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“Inverse Network Technology” / “Visual Networks”

Fred, I remember somewhere in one of your newsletters (I am a
Plus member) about modem dialing out problems or programs hidden in the system
that will do this without authorization.  A friend has a system with Win98 SE
and has been woken up in the wee hours by his computer dialing out.  He
hesitates to turn off the computer but has begun to unplug the telephone line
while away or at night.  I believe we have tracked the problem to a program
called "Canon Creative 3" and the message on the screen shows "Inverse Network
Technology" when the dialing is taking place.  I cannot seem to find a way to
remove this dial-up program without deleting the whole program.  Any and all
assistance will be greatly appreciated. —William Gibson

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Transfer Email Settings?

I have joined as a Plus member sometime last
year; and I enjoy reading every issue. There is a utility that I am looking
for the would be helpful to me, and that is, a program that would allow me
to transport email settings, addresses, and email messages from outlook and
outlook-express from one computer to another?
Naturally, a freeware if possible.
Thanks, Tony Dewar

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A “Linux Inside Windows” Variant

In response to "Cygwin
and ‘Linux Inside Windows’ Options" (

), this reader offered an alternative:

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Correction on “Tools To Keep Hard Drives Healthy”

I’m actually glad to report this error on my part;
not because I’m happy to be wrong, but because it’s good news for users of the
Symantec/Norton Suites:

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Feedback On “Tools To Keep Hard Drives Healthy”

Last issue’s two part item on "Tools
To Keep Hard Drives Healthy"

http://langa.com/newsletters/2005/2005-02-28.htm#2 brought some
interesting mail, including these:

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Weird “Restore” Error

Long-time readers of this newsletter know that I’m a
backup fanatic, so you may find it amusing to learn that I couldn’t restore a
file I needed the other day. <g> At least, not at first.

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De-Dust, We Must

Hi Fred:
Regarding the ‘Dirtiest PC…’ item in the current LangaList (

http://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=60403472 ) –
actually, you have found a worse example than the one used in your
InformationWeek article (excellent by the way).  I’m referring to the ‘Sweater
of Death’ (
http://langa.com/newsletters/2004/2004-07-22.htm#10 ).
You obviously couldn’t have used it for the article, but as a bad example it’s
pretty good.
Looking forward to your next issue.
–Tom Mighill

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