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Forty two uses for RSS/Atom feeds
Stream your home media files to a remote PC
Free editor scrolls text like a teleprompter
Texture generator creates wallpaper and more
Kaspersky AV 6 for $19.95
GriSoft releases free AVG anti rootkit scanner
Support for Firefox v1.5 ending
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.3
Vista upgrade problems
Vista woes continue
Comodo to offer top memory monitor for free
Free program makes XP reduced user privileges workable
The best free hex editor
Convert normal programs to portable software
Free utility color calibrates your monitor
Review: SUPERAntispyware
Free firewalls that work with Vista
Computer magazine site offers substance
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Yahoo Mail soon to offer unlimited storage
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Patch is released to fix .ani patch
Missing Microsoft patches, part II
Vista SP1 is coming, but not anytime soon
Summertime and the living is tasty
More ways to prevent phantom devices
How to get Windows software at half-price
Best free download/upload meter
Patch animated cursors, don’t install 2003 SP2
Don’t rule out third-party security patches
Securing your wireless network with WPA2
Download gets a whole new meaning
How to prevent and remove ‘phantom’ devices
Preparing for Windows 2003 Service Pack 2
How the full-disclosure debate is changing
Use caution with software upgrades and updates
Jazzy new look at a Hindu epic
Hundreds of hard-drive repair tips!
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Tax filing for Nix
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Seven steps to remarkable customer service
Weapon of mass destruction for geeks
New utility from SysInternals
Good prices on computer software
Vista gets poor reception
New version of top anonymous surfing program
Cloud descends over top BitTorrent clients
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.2
Free network software for schools and classrooms
Free digital effects plug-in impresses
Microsoft releases Virtual PC 2007
Linux as an alternative to Vista
The best way to validate your HTML
Firefox extension makes opening text links easier
How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP
How to reset the Windows Administrator password
How to get commercial utilities for free
How to do your image editing online
Valuable virtual machine tools
A new approach to protecting your PC
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities list updated
Server 2003 Service Pack 2 is released
The missing Microsoft patches, part 1
Monitoring your childrens’ Internet use
Hey, can you throw me a beer?
Improving your Windows networking defaults
Microsoft allows bypass of Vista activation
Three short days to Daylight Saving Time
Microsoft continues to make patching harder
Vista Timesaver #5 — give Vista the axe?
Making legacy applications work with Vista
A fine rant about technology for idiots
The ethics of installing Windows Vista
User Account Control offers improved security
Patched IE still has security holes
Managing Vista’s Run and Search features
It’s time for you to update Firefox
Philips’ new ad campaign pushes the envelope
Are Registry cleaners worthwhile?
Free replacement for Adobe Illustrator
The best free disk defragger
How to remove the nag screen from Diskeeper Lite
How to track the best deals on the Web
The ultimate geek greeting card
How to find the best blank CDs (SE)
New open source media players impress
Support Alert subscriber releases his own CD
Make fancy text animations
Quantum computers now a reality
Free e-books galore
Revealing all your file extensions? Think again
Super Bowl stadium Web site compromised
Protecting yourself from phishing
The limitations of McAfee Site Adviser
Get Vista for free – includes free bonus Trojan!
Vista Live OneCare flunks test
Free business accounting and CRM software
Anti-malware scanner for your USB flash drive
How to move all your programs to a new PC
Free Word plug-in allows reading/writing of OpenOffice documents
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7 reviewed
Selecting the right boot disk
Solving “safely remove hardware” problems
Cheap alternative to Vista
Specialist BIOS site
Get Vista for upgrade price
Vista pros and cons
The best Flickr photo finder
Gmail now open to all
Gizmo’s take on Vista
Vista Timesaver #4 — the Windows Experience Index
Avoid firewall confusion with insider secrets
Gollum and Smeagol get their groove on
Make more space by deleting log files
Pop-up ads can land you in jail
Security and daylight patches are critical
More denial-of-service flaws emerge
Tips for erasing and recovering data
Vista voice-recognition software is laughable
New hardware doesn’t have to cause problems
Use Vista without activation for 120 days
Apple makes QuickTime hard to patch
Vista timesaver #3 — search Outlook sanely
Using Group Policy without XP Pro
New PC videos slam the Mac
What’s the value of a .name domain?
