Daily Archives: May 22, 2008

Top free tools for rooting out rootkit spies

An easy-to-use rootkit detector and cleaner makes trapping this sneaky spyware a snap.

Whether you’re comfortable sorting through your PC’s processes and Registry keys manually or you prefer to have someone else do the sleuthing, there’s a rootkit detector for you.

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Mobile phones have come a long, long way

Who hasn’t rummaged through their pants pocket or purse looking for their ultra-sleek, super-tiny cell phone and longed for a return to the days when using a mobile phone meant lugging around a 2-pound battery pack and holding a brick to your face?

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Readers offer more ways to keep XP fresh

A better way to clear out temp folders, a great all-purpose Windows cleaner, and more free online storage top your suggestions for giving XP a new lease on life.

The question remains: Who benefits when Microsoft’s only real competition is with itself?

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XP SP3 triggers false positives in security apps

Installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 can cause your anti-malware programs to report the presence of Trojans and keyloggers that aren’t there.

The false positives have blocked important system files in some cases, and in others they have misled users into reinstalling XP.

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All readers are eligible for our bonus download

You have only until June 4 to get our exclusive, FREE, 20-page excerpt from the hilarious new book Delete This At Your Peril (left). Maxim magazine says the author’s e-mail exchanges with Nigerian spammers are “brilliantly deranged.”

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