Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

Watch this video … before it’s too late!

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are poised to haunt your doorstep on Oct. 31 in the innocuous pursuit of candy. But beware! Some of those innocent-looking revelers might just be zombies in disguise, walking the streets on a quest for brains and human flesh. Oh, no! How to tell the difference?

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Expect attacks via latest Windows security hole

Following Microsoft’s release last Friday of a critical, out-of-cycle patch, only sporadic reports of attacks based on this weakness have been received — but that may not last.

Apply the patch referred to in MS08-067 right away, because Trojan horses that take advantage of this security breach are sure to hit us soon.

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First, a news update, now a special newsletter

We don’t usually publish articles on the 5th Thursday of the month, thinking that that would be a chance to take a much-needed break from our weekly schedule.

A newly announced vulnerability in Windows, however, impelled us to publish a rare
news update
on Oct. 24, and we’re following with today’s special content to bring you contributing editor Susan Bradley’s latest findings on protecting yourself.

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Readers can now download TWO helpful e-books

No Job? No Prob! is a tongue-in-cheek guide to what to do if you suddenly find yourself without gainful employment. The printed book will soon appear in stores, but for a limited time, all Windows Secrets subscribers are eligible to download an e-book excerpt with four full chapters free of charge.

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