More on the Vista upgrade secret
MS charges $4K for W2K daylight patch
Patches are missing for Word, PowerPoint
Encryption, malware, and privacy, oh my!
When your antimalware tools disagree
Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price
The best free spam filter
How to use mouse shortcuts
Have Web pages read to you
How to get commercial software for free
Your 64-bit software questions answered
Watch TV, webcams or listen to radio on your PC
How to charge AA batteries from a USB port
Two additional “official” Windows XP themes
More ways to buy books online cheaply
Free online malware scan
Free scanner identifies USB devices attached to network
Flaws in Adobe PDF reader and Acrobat fixed
Firefox updated to v2.0.0.1
Best free screen session recorder
Free utility keeps track of project time
Best free video converter
Microsoft patch fixes slow running IE 7
Free browser add-on protects login credentials
Free utility protects data on stolen laptops
HIPS program gets editor’s choice
New virtualization product offers convenient & safe surfing
Free Windows Vista on a USB stick
Compile a C program online
Good labeling resource
Huge free software list
Vista may be bad move for media users
The best wiki for you
Free Adobe brushes
Free PIMS galore
Firefox v2.0 tweaks
Free tech support sites
The best strategy for dealing with malware
New worms are using rootkit tricks
Vista timesavers #2 — a quicker Quick Launch
What you should know about OpenOffice
Should you choose Intel or AMD?
Does your CPU get 100% bogged down?
Last year’s flaws still plague users
Tips for a safer, smoother New Year
More cases of adware running amok
A few pesky patches this month
New Year brings more Windows flaws
Go mobile and secure your desktop
An explosion of info on passwords
Buyer’s guide to upgrade-checking software
Vista timesaver #1 — bring back my menus
Get control over your browser and desktop
How to ease your password hassles
Beware of unexpected holiday gifts
Watch out for end-of-year exploits
The best Launchy application launcher
Best freeware and share utilities for 2006
Real help for Windows 98 users
Outstanding video how-to sites
Christmas gift ideas
Best free utility for 2006
Patches leave fewer zero day vulnerabilities
Microsoft leaves several Word holes unfixed
Fix your PC’s broken bootup behavior
What to do when a DLL goes missing
The cheapest way to buy books
A cheaper way to buy online
Free PIM impresses
Free goodies for Excel users
Free Mac applications
Free file conversion site
Use instant messaging without an IM client
Free utility converts video files for use on your iPod
Where to find good computer deals
Free utility checks Web site for broken links
Recover information from damaged data CDs
Common computer questions answered
Identify unknown programs from their file name
Free network inventory management tool
Excellent free font manager
The best free software cataloging utility
Free wake-up calls
Ultimate list of free Windows software from Microsoft
Free programs to test your PC’s security
Free multi-format document viewer
Twenty ways to secure your Apache server
How to take great digital photos in poor light
Help for Windows 98 users
How to unlock your Nokia cell phone
More Vista functionality for XP
Get Vista “guided help” functionality in XP
Free tech cheat sheets
A new way to save Web pages
How to improve the quality of your digital prints
Lots of stock photos for Zip
How to make the best quality MP3s
How to keep connected to the Internet
Free utility for project task list management
Get back lost XP passwords
Free utility keeps track of project hours worked
Add process information to Windows Task Manager
Free online storage services
One thousand free icons, free Favicon service
Free programs that run from your USB flash drive
Slick reminder program impresses
Best free Outlook Express backup utility
Display Outlook calendar and folder tasks on desktop
The dangers of public proxy servers
How to decrypt protected iTunes songs
How to send large email files from your own PC
Free MS Excel resources
Convert MS Word and Excel documents to PDF
Free Internet traffic monitor
How to print lots of documents easily
Free utility fixes PC problems
Free Firefox extension offers selective privacy
Free computer books
Product of the year
Small holes make big trouble for MySpace
Vista and Office patching — are you ready?
Show Microsoft Outlook who’s boss
Should you use AOL’s free antivirus?
