Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Everything Windows 7 available at your fingertips

This month’s free bonus download for all our subscribers is Windows 7 All-in-One for Dummies by our very own contributing editor Woody Leonhard. The book provides valuable information about making the transition to Windows 7 for the novice to the expert computer user.

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Water fights that will make you cry uncle

Remember when playing with squirt guns was the most fun a kid could have? The little streams of water kept you cool while also providing endless hours of fun. Then Super Soakers reinvented the water fight, blasting water at your foes in torrents!

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Gmail activity log helps you detect hijacking

A line at the bottom of the Gmail window indicates when your account was last used and also links to more-complete usage info.

You can use this activity log to determine whether someone has guessed your password and taken over your account.

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Sun, Apple, Microsoft install chaff with patches

When you apply a security update for one of the programs on your PC, beware of uninvited software that wants to come along for the ride.

Vendors are more and more often going over the line, piggy-backing unsolicited commercial products and services onto crucial security patches.

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