Daily Archives: February 11, 2010

Fine-tune your Registry for faster startups

A little Registry maintenance and tweaking can make your system boot faster.

In fact, free Registry tools can improve all your system’s phases: startup, shutdown, and everything in between.

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Office prank busts out more than laughs

Working the 9-to-5 office drill can drive you a little batty — unless you look for ways to liven things up a bit. Just don’t take it too far.

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Readers are vocal about EULA wording changes

Microsoft’s Web site often bears end-user license agreements (EULAs) that differ from the ones displayed to users during software installation, as described in a Feb. 4
top story
by WS senior editor Woody Leonhard.

Whatever your feelings about EULAs in general, the idea that a EULA might change after that fact sparked a lively discussion among members of the Windows Secrets Lounge.

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Freeware outdoes Windows’ built-in system tools

Most standard Windows maintenance tasks can be accomplished using the utilities included with the OS itself — but that doesn’t mean those tools are your best option.

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to browse the image files in a folder, create a restore point, revert to XP’s Classic Start Menu, or customize your file associations, there’s a (free) app for that.

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