Daily Archives: February 13, 2003

Best Low-Cost Systems Ever?

When you buy a new PC, you need to look at the total
bundle— hardware, software, service and support— to see whether a given
system makes sense for you. A low-cost system may look great on paper, but
require so much tinkering, additional software, and hair-pulling that it’s just not
worthwhile. On the other hand, sometimes— sometimes— a low-cost system can
be an *incredible* bargain, working just as it should, and with huge savings
over equivalent name-brand hardware.

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You thought privacy was bad – now the Web can read your mind

A simple layout masks a devilishly psychic power at The Flash Mind Reader
You’re presented with a list of every two-digit number, from 00 to 99, and
set of corresponding symbols that represent each number. You choose a
number, add the digits together, then subtract the result from your
number and concentrate – concentrate! – on the appropriate symbol.

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XP passwords rendered useless

Windows XP, which has been marketed Microsoft as “the most secure
ever,” has been found to have a flaw so bone-headed that it renders
passwords ineffective as a means of keeping people out of your PC.

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