Updated info on Java, Vista, and Blink
The Vista/Office ‘kill switch’ conundrum
What to do when downloads disappear
When your Recovery Console goes bad
Free utility logs installation changes
A tray clock replacement with a difference
The three most under-utilized keyboard shortcuts
21st century thesaurus
When Microsoft buys Firefox
Screensavers with street cred
Your own seal of approval
Open source software listing
Some light hearted relief from security
Patches available for 0-Day flaws
SpySweeper now available with anti-virus scanner
Ewido now renamed to AVG Anti-Spy
New AVG AV 7.5 Free, new AVG rootkit detector
AVG free anti-virus to be available from Microsoft
Office 2000 users read this
Firefox 2.0 released
Internet Explorer 7 released
Best free XML editor?
Utility permanently and securely deletes files
New free tech tool from SysInternals
Firefox extension shows Web site location
A really fast alternative to Add/Remove Programs
Great freeware site
Free widgets galore
Fix for Internet Explorer 7 file menu location
Free utilities for techies
The best BitTorrent sites
Top tech newsletter ceases publication
Six intrusion-prevention products tested
Free diagnostic tool
Vista’s next, but for now we’re patching XP
Black Tuesday leaves several flaws unpatched
Gathering the strands of a tangled Web
Free antivirus, a new firewall, and IP sniffing
DVD Disk-Spanning Backup Software
Temporary Internet Files Not Temporary Enough
More On “Waaaaay Too Much Background Activity”
XXCopy Clone Now Supports Windows XP
Choosy Spammers Choose GIF
Outlook Won’t Lose Weight After “AutoArchive” Diet
Powerful (But A Little Geeky) Bulk Renames
Don’t Forget Firefox’s “Mozilla Archive Format”
Getting “Snippy” With Web Pages
Did You *Really* Send An Infected E-Mail?
Does Your Page/Swap File Deserve Its Own Drive?
A Very Happy Anniversary
They Loaded The Code
Just For Grins
LangaList joins with Windows Secrets
Outlook Express “Retrieval Tool” Is Really Search
Good Cookies, Bad Cookies
Opera “Speaks” MHT, Too
Backups Won’t Span Multiple DVDs?
Message Says, “You’ve Sent Infected E-Mail”
Cutting 2 GB .PST, .OST Files Down To Size
How to Keep Your Paging File Defragmented
Heads Up! Mailing Test Coming!
LangaList is merging with Windows Secrets
Still Waiting For Microsoft’s Mail…
How To Save Web Pages
Eudora Down… But Not Out
Building Boot Disks From CAB Files
Playing (Safely) In I.E.’s Sandbox
VMware? SATA? Can’t We All Just Get Along?
How To Stop Photo Thieves
GREAT NEWS!The LangaList is Merging with Windows Secrets!
They Just Keep Coming And Coming…
Patches have problems as IE 7 seeks deployment
Old flaws still plague Internet Explorer
Top timesaving tips in IE 7 and Firefox 2
Do you have HIPS in your future?
IE 7 needs tweaking for safety
Software Reads EULAs (So You Don’t Have To)
Another Great Fax Alternative
How To Get Langa Blog Via E-Mail
Great Backup Scheme, With One Catch
Links That Launch Both Site *And* Browser
Bring Order To Start Menu Mayhem
Waaaaay Too Much Background Activity
Vista changes lock out antivirus makers
The battle over the Vista kernel
Still Another Code-Load Success
Recommend This Newsletter And Win!
Free utility offers anonymous and secure browsing
A program scheduler that handles automated keystrokes
How to schedule programs to run automatically
Multiple function cable saves space
How to find free music, get access to blocked sites
Lots of free games
Free utility prevents digital photo EXIF data loss
Weird cases for your iPod
Is your security software killing your PC?
Organized crime behind latest malware wave
How to stop delivery of Internet Explorer 7
Weaknesses of anti-virus software
New version of SandBoxie fixes vulnerability
Firefox updated to v1.5.0.7
The best Internet business guide is now free
Free tool rearranges your task bar
Google releases free bookmark syncing tool
A free Anti-Spyware program with active protection
Convert an old PC into a mass storage device
How to get Acronis True Image for free
Social bookmarking sites compared
Record your screen sessions for free
A free DNS server that’s better and safer
Identify unknown processes
Send emails at future dates
HijackThis logs analyzed automatically
The new generation of intrusion prevention products
Files Multiply Like Tribbles
How To Move Outlook Express
Script Errors Block Web Sites
How To Strip Away Web Page Bloat
Annual Report 2006: Yasmin Idania
Virtual PC 2007 Virtually Shipping
New Web Pages “Wipe Out” Old Ones
When Good Teens Browse Bad Content
Optional Links
Code Load Success Story
Is This Newsletter Useful?
