Monthly Archives: February 2009

My smartphone is smarter than your smartphone!

It happens every time: just when you think you’ve got the newest, slickest, most-awesome gadget on the market, a new model comes along that makes your posh purchase look like peanuts. Nowhere is this more apparent than with cell phones. Today’s latest smartphones top their predecessors by offering mind-blowing features that we could barely dream of in years past.

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Site owners stung by SiteAdvisor rating errors

McAfee’s SiteAdvisor security service leaves some Web developers scratching their heads over inconsistencies in its green-yellow-red ratings.

The company’s promises of more-frequent reviews of its site classifications are welcomed by site owners struggling to win SiteAdvisor’s approval.

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Reviewers rate Norton the No. 1 security suite

Norton Internet Security Suite 2009, the top-rated security suite this year — as it was last year — now uses fewer system resources than before without skimping on protection.

If you’re not a fan of Norton products, there are plenty of other contenders worthy of consideration that can challenge the long-time security-software leader.

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All readers get brain-fitness secrets for free

That mush between your ears is aging along with the rest of you. To keep your wetware firing on all cylinders, add to your physical-fitness regimen the 12-step brain-workout plan presented in Brain Rules, a book by John Medina.

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