Daily Archives: April 26, 2007

The great musical keyboard prank

Office pranks — not to mention hardware
sabotage — are liable to get you fired from many companies. But, that didn’t deter the folks at Metacafe from showing how to hijack a keyboard to make the Caps Lock key play a goofy

The gimmick involves finding a high-tech greeting card, the kind with hardware built in to play music or sound effects. You’ll also need an NPN switching transistor from your local electronics store and a few tools to disassemble and reassemble the keyboard. Got all that?

You can try this at home, but you may find it safer just to watch the video explaining how it all works.

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More on getting your educational discount

Reader responses poured in after last week’s article about the steep
academic discounts available for Windows and other software.

Some readers felt that we took a U.S.-centric view. It’s true —
educational pricing isn’t limited to the United States. This week, I’ll
also tell you where to find some of these deals in the U.K.

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Save money using OEM software

In last week’s issue, I told you how to get great prices on Windows
and other software using educational discounts. Unfortunately, not
everyone has the credentials to get these discounts.

For those lacking the academic qualifications, Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) discounts offer a tempting alternative.

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