Daily Archives: February 15, 2007

Vista voice-recognition software is laughable

A video of a Windows Vista speech-recognition demo that went awry was devoured critics of the new operating system when it was posted on the Web late last year. Footage shows the program badly garbling the demonstrator’s commands.

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New hardware doesn’t have to cause problems

Usually a major hardware change causes endless software hassles. It doesn’t
have to be this way.

If your current PC doesn’t have "PCI Express" technology, your next one most
likely will. Here’s the scoop on PCI Express and what it means for Windows

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Use Vista without activation for 120 days

It’s widely assumed that a newly installed copy of Windows Vista must be
"activated" before 30 days are up.

But Microsoft has built into Vista a simple, one-line command that anyone can
use to extend the activation deadline of the product to a total of 120 days —
almost four full months!

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