Daily Archives: September 6, 2007

Danish engineers find low-tech speed limit fix

Making motorists stay within the speed limit is a problem in every country.
But not every nation brings the same level of creative problem-solving to the
issue as Denmark. With 70% of motorists going over the speed limit, traffic
engineers decided that something had to be done

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How to fix problems Software Inspector finds

In the
Aug. 16
issue, I pointed out that the
Secunia Software Inspector
may find multiple versions of unpatched products on your

Older programs and Web sites may need the older versions of run-time
software. But the old run-time code represents a security risk.

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Unpatched software abounds on user systems

Readers of the Aug. 16
issue of Windows Secrets took our advice and used the Secunia Software
Inspector service in droves.

The results show that — even though our readers are more tech-savvy
than the average computer user — thousands of you apparently still
use computers with unpatched software.

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