Daily Archives: August 5, 2004

The dynamic duo

It’s convention time in America, and that means people will be seeing a lot
of President George W. Bush and his Democratic opponent, John Kerry. But
you probably haven’t seen them as you’ll see them in the now-famous JibJab
video, “This Land,” Gregg and Evan Spiridellis.

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Microsoft juggles documents on Web site compatibility with SP2

The June 17
edition of this newsletter (which was known then as Brian’s Buzz on Windows)
carried a main story about the coming Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. It said,
“SP2 will include a new version of Internet Explorer” that will “block
ActiveX controls, downloadable add-ins, pop-up windows, and other features
commonly used in many Web sites. If you or your company maintain a site,
you owe it to yourself to check Microsoft’s list of changes and adjust your
technology accordingly.” We recommended a Microsoft document entitled
How to Make Your Web Site Work with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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Microsoft’s little-known note-taker

Last year, Microsoft released an Office family product called
OneNote. You may not have heard of OneNote, because Microsoft
curiously chose not to include it with any of its Office 2003
product bundles (Standard, Professional, and so on). Or you may have
dismissed this application as one you can do without.

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Our new ‘Index of Reviews’ helps you find what’s best

The paid version of today’s Windows Secrets Newsletter features an
information-rich section that we’ve wanted to offer for a long, long
time. This new content is called the Index of Reviews.

Our new section will give you quick links to the latest competitive ratings
of new Windows-compatible hardware. Allow us to illustrate why
a feature like this is needed:

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