Daily Archives: May 19, 2011

Mountain bike racer has camera: you travel

What’s good about the recorded action from a mountain biker’s helmet-cam? You get to go along for the ride as he jumps, dodges, and otherwise careens down a difficult track.

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An imponderable, maybe, in the Lounge

Why did an Access query produce a different sort order?

One test of a good forum discussion is the solution of a problem brought to it. Another test might rest in general illumination.

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Don’t pay for software you don’t need — Part 2

After the first article of this three-part series appeared, many of you wrote to ask: do I really not need this software?

It’s true: if you’ve moved up to Windows 7, there are all sorts of software that you just don’t need. Stop following outdated advice and get with the system!

In my previous installment, I wrote that Windows 7 owners don’t need to pay for any of these important apps:

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