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Automating Disk Maintenance— Without Risk
Two Mice Installed At Once
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MS updates and a new USB threat
User Account Control: Vista cries, ‘Wolf!’
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Genuine Advantage is Microsoft spyware
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“Windows Genuine Advantage” Glitches?
Hoist By Their Own Petard
Too Many “KB” Files Cluttering Disk
Firewall Incorrectly Blocks Local Traffic
More Mothballs
Drowning In Dead Drivers
Defrag Just Won’t Finish
“NTLDR is missing”
Yet *Another* Code Load Success Story
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Resurrecting A Dead Master Boot Record
“Awesome New VPN” (Free!)
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Update Takes Over
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A Year’s Worth Of Updates on Reyna
Running Windows Apps On Linux
Finally, Network Will
How To ID Backup CD/DVDs
One-Click Recovery Console, And More
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Web Site “Script Errors”
Excellent Flash-Drive Software
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CDs Guaranteed For 100+ Years!
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Drive Upgrade Follow-On Question
Optimizing DSL/Cable Connections
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For Non-Nudist Laptop Users
$999 Virtual Server Product Now Free!
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Flash causes headaches for home patchers
Patch one and find two more
When Automatic Updates can be harmful
Where’s The Bottleneck?
Don’t Make Me Beg! :-)
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Upgrade Vs Replace?
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Fred’s Deep Blush (Deleting TMP Files) Pt3
Fred’s Deep Blush (Deleting TMP Files) Pt2
Fred’s Deep Blush (Deleting TMP Files) Pt1
Very Cool Tweak: The OS Hidden Inside The OS
Deeper problems emerge with April patches
There they go again — slipstreaming patches
How to check that sites are safe
Were you a victim of Patch Tuesday?
April 11 patch re-released with fixes
Get top rated $99 Web information organizer for free
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An easier way to run programs with reduced rights
More ways to speed up your BitTorrent downloads
How to improve your intellect and how to zap it
Free computer games galore
Free education programs for children
Threat to your Internet privacy
How to reset your BIOS password
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Free virtualization software for servers
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More security woes for Internet Explorer
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The best free notes organizer
The final solution to computer cooling problems
Hot prices for computer cabling
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Video how-to site
Advanced Google
Firefox tips
Promising anonymizing network
Google launches Calendar, acquires Writely
New name for this newsletter
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Another Fix For Failed Uninstalls
Free “Writer’s Cursor”
Free Picture Resizers
Full Circle On Huge-Storage PCs/ & Servers
NOD32, and More
Defender Glitches?
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Getting Win98 “Up-To-Snuff”
Rebuild XP With A Click!
Heads Up— New Version Of Archives En Route
Stymied By DVD “Region” Blocking
Worried About Backup Snooping
Update’s “Black Box” Operations
Workaround For Public PC Worries
Reader-Recommended Disk Cataloger
Undetectable Hardware-Based Malware?
Windows On New Or “Alien” Hardware
Annual Report: Faisal Eko Budiayanto
Free “SiteAdvisor”
XP’s Little-known “Rebuild” Command
Sneaking EXE’s Past Mail Blocks
Create Panoramic Photos, Free
Uncensored Searches
Lost Digital Pix: Found!
Free .PST Backup Tool
Gone Like A… Flash Drive?
Who You Gonna Call?
Other Deletion Tools
Free Tool & Demo From Fred
Do virtual machines make you safe?
Pinning a tail on the Start menu donkey
April showers bring April patches
Internet Explorer still has holes left
Fix Outlook daylight savings time headaches
More ways to use disposable addresses
Fred Treads Lightly
More on PST Files
DIY Recovery CD When None Is Available
Drastic Measures Needed?
Google Security Warning
“Index” = “Oink?”
Temperature Tools For Dell and Other Notebooks
Excellent, Free Add-Ins
Drive Size Limits
What’s On Those Old CDs?
New, Free, Graphical Partitioning Tool
Bad Advice From Reputable Source?
jv16 PowerTools 2006 Is Out
 Two Drives, Two OSes?
