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It’s been 20 years of investigative journalism

When I started writing articles for technology magazines 20 years ago, I wondered whether the principles of investigative journalism could be applied to the computer industry.

Little did I know then that there was an endless supply of dirt to be dug up.

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Now you can vote for your favorite Lounge posts

Our online forum, the Windows Secrets Lounge, is a great warehouse of computer knowledge — but sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the single best page you need out of the 125,000 discussion threads our members have contributed.

That’s why our developers are launching this week a significant improvement to the Lounge — a way to cast votes for the posts you consider the most useful and, in so doing, help others find them.

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New admins and mods join us in revealing secrets

We’ve added some valuable members lately to our work group as well as the WS Lounge, and I want you to know who they are.

I know that staffing up will lead to changes that are hard to predict, but I’m confident that the differences will be for the better.

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Over 60,000 Lounge pages are now in Google

When we started opening up the Windows Secrets Lounge to Google and other Web indexes a few months ago, we didn’t realize how hard it would be to get the search engine gods to find all our pages.

Finally, we hit the right solution. Google now includes more than 60,000 pages from the Lounge — over half of our total discussion threads — with the rest soon to become available to searchers around the globe.

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WS has a new technical editor and Lounge admin

Every time I think I’m learning my job around here, new people show up who make me work harder to keep up with them.

The latest role models making me pale by comparison are a new technical editor and a new full-time administrator for the Windows Secrets Lounge.

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Good stuff is being posted in the Lounge

More than 33,000 new members have signed up to use the Lounge discussion board since it moved to our domain name last November, and they and the 20,000 existing Loungers have been posting a flurry of useful tips.

Beginning this week, our newsletter’s new “Lounge Life” column will highlight the best new topics and the most-interesting questions posted.

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Post your tips in the Windows Secrets Lounge

Beginning this week, all articles appearing in Windows Secrets have their own threads in the WS Lounge, where you can submit any additional information you have.

You’re not restricted to commenting on columns, though — we have a whole lotta other forums where you can post anything you discover about Microsoft Windows.

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Our new resource is now ready for you

I promised in the Dec. 10 newsletter that I’d notify Windows Secrets subscribers this week about a free service we’ve added to our site.

You have a chance to take advantage of this resource right now, today, with a giant head start — most Internet users still can’t find it using search engines.

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Free subscribers: watch for an invite next week

I announced last month that all newsletter subscribers would be invited into a new, totally free service that we’ve been quietly developing on the Windows Secrets site.

Paid subscribers received advance invites on Dec. 2, and in just a few days it’ll be the free subscribers’ turn to splash around in the resource pool.

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Today’s the day to try out our new resource

I promised in a special news update on Nov. 26 that I’d notify Windows Secrets paying subscribers this week about a free service we’ve added to our site.

Our free subscribers will get the word in a gradual series of e-mails to be phased across the week of Dec. 14–18, but until then you have a chance to take advantage of the resource all by yourself.

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