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Last chance to get ‘The Final Chapter’ by May 6

We’re not publishing a regular newsletter on April 30, because when a 5th Thursday of the month occurs, we like to give our writers a break.

Today’s special news update has just one story — letting you know that our current free giveaway is expiring and a new one is about to begin.

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Run a Conficker removal tool before April 1

Computers infected with the infamous Conficker worm will start scanning the Internet for instructions this April Fools’ Day, and the results won’t be a funny joke.

I’m publishing a special news update today to correct some misinformation that’s been circulating and to give you a 1-2-3 approach that should cure most Conficker infections before April 1.

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Just seven more days to get free brain lessons

Every month, Windows Secrets licenses some valuable content and gives it away to our subscribers.

This month, our bonus is an excerpt from a new paperback book on getting the most from your brain — but you have only another seven days before we have to stop letting people download it.

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Get a bonus on blogging as an alternative job

Each month, we license new content that isn’t yet publicly available, and we let our subscribers download the material as a sneak peek.

Today, our paid subscribers can get an exclusive 54-page excerpt — including the introduction and two of the best chapters — from a new book from Entrepreneur Press that won’t be released to the general public until next month.

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Articles lead to scintillating conversations

What I like about bringing you a mass of information every week is knowing that we’ll never get everyone to agree.

Our recent articles on McAfee’s SiteAdvisor service and an updated version of the WS Security Baseline have proved this principle yet again.

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McAfee reveals SiteAdvisor’s retesting policy, which rates Web sites on a green-yellow-red scale, is releasing details for the first time on how quickly it retests sites, after a story on the subject appeared in Windows Secrets on
Feb. 12.

To its credit, the site-rating service — which was acquired in 2006 by the security firm McAfee Inc. — is publishing a phone number for complaints and says it will reverse within days any genuine rating errors that are brought to its attention.

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More fallout from Patch Tuesday updates

We’re e-mailing a news update to you today because fresh information has come out about Patch Tuesday updates and other security issues.

last news update,
three days ago, featured contributing editor Woody Leonhard’s take on a significant change in Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 7, and today’s developments are equally as important, if not more so.

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Fixing a problem generates our news update

It’s not every day that Microsoft says a new feature of Windows is not going to change, and then user outcry causes the software giant to change its mind.

But that’s what happened in the past few days, and we thought the turnabout was important enough for us to put out a special news update of Windows Secrets just to alert you.

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Watch a live video, share your PC with CNN

Many people who watched live streaming video of the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama on Jan. 20 may not realize that their PC was used to send the video to other PCs, too.

Clicking “yes” to a dialog box installed a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that uses your Internet bandwidth rather than CNN’s to send live video to other viewers.

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A free bonus download for accidental admins

With big names like Woody Leonhard and Fred Langa writing for the newsletter every week, I haven’t been writing many columns myself lately.

That gives me the time to help edit everything into one big publication for you, and also squeeze great advance information out of other publishers, like this month’s free bonus download.

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