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Andy Boyd is the Product Manager for Windows Secrets. As the Product Manager, Andy is responsible for supporting the Windows Secrets website; he is the go-between for the editorial, marketing, and technical staff.

Understanding Elements’ photo-editing tools

Despite their often passionate opinions regarding work flow and editing tools, many photographers concur in respecting Adobe Photoshop Elements — an excellent photo-editing program.

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Headlong history of electronic invention

“Hacker” manages to be a term of opprobrium and approval. The reissue of a classic book about digital-age innovators reminds us of the dual nature and ambiguous effects of computer hacking. Steven Levy’s Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution tells of the free thinkers who pushed computing in unexpected directions.

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A book to help you think — effectively

Many people enjoy puzzles as a means of entertaining themselves while exercising their minds. V. Anton Spraul uses puzzles to illustrate the ways real problems are solved by programmers.

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Bonus helps you get to know Windows 8

Some Windows 8 differences from its predecessors are more than skin-deep. Among these are security enhancements that bolster your computing safety — especially when you’re behaving prudently.

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Getting a jump on Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8: Out of the Box, by Mike Halsey, is written to get Win8 users quickly up to speed. This month, Windows Secrets subscribers can download Chapter 10, “Keeping You and Your Family Safe.”

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Windows Secrets newsletter site hacked!

In the past couple of days, many of our subscribers report receiving spam that appears to come from Windows Secrets. But we can assure you, the e-mails did not come from us.

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A deep and wide reference to Office work

Microsoft Office 2010 On Demand, by Steve Johnson, can prod your memory for those simple — but infrequently used — Office tasks. But it also has the depth to help prepare you to become a Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist (for which you must pass an exam).

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A concise guide to the Win8 Consumer Preview

If you’re yet not fully engaged with a smartphone and haven’t learned the gestural language of computer touch screens, Windows 8 will feel like new media, indeed.

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From apps to Office on Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is smaller, lighter, and far less expensive than Apple’s iPad, and it’s the top selling tablet on

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