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Watch for a special notice in your inbox

Windows Secrets has just finished adding to our site a new resource that’s so great I think I might pee in my pants.

I want to tell you all the details — but I can’t! — not quite yet.

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Public deprived of WS site for two boring days

Power users of Microsoft Windows found themselves with nothing to read but blogs when a disk crash took down the site Oct. 13–14, subjecting Web surfers to 48 hours of utter boredom.

Fortunately, all the site’s information was soon back online, to the chagrin of some of our columnists, who’d hoped that a few poorly chosen sentences here and there would disappear forever.

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New info leads to today’s unscheduled newsletter

We don’t usually publish new content during our summer break in the last two weeks of August, but an update to the WS Security Baseline is compelling us to release special content for you today.

Besides that, we’re also releasing breaking news by contributing editors Woody Leonhard and Susan Bradley on ways some Internet service providers may be blocking your e-mail (and how you can work around it) and on the fact that Microsoft has started pushing out Internet Explorer 8 even to people who previously declined it.

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Special report: anti-malware killbits are broken

When Microsoft makes a mistake, it’s usually a doozy.

It’s been disclosed this week that the “killbits” set by Microsoft to protect Internet Explorer against malware can be circumvented by bad guys — but we’ll tell you today about emergency patches that can defend you.

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Fire at Web host affected Windows Secrets

A serious electrical fire cut power to a large Web hosting company in Seattle, knocking numerous sites off the Internet on July 3 and the early hours of July 4, including

All of Windows Secrets’ data was fully backed up, and all subscriptions will continue just as before the power outage, but it took longer to get our site back online than I’d like.

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I can’t believe we’ve put out 200 newsletters

Numerous Windows geeks and I have brought you a lot of secrets since I first started publishing an e-mail newsletter called “Brian’s Buzz on Windows” back in February 2003.

After switching to, ahem, a better name (Windows Secrets) — and merging the old newsletter with Woody Leonhard’s in 2004, Fred Langa’s in 2006, and Gizmo Richards’s in 2008 — we’ve put out 200 newsletters, and now we’re celebrating by giving away for free my $9.95 antispam e-book, newly revised.

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Free program from Microsoft stops WGA

False readings from the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) applet were described in a May 21
Top Story
by contributing editor Susan Bradley, who described a way to install Windows XP without ever downloading or running WGA.

If you’ve already installed WGA on XP, however, a program known as Autoruns — which is downloadable from — lets you easily deactivate the applet.

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