Daily Archives: February 18, 2010

Running stairs: easier with four legs and a toy?

Running stairs may be the ultimate poor-man’s Stairmaster, but even for a dog it gets deathly dull — fast. What’s needed is some serious motivation.

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Quick cures for the worst Windows 7 annoyances

In its seemingly never-ending quest for a better Windows, Microsoft simply can’t resist tinkering with — and sometimes completely removing — features that many of us loved.

If you find yourself tripping over new Windows 7 features or missing favorite old ones, I’ve got some tips that will come to your rescue.

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Good stuff is being posted in the Lounge

More than 33,000 new members have signed up to use the Lounge discussion board since it moved to our domain name last November, and they and the 20,000 existing Loungers have been posting a flurry of useful tips.

Beginning this week, our newsletter’s new “Lounge Life” column will highlight the best new topics and the most-interesting questions posted.

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