More On Solving Wireless Woes
An Entire Library Of Free Tools!
Monitor Adjustments
Pesty PST Files
Drive Cable Problems
Curse Of The Recovery CDs
CD/DVD Quit Working
How Best To Partition/Use New Disk?
“Why Short Passwords Are A Bad Idea”
Blocking “Trackers”
It’s A New Month…
Change All Windows At Once
User Feedback: jv16 PowerTools
City Slick
Emails With Random Verbiage?
His Floppy Flopped
Saving Win98 (or Other) Updates
Doing The Defrag Shuffle
Testing RAM
“Turbulence In The Ether”
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OS Transfer Question
RAID Problem
Task Manager Disabled?
Feed Me! Feed Me Now!
Change Menu Formats At Will
Public PC Worries
Problems With Floppy Copy
Free Temperature Tools
More On: A $500 PC with 1,000 GB Of Storage
Changing registered owner in Windows and Office
Gentlemen, and women too, start your testing
Internet Explorer has triple security threat
Get a disposable e-mail address
More on Circumventing Censorship
Unsafe at any speed?
Special Offer
Failed Uninstall; Now What?
“Restrictions In Effect …”
How To Tell USB 1 from 2
DVD Life?
Misc: Free Windows Stuff, Vista Delay…
New, Highly-Automated Slipstreamer
XP Home to Pro?
Drive-Moving Question
A Complete Terabyte System For $500
Last Days To Enter March’s FREE Drawing
A new way to delete un-deletable files
How to use Windows Update with Firefox
How to download music files in lossless format
How to shuffle and cut a deck of cards one-handed
Dozens of free games
Customized Internet radio only plays songs you like
Make your own CD cases from paper
How to put your DVDs on a video iPod
The ten best watches for geeks
uTorrent V1.5 released
Running some apps as a limited user from an admin account
Microsoft antispyware beta 2 tests
Outstanding process viewer and startup manager
The best free CD burning software
New Firefox backup extension
The best free parental filter: part 2
Free utility adds voice email to Outlook
The best free reminder/to-do program
The best drive imaging program
BitTorrent clients compared
Some smiles for techies
How to back up, restore and move Outlook Express email
Help site for ZoneAlarm
Save money by making your own Ethernet leads
Site lists P2P clients loaded with spyware
Outstanding video how-to site
How to surf with complete security, part 3
Nasty Hardware Problem
Memory Problems Corrupt Backups
“Delayed Write Fail”
*Tons* Of High-Quality FreeWare
Another Clueless Sales/service person?
Windows Disk Management In Win2K
Password Frustration
Husband’s/Wife’s PCs Don’t Communicate
“Google Is Not Your Friend”
Aussie Oddity (Mystery Slowdown)
No-Reformat Way To Add Or Replace A Hard Drive
More than just two patches this week
Windows flaws from server to client
Perfect your patch process
Vista 5308: through a glass, darkly
Readers respond on controlling reboots
Microsoft security
Gmail’s Long Tail
Free Font Editor!
Compressed Files
More Great, Free Sniffers
Resource Leaks, Redux
New Partitions On A Fully-Allocated Drive
“LDM Is Not Registered”
“Buffer Zone”
RAM Drive Question
Safely Adding Or Replacing A Hard Drive
Update On Eder
Final (?) Offer From Jouni Vuorio
Getting Email Off Gmail
ISP Spam Filters That Work?
Reader’s Password Gripes
Free USB Drive! Really!
S.M.A.R.T, Backup Verification, And More
Winfixer’s Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck
More Print Queue Tricks
ISO Issues
Disk Tools In Conflict?
Digging Into Disk Management
New Month, New Chances
Missing “View” Tab in Folder Options
“Make Your Own” Anything!
Time Running Out For Win98
Lean, Clean Networking Restart
Spin, Spin, Spin…
Ghost Busted
Lower-Cost Motherboard Repair Options
Gmail As An Antispam Tool
Mirror, Mirror On The Drive…
Dominoes Still Falling