Daily Archives: June 21, 2007

The best free desktop publishing program

Commercial Desktop publishing programs are expensive. QuarkXPress costs $749, Adobe InDesign costs $699 and even Microsoft Publisher costs $169. Happily there are two excellent free desktop programs. One is ideal for small business and an excellent alternative to Microsoft Publisher.

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Notepad on crack

Great tag line eh? It’s the way the author of ZuluPad describes his product and it’s not too far from the truth.

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How to improve your security when using a public terminal (part 2 of 3)

There is no 100% safe way to enter passwords from a public terminal. That’s a fact. Modern keyloggers can capture not only keyboard strokes but mouse clicks and the Windows Clipboard.

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Eset offers NOD32 for free

Eset, the maker of the popular NOD32 anti-virus program, is currently offering a free beta of its brand new “Smart security suite product. According to the website the product includes: “-

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Is your flash drive compatible with Vista?

One of the new features of Vista is ReadyBoost a feature that allows users to boost performance by using flash memory for file caching and/or virtual memory rather than a hard disk drive. It works because flash memory has much faster random access fetch times than hard disk even though the data transfer rate is actually slower.

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Site keeps you informed of freeware updates

I mention a lot of freeware programs in the newsletter but rarely have the space to let you know when new versions become available. At this freeware site they have a section specifically dedicated to keeping track of new versions. Thanks to subscriber Jojo James for this one. http://www.prospector.cz/Freeware-updates …This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.

Good guide to modern Web site design

Regular contributor “Briard” writes “Gizmo. I’m looking at current trends in web design for a project I’m working on, and came across a couple of really useful links [1], [2].”

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The next big thing?

This Popular Mechanics video demonstrating Microsoft’s prototype “Milan” coffee table computer will blow your mind. It will also blow your budget; we are talking $10,000 here.

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Free utility helps your PC conserve power

Subscriber Tom Mahoney writes “Gizmo, here’s a small program [1] to manage energy saving options on a PC better and more consistently than XP. With my kids leaving PCs on all night and XP not hibernating consistently. Read about it in the NYT.”

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Good deals on USB flash drives

You can pick up a SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Titanium U3 from Comp-U-Plus for $38.99 while NewEgg has the huge, fast CORSAIR Flash Voyager 16GB Drive for $124.99 after a $20 rebate. Perhaps the best deal of all is at Buy.com where you can pick up a Kingston 2GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $12.95 after a $19 mail-in rebate.

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