Daily Archives: June 23, 2011

Ready for a house that’s smarter than we are?

From the Jetsons to Blade Runner, the house of the future is portrayed as a technical marvel that does your shopping, cleans itself, and even customizes itself to your every whim. Meanwhile, most of us are still trying to figure out how to program the clock on our microwave.

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Internet connection: frustration of the week

Failure to connect with the Internet wasn’t the only problem Lounge members had this week, but it showed up several times — each instance different from the others.

Lounge member jshollis, for example, can’t figure out why his Internet connection intermittently stops working. Despite his orderly series of tests and scans, the reason eludes him. He reboots, and all is well — until the connection disappears again.

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It’s time to move up to Internet Explorer 9

With the exception of Internet Explorer, updating to your browser’s latest version is usually a given.

For Vista and Win7 users, upgrading to IE 9 requires a bit more consideration and planning than updating Firefox or Chrome — but the time has come.

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Stream media with Windows Home Server

When moving your home network to the next level includes adding Microsoft’s Windows Home Server, make sure you know how to set it up for optimal performance. Paul McFedries’ Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 Unleashed provides the important information you’ll need to configure and manage WHS efficiently. It also describes how to integrate WHS with your networked PCs and covers such topics as setting up a WHS website, understanding Home Server power tools, and backing up data over your home network.

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