Daily Archives: January 27, 2005

Dead Drive, Lost Files

Hey Fred! I have a question that I’m pretty sure
you can help me with… I recently backed up everything to my brand new
external usb 2.0 HDD and deleted the data on my PC. Unfortunately my
external drive died on me and now I’m trying to retrieve the data off of my
computer’s internal drive…

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Linux Backup, In Detail

We discussed the basics of Linux backups in

http://langa.com/newsletters/2005/2005-01-13.htm#7 . Here’s deeper

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“Security Task Manager”

Hi, Fred!  Got a question for you.

http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/index.html – This link is to a site for a
program called "Security Task Manager." If it’s good, it should be very good. Is
it legit, and safe to use? 
Thank you! —Sharon Brown

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Spamproof Your Main Email Address

Fred, More and more web sites
on the Internet require first-time visitors to
"register" or "become a member" before being allowed access to the
entire site.  The registration process usually requires the user to fill in
a series of blank fields with personal information, including ones e-mail
address.  Invariably, after clicking on the "submit" button, a message
informs the applicant that an immediate reply will be sent to the e-mail
address included in the registration.  This reply serves two purposes.

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Hosting Follow-Up: One Year Later

Almost exactly a year ago, I moved the Langa.Com site to

http://www.trkhosting.com/ ; an affordable, high-quality web hosting
service. The owner, Tom Koch, is an extremely knowledgeable guy who’s bent over
backwards to keep the Langa.Com server humming— not an easy task, given the
huge mail load that flows through the server, and the feast/famine
cycle caused by the twice-weekly appearance of this newsletter.

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More On Spyware Hype Vs Real Threats

I kinda knew that "Spyware Hype Vs Real Threats" (

) would generate mail. Here’s one of the gentler responses:

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Erased “Tracks” Come Back

Fred, Enjoy Langalist Plus and rely on it to
help me maintain a healthy and safe computer. I have used System Restore a
number of times to fix problems. It’s a great tool.

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