Patching Up Windows After Patch Breaks It
Flog the Blog!
SpamCop’s Auto-Complaint Feature
Just the Fax, Ma’am
Another Great Search Utility Found
X1 Search Utility Phones Home
How Do You Restore A Restore Point?
XP, NTFS, FAT, Drive Letter Juggling, And More!
PR Budget = $0.00
Goodbye old friends, hello Office patches
Microsoft skips some critical IE patches
Is Vista locking out security competitors?
You’ll love IE 7’s tabs or hate ’em
MS OneCare halts flow of antivirus info
How To Get A Detailed View
Well Documented Document Error
Still Not Getting The Messages
Covering Your LCD Assets
More Re: Virtually Running Vista
MFT Needs Its Space
Mo’ Betta Linuxes
Still *More* Extra Content!
Is This Newsletter Interesting? Useful?
Getting The Big Picture — Instantly
Super Advice On Those “Super Hidden” Folders
VPN Not The Only Way To Connect
Can’t Find Perfect Search Utility
Two Ways To Put Windows On A Diet
Virtual PC Virtually Doesn’t Work With Vista
Setting Up An Online Store, Pt 2
Setting Up An Online Store, Pt 1
System Restore and Microsoft’s Confusing Naming Practices
And *Another* Code Load Success Story!
Data Recovery Experts Worth It?
Hot Chip… Or Not So Hot?
IncrediMail Upgrade Tactics Incredibly Bad
Windows File Protection Gets In The Way
OEM Drive Has Better Warranty Than Retail
How To Shrink Sound Files
Inside Svchost.exe
Ewido Update
Another “Expanded” Issue
IE flaws are back in the spotlight
Phishing filters can hurt your privacy
Sun plans fixes for Java update problems
Keep your PCs running smoothly
Protect yourself before and after patching
Readers reveal the secrets of IE 7
Another Code Load Success Story
Forum Lurking Reveals Product Pitfalls:
Web Sites Lacking In Password Quality
Netmeeting As Remote Control Software
Even *More* Ghostbusting
Comodo Firewall: Friend or Foe?
Making the Remote Desktop Connection
“Super-Hidden” Folders Are Super Annoying
Got Your Vista RC1 Yet?
More Cool Free Tools
Workaround needed for IE hole
Find Yourself With a Mystery Utility?
PowerPoint Without PowerPoint
Batch-Convert Sound Files
Good News On Virtual PC
Doing Something About Spam
Cams As Testing Tools
Transform Your Desktop With Toolbars
Free Up Megabytes of Disk Space
Of Blogs and Feeds
In Search Of ‘Mystery’ Devices
Update on Jakison, A LangaList-Sponsored Kid
Can Swap Files Cause Blue Screens Of Death?
Some Very Nice Free Software
Hosing Down The Dust; and This “Expanded” Issue
Is This Information Useful?
Outlook Sends Mixed Messages
More Malicious Malware
They’re Still Coming And Coming….
A Better Recycle Bin
“ShellconHiddenWindow” Unmasked
Adware Away— A Good Start
Installing Old Windows Over New
How Secure Is Windows Encryption?
We’re Ba-a-a-a-a-ack…
Three More Winners!
The best value gaming PCs
The best virtual PC for free
How to hide a Windows folder
How to use Wi-Fi hot spots securely
A new art form that will surprise you
How to make your Windows desktop look like a Mac
Lots of commercial software for free
Create your own personal 3D avatar
How to make sure a game will work on your PC
Free library offers process information
Really cheap software
New spam onslaught challenges spam filters
German police seize Tor servers
Premium version of Open Office 2 released
SpySweeper’s new version bugs fixed
New rootkit detector
PCs compromised by unpatched Word 2000 flaw
Computer users rebel against security software
New free firewall impresses
Free personal information manager
Top free process viewer enhanced
Firefox extension provides enhanced search
Free text-to-speech utility
Best free screen capture utility
The best free project manager
Outlook passwords explained
Select the right colors for your Web site
One dictionary to rule them all
Overcoming Windows verification woes