windows weirdification
Quite possibly the first duct-tape server
Change user access one app at a time
Google, Live, Yahoo run dubious scanner ads
How to clean up after MS’s .NET patches
IE 7 allows Firefox exploit to work
Does the future of Windows include adware?
Apple takes on iRack
Drive encryption not just for hard disks
How to simulate User Account Control in XP
Make sure you get the e-mails you want
Test your PC for weak software versions
‘Important’ patch 936357 is causing crashes
Stop random reboots and fix ’em for good
Fox News’s image directory left wide open
More free ways to enhance Windows XP
Vista ‘resume’ bug plagues laptop users
Super cheap Chinese USB drive guaranteed never to fail
Free online photo gallery generator and photo album
Free Web service lets you sell event tickets online
Website allows you to create your own comic strips
Good deals on computer stuff
A serious warning from Gizmo
Free utility times how long a program takes to run
Free utility extracts text from binary files
Excellent Windows tips and tricks site
Fix Window file association problems
Programs that won’t run in a limited user account
Expanding Microsoft Search to cover more file types
Securing USB flash drives
How to improve your security when using a public terminal (part 3 of 4)
Free utility lets you record screen sessions easily
Running Linux from a USB flash drive
Mind-blowing new photo technology
Microcode update for late-model Pentiums
You need to update QuickTime and Flash now
Superb collection of free hard drive diagnostic utilities
Flash drive management systems
An easy way to know if you are surfing securely
Free online digital editing service
The fallout intensifies over .NET patches
Another user-trapping flaw found in IE
How to power-search the Web easily
It’s 2 a.m. — know where your icons are?
Get a great backup program for free
Add Premium/Enterprise features to XP or Vista
You need a road map to install .NET patches
Installing Firefox reveals new IE vulnerability
Make a quick tweak to protect your browser
iPhone features lead to hilarious consequences
Readers find alternatives to costly ink cartridges
Add ‘business’ features to XP or Vista
Experts debate claims of ‘undetectable malware’
SyncToy — free file sync for XP and Vista
You have ways to ferret out running services
Windows Live finds more than you think
Microsoft owns up to Vista Ultimate letdown
Epson’s claims of cheaper ink are empty
SkipRearm doesn’t work, activation still broken
WGA’s tricky install is no advantage
Firefox needs NoScript to close vulnerability
How to supercharge your wireless router
Gamer takes a different look at MS Surface
Questions linger on the Svchost.exe bug
Microsoft evades promise of Vista Ultimate Extras
The best free desktop publishing program
Notepad on crack
How to improve your security when using a public terminal (part 2 of 3)
Eset offers NOD32 for free
Is your flash drive compatible with Vista?
Site keeps you informed of freeware updates
Good guide to modern Web site design
The next big thing?
Free utility helps your PC conserve power
Good deals on USB flash drives
Google’s security blog hints at the future
How to protect your PC against hostile sites, browser flaws
New QuickTime security patch underscores need to keep programs updated
Serious flaw in Yahoo Messenger
No more updates for Firefox v1.5
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.4
An easy way to re-organize your MP3 files
The best free memory optimizer
Symantec Norton 360: first impressions
Using a USB drive as a laptop replacement
Free portable media player tops its class
Compress your files to the max
How to mute unwanted Web site sounds
Free service monitors Web site and server uptime and performance
How to reduce your spam
Free online services offer RoboForm-like functionality
The great defrag shoot-out
Free Web based applications
Utilities that work with Vista
USB computing — the answers to your questions
Browsers: the difference between ‘safe’ and ‘secure’
Vista time-saver #8 — tweaking the interface
Laptop protection while surfing made easier
Don McMillan explains how not to use PowerPoint
Free sub extension for ZoneAlarm customers
Svchost.exe gets worse before it’s fixed
MS slyly installs WGA via updates, again
IE patched again, but is still insecure
VMware is a superior alternative to Virtual PC
E-cards for any odd occasion
Connecticut teacher gets a second chance
Practice ‘safe surfing’ with public Wi-Fi signals
More ways to get Microsoft products discounted
Firefox is becoming a more important target
Vista time-saver #7 — resize pictures quickly
See the end of the world in 90 seconds
Get OEM discounts when you upgrade your PC
A crusade against bad EULAs
Readers win a Housecall from Fred Langa
Get a top commercial partitioning program for free
How to get McAfee anti-virus for free
An inspirational logo collection that will get your creative juices flowing
How to check the condition of your hard drive
Flight Simulator, Google style
Microsoft claims open source software violates its patents
Download the nifty Google screen-saver without installing Google Pack
500GB external USB drive for $139.96
Top sandbox utility acquired by Google
Users volunteer to get their PCs infected
Annoying bug in Vista corrupts screen display
More free Vista features for XP users
Add Firefox style in-page search to Internet Explorer
A powerful free file cataloging program
Options for limiting user rights in XP
How to run Windows Defender on Win2K
Free online project tracking/invoicing service
The best site for Outlook problems
Windows stop messages explained
The future of computing
How to improve your security when using a public terminal (part 1 of 2)
Free utility secures disk data
Free spell-checker fixes Outlook Express problems
Free system information utility
Linux as an alternative to Vista, part 3
An alternative to sandboxing
Free utility removes unwanted software from new PCs
Review: Comodo BOClean v4.23
Impressive online Visio-like drawing program
Free online Photoshop-like image editor
Internet Explorer patch is now a must-install
What to do when Windows turns against you
Make Vista load files 10 times faster!
More ways to avoid automatic credit-card charges
Make your own church marquee
Microsoft licenses OEM software for single users
Is your security system up to date?
Microsoft launches new security products
Windows Home Server looks like a winner
The reality of Microsoft’s signed-drivers policy
Practice your bunny-surgery skills online
What code signing is and isn’t good for
Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec charge cards repeatedly
Critical patches for Exchange and your workstations
Dangerous .doc files and phishing attacks
How to spot your enemies on the Internet
The world’s first IT professional
Readers’ revelations on DEP and software discounts
Driver signing is a failure for Vista
Fix for ‘Svchost’ is headed our way
Word 2000/XP flaw makes docs dangerous
How many USB devices do you need?
Readers contribute to the discount debate
How DEP can protect your PC
Don’t ignore QuickTime zero-day threat
With Internet safety, be prepared, not paranoid
Vista Timesaver #6 — how to preview promptly
The great musical keyboard prank
More on getting your educational discount
Save money using OEM software
Outlook 2007 sluggishness fix is out
Missing Microsoft patches, part III
Antirootkit tools to protect your computer
Purr-fection through yoga
Stop avoiding Vista — accept it!
Help Fred Langa discover North America
Linux as an alternative to Vista: part two
How to tell whether your hard drive is about to fail
A free utility that stops programs from hogging your PC
How to add notes to your files and folders
Make free Internet phone calls using dial-up lines
Google Earth maps without the big downloads
A top media player for your USB flash drive
Forty two uses for RSS/Atom feeds
Stream your home media files to a remote PC
Free editor scrolls text like a teleprompter
Texture generator creates wallpaper and more
Kaspersky AV 6 for $19.95
GriSoft releases free AVG anti rootkit scanner
Support for Firefox v1.5 ending
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.3
Vista upgrade problems
Vista woes continue
Comodo to offer top memory monitor for free
Free program makes XP reduced user privileges workable
The best free hex editor
Convert normal programs to portable software