Daily Archives: February 8, 2007

New PC videos slam the Mac

Apple has been running for months its now-famous “PC vs. Mac” ad campaign. The series of commercials (“I’m a PC"
— "I’m a Mac”) is designed to pitch the Mac as a hip, young machine with more contemporary capabilities, while the PC is portrayed as sluggish and antiquated

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What’s the value of a .name domain?

There are currently 265 different "top level domains" (.com, .edu, .org,
etc.) to choose from when registering your domain. What’s best?

First, let’s help a reader who’s wondering if he got ripped off in buying a
.name domain name.

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More on the Vista upgrade secret

I revealed in my Feb. 1 article that you can buy the “upgrade” version of Windows Vista and
clean-install it to any hard drive, with or without a preexisting version of
Windows XP or 2000.

This renders the more expensive “full” version of Vista unnecessary —
and many of my readers have provided additional information about why
this upgrade trick works.

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