Daily Archives: December 11, 2008

Connect safely over open Wi-Fi networks

Using a Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop, airport, or hotel is such a serious security risk that I simply never do it without taking additional measures to protect my data and my PC.

These three techniques will keep you safe while using a public network, often without costing you anything but a small bit of time.

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Hang on, I’ve got the perfect song for this!

It’s no wonder that portable music players have become so popular. With the right song playing in the background, ordinary actions can be transformed into extraordinary experiences. Everyday activities beg for personalized playlists: get in the groove of your daily workout, rock out while cleaning the house … the possibilities are endless, even if we’re not!

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Does the glitch in .NET patching put you at risk?

People using Windows XP Service Pack 3 may not be offered all the .NET security patches their applications require.

However, if none of your PC’s programs requires a version of .NET Framework, this problem will have no impact on your system.

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A manual approach to reinstalling .NET Framework

The Dec. 4
Top Story
in Windows Secrets described how to make sure your system has the Microsoft .NET that’s needed by various applications, but doing so sometimes requires a brute-force approach.

When it’s time to reinstall vital Windows components — or the entire operating system — you’d best have a plan in mind.

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Microsoft DHCP bugs make Windows lose networking

Numerous perplexed Windows users have discovered that attempting to connect their PCs (especially Vista) to their existing networks or Wi-Fi hotspots results in flaky or nonexistent connections.

One reason: a change by Microsoft in Vista’s Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) is causing conflicts with some networking hardware, which can require a Registry edit to fix.

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Get some great tricks for a healthy space

The new year is a perfect time to throw out old things and start anew. We’ve licensed a copy of the best techniques from Alison Haynes’s new book, Clean Sweep, to help you rid your home and workplace of unseen pollutants and toxins, especially those that can cause allergies.

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