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Subscribers in London debate discussion forums

Several dozen Windows Secrets subscribers in London, England, skipped a sunny Saturday morning on Sept. 27 to give me their tuppence on the idea of launching a new discussion forum for Windows sufferers.

The consensus seems to be that it’s a great idea, so long as we don’t wreck the quality of content that we now send out from our experienced columnists.

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London readers: meet with me on Sept. 27

I’m gradually working toward my goal of meeting Windows Secrets readers in every major city of the world.

For now, however, I’m slowly picking spots where I have an extra few hours between flights, and on Sept. 27 it’ll be London, England.

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Say ‘hi’ to award-winning writer Stuart Johnston

We’ve added to Windows Secrets a new full-time writer who’s dedicated to bringing you new insights into the challenges of running Microsoft software.

Stuart J. Johnston is a technology reporter who’s covered the motley crew that is the computer industry for more than 20 years — and you’ll now find his revelations in Windows Secrets every week.

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Time for a summer break — see you on Sept. 4

To give our writers and staff a rest, we skip publication during the last two weeks of August.

That means this is the last newsletter you’ll see until Sept. 4, but if anything important comes up, we can always send out a short news update.

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Find any Support Alert article from your browser

If you remember reading an article from the Support Alert Newsletter — but you can’t recall the date — there’s a better way than random browsing to find what you seek.

You can now download our free browser plug-in, which adds Support Alert as a database you can query from the search bar of IE 7 and Firefox.

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Get the most out of your subscription

Since the merger of the Support Alert Newsletter and the Windows Secrets Newsletter on July 24, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from our readers.

To give you as much value as we can, we’ve put together today’s special “news update,” although Windows Secrets doesn’t normally publish a newsletter on the 5th Thursday of the month.

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New ways to access all Support Alert information

The Support Alert Newsletter merges today with the Windows Secrets Newsletter, creating an e-mail publication with a combined circulation of more than 400,000.

For you, the best part is that all the great tips, reviews, and news items from the old Support Alert are now posted in one place at — and we’ve worked hard to make our entire library of content easy for you to browse and search.

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New readers join us from Support Alert on July 24

It’s not every day that we welcome 50% more readers to our ranks, but that’s what we’ll be doing on July 24 when 150,000 Support Alert Newsletter subscribers join us.

As I announced on
July 9, our new newsletters are merging, and the combined audience will exceed 400,000 active Windows users, with even more great tips that we can pass along to you.

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Say ‘hi’ to 150,000 new Support Alert readers

As I announced in a special bulletin on
July 9,
the Windows Secrets Newsletter will grow tremendously when the Support Alert Newsletter merges with us on July 24.

The 150,000-strong readership of Support Alert, when merged with our existing subscriber base, will increase our circulation to more than 400,000 — and you can get a fantastic freebie if you act now.

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A bigger, better newsletter with Support Alert

I’m extremely proud to say that Windows Secrets is joining together with the Support Alert Newsletter, a major tech publication.

When our two newsletters merge on July 24, we’ll reach over 400,000 subscribers in total and add new content from one of the world’s best sources of Windows software reviews.

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